Annie Bradford , Mal Content

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Annie Bradford & Mal Content

Author’s Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like these stories. What’s good, and what’s not so good. Thank you.


Annie Bradford, a highly respected College Dean from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was visiting some colleagues at Emory University in Atlanta, in hope of enticing one of them to accept a position at her university. Annie was a very young 40, and divorced with no children. Her husband had left her for a younger woman 4 years before and, heartbroken, she’d thrown herself into her work.

We meet her while as she’s just finished watching a porno movie in her hotel room. She’s horny, almost desperate for sex, not having had a sexual partner for almost eleven months. She almost never masturbates, and had used all of her will power to refrain from doing so during the movie. Now, prowling the room like a jungle cat, she realized she had to get out before jilling herself to sleep.

Throwing on a few items of clothing, Annie left her hotel room and took the elevator to the lobby. “Christ, I haven’t felt this horny in years,” she thought after mentally raping the young doorman as he signaled the nearest taxi in the waiting line to pull up.

As the cab slowed in front of the hotel, she had the door open and was getting inside before it had rolled to a complete stop. Once inside the cab, Annie glanced at the driver and caught him checking her out in the rearview mirror.

Glancing at his license she noted his name was Mal Content and she wondered if it had a somewhat different pronunciation than that she had given it.

“Driver, I’m curious. How do you pronounce your last name?”

“Content, as in satisfied with one’s lot.” He said, and then glanced over his shoulder for another look at his passenger.

Annie, not used to this type scrutiny, squirmed around in the back seat, providing the driver with a wonderful view of her legs as her dress worked its way up her legs.

With his eyes watching her through the rear-view mirror, he asked the time honored question, “Where to, lady?”

She didn’t respond, instead she met his gray eyes in the mirror and made her decision.

“Have you driven a cab for a while?”

“Seven years now, six days a week, ‘cept for vacation and some holidays.”

“Then . . . can you take me someplace sexy?”

“Sure I can,” he replied, meeting her eyes in the rear-view mirror instead of looking away as she had thought he would.

“How so?” she asked, as a demur smile flitted across her lips. ‘He probably could,’ she thought to herself.

“Now that depends.”

“On what . . . you worried about the tip? I assure you, I’ll be very generous if the place is right.”

The driver remained silent, thinking about the possibility of the city sending a woman out to entrap him in some rule violation and get him suspended for a week or two.

It dawned on Annie that his silence bore a meaning, and she realized her mistake.

“Oh, should I tell you what I’m looking for?”

“It would help.”

She decided that having gone this far she might as well be totally honest with him and said bluntly, “Anyplace you know of where I might watch someone having sex?”

Mal laughed.

Embarrassed to a degree, Annie haughtily asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Well,” he said as he stopped for a red light, “we could find what you’re looking for right here. Well, what I mean is, right here . . . in the cab.”

A tingle shot from her groin to her nipples and back again.

“Um, I said I wanted to watch.”

Mal laughed lewdly, then said, “So, I’ll jerk off for you, how’s that?”

Then it was Annie’s turn to laugh.

“You’ve got a very nice laugh, lady, very nice. So, um, what about my offer?”

“How much?” she asked, her voice sober, but bearing a revealing quiver.

“For you, lady, no charge. But if you don’t mind I’ll let the meter run; you know, just to keep the company happy.”

She laughed again, only this time the wantonness of her needs was revealed.

“All right, but not right here.”

“Oh, sure, I understand,” he answered, his voice a husky baritone that only served to heighten Annie’s excitement.

“I got just the place where we won’t be bothered by anyone.”

“Then go there,” she said, pressing her clenched fist into the center of her already wet crotch.

Mal drove for another five minutes, weaving his way into a heavily industrial section of Atlanta. To Annie it appeared deserted, for not a building passed by had a single light on. Finally, he turned right, and drove through the entrance of what had to be a moderately large manufacturing plant. He parked in its lot far away from the main entry.

“Here?” Annie asked apprehensively.

“Yeah, it’s perfect. This place don’t have any them cameras panning the area; and they’re too cheap to hire a night watchman. I know, my brother-in-law was the last one they had and they fired him four months ago.”

A moment later he joined her in ankara escort back seat.

Revealing her apprehension to him, Annie said tersely, “If you touch me I’ll file rape charges against you; you know that don’t you?”

