Annie , June Ch. 03

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The following is a “true story of my imagination” and continues the affair between two nursing moms which began in “Annie & June”. While reading parts 1 and 2 are encouraged, I don’t believe it’s necessary to enjoy this story. In these next few episodes, Annie and June get away for a weekend “shopping” trip that turns into two incredible nights of debauchery when the local sales girl joins the fun! This chapter focuses on day 1 of the 2 day shopping trip. Chapter 4 will focus on day two.

A special thank you to Matron222 for help in refining and improving the story. Thank you!!!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! As always, names, places, situations, etc. are all a figment of my imagination and any resemblance to someone or some place you know is purely coincidental (but probably enjoyable for you)!

* * * * *


The telephone in the Kitterly household was on its third ring when Jack picked it up.




“It’s June.”

“Hey, June, how are you?”

“Fine. I was calling to talk to Annie about a getaway weekend of ‘shop ’til you drop’ that we discussed at the picnic,” June said.

“Ah, yes, the ‘shop or die’ weekend, as Annie referred to it!” Jack replied before adding, “Let me get her for you.”

Half a minute later, Annie’s pleasant voice came on the other end of the phone line.


“Hey, Annie!”

“Hi June, how’s it goin’?”

“Good. Hey, I was wondering if you were still interested in getting away for a weekend of unadulterated…uhm…shopping?” June asked, somewhat hesitantly, pausing intentionally before the word ‘shopping’ to make it clear to Annie that she was referring to a weekend of more than shopping.

Even now, after having had two encounters with Annie, June was unsure of Annie’s reaction. It wasn’t because she thought Annie didn’t like her. It was more because of the situation. Heck, even June, herself, still wasn’t sure she should be pursuing this. She was married to a wonderful man with two beautiful children! And, so was Annie! But then, June’s senses would recall their first encounter together and the delightful taste of Annie’s pussy, not to mention the sweet taste of Annie’s milk on her tongue. June’s rational thought would vanish, as her own pussy would begin to wet at the memories. Annie’s tanned body…her pussy, her tits, and especially her milk, were an aphrodisiac, a drug from which June could not stay away.

“Of course I’m still interested!” Annie replied excitedly. “In fact, I’ve been looking forward to it very much!” The younger woman had begun to wonder if the weekend would really happen, and if she would have another chance to be alone with June. The idea of being intimate with the older woman excited Annie more than her own husband. Unlike June, Annie had not given much thought to the consequences this relationship could bring, primarily because Jack had been somewhat of an asshole the last year or so, and Annie was, quite frankly, tiring of him. She loved her children and would die for them, but after the first night with June, Annie realized two things. First, that her sexual relationship with Jack was worse than she’d thought. And second, she realized that she may have been a closet lesbian, or at a minimum a definite bi-sexual, for she found that she absolutely loved the taste of another woman’s pussy, particularly June’s pussy. Perhaps, it was the added dimension of the whole nursing thing that made it so kinky for Annie, but whatever it was, she knew she had to have more. Soon.

“Good, glad to hear it!” Replied June. “I was thinking about driving up to the Tellville Outlet Mall,” she added.

“Oh, I’ve never been there. That’s the one up north, about two hours away, right? I heard they have tons of stores,” Annie replied half-sincerely.

“Yeah, that’s the one. They have over a hundred outlets ranging from children’s clothes to camping stuff to lingerie to kitchenware! There are also two or three decent hotels right there, if I remember correctly,” June ended.

“Great! When were you thinking of going up?” Annie asked while making a mental note to drag June into the lingerie outlet.

“Well,” June replied, “it depends. Did you ever pick up an electric pump as we talked about and have you been saving your milk for Timmy?”

“Yes, I did! I went out the day after the picnic and got the same model you have. It took a few days to get used to it, but once I got the hang of it, I thought maybe I had a future in the dairy business!” Annie quipped. June laughed loudly as Annie giggled herself.

“Yeah, the electric pumps make a world of difference, don’t they?” June asked.

“Yeah, they do,” Annie replied automatically.

“So, when’s a good weekend for you?” June asked.

“Well, we have to go out of town in two weeks and then I have my sister in-law’s baby shower the following weekend, so either this weekend coming up or in about four weeks.”

June cringed at the thought of going four weeks without having Annie. The older woman didn’t know how Annie güvenilir bahis could hold off any longer. June found herself masturbating more and more, waiting for their next encounter.

