Another Helping

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Gina was already dripping with anticipation as she entered the house. Under the cover of helping her friend Sharon, Gina was actually looking forward to helping herself to Sharon’s husband and Sharon.

She smiled understandingly as Sharon thanked her again and again for helping her. Sharon had gotten herself in a bit of a pickle on an overseas business trip. She had been seduced by her pretty Irish assistant into a hot threesome. Sharon’s guilt had led her to confess her indiscretion to Gina (Just Dessert: Seconds). She had asked Gina to help her balance the books with her husband, Matt. Sharon thought that if she could get Matt into a threesome then her mea culpa would be better received.

Oh yeah, I’m helping you out alright – helping myself to that hunk of a husband of yours.

Gina had to laugh to herself; poor, poor Sharon – the stupid slut had no idea just what was about to happen. Two failed marriages had left Gina with a distinct aversion to any kind of serious male relationship. In Gina’s opinion there were only two things good worth knowing about a man; could he fix things and did he have a good cock and know what to do with it. Matt did both quite nicely thank you. And if Gina had her way – it would not in any way be her last helping.

It wouldn’t be the first time either (Just Dessert). As payment for a plumbing repair Gina had given Matt a ball-draining blowjob shortly before Sharon’s overseas fling. Gina smiled wickedly as she recalled maneuvering Sharon and Matt into letting her cook and clean for Mat while Sharon was gone. Gina and Matt had definitely been cooking while Sharon was away. As far as cleaning went, Matt’s pipes as well as Gina’s, had received a thorough and complete clean-out. Poor sweet Matt, he hadn’t caved in immediately but when he did – damn that man knew how to satisfy a woman.

Gina smirked inwardly, Sharon had no idea how thoroughly hooked Matt was on Gina’s mouth. She must have gone down on Matt at least once a day while Sharon was gone. For his part Matt had gone down on her so thoroughly that she didn’t even both to try and count the number of orgasms she’d enjoyed – and she planned to enjoy more, many more.

Even better Sharon had revealed a bi-sexual side due to the threesome she’d had while away. Gina had experimented with women in the past and Gina had every intention of taking advantage of Sharon’s new orientation. The thought of a married couple joyously going down on her on a regular basis was more then enough arousal for tonight’s activities.

Dinner was excellent, the wine flowed freely and the tableside talk became more and more risqué. Gina noticed how drunken Sharon was getting, all the more to be able to let another woman fuck her husband – that poor stupid bitch. She looked at Matt who seemed equally torched; his sloppy smile would soon be wiped from his face – if he only knew what was in store for him.

Sharon poured herself a fresh glass of wine. “And the women! All they seemed to talk about was blowing this guy, swallowing that guy, it’s a wonder there’s a population at all with their fixation on oral sex – I mean it’s ridiculous.” Sharon swayed in her seat.

This was Gina’s opening and she swept right on through. “Now Sharon, there is nothing more beautiful than giving oral pleasure to your lover. I know you’ve had a really bad experience in the past but it’s time to move on – I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind a little oral support – would you Matt?”

Matt smiled and nodded his head, “It is better to give then to receive, and it is a fact that I have been the giver more often then not in this house. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Not that I’m saying I don’t enjoy the intimates places of a woman but damn if it doesn’t feel good to get your nut off in a warm mouth…”

Sharon reached out to her husband, “Matt! Do you really miss it that much? Is it really that important?”

Matt smiled and patted the back of Sharon’s hand. “Don’t worry honey; I love you just the way you do me.”

Gina watched as Sharon looked up a Matt with adoring eyes. Sharon turned to Gina and focused intently on her. “Gina, you must have given thousands of blow jobs…

“Excuse me…”

“Oh come on, you said you gave your first one at…at…fuck, you were pretty young and even if you’ve only averaged 100 per year since then that it has to be over a…”

“I can do the math Sharon. I don’t get the point.”

“I’m just saying that you must really know how to do a guy right that way – right? Well,” Sharon looked lovingly at her husband, “I need you to give Matt a blowjob so that I can see how to do it right. You blow him, and then I’ll blow him…deal?”

Matt just smiled drunkenly.

“Are you really sure…?” Gina paused for drama. “If you’re absolutely sure – then strip Matt naked and sit him on the couch.”

“Naked? What about just pulling down my zipper?”

“Naked or nothing Matt. Is that OK with you Sharon?”

Gina almost laughed as Matt flailed away at removing his clothing. Sharon helped him out of his clothes and maneuvered him to the couch. He was already hard.