Raising his hands defensively, Mal quickly came back with, “Hey, lady, alright, I won’t touch you.” And then he repeated his words with added emphasis, “I won’t touch you.”

Seeing Annie relax somewhat, Mal threw in, “But you can touch me if you want.”

“Understood, now show it to me,” she hissed.

Mal thrust his groin at her and slowly pulled downward on the zipper.

Annie licked her lower lip in anticipation. She hoped he had something in there of consequence and not a little doodle like the one Casmir, her last lover had had.

Suddenly her eyes widened as Mal’s eight inches slithered forth. “It’s impressive,” she said, noting that it curved like a banana, leaning to the right.

“Thanks, want to touch?”

“No. Not right now.” She licked her lower lip again and felt herself growing wet at her crotch.

My name’s Mal,” he said. “Mal Content, and that’s for real, my father had a weird sense of humor.”

“Has it cost you much grief?” she asked as he paused to shed his pants and then his shorts.

“Every fuckin’ day of my life,” He said halting his undressing for a moment. “But if you remember that Johnny Cash song called “A Boy Named Sue,” then you’ll see how I had some benefit as well. ‘Cause I had to fight every mother fucking tough guy in school, and after that I had to waste most of my youth chasing after girls who wouldn’t have any thing to do with me and just because of my name.”

She wondered if he was going to strip completely, but he ended then, leaving his shirt, socks and shoes on.

Mal looked down at his manhood; then slowly stroked it. “Thought about changing it, too,” he said lightly and captured Annie’s attention to his words and away from his penis.

“Almost did, but Cathy changed my mind. We met in a bar and she invited me home. “Cause we fucked each others brains out, but that wasn’t the big thing about Cathy. Nope, she was seeing this shrink and had gone on to read a lot of psychology; and she told me how to deal with my name. It helped me a lot.”

He paused, seemingly not satisfied with something. Annie recoiled as he spat into his hand and then rubbed the saliva over the head, lubricating it and then began his masturbation.

When Mal stopped talking and concentrated on jerking off for her, Annie found herself casually slipping off her shorts and then her underwear; kicking them against the door on Mal’s side of the cab.

Annie followed by tugging her halter top off and tossing it onto her underwear without even glancing in that direction. Her eyes were fixed on Mal’s growing erection and she was very pleased with herself for leaving the hotel.

Mal watched her intently as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floorboard in front of her. Her nipples, already hard, began to ache for attention and she unconsciously took one between her fingers and pulled on it.

Mal groaned and squeezed his cock hard, but maintained a controlled masturbatory stroke.

Annie twisted the nipple and hissed at the sensation it wrought. She felt her heart beating faster. She discovered that she had to concentrate on holding her breath. Then she had to deliberately focus on calming her nerves. Her hands were shaking badly from the pent up excitement. She could feel the warmth inside her spreading; the sudden realization of power that she held over him and he over her as he continued jerking himself off for her benefit.

Annie would have been stunned to know that Mal felt approximately the same about her. For he had no sooner exposed himself to her than she had begun to strip. Now she was totally nude, except perhaps if one considered her shoes; jilling herself off while watching him.

And so they watched one another. Mal slowed down considerably; for he intuitively knew she would want him one way or the other before they finished with each other. He watched her through narrowed eyes as she moved her hand lower; fingers spread as she felt the soft flatness of her tummy.

As for Annie, she could feel the heat inside her; the furnace fired by her desire. She felt the light fur of her pubis, the soft swell of her mons as she reached lower, desperately wanting to feel the need between her legs.

Mal spit onto the tip of his prick once again, then rubbed the moisture over the head and crown, then renewed his slow masturbation, pausing only to show this strange woman his testicles and demonstrated how he wanted her to touch them when her turn came.

In turn, Annie cupped her sex, feeling the wetness already starting; and then came the hard throb of her small clit as it pressed against her palm. She deftly moved her fingers in a small circle, around and around the soft folds of flesh. Then closed her eyes and imagined his cock in her mouth, bringing her relief from the emptiness inside her.

Her breath çukurambar escort was becoming ragged, uneven and the soft walls of the cab began to close in on her, tightening around her probing fingers, sucking at them as they moved quickly in and out, back and forth.