“Actually, Annie, this weekend would work for me. Al has no plans, and I’ve already cleared it with him.”

“Okay, well hold on, let me talk to Jack,” Annie replied.

June could hear muffled voices over Annie’s hand cupping the phone, and it sounded like heated words were being passed. Finally, after nearly a minute, Annie came back on and said, “Okay, this weekend it is!”

“Are you sure?” Annie asked, not wanting to pry but not wanting to cause problems either.

“Yeah, this weekend’s fine. Jack wanted to watch some stupid poker tournament or something, but he can do that and watch the kids. He’s just spoiled,” Annie replied.

“Well, he won’t be so spoiled now that he has to get up to give Timmy the bottle!” June mentioned.

“That’s right,” Annie said indignantly.

“Okay,” June replied.. “So this weekend it is. I can’t imagine all the hotels would be full. I’ll make the reservations and drive.

“How do you want to split the cost?” Annie asked.

“Oh, I dunno…we’ll figure it out later,” June replied.

“Okay, sounds like a plan!” Annie replied getting excited again at the thought of seeing her friend.

“Okay, I’ll send you an e-mail with the details,” June said.


“Okay, well, I better go. Billy’s touching Tess, and you know how that goes?”

“Oh…yeah! I’ll see you soon!”

“Okay, bye!”


Both women hung up their respective telephones, each in their own minds following their fantasies of what it will be like to feel the other. June let her hand slither down her jeans and massage her crotch. Across town, Annie put her hand up her short skirt to feel the cotton fabric of her panties. She rubbed the gusset intensely, feeling the initial spark of sexual arousal. Neither woman really understood how they had become so attracted to one another.

Later that night, with the children and Jack asleep, Annie checked her e-mail. Amidst all the Spam, there was an e-mail from June, titled ‘This weekend’. Annie clicked on it and read:


I booked us into the Tellville Inn for two nights, this Friday and Saturday. I’m leaving work at noon and was hoping to pick you up around two so we can get an early start. I remember you saying that Jack had every other Friday off, so let me know if that works. Check-in’s anytime after 3. I thought we could keep it low-keyed Friday night and maybe order room service so we don’t have to “leave the room” We can hit the shops on Saturday morning and be back by Saturday afternoon for…whatever.

Let me know. June

Annie couldn’t hit the reply button fast enough:


That’ll work! Yes, Jack’s company gives him the choice of working 4, 10-hour days every other week, so that he can get Friday off! And this Friday, he’s off! I’m free too. Ever since I quit work to be a full-time Mom, I find my schedule to be a lot more flexible! J

Room service sounds good. Can’t wait to “taste the food.”


Annie hit ‘send’ and then deleted June’s note and her own reply for precautionary measures, committing the contents to memory. It was only Tuesday, so she would have to wait three long days before sinking her tongue between her friend’s nether lips. Annie groaned and closed her eyes, letting her hand fall to her crotch again, the sensations already buzzing in her pussy. She must, she thought, remember to shave her pussy and prepare herself for her lover’s mouth.


Finally, the weekend had arrived as Annie waited patiently in her living room for June to arrive. The kids’ laughter emanated from the basement, where they were playing while Jack watched television. Annie stared at her watch for the umpteenth time…twenty after two.

“C’mon,” she whispered to no one. A loud thump downstairs caused her to turn toward the basement door.

Just then, the car horn from June’s minivan startled Annie as she looked out and saw June wave. Annie motioned with her index finger to wait a moment and ran downstairs to kiss her kids and husband goodbye. Walking briskly through the front room, she snatched up her overnight bag and headed out toward June’s minivan.

June gazed at Annie intently, admiring her outfit and body, as she threw her overnight bag in the back and climbed into the passenger side.

“Hey,” Annie said to June as she climbed into the vehicle, her black skirt riding high and offering June a glimpse of the inside of her thigh.

“Hi! You look great!” June said referring to Annie’s appearance. Perhaps subconsciously for June’s sake, Annie had made herself up a bit more than usual as she had dressed in a tight, black skirt that ended at mid-thigh and was complemented by matching colored shoes and a black-and-white striped blouse that bulged with her ripe breasts. Natural, sheer pantyhose, June’s favorite, covered Annie’s toned legs. Her long, brown hair tumbled perfectly over her shoulders güvenilir bahis siteleri and complemented her bronze, glowing skin acquired through years of tanning. Some natural-tone eye shadow and blush, along with a dark eyeliner and dark lipstick completed her appearance.

