annyversary gift

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He had been watching her for months while he worked. She played in her garden everyday, and he anticipated her being there so he could get a glimpse of her soft skin shinning in the sun. He loved her smile and the way she moved. She had blonde hair with fair skin. Her breasts were always bouncing half way out of her shirt. Up until a few months ago she had been radiently pregnant. Now she had the baby and was as skinny as before.
Last week he had even introduced himself to her, trying to enga ge her in conversation, but she was on her way out, and politely excussed him as she climbed in her Jeep and drove off. He had been unable to stop fantasizing about her, so he made a plan…
This week, well, today, he had plans for her….

…Crystal rocked and nursed the baby back to sleep, so she could spend a few hours in the garden before going to get their other daughter from school. She lay the boy down in his crib, and went to get some clothes on. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror and dropped her night gown to the floor. She looked at herself and thought how fat she looked, not caring that she had only had the baby two months ago. She was sliding her self into her pants as she thought. Her body had acually done well during this pregnancy. She had gained only 12 pounds, and that was gone at delivery, but her stomach was flabby still. Her breasts were three times there normal size, at a 36 DD, and probably half her weight. She slid her pants up over her panties, sighed, picked up her shirt and slipped it over her pertruding nipples. She took another look in the mirror, her blonde hair was braided and reached the top of her rump, her breasts full of milk, her flabby abs, her short legs, and big ass. She sighed again, and headed for her garden.

…Crystal opened the back door and stepped onto the stairs. She jumped when a man said “good morning.” She looked in his deep blue eyes as he stepped onto the stairs, grabbed her arm with one hand, covered her mouth with the other, all in one movement. She was stunned. He pushed her through the still open door.
She began too fight. He let go of her mouth and reached in his back pocket, he pulled out a syrenge and before she knew it, he had it in her thigh. She instantly began to feel dizzy…

