Another Chance

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“What the fuck are you doing??” Mary screamed as she walked in the bathroom.

Colin her husband was concentrating on dragging his razor over his ball bag but managed, “Shaving my cock and balls.”


“Because I thought if I was smoother and you actually wanted to make love it might feel better and you might not end up sore.”

“Well that’s never going to happen because I don’t ever want you touching me again, I can’t bear you pawing me, I hate it.” She stormed out and he heard the bedroom door slam. He continued to shave his cock and balls, holding his cockhead and stretching and twisting his prick so he could get all the way round. Using the warm water in the bowl he carefully washed the last traces of the shaving gel off and looked down at his efforts.

His cock and balls were completely smooth, he ran his hand over them, feeling the soft skin under his fingers. He found the Nivea lotion in the cabinet and squirted a blob on his prick. His left hand massaged it into the skin as his circumcised cock stiffened in his hand. He smiled and pumped his fat 5″ cock in his fist. Then walked to the bedroom door. He turned the handle and walked in, his hand coming off his cock.

Mary lay in bed, her eyes red, tears rolling down her face. Colin came and sat on the bed, he reached for her shoulder but she shrugged him off.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I just want to be left alone, please just leave me alone,” fresh tears trickled down her face and she rolled onto her side. Colin stood and silently dressed. He left the bedroom and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for her. Later Mary appeared, still in her dressing gown, she shuffled to the table and he brought her breakfast in. She ate silently, drank her tea and juice, then looked at Colin.

“Colin, I’m fat, I hate myself and my body, I’ve had my womb removed and I don’t want or need sex again, I have no feelings in that area at all. Please respect that.” She looked at him sadly. Colin stared at her and sighed,

“Mary I have been fascinated by your body since we first met, nothing’s changed since then. I know it hasn’t been easy for us has it. Sex has always been a problem. I can’t help the way I feel. I want to touch, stroke, squeeze, lick, suck and kiss every part of your body.”

“You sick bastard, I hate it the way you ogle and leer at me, I don’t want you anywhere near me, do you understand?” she stood up and made to march out but Colin grabbed her and held her by the arms.

“We have to talk, we can’t go on like this, you can’t just lock it out and think it’s done, there are two of us in this marriage and I need you physically.”

Colin looked her in the eyes, and leaned in to kiss her nose. He pulled her to him and held her tightly.

“I love you so much, I have tried not to ogle and stare, but I can’t, I lust after you and I’m sorry if it upsets you. You are the only women I’ve ever been with, I don’t want anyone else.” Tears formed in his eyes, and he felt them run down his face.

“Please, please help me, I really can’t carry on like this.”

Mary’s arms can slowly to his sides and gripped him.

“What is it you want? sex, I can’t do it I’m terrible at it, I freeze up and then get so tense waiting for the pain to start when you poke that thing in me. I really don’t think I will ever be any good. Please what do you want?”

“I want to be able to look at you and enjoy it, knowing you’re enjoying it too. I want to be able to touch you everywhere, your breasts, your bare back, your belly your backside and your thighs, but mostly I want to be able to go down on you and lick and suck and taste, smell and rub my face in your pussy. I want to stick my tongue in your hole as I rub my nose on your clit. I want to have you cum on my face.”

“That’s just disgusting, why do you want to go down there? I hate it when you do and try to kiss me afterwards, I don’t like the smell or taste of me. why can’t you wash your face before you touch me?”

“But you do like to cum, don’t you?”

“Yes of course but it’s so dirty and unclean, anyway I can just cross my legs and squeeze whilst you touch my boobs and kiss me, you can hold onto my bum too!”

“So will you let me?”

“I don’t know, I’m scared and that’s why I try to not go there, I don’t want to be hurt, and now I’ve had the hysterectomy I have even less lubrication. Why can’t you just accept that sex is over between us?”

“Because it’s very important to me, I like looking at you, I love the feel of your skin, so smooth and soft and I like the taste, smell and feel of your pussy.”

“Yuk, I hate your cock being anywhere near me, I can’t stand having it in me and I don’t like it in my mouth, sorry, but it’s the truth.”

“Anything else whilst were at least talking about this?”

“Yes I hate your obsession with me peeing, that’s just sick, I think it’s because we don’t have sex, your all screwed up inside.”

