Annie , the Driving Instructor Ch. 02

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This concludes Annie and the Driving Instructor.

If stories about older men having sex with much younger women offend you, please do not read on. If stories about marital infidelity also offend you, please do not read on.


Annie resumes the story about Eddie, her randy driving instructor…

“So we get to Stephanie’s house and he’s basically been groping her thigh for the last ten minutes of the lesson. She’s saying “You’re terrible, Eddie” and pretending she’s annoyed with him but she’d not doing anything to push him away and I’m thinking “Jeez girl, why don’t you just open your legs?”

Stephanie pulls up outside her house and gets out. He turns to me and says. ‘I just have to give Stephanie some paperwork for her test. Would you mind waiting here for a few minutes? You can get in the driving seat but obviously don’t start the engine without me’. He then gets out and he and Stephanie go into the house.

I waited about ten minutes before I got a cramp in my calf and had to get out to stretch my legs. I decided to walk up to the house to see what was keeping him because by now he’d been gone at least a quarter of an hour and I was wondering if this was time I was paying for. They’d left the front door open so I went in.

I heard them before I saw them. She was gasping and moaning and I could hear the slap of flesh on flesh. I walked into the lounge and she was there with her ankles over his shoulders, as she lay back on the sofa and he knelt on the carpet. His trousers and pants were down around his shins and he was thrusting into her energetically. Her panties were lying on the floor next to him and I wondered if I was looking at a rape scene but she was literally moaning his name again and again and clearly on the brink of orgasm. I stood stock still like a rabbit in the headlights. I was in a state of shock. This wasn’t at all what I had expected to see when I’d pushed open the front door thirty seconds before. I stood dumbly watching them for a full four or five minutes and what struck me was not the scene was so inappropriate (he was after all forty years older than her and she was apparently in a long-term relationship judging by the photos of her with her partner all around the room), but that he must have incredible stamina!”

“Stamina?” I asked. “His stamina was your overriding thought? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I know,” she said. “It sounds screwy, but look at it this way. He’s a man in his late fifties. She’s nineteen. She’s moaning his name and clearly coming multiple times and he’s just pounding away the whole time. In and out, in and out like a jack hammer. I mean think about it. How often do you last when we’re at our height? Three minutes? Four maybe on a good night. He screwed her violently for a full twenty-three minutes (I saw it on the huge station clock they have over the fireplace) before she begged him to withdraw because he had worn her out and she couldn’t cum any more. He then withdrew and I saw his cock still rock hard. He pushed it into her mouth and she sucked him off until finally he came. I swear he only came because he decided to. He could have tucked that cock back in his pants as hard as it was when he came in if he’d wanted to.”

“Wow,” was all I could think of to say. Her account was impressive, but it was such a surreal story I didn’t know what to make of it.

“Well, what happened next. Did they see you?” I asked.

“I stepped out, but I guess there’s a chance he saw me. He didn’t say anything though. At least not immediately. We just started the lesson and …”

Her voice trailed off.

“And…?” I asked.

“Darling, is this making you hard?” she replied.

I looked down and saw why she’d asked me. I was tent poling out of my chinos.

She came over to me and unzipped my flies. My cock jumped out, almost fully erect and glistening wet at the tip. She smiled.

“This is turning you on, isn’t it? You like me telling you about this filthy man.”

She took my cock in her mouth and licked it expertly from the tip down and then back up again. It twitched and I slid my pants down a little further so she could reach my balls.

I didn’t last long. Within three minutes my creamy cum was spurting into her mouth and she was gulping it down greedily.

“Mmmm, I do love the taste of your cum,” she said. But you have to work on your stamina. I want you again already and I know it’s gonna take you at least twenty minutes to get back up to speed.

“So what were you doing in the car outside just now?” I asked her.

“I was coming to that.” she said. The first hour was just a normal driving lesson I guess. I mean he obviously enjoyed having a legitimate reason to have his hand on my thigh, but the conversation was pretty much all about driving and the poker oyna rules of the road and stuff.