“Thanks! And you remind me of the old days at the office!” Annie said referring to June’s appearance. “But on you, it looks…wow!” Was all she could say. June still had on her work outfit; a striking, navy-blue, two-piece suit, the snug jacket buttoned completely and pants perfectly pressed; along with a rose blouse underneath, its lapel laying over the jacket’s lapels. Sexy, three-inch heeled pumps completed the outfit as beautiful, 18-karat gold earrings and bracelet did not go unnoticed to Annie. June’s short, brown hair framed a beautiful face; touched up with some light make-up – a bit of tiel-colored eye shadow and very soft, natural blush and lipstick – nothing more. In her position as a Manager over a team of mostly men, June had to tone things down in order to keep the focus on work and not on her.

Annie couldn’t stop staring at June. This was the first time she’d seen her friend in her work attire, and Annie couldn’t get over how confident and in control June looked. Annie suddenly realized the missing dimension of their relationship. It was June’s maturity and her ability to take control. Annie felt good about that, as if June had suddenly turned into her surrogate mother.

“Thanks,” was all June said as she pulled away from Annie’s house, making her way toward the freeway. The women made small talk for over thirty minutes, talking about everything from work, to their husbands, their kids and mutual friends.

Finally, Annie turned the subject to sex. “So, are you looking forward to the weekend?” She asked.

June gazed between the road and her passenger, before responding in barely above a whisper, “Yes, very much. Don’t let the professional look fool you, Annie. I had to masturbate twice today, in the restroom at work, to take the edge off, thinking about what lay in store.”

Annie stared with amazement at June. “What a compliment,” she thought! Not even her husband would have admitted to masturbating midday thinking of her. Images flooded Annie’s mind, as she pictured June enter the women’s restroom at her work; pull down her pants and begin rubbing herself. The images sent shivers of pleasure up Annie’s spine.

“And just what were you thinking about,” Annie replied teasingly, as she sucked an index finger and ran it’s long, red fingernail casually across her bottom lip.

June continued flipping her gaze between Annie and the road, simply replying, “What do you think I was thinking about?” She wanted to make a wiseass comment but was unable due to her need to focus on driving.

“Oh…I dunno,” Annie teased. “Maybe my cute, little, bald pussy?” She added, suddenly turning sideways in the seat to face June and spreading her legs.

June’s gaze now alternated between the road and Annie’s crotch. Her bald mound pressed snugly against the pink thong clearly visible between the thigh high hose she was wearing. June stared hungrily at Annie’s pussy before glancing into Annie’s eyes and licking her lips. “Yes,” she said, “I played with myself thinking of your smooth, wet cunt, and I can’t wait to taste you again.”

“Want an appetizer?” Annie teased further, as she pulled the thong aside, exposing her bare, glistening pussy. Annie ran an index finger longingly through her moist slit and into her pussy, letting her finger soak up her feminine wetness. Raising her hand, she leaned over and gently ran the wet finger across June’s bottom lip before slipping it inside her mouth, watching the nicely colored lips of her friend suck in the gift.

“How do I taste…mommy?” Annie continued to tease her older friend.

June let out a soft groan and her pussy twitched involuntarily as she softly licked and sucked on Annie’s finger. Her eyes were afraid to leave to road for fear of driving off of it. Annie watched amused as June let one hand fall from the steering wheel to her crotch, rubbing her pussy through her neatly pressed pants. Annie’s arousal grew immensely as she watched her proper looking friend, so well dressed and confident looking, crumble with the least bit of sexual provocation.

Ending the teasing game, Annie removed her finger and leaned back into her seat. She turned to face forward and adjusted her skirt. June glanced over at her friend and pictured her face buried in Annie’s pussy, her tongue piercing her soft lips and scooping up her sweet nectar.

Annie turned and made eye contact with June, offering an innocent smile, as if the lusty act just performed had never taken place. June smiled at her bosomed friend, before turning her attention back to the road, thinking how she’d like to soon dominate this little vixen beside her. It was obvious that Annie enjoyed teasing and exhibitionism, so for the rest of the trip, June fantasized how she could make it happen. They had a little over an hour to go, and the rest of the trip was made in horny silence.

Approximately iddaa siteleri seventy minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot of the Tellville Inn. June found a parking spot and cut the engine. Annie stretched and said, “That wasn’t too bad,” and before she could react, June grabbed the back of Annie’s head and kissed her passionately. June’s tongue drove into Annie’s mouth and coiled around her tongue as their saliva mingled. Annie let out a soft moan, as the kiss grew tender.