“Au contraire my lovely wife, I’ve always had a thing about women peeing, so that’s untrue and not about poker oyna to go away.”

“What about wanting to shave my.. you know down there, why?”

“So I can see your beautiful pussy better and it will be smooth and nice to suck and kiss and lick.”

“God you are so perverted, I feel sick now! Why are you so obsessed with my body. I’m 6 stone overweight, my tummy hangs down so you can’t see my pussy and my boobs are so saggy,”

“Exactly why I love you so much, you’re a real woman, with a lovely, cuddly, round body. I’d love you if you lost 6 stone as I’d love you if you put on 6 stone. I love you the person inside your body, I want to make you cum and enjoy your body, is that so wrong?”

“Well I hate my body, I can’t seem to lose weight, I’m sure if I did I’d eventually feel sexier, but I don’t seem to be able to and to be honest since the hysterectomy I’ve felt nothing in that department anyway.”

“So as far as you are concerned it’s all over?”


“And what about my needs?”

“you can play with yourself and look at porn, when I’ve gone to bed.”

“So you know I look at porn?”

“I thought you did and that’s confirmed it, I’m not stupid. They’re all just sick women flaunting themselves for men to wank over.”

“Which I suppose real women don’t do?”

“No there too busy working and running the family.”

“what would you do if I told you that these women don’t turn me on, I used to use them as a primer then as I got to my climax I think of you and imagine kissing your pussy, or better still you pissing over me and soaking me from chest to cock.”

“That’s enough, I’m not listening to you anymore, you need help, you’re ill, how can you live with yourself if you have thoughts like that?”

“I can’t remember how your pussy smells or tastes anymore. It’s been so long I can’t remember holding your breasts or feeling your bum in my hands. You’re my wife and I don’t know what you feel like anymore, that’s so wrong.”

“Stop it now, I can’t listen to this, I have work to do, I need to get on, please get out I want to dress.”

“So you need to lock me away from you is that it?”

“Yes, let me go I need to shower and get dressed, I have a lot to do this morning.” so saying she freed herself from his grip and rushed out, her feet pounded on the stairs and she was gone.

Colin thought for a moment and went upstairs, he could hear the shower in the bathroom. He walked in and saw her sponging herself down, wiping the foam and moving round under the hot stream of water.

“Hi!” he said, “I like you naked.”

“Oh for God’s sake get out and leave me alone, can’t I have any privacy, just go!” she turned her back and he was tempted to run his hand over her ample backside, but thought better of it.

Eventually she finished showering and came back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped almost round her, it gaped widely at the back showing her backside and legs., she rubbed herself dry then looking at him with contempt, threw the wet towel on the bed, standing completely naked before him.


“Yes, you look lovely naked.”

“I know how I look, so you can cut the bullshit.” she spat.

He walked over to her and she visibly shrank back. He closed in and reached a finger out to run over her shoulder from her arm to her neck, silky soft and giving he enjoyed the feel of her skin.

“Look if you want to touch me try putting that cream on my back, and rub it well in, this weather leaves me all dry and scratchy. I need some sun on me.”

Colin took the pot and dipped two fingers in, reaching for her shoulder blades he dotted the cream on her skin then flattened his hands and began to rub it across her back, he moved lower, added more cream until eventually he began to rub it around her upper buttocks,

“OK, that’s fine you can stop now, Colin please stop,” she tried to move away but he kept massaging the cream into her buttocks, now reaching the lower half and gently pulling her cheeks apart.

His fingers began to creep inwards until he felt the pucker of her anus, he pulled slightly harder, removing one hand to add more lotion. Moving back he realised she was quieter but her arse was now moving with the rhythm of his hands. He slid his fingers past her anus and felt the space between her opening and it. He pushed further and found her opening, her pussy lips having folded back like two pink petals.

She started to gyrate her hips and Colin slid his finger into her gently, she paused then fell back into the rhythm again. He pushed in until he felt his knuckle graze her hairy lips, slowly withdrawing he felt her stiffen as she thought he’d finished. He bent and kissed her back, then lower at the point where it became her buttock, then each cheek.

He ran his lips over each, now sliding two fingers into her, widening them as he pulled them out, stretching her slightly. She sighed and pushed back against him. He went lower and began to lick her anus, she flinched then resumed her rocking. He canlı poker oyna licked again then pushed her legs wider so he could put his head between her legs. She panicked so he kissed the spot between her arse and her pussy, then ran his tongue over each lip in turn.