“OK,” I said. Lying back and casually sliding an arm down her thigh. “So now tell me what happened in the car outside.”

Annie turned towards me. “It wasn’t what you think,” she said. He’s a dirty old man but in his own way he’s quite funny and likeable. He basically played a trick on me. He told me I had something caught in my hair and got me to lean forward. Before I knew it he had his hand on the back of my head and had pushed my face into his groin. I starting laughing because it was such a stupid childish prank. But yes my face was buried in his crotch and yes I could feel his cock was really hard. He kept saying things like “Oh I bet you give great head” and “I wish I could fuck that pretty little mouth of yours” but honestly nothing happened. I pushed him away and then we saw the light come on and I came in.”

“He sounds quite a character. Can you trust him?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, honey. I can handle him alright,” Annie said, and sighing she started stroking my cock ready for a repeat performance.

The next lesson was three days later. Annie left while I was out at B&Q getting some timber for some new molds I was setting up, so I didn’t see what she was wearing, but on a whim I checked her underwear drawer when I got back and saw that he sexiest panties were missing. These were black satin Coco de Mer that had a fleur de lys motif. She only wore them when she’d shaved, and last night she’d been quite bushy so I knew she had spent the morning shaving her pussy, putting on her sexiest panties and was now sitting in the back of the car being driven by Stephanie back to her place for the changeover. I stood there for a few minutes putting all the pieces together. Then I grabbed my phone and texted Annie.

“Be sure you tell me all about it you sexy slut ;-)” I wrote. She texted back almost immediately with a thumbs up emoji.

“We pulled up in Stephanie’s driveway,” she said later that evening as we lay in bed together waiting for me to get hard again so I could give her another pounding.

“He got out and followed her into the house. I waited three minutes and then followed too. I was shaking but also quite hot and my heart was pumping. I don’t really know what I was feeling but as I walked in and saw them in the same position as before I knew I wanted to watch. You know me, darling. I’m not a voyeur, but there was something hypnotic about this. I couldn’t believe this old guy performing like this on her.”

“Tell me about it,” I said, already feeling the blood returning to the cock she had fucked raw just five minutes ago.

“He was penetrating her tight little cunt with enormous thrusts,” she said – deliberately using coarse language to emphasise the visceral nature of what she was describing.

“She was gasping and moaning all the time and then she gave a little cry and I could see her eyes were glazed and she was beginning a massive orgasm. He was merciless. He just kept driving into hr time and time and time again. He kept up and incredible pace. Huge long back strokes followed by a vicious forward thrust that knocked her off her feet each time. She was a babbling mess and was in the throes of a huge multiple orgasm. It just kept hitting her in waves. He kept ramming her. It went on for nineteen minutes and then she begged him to withdraw as she was too sore to continue. He withdrew and put his trousers and pants back on. He hadn’t come. But watching them I realised I had almost come myself! My panties were wet and it was all I could do to get back to the car unnoticed.”

“I sat in the driver’s seat and we carried on with the lesson but all I could think of was the sight of him thrusting into Stephanie and still not coming. His cock, I thought, must still be hard and his balls must be bursting with semen just waiting to spurt out.”

My own cock was now ready for some more action but instead of opening her legs for me she reached down and started stroking me. I came in less than a minute – all over her hand. She looked a little disappointed.

“You need to work on that stamina.” She said.

For the next few weeks Annie returned from each driving lesson with a distracted look in her eye. I knew she was finding it faintly disturbing that she had stumbled into the role of voyeur and was finding she liked it. I also knew she was fascinated by how long Eddie seemed to be able to go fucking what was by all accounts a stunning teenager – and one who was cheating on her own boyfriend in her own house, for such a long time. One Wednesday she returned home and asked me to sit down as she had something tell me.

“Eddie and Stephanie know I’ve been watching them,” she said. “I made a noise this afternoon as I came, and they turned canlı poker oyna and saw me. Stephanie was mortified as she thought I was going to tell her boyfriend or something but Eddie knew I’d been masturbating watching them and he told her it would be alright.”

This was a new direction. So Annie had taken to masturbating while watching them! And, moreover, she had come!