Her heart threatened to burst as it pumped hot blood through her body, filling her with a sudden lust to be embraced. She let out her breath in a long soft whoosh and suddenly focused on the all but forgotten cabbie.

Annie stared at him . . . then moaned as the rush of her orgasm swept through her.

Wise enough to halt what he was doing, Mal waited patiently for his passenger to come down from wherever she was and when she did, Annie wrapped both hands slowly around his rigid member, leaned down and kissed it where his precum oozed from the tip.

She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheeks and her nose all over the head, then murmured,” I’d love to suck it, and I want to see if I can take it all. You can come in my mouth. I’ll drink your come.”

Mal nodded in agreement and a moment later Annie’s warm, wet mouth was stretched around his cock head, sucking him with all the vigor she could muster.

He discovered as she fellated him that her breasts sagged a bit. But not much as they weren’t very big, he estimated them as 34’s, perhaps a B-cup. Taking them in his hands as she drew his full length down her throat, her gave them a not too gentle squeeze and heard her moan appreciatively.

Mal’s hands gradually explored her body cavities and he was pleased to find Annie had a full, thick bush of dark hair that glistened in several places and that it was already matted with her juices.

The scent of her arousal slowly filled the cab. The only sound was that of her relentless sucking.

Mal relished her odor; even moving his nose to within an inch of her pussy before taking a prolonged sniff. But Annie was oblivious to his actions for she was so taken with the pleasure his cock was bringing to her tongue and taste buds that she lost all sense of what was transpiring about her.

And when she took him from her mouth and gave a lusty, uninhibited laugh, Mal mistook it as coming from a woman of great experience.

Annie was anything but that, having been with only one man prior to this. Then when his mouth descended upon her, she went slightly crazy, for although she had heard of “going down” she had never experienced it.

She went off like a rocket when he sucked her clit while stroking her G spot. But Mal, a practiced lover, didn’t let her rest, but continued gnawing at her labia and clit and soon pushed her over the edge again.

Ten minutes later, after having come some eight or nine times, Annie pulled his head from between her legs and kissed him tenderly, tasting herself for the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed the taste and vowed to do so again, ‘the sooner the better,’ she told herself as an after thought.

“Your cock,” she said her voice husky with desire. “I need your cock in me now.”

“Do you now?” Mal said smiling down at her.

“C’mon, big guy, give it to me!” She pleaded and there was no mistaking her urgency.

Mal was in no particular hurry, knowing that after he’d made her come she was putty in his hands. The very fact that she was pleading with him to fuck her confirmed it.

Getting even with all the women who had fucked over him in his life, he slapped Annie in the face with his boner.

“Tell me exactly what you want,” he demanded.

Annie winced at the blow, but felt no pain, for it was a light smack. But the next blow stung her lower lip and for a moment she thought that he’d drawn blood. And for the first time, Annie began to have reservations about continuing with the cabbie.

But she wanted him, desperately. And when he did it again she tried to catch his manhood but missed. In retaliation, Mal pinched her nipple hard and she cried out in pain.


“Tell me what you want,” he said once again.

“Your cock,” she answered. “I want your big cock.”

He smacked her lips again with his solid erection; much harder this time. She licked her lip, sure that she was now bleeding, but didn’t taste any blood.

“Where do you want it?”

“I want you in me. My pussy, I want it in my pussy,” she said and then began to cry from fear and relief.

“Spread ’em for me!”

Moving quickly, before she gave herself any chance of changing her mind, Annie lay back and parted her thighs. Mal glanced at the rear-view mirror and got a view of Annie waiting impatiently for him, and then taking his cock in hand, placed it at her juicy hole. A split second later, as he entered her, Annie emitted a satisfied groan.

A moment later Mal groaned as well and told her, “”God, you’re so wet and warm in there. You feel wonderful!”

“Fuck me good, driver,” she crowed, elated with the feel of him surging into her as his hips churned against her pelvis each time she raised her pelvis to meet him.

Annie laid her arms on dikmen escort the door shelf, thereby raising her midsection and pressed her breasts into his face.

“Oh, yeah!” she gloated, loving the texture of his velvety cock caroming against her vaginal walls. Then Annie was into her own rhythmic fucking motion, with Mal sucking and licking at her tits, she continued to grind herself against his throbbing red hot cock.

