Anything You Want

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“I get to choose?”




Anything. She’d actually agreed to anything.

“So if I said I wanted a titty-fuck you’d be good with that?”

“You know how I feel about that word, but….”

Unwrapping her legs from their tucked position she stood. Slowly one by one she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it unceremoniously from her tight jeans and let it fall to the floor. Quickly her hands went behind her back, unsnapped, and dropped that garment too.

I guess I had my answer.

“Well! This will take some consideration,” I laughed. Hands on hips, she smiled back.

“Can I fuck you?” The question of a simpleton but immediately answered as she began to unzip her jeans.

“No.No. Stop. I was just asking.” Her cocked head and pouty smile told me she understood. Probably better then I understood it myself. So what? Understanding wasn’t needed now. Acceptance was . Cool. In the time these thoughts whizzed around my brain she had zipped up. And so it goes.

An ice cube shifted in the glass she had set before me causing me to remember my thirst and an old idea I once had. Cold and satisfying I emptied the tumbler.

I bent to pick up her bra and raised it to my face. The black nylon smelled of her and quickly made me hard. I closed my eyes and breathed deep. I could almost hear her nipples harden as I took my sweet time with the garment before stuffing it into my back pocket.

“For later.” The words drifted off.

I handed her the blouse, a thin wisp of a thing and asked her to put it back on. Just as she began to button it I removed her hands from the task and completed it myself. One button at a time, deliberately, feeling the warmth of her skin on the backs of my hands as completed the task. I took liberties when I reached her bosom, pulling the fabric taught. My unabashed respect for her nipples must have been written large on my face.

Finished, I let her tuck the blouse back into her jeans. I laughed when she arched her back slightly, forcing her erections tight against the nylon. Bending I kissed one (a quick flick of the tongue too), leaving a barely discernable wet ring

“God I love your tits!”

“I know.” She said this without conceit. She knew I did.

“And your ass.”

“I know.”

“And your legs.”

“Stop it. You’re going to embarrass me.”

“I don’t think so.”

My eyes went to the crease of a delta between her legs and lingered there.

“And you know what else I love about your body?” two… three… her eyebrows arched as if they knew my answer.

“Your mouth!” That surprised her for a moment.

“Really? Why?”

“Because I know what you can do with it.”

Her tongue made it sparkle. Nice.

I started to pace, possibly from anticipation but most likely from pent up excitement. Moving was good. At least my movement was good. I wanted her to stand still for a few minutes while I collected my thoughts. Ring-around-the-Roxxxie. Hands still on hips she obliged me.

“Yes. I sure do love that ass.” I told her as I surveyed the canlı bahis wonderfully packed vision before me.

“May I?”

“Of course. Anything.”

Every time she said that word my cock jumped. Pavlovian.

Standing behind I rubbed the tight denim, cupped her ass, feeling it tense, then I slid my fingers through some belt loops and pulled her back against my bulge. She pushed back.

Reaching around I found the zipper of her jeans and pulled, like pealing a grape whose skin was to tight for the fruit within. Inching my fingers across the thin fabric that covered her snatch I traced the outline of her lips. Wet. She’d become wet at my playing. Almost unintentionally (almost) one finger pulled the garment aside. Her legs spread to let me. The finger went up inside of her. She had to catch her breath with the suddenness of the entry.

“Do you like that?” But I already knew the answer.

“Yes. I do like that!” her eyes closed as she told me.

My fuck-finger worked its magic. I’ve always liked to finger a woman, to feel her wiggle in response to my coaxing. To feel the slippery wetness a woman produces when excited. The finger became like a cock that could move in ways that no real cock could. Women seemed to enjoy it. Roxxxane certainly did. She felt good. Very good.

“Think I can get you off with just one finger?”

” I’ll take three,” she hissed.

Her wish became my command.

She could. She wasn’t shy. She let me masturbate her. Truth be known I almost creamed my pants when I felt her cumming!

Finished, my fingers slowly slid out of her, wet and fragrant. I held them up to my nose and took a deep breath and then let her inhale. Her chest inflated with her own musky scent. When my finger grazed her lips, she opened and began to taste her own sex.

I knew she had tasted herself many times on the cockheads of her lovers. She’d often told me how she loved to blow a guy after he’d cum inside her. I’d figured she liked the taste of cum but I now began to suspect there was more to it then that.

My virgin hand moved around and quickly into her panties. Again her legs opened, wider this time so that I could easily push into her. It must have presented quite a mad scene, me dry humping her ass while she wiggled and groaned as I fingered the slippery wetness of her ripe clitoris.

Heaven. I held heaven in my hands and controlled its every movement. How I wanted relief! But no, right now that would be a hollow release.

Again I could feel her beginning to cum, felt the tremors, the tightening of her vagina as it began. I lifted her off the ground. That did it. She disappeared into herself and into this orgasm.

Going limp in my arms I gently I lowered her to the ground, letting her regain control of her weight. She gave me back the fingers, laden slick with her juice. She slid away and turned to face me. Her eyes were closed. Her cheeks were hot pink. And like they always wrote of in ‘those’ novels her chest was heaving.

Still not opening her eyes and somewhat breathless she asked, “That can’t be what bahis siteleri you really had in mind?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest.