“What happened next?” I said.

“Eddie came over to me and told me to take off all my clothes. I did what he said. He put his hand on my breasts and squeezed them. Then he took my hand and placed it around his cock. He told me I’d been getting a free peep show and now I had to pay. He told me to kiss his cock. I did so and he turned to Stephanie and told her that now I was part of it and I couldn’t say anything to her boyfriend (even if I had intended to) without compromising my own marriage.”

“OK,” I said. I saw that was a cunning move on Eddie’s part, but now Annie was telling me anyway it didn’t put her under any obligation to him.

“So then what happened?”

He got dressed and we walked out to the car for our lesson.” She said.

“What? Just like that?”

“Well, what do you think? We went to some hotel and spent the afternoon fucking?”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t have said no,” I said.

“Well, we didn’t.” said Annie.


“But?” I queried.

“But I wanted to,” Annie admitted.

“You’d better explain.” I said. This wasn’t what I’d been expecting to hear.

“Oh darling, you know how much I love you, but I can’t get the vision of Stephanie’s face out of my head. I have NEVER seen anyone so carried away with sexual ecstasy that they lose all sense of time, place and decorum. Stephanie’s face when Eddie is penetrating her is the face of a woman in a place few women ever get to go to. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want that. It’s nothing to do with love. It’s purely animal. I want that experience of being fucked to a point I can’t even cope with. You are a wonderful man but you can’t get me that. Maybe no one can. But I need to be able to say I gave it every chance of happening to me.”

“You want to fuck Eddie.” I said.

“Not exactly, sweetheart” she said. I wouldn’t even put it like that. I want to be fucked BY him. I want to be penetrated and thrust into and made to scream and moan and thrash about in unbridled ecstasy. I want to come and come and come again – copiously and multiple times. I want to reach a point where his cock is splitting me in half and I’m begging him to come inside me to end the sweet torture. It’s not even sex as such. It’s a pure fantasy.”

“Wow!” was all I could say. This was it then. My wife was basically asking me permission to invite another man to fuck her like a whore until she came on his cock and let him empty his balls into her cunt. I knew I would say I needed time to think about this. But I also knew there was really only one thing I could realistically do.

A week later the scene was set. Eddie would come to the house. I would leave. Before leaving I would give Annie to him. She would be shaved and naked. I would leave them and sleep in a hotel and not return until 10 AM the following day. Eddie would be allowed to fuck Annie any way he wanted, and to come inside her. No condoms. The only stipulation was there was to be no photography and no one else involved. I had agreed, What else could I do?

About 4 o’ clock that afternoon there was a knock at the door. I opened it and Eddie stood there. “Hello, Tim” he said. He shook my hand and came inside.

I went to get Annie. She was wearing at his request a white blouse, navy skirt and fishnet stockings and high heels. She wore a school tie and looked like a schoolgirl. Evidently, this was a favourite fantasy of his – along with fucking other men’s wives. I had shaved Annie’s use that morning and applied some body cream to her raw pussy flesh. She was wearing the same black satin panties as before and no bra. My job now was to undress her in front of him and leave them together. This I did. Eddie told me what to take off and I followed his instructions to the letter. When she was naked he got her to kneel in front of him and undo his flies. I was about to leave but he insisted I stay long enough to see Annie take his cock out and start kissing and licking it. It was stiff but for some reason he kept his suit on while she knelt in front of him sucking his cock. He looked like a businessman who’d hired a whore for the day – which in a way was what he was.

I drove to a hotel and tried to plan how I was going to get through the next sixteen hours or so. By now, I thought, Eddie is already penetrating her. She’s probably having the first of dozens of orgasms. My only consolation was Annie’s reports that he seldom seemed to come. Maybe he internet casino wouldn’t even manage to ejaculate into Annie. I tried to drive these thoughts out of my head completely. I channel hopped in the hotel room until I found a football match. That passed an hour. Then I went to the bar which was now open and proceeded to get started on my plan to get drunk enough to pass out (when I finally got back to my room).