…When Crystal woke up, everything was blurry, yet she knew she was in her own bed. Her hands were bound together at the top of the bed with her own scarves. She was naked. She began to strugle. Her feet were tied to either side of the bed. She could feel the fear build up inside. She heard voices. A woman laughed, followed by mens laughter. They were coming closer. She closed her eyes, and layed still.
The man outside the door says, “and now, the grand prize is…” and swung the door open. Then a man in nothing but a choker around his neck with a chain dangleing behind him entered the room, immedietly followed by a women in a short leather skirt and a boobless bra, with the other end of the chain upon her wrist. The man who attacked izmit rus escort her then stepped in, closed the door and said, “..isn’t she a beauty?” as he reached over and pinched her very full breast, causing milk to spray in the air and land on Crystals face and breasts. She opened her eyes. The woman purred loudly, and pounced on the other side of her. A chain connected to the naked mans neck rattled as she bounced to where the other breast lay. This made Crystal open her eyes wide. The man with his hand pinching and squeezing her right tit said “good evening beautiful.” and layed his lips on her, forcing his tounge in her clenched jaw. Still dizzy from the drug, she allowed his tounge in. The sensation from his tounge touching hers made her pussy betray her fear, as she felt the wetness begin.
The woman was sucking on her left breast like a starved kitten, nibling, needing it with her hands and drinking every drop that flowed. Her breasts were so full the other on the right was squirting from the excitement that the cat like woman was causing on the left.
The man with the chain on his neck stood at the end of the bed waiting for his master to tell him what to do. His cock huge and errect.
The other man still tounging away, stopped and said ” Tina! I want you to eat her pussy. Make Sam suck her tits.”
The woman growled and said “Yes,… Slave! suck and bite her tits.”
The slave did as he was told.
Tina did too. She climbed between Crystals legs and spread her pubic hairs so she could look. She was beautiful, her pussy lips wer big and lucsious and her clit pertruded up like a small dick. Tina purred then began liking. She liked the taste, it was sweet, there was no smell.She licked from top to hole, then to her ass.
Crystals pussy was tingling. She was enjoying kissing a man who she did not know while having another suck and squeeze her tits, with a woman eating her pussy like no man ever had.
The man stopped kissing her and looked her deep in her eyes for a long moment, then he said
“you like this don’t you, slut?”
she was stunned and didn’t answer.
“I said ‘you like this don’t you, SLUT?” and she began shaking her head yes.
“Then say you like it, and say it loud.”
She didn’t say anything. He reached over and grabbed the guy by the chain and pulled up causing him to choke, ” fuck her, slave, don’t cum in her, but fuck her like you want me to fuck you.”
Then Tina moved to the side and Sam stepped in between her legs. he stood up on his knees and Crystal really saw his dick for the first time. It was huge. At least 10 or 11 inchess. He placed the head of it at the entry of her hole, when the other guy said ‘STOP! Now, bitch, say you like being gang fucked as loud as can be.”
She said nothing.
“say it,” and he put his hand on her throat and choked her as he bent down and shoved his tounge in her lips again. he pulled back and demanded she do as she was told while he still choked her. He let go and she gasped for air, izmit escort and said nothing. He demanded Sam to put his dick in her. He was still rubbing her clit, and she was rocking with his motion.
The other grabbed her neck again and started choking her and telling sam to fuck her harded. Crystals breath was gone and she could feel herself pass out. Sam did not stop fucking her and tina noticed that she passed out and he was still choking her, so she attacked him. She jumped, her pussy landed in Crystals face, but her hands landed on his neck.
“o.k. o.k.” he said and she backed up, rubbing her sweet smelling pussy lips across Crystals face lips. She woke up from the scent. She began licking and sticking her tounge in her hole, and Tina responded by sitting on her chest.
“Say what Tony want you to say..” and Crystal did…”I like to get gang fucked”
“louder.” so she yelled it “I like being gang fucked!”
Tina then stuck her pussy back up to her lips and she lifted to meet it with her tounge.
Tony saw that Sam was still doing as he was told and wanted to taste. He bent down and began licking Sams huge shaft as he pounded Crystal. When Sam felt the other mans tounge touch his dick, he began to moan. Sam pulled out of Crystal and pushed his dick in Tonys mouth hard. Tony took it in then spit it out and began licking Saams saft up and down. Tony licked up and down untill it was covered in his spit, then with one hand he lifted Sams dick to his mouth til it reached the back of his throught. ” Oh god yes. Oh Tony!” He moaned as the man sucked up and down, using his tounge the whole time to tickle and tease the head of Sams dick, making Sam moan louder with each stroke.
Tony tasted Sam as his pre-cum leaked out and said, “now fuck her hard, but don’t you cum.”
Sam minded Dave and took his how bigger dick at the opening of her hole. ” You ready ?” asked a man who sounded familliar to Crystal from the corner of the room, “Wait!” and he stepped into the light and closer too the bed.
It was James. Her husband. He was walking to the bed, naked, his dick harder than she had ever seen it, and he was swinging a whip in his hands.
He walked over to his wifes face and said as he swung the whip across both of her full breasts making them sting, “So my little bitch likes to be fucked by strangers” and he swung again hitting her leg. she cried out. He said “I want the bitch to fuck her now,” and pushed Sam back. He obeyed and stood up his dick stood streight up in the air and was at least 12 inches and ready to cum. Crystal wanted to feel it in her.
She watched James hand the woman called Tina a huge double headed dildo. Then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her across Crystals body and kissed her hard and deep. Her skinny body lingered above Crystals breasts and brushed the nipple gently sending chills of excitement through her, as she watched her husband kiss Tina. He pulled her back and pushed her on the bed beside his wife. “If I untie your hands, will you fight?” he asked his wife. kocaeli escort Crystal nodded and said “no.”
James untied her hands, and told her to watch him eat Tinas pussy. Then he shoved his face in her twat, while laying across Crystals stomach. Crystal watched as he licked up and down her shaved slit. Crystal examined her body, her perky tits with bright pink nipples, her tight abs, her button nose, and kissable lips. Crystal with her legs still bound to either side of the bed and her husband laying on he stomach, and two men sucking face at he end of the bed, reached over and began squeezing Tinas nipples and breast. Tina purred and reached over to Crystals full breast and pinched hard on the nipple making Crystal scream. James lifted his face and said “Very sweet. now,fuck her.” and the woman took the dildo and began putting it in herself. James assisted by grabbing her hand and shoving it hard so she yellped, he shoved again, she yelped. Her pussy was tight like her abs. He shoved the dildo again, with no success of entry, he pulled it out of her hand and threw it. He then jumped off the bed and walked around the two men at the foot of the bed, who were now stroking eachothers cocks on the floor, slapped both of their asses, and walked to the closet, and walked to Tina. He grabbed her waist and said “get on your knees.” She obeyed. He stapped a vibrating dildo around her waist, then slowly, touching her inside of her thighs pulled the other stap up her but crack and clasped it to the waist. He then told her to fuck his wife. She climbed between Crystals legs and without stopping shoved the vibrating cock in.
Crystal screamed and then moaned. Tina began rocking slowly in and out. Tina was shorter than Crystal by 4 and a half inches, so with her pussy acting like a dick inside her, Tina sucked and squeezed the milk from Crystals breast effortlessly.
James liked what he saw on th floor so he demanded that they both stop.
“You two cock-suckers come suck my cock while I watch my wife fuck this woman.”
since her hands were free Crystal was touching tinas back and tits. The vibrator rested on Tinas clit, and Tina rocked on Crystals clit as she lifted her hips in and out of Crystals tight hole. The two of them began to climax together. Tina bit Crystal hard as she came.
The mean time, James was on his knees while the two kissing bandits licked his cock clean. He said “stop. I want one more thing.. Sam fuck my wife while I fuck you.”
Sam did. First he untied her legs, then turned her over, he put his 12 inches of raw meat at the opening of her slit. With his hands on her hip he pulled her back on his dick. She moaned. he pushed her face down and spread his legs.
“I am ready for you” he told James.
James placed his 7 inch cock at Sams opening. It was wet with anticapation. James pushed and the head of his dick popped in. He pushed harder and the rest slid in with ease. They pounded and pounded until all three were cumming at the same time.

……after the three extras left and Crystal and James were liing alone, James took Crystal in his armes and held her for a moment, then said in a low soft voice “thank you my love. Happy annyversary.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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