She rocked harder and as he withdraw he added a third finger to the pack, she screamed and rocked harder. Moving under her he located her clit and fastened his mouth over it, running his tongue along the groove on each side. Her legs sagged as she came and he gently relaxed his fingers to draw them out, kissing her clit and running his tongue from there to her anus. Pulling back he kissed her arse and stood up.

She saw the ramrod outline of his cock, outlined against his trousers, the circumcised head bigger than the base.

“I suppose you need to take care of that thing?” she said nodding towards his cock.

“Oh yes: unless you want to help?”

“Not likely, I don’t want to go near it, ever.”

“I suppose I can’t persuade you to let me cum on your tits.”


“I’ll jerk off, you lie on the bed, when I cum I’ll aim at your tits.”

“Gross, but ok, only on my boobs, nowhere else?”

Ok, deal,”

Colin flipped his cock out and began to wank as he drank in her features, he walked round the bed so she lay with her feet at his feet. Obligingly she parted her legs, then closed them, then opened them again but much wider and then repeated the leg opening/closing for him. He grunted as he felt his seed rise. She looked up at him then suddenly raised her legs up and wide, showing off her open vulva through the thick mass of pubic hair. Placing her hands on her knees she pulled back further, her vagina and anus opening slightly more as she pulled.

Colin lost it and his cum spurted out over her belly and dropped down over her tits, one spurt hitting a nipple and dripping off it. He felt his legs bucking as he had his most intense orgasm for some time. Instead of just dribbling out as it normally did when he jacked off to porn, he let fly six or seven globs of cum, each traveling to Mary’s tits. She grimaced and reached for a tissue.

“All done, good clean yourself up then as we need to be out in half an hour, we’re going to mummy’s for lunch.”

Later, after returning from her parents they sat in the lounge and looked at each other.

“Thank you for this morning,” she said and smiled at him.

“thanks for what, we both enjoyed it, didn’t we?”

I liked watching you wank your cock, and when the sperm came out I wanted it to land on my pussy. I think if sex were like that then I could cope, as long as that thing stays away I could let you touch me and make me come.”

“Well that is sex isn’t it. We both came, so where’s the difference? If that’s what you want from sex I can more than live with that. I got to eat your pussy, put my fingers in your hole and I massaged cream into you back, it floats my boat.” He smiled at her and winked.

“But is it enough, I bet you’ll want to put you cock inside me after a while, I can’t bear to think of it Colin, I can’t take the soreness and pain anymore.”

“I know Mary, I think it’s been about twenty years since I was last inside you, so your pain has really embedded itself in your mind. Look I’m more than happy to have a physical relationship without penetration, if you want it?”

“Seriously? you’d won’t try to get that thing inside me, even when the lust overtakes you, when you lose control and just want to ram it into me?”

“Mary, we’re a lot older now and I think I can be a bit more understanding than that.”


“I promise, if we have a physical relationship I will be careful.”

“OK, but there are limits!”

“OK what are the limits?”

“Besides no penetration, no trying to kiss me when you’ve been down on me.”

“Agreed, reluctantly, but agreed.”

“That’s all I can think of at the moment, I feel a bit strange, I really enjoyed this morning, if we can keep it like that I’ll do my best to please you, honestly.”

“What more can I ask, fancy sitting on my lap and kissing me to seal the bargain?”

“I’m far to heavy to sit on your lap, but you can come here and sit on the arm of the chair and kiss me.”

Later they went to bed together and Mary allowed Colin to undress her and put her nightie on her. As the backs of his hands grazed her nipples he felt them stiffen. Pulling the cotton gently he watched the little peaks appear at her chest. Standing he ran the palms of his hands over then. A minute later she cast the nightie aside and allowed him to hold and kiss her breasts, then moved up to him and they kissed hungrily.

His hands slid round her body to grasp her arse and pulled him to her. His prick stood between their bellies but she pulled him harder against her, rubbing herself against him. He held her buttocks and pulled the cheeks apart, causing her to speed up her rubbing against him.

