Annie Kirk Ch. 08

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“Circuit training”

Note: the Annie Kirk series is not a sequential story. The series is comprised of separate fantasies about a real person. Some of the stories were inspired by an erotic photograph she sent where I created a story around the image. Other stories are inspired by real-life elements, but they are not descriptions of real events. This story is based on real life elements.


He glanced down at his watch, 8:30 a.m. He had to hurry to get to LA Fitness on time. The owner was a former client he had helped purchase the franchise. At the time, the owner had no business getting the franchise; his financing was weak, his business and marketing plan were amateurish, and he had no experience in the business. But he called in a few favors and was able to close the deal for the owner. Now, the franchise was doing great. In true Godfather fashion, he told the owner, “Someday, I will come to you with a favor to ask. When I do, you just need to do as I ask.”

Today was that day. The owner agreed to shut down the studio starting at 9:00 a.m. until noon for a private “workout.” All staff and members, but for one, had to leave. They only knew there was a “private event.” And nobody could say a word about it to Annie.

Several people passed by him as he walked in to the near-empty studio at 8:50 a.m. He found a hidden spot and watched Annie proceed through her routine. He remembered her talking about her love for running and working out. “I run for the love of running,” she said. With noticeable passion, she added, “I run to breathe the fresh air, to escape from the ordinary, to daydream. Life is more vibrant when I am out pounding the pavement.”

Running and working out were a path to self-awareness. Pushing her body every day to extreme limits and in the process experiencing and understanding her physical and mental limitations. Most runs and workouts were intense, but every now and then she enjoyed a more relaxed pace. Either way, it was a solitary path, allowing her to silently contemplate her inner thoughts and the realization of how grateful she was to be a runner, to be an athlete.

He tried to do the same thing in their relationship. He wanted to test her limits, push her boundaries beyond what she had previously experienced. He wanted her to try things she never considered and to test her willingness to submit to him. Like running, he hoped the process would allow her to explore her physical and emotional limits.

It was the same process for him too. There was nobody like Annie. He had never experienced a woman who so completely gave herself to him emotionally, intellectually, and sexually. Annie expanded his boundaries too. Her willingness to completely submit to him for their mutual enjoyment and pleasure opened up countless opportunities to experiment. Previous boundaries suddenly disappeared. He did not know where the new boundaries were, but with Annie he knew he would be able to find out. He often told her that she was his unicorn.

This morning, the workout was intense, and focused. Annie was oblivious to her surroundings. Completely unaware that he was watching her or that everyone else in the studio had left. Her singular focus was on each rep, pushing her limits. It was several minutes before she stopped to rest and noticed him standing there watching her. She had a look of unexpected surprise before exclaiming, “Babe, what are you doing here?” She didn’t wait for an answer, sprinting toward him and jumping into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist and kissed him passionately. It seemed like it had been so long since she saw him that she couldn’t contain her excitement and need for him.

Returning to the floor, she noticed his workout clothes and gym bag, “Are you going to work out with me?” she asked with obvious excitement.

“Sort of,” he answered.

“What do you mean? Sort of?” she asked quizzically.

Before she knew what he was doing, he reached out and pulled her workout top up and over her head, dropping it carelessly to the floor.

“Gosh babe, what are you doing? We are in the gym?” she exclaimed with a hint of concern.

“Look around babe, do you see anyone,” he asked.

She turned to look and for the first time realized they were all alone. “What did you do? Where did everyone go?” she asked with suspicion.

“Well, I know the owner. poker oyna He owed me a favor, so I called it in for this morning,” he explained. “I thought we’d do our own form of circuit training,” he said with a big smile on his face.

“Oh my, so you want to drill me on the workout equipment?” she responded. He started laughing out loud. “Umm, yes, I guess that would be an accurate description,” he said.

“I will love it. Anytime I get to give myself to you is my pleasure,” she said, leaning forward to kiss him deeply.

Breaking their kiss, he stepped over to the bench press, removed his shirt, shorts and shoes, and sat down on the edge of the bench. He was semi-hard from being close to Annie. “Come over here Annie and get on your knees,” he instructed. “Let’s see if you can make me cum in less than three minutes,” he said.

Annie accepted the challenge without hesitation. She still had her shorts and shoes on, but the clock was ticking. She knelt before him and hungrily took his semi-hard cock in her mouth. Annie began with small strokes in and out of her mouth, using her lips and tongue to focus on the sensitive head. She used her hand to stroke his cock and could feel him getting harder and harder as she sucked on the end.

“Two minutes to go,” he said.

Annie changed tactics and began taking him deeper into her mouth. He was too big for her to take him all in, but she increased her pace to fuck him with her mouth. Her saliva poured out of her mouth like a bowl left under a running faucet. She used the slick liquid as lubricant for her hand as she stroked his cock in unison with her mouth.