When the kiss broke, June kept her face only inches from Annie and whispered, “I’m gonna make you cum like you’ve never cum before, you little teasing bitch!”

Annie groaned again in anticipation.

June retreated and exited the vehicle followed by Annie. “Wow, did you remember the kitchen sink?” Annie said sarcastically, referring to June’s oversized, huge overnight bag. “What do you have in there?”

“Oh, just stuff,” June replied and picked up the pace.

With both of their bags in tow, they checked in and went up to their room. The hotel was a non-descript, square building that was nicely landscaped and sat conveniently about five hundred yards from the outlet mall. The interior was clean and pleasantly appointed. After checking in, June and Annie made their way up to the top floor and into their room.

Twitching her nose, Annie said, “Is this a smoking room?”

“Yes,” June replied dropping her bag on the suitcase rack, as Annie threw hers onto the bed.

“I didn’t know you smoked?”

“I don’t. It’s for the candles I brought,” June answered as she made her way into the restroom to urinate.

Annie scanned the room. Directly across from her, two Queen Anne chairs sat with their backs to the window; a small, round table with a built-in lamp rested between them. A large walnut-stained hutch rested along the long wall to her left; its door opened to reveal a 25-inch television inside. Next to the TV, an assortment of liquor in small bottles seemed to beckon Annie. The bottom half of the hutch contain a mini-fridge and microwave. Next to the hutch was a matching desk and chair to conduct business. Across from the hutch and desk was the centerpiece of the room – a huge, king-size bed with what looked like a pillow-top mattress. By comparison to the huge bed, Annie noticed a rather small bedside table that matched the hutch and desk. As Annie crawled onto the bed and laid on her stomach to relish its comfort, she noticed a small gift basket atop the pillows. Crawling to it, she saw it contained a small bottle of California sparkling wine, two fluted champagne glasses and some gourmet chocolates. Next to the basket, a single rose lay atop the pillow.

“Hmmm…that’s interesting,” Annie said loud enough for June to hear, “there’s champagne, chocolates and a rose on the bed! Wonder what that’s all about?”

“Oh, I got the romance package,” June said amusingly. “This is their ‘Lover’s Suite’ from what I gathered when I made the reservation. Come check out the tub.”

Annie made her way into the bathroom and stared at the large, two-person Jacuzzi tub, obviously a big investment for a $60 per night hotel. “Nice!” Annie groaned as she caressed the tub.

“They have three of these kinds of suites. This one is their best, but I’m not sure what that means.”

“You get better chocolates,” Annie joked. Both women laughed.

“I’m going to shower. I feel grungy from working all day. I shouldn’t be long,” June said, grabbing Annie’s hand momentarily and squeezing it.

“Okay,” Annie replied flashing her friend a quick smile. To June’s surprise, Annie didn’t exit the bathroom, but stood, with arms folded, against the doorframe. The younger woman looked at June, with a deep starry eyed gaze, as if she was looking at a Goddess.

June understood what Annie wanted but felt a little intimidated. Yet, she wanted to do this for the younger woman. The older woman coughed to gain her composure, seeing how this would be the first time she ever officially stripped while another woman watched intently. Unbuttoning her pants, she slipped them off and put them neatly on a hanger. Annie was amazed at June for being so logical, knowing that hanging pants came first on hotel hangers. There, she stood in her white; high cut panties, blouse and jacket, pretending Annie wasn’t staring at her lover. Next came off the jacket, followed by the blouse. Annie looked on with awe, unable to describe how beautiful June looked in her large bra and panties. In preparation for the weekend, June had foregone wearing her nursing bra for a more fashionable lacy one that nonetheless gave solid support to her milk-filled tits. June’s face reddened as she undid her bra and let it slip to the floor. She had been intimate with this woman, yet she couldn’t explain her shyness. There was something about undressing, she figured. Her large, red aureoles were immediately visible as the large breasts flopped freely from June’s chest. Annie admired June’s body, her broad shoulders and the way the older woman’s breast’s hung from her chest. Looking away from Annie, June put her thumbs in her panty band and slid them to the floor. The older woman’s pussy came into view as June stood there, with her underwear at her feet. Annie still marveled at the stark contrast between June’s neatly trimmed, yet, hairy pussy and her own bare, smooth cunt. Annie licked her lips.

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