“Go down, go down, lick and suck it, please Colin, suck me now,”

She internet casino released him and pushed away, lying with her legs over the end of the bed. He knelt down, parted her legs and dived into her pussy, his tongue lashing her sensitive parts and causing her an immediate and powerful orgasm. Colin continued to lick, suck and tongue her as she pushed her feet down on his shoulders, lifting her arse off the bed. Colin’s finger, wet with her juices traced the outline of her pucker. His other hand coated with her juice was gently grasping and rolling her clit between his fingers. She moaned and bucked as he pushed his finger into her dirt box, then pushed his tongue into her hole.

Mary jerked and rolled, pumped and strained as another climax roared through her body. She sagged and stretched, her toes digging into his back. Colin pushed his tongue into her, feeling the walls trying to grasp him as her juices coated him. His finger in her anus felt the muscles spasming around it, trying to expel him in her climax. He pushed gently and relaxed, feeling his digit pushed backwards. he pushed again. Mary now reached for his head and tried to prize him off his goal. Eventually she managed to raise his head and she moved her feet to his chest to aid in moving him off her.

As he stood, he used his juice coated fingers to wrap round his cock, staring at her large belly, pussy and heaving breasts. His cock was rock hard and he pumped it quickly. As he felt his seed rise he saw her unfocused eyes trying to look at him.

” On my pussy, cum on my pussy,” her ragged voice whimpered. He nodded and pushed his dick downwards.

Again he climaxed with a large explosion of fluid. The thick heavy globs spurting out onto the mat of crinkly hair over her mound. The cum started to sink down into the hair, some falling down the crack at the centre, dripping onto her clit and the inner lips of her open vulva. Her fingers strayed down and she ran them though his cum.

Colin sank down onto the carpet, holding his dick and feeling the last drops oozing out over his fingers. He looked up at his wife’s open legs and saw her finger lazily circling her clit. She moaned and widened her legs.

“Can I help you with that?”

“No thanks, I’m just…” her voiced trailed off as she crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together trapping her hand between them, jerking five or six times until she relaxed again.

“Mmmm, that was so good, I’d forgotten how good it feels to come, thank you Colin, that was lovely.”

“I’ll go wash my face,” he said and hauled himself to his feet, preparing to go to the bathroom.

“can you please bring me back a fresh glass of water,”

“of course, you get into bed, I’ll be back.” he picked the glass up and walked out

“Thank you Colin.” she sat still on the bed.

He washed and brushed his teeth again , running the electric toothbrush over his tongue. Filling the water glass he headed for the bedroom.

He walked in to find she had not moved. Worried he stepped nearer,

“Are you OK?”

“Yesss, mmm can’t move, I think I’m stuck here.”

“You need to clean up too, you’ve got my cum in your pubes, it’ll dry and stick all your hairs together.”

“S’okay, I’ll shower it off tomorrow and if you’re good you can help me,” she giggled, “now give me a hand to get up will you. Thanks.”

Colin helped her to stand and helped her round to her side of the bed.

They crawled into bed and fell asleep as soon as the light went off.

The next few days saw them repeat the event each evening until Friday night. Colin came out of the toilet expecting to be asked to undress Mary, tonight, however, she was already in bed, with the cover pulled up to her chin. Colin wondered if there was a problem, but he noted her silly smile.


“Hi yourself, ok?”

“Yes, you?”

“Yes I’m good thanks, sleepy?”

“Hmm, so-so, you?”

“Well yes, some, been a busy day.”

“Oh, so you don’t fancy helping me out then?”

“Hey I never said I was that tired!”

“Good because I have a little present for you!”

“For me, what is it?”

She threw the cover back, to reveal her nakedness, but as his eyes traveled down the familiar route, he saw she had changed. She had removed nearly all her pubic hair, all that remained was a series of thin trimmed strips making an ‘M’ over her pubis. The middle bars over the dip marking the start of her crack. His cock jerked upwards as she spread her legs showing that all the rest of her hair, including round her anus had been removed. He stared in wonder and lust.

“Like it?”

“Ohh yes, very much, wow look your pussy lips are so smooth, you’re beautiful.”

“I thought if you liked it so much, I should let you see all of it. I had it done this afternoon after work.”

“So you weren’t working late?”

“only on this, I had it waxed, it wasn’t expensive and I got really horny as she put the wax on and pulled the hair off, She had to wipe me with a tissue in the end.”

“Fuck, really, wish I’d been there, I’d have tongued it up.”

“You horny sod, I bet you would, and licked my arse as well.”

“Too right, now would you like me to test whether it is smooth as silk.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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