He was completely hard, but he did not appear close to coming. Needing to catch her breath, she slid her mouth off his cock leaving only the tip on her lips. She used both hands to hold his shaft and began stroking it as fast as she could.

“Hey, you’re cheating,” he said with a laugh. He didn’t tell her to stop so she kept going. She wanted to make him cum within the time, she wanted to feel his cock throb in her mouth and spurt his cum onto her tongue. She wanted to taste him and swallow all of it.

“One minute to go,” he warned. She didn’t know what would happen if she didn’t make him cum, but she really didn’t want to find out. She wanted to win. Her arms were getting tired, so she replaced her hands with her mouth and resumed fucking his cock with her mouth. Deep, fast strokes, using her tongue to caress his shaft, while sucking the head each time up.

“10 seconds,” came the warning. “9, 8, 7, 6…” he continued. Annie worked feverishly to make him cum, but as the countdown continued to zero, she realized she had failed.

“I’m sorry babe, I failed,” she apologized.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” he responded. “There is no passing or failing, winning or losing. Do you know how amazing that was to see and feel your passion and intensity? My god, if that’s not a good thing, I don’t know what is.”

“That said,” he added, “your inability to make me cum in three minutes gives me the opportunity to do something I really enjoy.”

Annie was still trying to catch her breath and let her arms recover. “And what is that?” she asked with a suspicious look.

“I get to spank you,” he said with a sly smile. “Stand up,” he directed her.

Annie was excited and anxious. He had spanked her before and was careful not to hit her too hard, but it still stung to feel his bare hand smack across her ass. At the same time, it turned her on so much that her juices were practically dripping down her legs.

“Remove your shorts and shoes, please,” he asked her.

She quickly removed the last of her clothes. He further instructed her to “Bend over and place your left hand on the left end of the bench, your right hand on the right side, and spread your legs without losing your balance.” She again obeyed his commands.

She realized this position made her extremely vulnerable. With her hands and legs spread wide, she couldn’t do anything but hold herself up. She was completely exposed to him.

He opened his bag and she saw him pull a riding crop. She immediately remembered when he “kidnapped” her. She was blindfolded and didn’t get to see what he was using. This must have been the crop she felt. “Oh gosh,” she thought. He drove her crazy with that, so now her anticipation was building even more.

She felt the soft leather tip touch her right canlı poker oyna shoulder and trace a diagonal line down across her back. Then he touched her left shoulder and did the same thing. He did it again, this time with quick, sharp, strikes across her back. He repeated this action several times, increasing the intensity of the strikes. The sensations made her skin sensitive and tender. She could feel her pussy react as well. She was already soaking wet from sucking his cock, the crop only added to the tingling sensations she felt between her legs.

He ran the tip of the crop over the red spots on her back, sending shivers through her body. He traced the tip of the crop along her sides, down the left and up the right. Her anticipation was building. She knew he would do the same thing to her sides as he did to her back. After a few seconds more, she felt the first sensation of the quick, sharp, strikes, starting next to her left breast and in quick, rapid succession continued down her left side and up the right. She gasped and without knowing held her breath. She exhaled only when he stopped. Her body felt like a bundle of nerves.

She felt his hand reach down between her legs. “What’s this?” he teased. “Annie is soaking wet.” Her body betrayed her. She couldn’t help it. Whenever he touched her, no matter what he did, she reacted this way. He played with her clit gently, which made her legs shake. “Annie likes this doesn’t she?” he asked.

Annie moaned but did not answer. She heard it before she felt it. He brought the crop down sharply on her left side. She felt pain and warmth radiate from the point of impact.

“I asked,” he repeated, “Annie likes this doesn’t she?”

This time Annie did not hesitate, “Yes, sir, Yes, sir, Annie likes when you do this to her.” Annie was telling him what he wanted to hear, but truth was, she DID like this. She wondered what it was that turned her on so much when she gave herself to him, to allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. His pleasure was her pleasure.

While she was lost in thought he was continuing to play with her clit and insert his finger inside her. She could feel the orgasm building. Her legs started to shake, and her body squirmed.

“Oh no, we’re not ready to let you cum just yet,” he said, as he pulled his fingers out of her throbbing pussy. Standing in front of her, his erection was dancing in front of her face. She thought he wanted her to take him in her mouth, so she parted her lips. Instead, he touched her lips with his fingers letting her taste her juices from his hand.

“You can stand up now Annie,” he said.

“Thank god,” she thought. She was starting to struggle holding that position.

He told her, “I think our next set should be in the Roman Chair.” She grabbed the handles and placed her forearms on the arm rest. Her feet resting on the steps. “Now raise your legs,” he instructed.

As Annie raised her legs, he stepped in and grabbed her ankles. Spreading her legs, he placed one over each forearm. Annie couldn’t move, but with her legs spread wide, her throbbing, swollen, wet pussy was fully exposed to him.