“Suck my boobs. Bite those nipples!” She growled, urging him on.

Her hips started moving faster as another climax neared. Mal’s knees were becoming raw from the friction generated by his fucking on the grainy cab seat covers; and the whole cab began to rock with the rhythm of their fucking.

“Fuck me! Bite my nipples!”

He did, and still she complained. “Harder! Bite it a little harder!”

He was only to glad to oblige her, concerned only that he may get carried away and remove a nipple with his teeth.

“Yeah, that’s it!” She bellowed as the pain merged with the pleasure and she began to come once more.

God, that’s it!” She screamed, thrusting her hips off the seat, for she was now completely impaled on Mal’s cock; then she let out a loud, teeth clenching moan and started to shake with her climax.

Mal pumped like a jackrabbit and exploded into the depths of her sex. The two of them stayed hooked together as they relaxed in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm.

As his cock began to subside in her cunt, his ejaculate began to run out of her onto his balls. Mal reached under the seat and pulled out a dirty rag and handed it to Annie.

Mal said, “Here, I think you’re going to need this.” Annie accepted it and without looking at it wiped herself clean of their commingled juices.

Slowly they drew apart and then she put her head in Mal’s lap and licked their combined juices off his balls and cock. After she had finished with her mouth, she dried him off with

the rag.

“That was great,” she told him and he smiled and then kissed her.

“Do you need to get back on duty?” Annie inquired after a while.

“No, in fact I’m getting hard again. Wanna do it again?”

“Of course I do,” she said and laughed giddily.

“Just a second,” he told her. “Lay back, close your eyes, and hold your legs high and wide.”

Annie started to sit up, but he intervened and turned her away from him so that she was kneeling and looking out at the deserted warehouse. During the course of the evening Annie’s hair had come undone and now hung down covering half her face. Mal thoughtfully swept some from her neck and kissed her there as he stroked her right breast. He found both nipples rock hard and pulled on them in turn.

After a minute or so he said, “Want it up you kiester this time?”

“What?” She said not understanding.

“Your ass, I wanna fuck your ass.”

“Okay, but get me lubed up good.”

Annie had enjoyed anal penetration with her husband early on in their marriage, but he wasn’t sporting a gigantic cock like Mal’s. She had, however been able to accommodate her husband easily enough on those occasions.

Mal spat on his palm and wet a finger, then spat on her puckered asshole. He slowly inserted the wet finger into her and began to work on loosening her up. He added a lot more saliva to the mix, and was soon easily thrusting two fingers in and out of her while Annie grunted with satisfaction.

Annie grunted again, and then, displaying her impatience, croaked, “Put that fucking thing in me!”

He spat on his palm again, rubbed it over his cockhead and leaned in to her, holding it right at the entrance to her hole.

“DO IT!”

He shoved forward and went in about two inches.

“Aaah!” Annie groaned.

“Did that hurt?” He asked with some small concern.

“No, but it felt good – it felt so good. Let’s have some more of that hose, huh?”

Heartened by this news, Mal renewed his efforts, not waiting the usual interim to ensure maximum comfort for his partner. Several hard thrusts later, he was in to the root.

Mal savored the feel of her hot sheath while also enjoying the familiar feelings of pain and pleasure emitted by Annie as he entered her. To his surprise, when he attempted to back out, Annie’s rectal muscles clamped down on him, holding him in place. He almost hurt himself yanking his dick out of her.

She laughed at him. “Nothing like a tight hole, is there?”

Mal looked at her, fire in his eyes. Then he realized she was teasing him and he re-centered his cock on her starfish and shoved it in to the max. Annie grunted with pleasure. Mal quickly adjusted to her style of allowing him in easily, only to tighten up on him as if not wanting to part with his cock at all on the outstroke.

But the fact of the matter was Annie’s ass was so tight there was no way for him to prolong the fuck. He came hard, and Annie moaned with pleasure at the force of his hot semen lacing her inner walls.

Afterward, they lay huffing and puffing from the exertion.

“I wonder,” he whispered into her ear, “if you’d be agreeable to have another couple play with you. She’s really hot. Not quite as tall as you and I think her breasts are smaller. He’s good-looking, maybe 36 or so – definitely under 40 and well hung.”

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