Gina knelt before Matt. “Oh you’ve got a nice one Matt. I like smooth cocks with a nice big head. Come around over here Sharon, you lucky girl.”

“Wait a minute. Shouldn’t you guys be naked too? I mean you don’t want any stains on your clothes…”

“Good point Matt. Sharon would you unzip me please?” Gina let her dress pool to her feet and stepped lightly out of it. “Let me help you, you seem a little tipsy.”

Gina helped Sharon unbutton her blouse. She made sure to get lots of contact with Sharon’s breasts. She smiled innocently as Sharon’s eyes smoldered with lust.

The two women turned towards Matt. His eyes bugged out at the two gorgeous women standing before him in their bras and panties.


“Oh Matt you always say the cleverest things.” Gina was beginning to feel a thrill of sexual control that she had never experienced before. She decided to give it a little test drive.

“You know Sharon Matty-boy here is about go get two blowjobs from two hot women. I think he needs to do a little giving first – don’t you? Why don’t you let him eat you to orgasm? I’ll help you take your panties off – I’m sure Matt will enjoy the show.”

Gina pulled Sharon’s panties over her hips and down. “I didn’t know you shaved completely. It’s a very sexy look…oh and it feels so smooth.” Gina’s fingers brushed across Sharon’s labia.

“Sharon came back from London like that. She said she got a bad itch or something and shaving made it better. I really like it.”

Gina smiled. “Oh I know just the itch you’re talking about. So Sharon got her itch taken care of in London. Maybe you could help me do that too…taking care of that itch.”

Gina got Matt to lay back and soon Sharon was straddling his face. It didn’t take long for Matt to lick Sharon to orgasm. She crawled off of the couch and sat next to Gina.

“Just lay there and enjoy yourself Matt. Sharon, I prefer that man be either lying down or sitting when I blow him, avoids that thrusting problem. Nothing is more of a turn-off then to have some guy trying güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to stuff his cock down your throat.”

Gina gently grasped Matt’s towering erection and licked the head slowly. The she slide her lips over the head of his cock until they formed a ring beneath the glans of his cock. She rubbed her lips back and forth across his glans until her was moaning loudly. She pulled her mouth off with a pop and beckoned Sharon to emulate her actions.

Sharon licked and sucked tentatively at first but was soon eliciting the same moans from Matt that Gina had produced. With Gina’s encouragement Sharon slowly worked more and more of Matt’s cock into her mouth until she was taking half of it in her mouth and the other half was wrapped in her grip.

“I’m getting close honey, real close. Ohhhhh, don’t stop!”

“I’m sorry Matt, I don’t think I’m ready for you to cum in my mouth.”

Gina suppressed a laugh. Sharon was really playing to the situation here. “I know you can do this Sharon. Just hold the glans in your mouth. Give him some room to cum in your mouth. C’mon.”

Sharon had barely locked her lips around Matt’s cock when he announced his orgasm. Gina watched his stomach muscles clenched as he pumped his seed into his wife’s mouth. Sharon was holding her mouth steady as she pumped Matt’s shaft through his orgasm. Sharon slowly removed Matt’s cock from her mouth; she turned to Gina with her mouth partially open.

“I did it. I did it!” Although her elocution wasn’t nearly that clear as she struggled to speak with a mouthful of cum and not swallow it at the same time.

“Good girl. You’re almost done. Just close your mouth and swallow.” Gina nodded her head encouragingly at Sharon as she watched a large drool of cum leak from the corner of Sharon’s mouth. Sharon finally swallowed noisily and then smiled.

“I did it Matt. I did it Matt. I swallowed your cum.!” Sharon mashed her lips onto her husbands kissing him passionately.

Gina watched for a moment, “Sharon, sweetie, can I borrowed Matt’s cock for my own needs please?” Gina was slowly fondling Matt’s semi-erect cock.

“Yes, of course.” Sharon smiled at Gina as she watched her friend lick Matt to full erection. The smile slowly faded as Gina stood and straddled Matt at his hips. “Gina, what are you doing? Aren’t you going to blow Matt?”

“Oh Sharon, don’t be silly. This is for my pleasure not Matt’s. Although he’ll probably enjoy this a little bit.” Gina looked at Sharon and raised her eyebrows. “You know, when in Rome, or was it London? Be a dear and push your husband’s big old cock up will you? Excellent.” Gina slowly lowered her hips as Matt’s cock filled her. “Oh this is just right. I thought he might be too big, but this is just about perfect.”