He stepped forward and started kissing and nibbling on the inside of her thighs. Starting at her knee, he worked up her thigh, approaching her pussy. Annie wanted to feel his mouth on her, wanted him to make her cum like he always did. She pushed her pelvis forward, wanting to feel his tongue on her, licking and sucking her clit. “Please babe,” she begged, “Please suck my clit, please eat me.”

He placed his hands under her ass, lifting her up slightly, and then buried his face in her pussy. She felt his tongue licking from her ass to her clit. The tip of his tongue circled her ass, then he slid his tongue inside her pussy, and then sucking her clit between his lips. Up and down, he continued this for what seemed like several minutes. Annie was in ecstasy, she tilted her head back on the head rest, giving herself completely over to him. As his mouth began to focus on her clit, she felt him slide a finger in her pussy, and another one in her ass.

“Oh gosh, babe,” she moaned. “You make me feel so good.” “Oh, oh, oh” was all she could say. His fingers continued to drill her two holes and his mouth was expertly working her clit. She was on the roller coaster now. It had been inching slowly up the hill, but now the crest appeared, and she was about to race downhill, out internet casino of control.

“Oh babe, I’m cummmming, I’m cummming” she moaned loudly. “Please don’t stop, oh god. Please let me cum,” she begged.

He didn’t stop. The feeling of his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and ass while his mouth worked on her clit was indescribable.

She exploded, “Uhhhhhgggghhhh…” She could barely hang on to the machine and he had to make sure she didn’t let go. He gently lifted her legs and placed them back on the steps. Her head dropped as she recovered and she just hung on the machine as she recovered.

“Come here,” she said to him. He got close to her, she pulled him close and kissed him, cleaning her juices from his face and lips. He had tasted her. She now tasted him with her on his face. She felt like it closed a loop making her feel closer to him. She reached down with her hand, he was rock hard and she slowly stroked him while looking directly in his eyes.

Squatting down, she placed her mouth over him and continued to look up into his eyes. Her lips and tongue gently toyed with his cock. She loved the feeling of his hardness in her mouth.

“Okay, okay,” he said, interrupting her. “Time for the next set,” he said with a smile. “See that machine over there for preacher curls?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said knowing exactly what piece of equipment he was talking about.

“Good, go over there and lean on and bend over the bench from the front,” he directed her. She bent over at the waist, exposing her ass to him. Before she even got settled, she felt the rapid taps of the crop against her ass. First the left side and then the right.

Annie shrieked with surprise and from the sting. He was making her ass red and she could feel the burning heat on her skin. He rubbed her hot, sensitive skin with his hand which both stung and excited her. She felt her pussy start to tingle again and her clit return to hardness. He must have known because she felt the tip of his hard cock against her opening. He was rubbing the head along her slit, lubricating his cock to enter her. She longed to feel him inside of her.

“Do you want me inside your pussy Annie?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she responded.

“Oh yes?” he repeated, and then she felt the crop come down hard on her ass.

“Oh yes, what?” he asked.

Correcting herself, Annie said, “Oh yes, Sir, please fuck my pussy.” With that, she felt him slide inside her and slowly push deeper and deeper.

Annie gasped. He was too big for her and when he entered her completely, he hit bottom. It was a pleasurable pain mostly, but sometimes it hurt. He began with slow steady strokes, and as he did, he rubbed Annie’s red sensitive skin. The bench put Annie at an angle so when his cock entered her it hit a spot sending shockwaves through her body. She started cumming but she couldn’t make a sound. Her body just quivered and he continued to thrust in and out of her.

“Annie, you’re creaming all over me,” he told her. He picked up his pace and started fucking Annie harder and harder. He didn’t enter her all the way, but far enough to keep hitting the spot. Annie just kept cumming. She let out low moans as her legs continued to shake. After several more minutes, he withdrew and laid gently against her back. Holding her and kissing her neck.

She managed to say, “you didn’t cum, babe. I want you to cum in me.”

He whispered in her ear, “next station babe.”

Annie felt limp, at this point she simply followed directions and did what she was told. The next station was the seated bench. He sat down. “Turn your back to me and slide my cock inside you,” he directed.

Annie sat down on his lap, placing his cock inside her. She controlled the tempo and depth and began riding him. He placed his hands on her waist and continued upward. He grabbed her hard and sensitive nipples and began squeezing and rubbing them. Annie was lost in passion by now and kept riding his cock. She wanted to feel him cum inside her. “Cum in my pussy. Do you want to cum in my pussy?” she asked him.

“Yes babe, and I’m going to cum any second,” he said. “Keeping riding me. Oh god, oh god, uggghhh,” he groaned as he shot his cum deep inside her pussy. Annie slowly lowered herself down onto his lap until he was fully engulfed inside her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight against him. She could feel his breath on her back and she just smiled.

After several minutes he said, “okay, that was set one. We have two more sets.”

“You’re kidding right?” she questioned.

“No babe, not kidding at all,” he said.

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