I woke up at 4 AM. The room was dark and there was someone in the bed with me. Slowly the confusion cleared from my head and I remembered the cute chaperone from the Polish school trip staying at the same hotel. She’d entered the bar around 10 PM looking for a drink and a temporary escape from her group of schoolgirls. We’d got talking. She’d got friendlier. A hand on the knee had evolved into more intimate contact and by midnight we were fucking each other’s brains out in her bed. Somehow weeks or months of anxiety had fallen away from me and I’d performed like a demon. I’d stayed rock hard and made her moan and come and thrash around in bed for nearly an hour before I’d spurted what felt like pints of hot sticky cum into her tight cunt. It was only afterwards, lying back with a beatific smile on her face and her thighs open to my exploring post coital fingers, that she’d told me her name – Elsa, and confessed to having a husband and a young daughter back home in Krakow. Somehow that had made me even hornier and I’d pushed her back down onto her bed for a rough repeat pounding. She had begged me to some inside her and I’d obliged. She’d kissed me deeply and said “I hope I’m not pregnant, but if I am, it was worth it” and then kissed me again. My back was a maze of deep scratches from her fingernails. It had been the best – and most animal – sex of my entire life.

After another pre-dawn fuck with Elsa I made my way to the breakfast room and then back to my own room to pack up and prepare to leave. I was feeling better about the whole Eddie thing since fucking Elsa had for some reason made me feel good about myself and less of a cuck. I got to the house at 9:50 AM – close enough to the 10 AM “final whistle” I figured.

I got that bit wrong. But it didn’t really matter. I knew they would have fucked. The fact that I got to see the last few minutes didn’t really change anything. For the record, Eddie had tied Annie to our bed with four neckties. He was lying on top of her grinding his groin into her and she was gasping and begging him to pull out. “I can’t come any more, Eddie. For god’s sake please pull out.”

“Not until I pump you full of my cum, bitch,” he said and then started a furious thrusting that had her gasping and moaning like nothing I’ve ever heard before. He lasted about four minutes before he gave a guttural grunt and then a long sound that seemed to come from the pit of his stomach. I watch as Eddie quivered and arched his back and then gave a cry and I knew I was seeing him come inside my wife. It was an amazing sight.

The ejaculation lasted about a minute. When he pulled out I saw rivers of cum leak out of her pussy. Her pussy lips were puffed up to the size of a melon and she was red raw all around her groin. She must have taken a fearsome series of thrusts throughout the previous afternoon, overnight and that morning. She clearly hadn’t slept. The cum as leaking copiously onto our bed and she was gasping to get her breath back. He got up, casually pulled on the neckties which came away, reached down and rolled her over and gave her ass a sharp slap.

“10 AM exactly” he said to me. “Thanks. She was a good fuck”

“I know.” I said. I’m her husband, remember?”

“Yes, I know that.” said Eddie. “That’s what makes this so much fun. I love fucking other men’s wives and girlfriends. It’s the only way I can come nowadays. Nothing else seems to do it for me. Still, at least it means I seem to be able to last longer, eh? Just so you know, I fucked her arse, her mouth and her cunt several times each. I’ve come in her cunt without a condom so you’ll have to wash the sheets ‘cos she’s a leaky bitch. I also pissed on her twice while she lay down in the bath. I’ve tongued her – and if you ever want to make her come quick, just tongue her ring. She said she’d never felt like that before – but have some mouthwash handy cos it’s not a good aftertaste.”

“You do your job. I’ll do mine.” I said, cutting him off. “By the way, when’s the next driving lesson?”

“Oh,” he said, looking at me slyly. “Didn’t she tell you? She passed her test first time four weeks ago. This last month it’s been purely sex. But don’t worry. I don’t charge for extras.”

I looked down at Annie, who was just coming round after passing out. Her body was a mass of marks and her swollen pussy was still leaking milky white cum down her thighs and onto our bedsheets. Somehow I knew that it was going to be OK. Even now my cock was stiffening at the thought of sloppy seconds. And that night I knew I’d be heading back to a certain hotel for another carnal extra-marital experience of my own.

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