Gina pumped slowly up and down on Matt’s cock. Gina began to slowly lean back over Matt’s legs until the connection of her cunt and his cock was fully exposed. She looked at the couple before her. Matt was clearly enjoying the fuck, while Sharon was obviously tense.

“Oh yeah. Do you know what would make this perfect?” Gina reached down and rubbed her finger around her clit. “Matt is it alright with you if Sharon licks me? I was counting on that answer, c’mon Sharon. I know you can do this.”

Gina moaned appreciatively as the Sharon began to lick and suck her clit. “Perfect, absolutely perfect.”

“Oh God I’m almost there, I’m almost there. Sharon! Why did you stop? Get back down there.”

“Sorry, I’ll be right back you two, just give me a minute. Kiss matt while I’m gone.”

Gina was tongue güvenilir bahis şirketleri wrestling with Matt when she felt the couch move. She went to sit up but Matt had her in a tight bear hug. Gina jerked when she felt a soft tongue lick around her ass.

“I’d rather you lick the frontside actually. Please, no fingers. Sharon get your finger out of there. I don’t like that. Sharon! Sharon! Oh, oh, no fingers please.”

Gina relaxed as the fingers were removed from her rectum. She had never wanted any kind of anal penetration, even though she knew many of her friends, Sharon included spoke quite highly of it. It was just not Gina’s thing.

Sharon leaned close to Gina’s ear. “So Gina, you get to say no. That’s it isn’t it, you can say no. Did I have a chance to say ‘no’ when I sent Matt over to fix you sink and you blew him? Did I have a chance to say ‘no’ when I was out of the country and you seduced him with blowjobs until he finally fucked you?”

“Sharon, I… Matt while Sharon was in London…”

Sharon grabbed handful of Gina’s nipple and squeezed tight.

“OW, Ow. Ow. Ow, alright, alright.”

“Matt told me a bout the blowjob before I even left you bitch. He knows all about London.” Sharon positioned the strap-on at the tight starfish of Gina’s ass. “Pay back is a bitch. Your ass is mine.” Sharon pushed forward and sunk the dildo into Gina’s resisting rectum. She fucked Gina’s ass with a ferocious intensity.

Pleadings for mercy slowly succumbed to moans of pain induced pleasure. Gina was almost disappointed as Sharon’s paced slowed and finally stopped. She couldn’t quite hide her smile as Sharon instructed Matt to take her place, she realized then that she was in for a long night.

Gina woke in Sharon’s and Matt’s empty bed. She showered and walked gingerly to the kitchen seeking the source of the fragrant aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. A cup was offered and accepted. A seat was offered and declined, to the unrepentant snickering of her host and hostess.

“Are we all okay? I am so sorry Sharon. Matt I apologize to you too. I am so sorry for what I did and what I thought I deserved.”

“I’m pretty sure you got what you deserved – in the end.” Matt began to laugh as Sharon giggled. “Bottom line Gina, you’re forgiven.” They were all laughing now.

“Thank you, for two things actually. For forgiving me and for punishing me. Last night was incredible. Let me know what I can do wrong to get punished like that again.”

Sharon hugged Gina and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Actually Gina, Matt and I were talking about that while you were in the shower. I take it you’d do this all again?”

“Oh yes. I’d do it again, without hesitation, I’d do it again. I would make one little change though. Matt, could I have a re-fill first? Thanks.”

Matt and Sharon stood side by side as Gina gathered her thoughts.

“I have to admit that I really enjoyed the anal sex. I enjoyed being fucked by both of you, both ways. And I really enjoyed fucking you Sharon, thank you. The only thing I didn’t get to do, and that I realize now I really want to do is…” Gina swallowed and took a deep breath. “I want to strap on that dildo and fuck Matt in his ass in your bed.”

Sharon gasped, felt a flood of heat into her cunt, and blurted out, “I have next!”

Matt took a breath, ready to object, when his traitorous cock poked out through the fly of his boxers throbbingly erect. He looked down and exhaled.

His wife giggled, “I can’t wait to see him walking like you were this morning, it’ll serve him right.”

Gina nodded, “I’m getting wet already just thinking about it.” The two friends began to chatter away.

Matt decided it was time for a shower. As he left the kitchen, the last words he heard were. “Do you think he’d let us tie him up?” His cock spasmed and he felt a strange exhilaration deep inside.

Like a fool, he smiled.

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