“Lay down on the floor. I’m going to fuck your tits.”

Before she hit the ground I had my pants off and I’d dropped to my knees next to her.

“God damn I love that rack of yours”, I told her again for what felt like the millionth time. But I suspected she never tired of hearing it. I began to feel her up like some horny teenager playing with his first set.

“That’s’ obvious!” she giggled me as she craned her head to see the erection screaming for her attention.

I swung one leg over her hips and assumed the riding position, my cock and balls resting heavily on her stomach.

“Unbutton your blouse.” I could have done this myself but I wanted to watch her do it.

She smiled, leaned her head back, and began.

As each button was undone my excitement grew. I could not control my hips; they had to move, to feel the friction of her skin on my prick. I found I was actually licking my lips!

Ever the tease she did not just unbutton the blouse and give me view but rather she loosed each button and made sure the blouse did not open.

When finally, finally finished, she held the garment closed with her hands…and waited.

I waited too, enjoying the moments, feeling the need grow, the desire heighten. Letting the pressures build.

Taking one hand in each of mine I made a wish and pulled her arms apart. Her breasts sprang to life. They were magnificent and they were mine for the fucking!

I leaned onto her, my cock pressing into her belly, my chest meeting hers, compressing her tits even as rock-hard nipples pressed into me. I began to kiss those nipples; I wanted them wet. Around and around swirling my tongue until I heard her moaning approval. A nibble, then more overtly she could feel my teeth. Gently but not too gently I pressed one nipple then the other against the danger of my teeth. Trust and lust, quite an intoxicating mixture.

I moved to her cleavage, it too must be wet from my tongue bath.

From between her legs she brought liquid, fragrant and shiny and slick. I leaned back and watched her caress herself, lubricating her chest with her own cum. Shiny.

“Push them together,” I heard myself say.

She did.

And just that easy my cock found its place and was surrounded by breasts. Soft, warm, cum lubricated breasts. Wondrous breasts. Firm round wondrous breasts. The tits of my dreams!

And just that easy I began to fuck them. It was like no other sensation my cock had ever felt. With breasts pushed tightly together I worked my hips back and forth, in and out. Slowly at first, marveling at the new sensations her tits produced, then quicker and quicker until nothing could have prevented the eruption she was about to endure.

I felt like I was riding a Dolphin. Smooth, sleek and fast.

Just at the moment, the perfect moment I felt her lips. My cock surrounded by mounds with its just protruding cockhead, glistening purple-red, felt bahis şirketleri her swollen lips. She parted them and I felt the heat of her enveloping mouth. That is when I started to cum. I could not help myself, nor did I want to; could not think of any other thought to slow or stop the muscled orgasm.

Ejaculation! My only awareness was of ejaculation, of sweet complete release. I came, filling her throat with cock and sperm as I fucked her boobs, her tits ,her rack , her wonderful wondrous chest!

She drank and sucked and made noises that filled my brain. What fun!

I watched her swallow, almost chocking on the explosion taking place into her mouth. Good girl! You took it all just like I knew you could. Just like I’d pictured so many times. Cocksucker. Beautiful sucker of cock…my cock! But wait. One last spasmodic thrust found my cock free of her mouth and I was finishing on her smile.

Exhausted she leaned her head back, semen milky white stretching, dropping beads on her chin and neck. I pulled myself from between her gorgeous globes; the pleasure was almost too intense. Each inch I exposed missed being enclosed in their warmth; until free all I wanted was to fuck them again and then again.

Standing over her she could witness my hard prick still in spasm, dripping its last warm drops onto her stomach. I let them fall, watched as the translucent white beads descended. Watched her licking her lips.

“Get on your knees…hurry!”

On all fours she approached my prick, eyeing it like prey, the huntress, she wolf, animal. Mouth open wide she ceased moving, waiting for me to come to her. Erection, still glistening wet found the offered den. I pushed into her again, deep. Not deep enough, she hesitated, trying to accept all of me. The palms of my hands covered her ears, bracing…two…three…relax…she had it all! Fucking, I was slowly fucking deep into her throat. With the exertion my legs began to quiver. Waves passed through me and into her along with untold pleasure. I did not ejaculate…but it felt like I was once again cumming!

Finished, fingers entwined in her sweat-dampened hair, I pulled her off my cock, so intense the pleasure it almost felt like pain. She tried to sit back on her haunches. ” No. Stand and take off your pants. Remember, you said anything.” She started to purr as she stepped out of her heels and began to strip.

“Lay on the floor. On your back”

Almost casually she retrieved her shoes and put them on. Circling me twice she stopped and lay down on the hard floor.

I dropped to my knees and forced her legs wide apart. She held them open waiting for me to crawl into position. I entered her as slowly and as deeply as I could and then…I held my breath. This was going to take concentration and control I did not know if I was capable of.

We did not move for what seemed like minutes upon minutes.

Then I could feel it beginning to happen. Feel something so unreal; something almost out of body when I began to release.

Her expression changed as she slowly became aware of what I was doing. A look of wide-eyed panic then disbelief, finally hedonistic acceptance rapidly crossed her face as she felt the foreign liquid begin to fill then overflow her.

“Yes that’s what I actually had in mind.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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