Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 01

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“You’re kidding me, James,” I scowled. “C’mon, man. This is a load of crap.”

“It’s not, ” he protested. “I know how it sounds but it really works, Dave. Honest.” Dave doesn’t usually casually make up stories, so I was more than curious, but I remained skeptical.

“OK,” I offered. “Tell me the story again, with more detail.”

“All right. I went to Bangkok which, as you know, I have to do twice a year to meet with exporters and try to figure out our product line. It used to be different and exciting, but now it’s just routine and a very long, tiring trip. After the meetings, I would sometimes have business dinners, and then just usually go back to my hotel, read a little and sack out. The time difference is a killer.

“But at this one meeting, there was a new young guy, Hon, and we hit it off well. Before long, we were laughing and joking around like old friends. He was much more progressive than his colleagues. It turns out that Hon was the son of one of the owners and had gone to college in Boston, which explained why he spoke English so well. As it turns out, he also knew how to party like a pro.

“Anyway, one night after a lot of boring meetings and product reviews, Hon and I went out after dinner to the ‘other side of the tracks,’ a couple of strip joints deep inside the city. No tourist places – you had to know someone. The women were gorgeous, Dave, and would do anything you wanted. Just for kicks, Hon and I brought a couple of hot young dancers back to a hotel suite that Hon’s company reserves for ‘special guests.’ He said that his father didn’t want to know about it, but understood that some of his younger customers wanted to have some ‘fun’ when they were so far away from home.

“Before we go into the room, Hon hands me a vial with what looked like powder in it. He tells me that it’s some kind of aphrodisiac, and to just put some in her coke and in a little while, she’d be the wildest fuck I ever had. I told him, ‘no way.’ I wasn’t going to drug a girl in a foreign country, I’d end up in prison on some island! He told me to calm down, that if he did anything to lose my company’s business, he’d be sent to the same island. He explained that this mixture of herbs was completely natural. It was originally developed to get prize animals to breed – a lot. It somehow released inhibitions while cranking up the body’s natural hormonal sex drive to incredible levels. But it caused the body no damage whatsoever. He said the Bangkok businessmen used it all the time. Then he opened the jar, stuck his wet finger in it and licked it off just to prove it was safe.

“Oh ‘what the fuck,’ I thought. I put the amount he suggested in her coke and we went into the next room. Now this girl was hotter than a Harley muffler, but she couldn’t speak much English. As we sipped our cokes, we just smiled at each other a lot, then she gave me a neck massage which I really appreciated. This lasted maybe 15 to 20 minutes or so. Then it happened.

“She started to breathe a little differently I guess, a little deeper. Then she walked in front of me and did the most seductive striptease I’ve ever seen – ever. She was rubbing her hands all over her body. Then she pulled down the top of her dress and squeezed her nipples for just a minute and then, I swear, she came just from that. Then she started rubbing her own pussy and within a few minutes, she came again, falling to her knees. I looked into her eyes, Dave. They were totally wild with lust.

“She pulled my pants down and gave me blowjob from heaven. It started from the tip of my cock and ended with her sucking my balls. She wanted, no she needed my cum. She was moaning so loud I thought we’d wake up the whole hotel and, get this, while she was blowing me, she was rubbing her own pussy and came at least two more times.

“Anyway, that’s how the night went. It was like from another planet. Before I left to came home Hon gave me a present.”

Dave pulled a vial the size of a film roll container out of his jacket and handed it to me.

“Now listen,” he advised in a serious tone.

“First, you did not get this from me. And you must never tell anyone about it at all – ever.” I nodded my agreement. “You don’t have to use very much,” he continued. “You’re going to use this on your wife. You don’t want to make her so crazy that she knows something is wrong. Just enough to crank up her natural desire a notch or two. About a thimble-full will do that just fine.”

“What about the taste and smell,” I asked. “How do I mask those.”

“Very little of either,” he assured me. When you put it on some hot food, it just melts in and you’d never know it was there.”

“Any other advice?”

“Yeah,” he said, “The effects will last a couple of hours. Just try and make sure you’re going to be alone when you use it. You don’t want her fucking your friends. As much as we’d like to,” he grinned.

“James, I swear,” I admonished him, “If you’re putting me on and this thing blows up in my face, I’m going to freak!”

“Dave,” poker oyna he responded with an earnest look, “If this doesn’t do just what I said, I will eat a basket of bran muffins right in front of you.” Bran muffins give James the hives.

I thought to myself, could this be? It just had to be too good to be true. And yet, here was my friend of many years, sitting in front of me and in his most sincere manner telling me that my dreams could come true. I wanted it to be real.

“Do something to set the mood,” James continued, “so she sort of has a reason to be more aroused than usual, and won’t be suspicious. A porno or erotic magazine helps. Have a drink. You understand?” I did, and my mind was already becoming fertile with plans.

“Also,” he smirked, “jerk off in the morning so you don’t cum too quick. No sense in going to all this trouble for three minutes of pleasure.” He had a point.

OK, now let me give you a little background before I tell you what happened. Karen and I have been married for eight years. I’ve never cheated on her, and as far as I know, she’s been faithful as well. Karen is tall, about five foot seven, with dancer’s legs – long , lean and toned. Her breasts are a full size C, not too big, but very nice and firm. Her hair is dark brown which, along with her green eyes, olive skin and full, sensuous lips, gives her a rather striking look. She rarely plays it up when not at work, preferring jeans and sneakers to skirts and high heels. Glasses to contact lenses. Flannel pajamas to silk nightgowns. You get the picture. When she’s dressed up for work or to go out though, her looks get plenty of attention.

Sexually, our relationship is, well, satisfying. You couldn’t help but enjoy fucking such an attractive girl. She’s affectionate, willing and giving, if not extremely desirous of sex. She aims to please without question. My question was, could James’ “magic powder” take her kid gloves off and unlock her true sexuality? Could it really ring her bell? I couldn’t ponder too long. I had to prepare.

It was a Thursday. I called Karen at the law office where she works as a Paralegal. I suggested that we take a night off from cooking and I would grab a pizza. She asked for mushroom of course, and told me she would be home at 7:00 sharp – starving. I promised that the pizza would be hot and ready – just like me. She giggled at my crack. I though, she has no idea. I felt a little like a sexual terrorist – but a kind one. Then I set the stage.

First, the phones. I went to the basement and simply unplugged the main line. The last thing I needed was her mother calling just when she was feeling like a taste of hard cock. Then I got one of my favorite pornos, and put it out of sight under the coffee table, alongside a silver vibrator we used all too rarely to spice things up. Then I went upstairs and showered, dressing in her favorite khakis and light blue shirt and splashed on some Pleasures for Men cologne, which she adored. Then I ordered the pizza on my cell phone. Half mushroom for Karen and half sausage, which she hates. I had to make sure she ate the mushroom slices.

Minutes before she got home, I applied the powder to the mushroom side. I wasn’t sure how much she would eat, though, or which mushroom slices, so I put an equal amount on each one, figuring she’d eat two – her usual. James was right, it melted right in and was undetectable.

At 7:00pm sharp, Karen walked in. My heart was beating a mile a minute, my cock swelling in my briefs. I looked Karen over. In her black work outfit she looked both professional and hot. With her makeup and perfume on, she must have been the envy of every girl in the office. We sat down and ate the pizza while she told me about her day. The usual – the lawyers were cocky, rude and overworked. They didn’t appreciate her. Obviously, I could not keep my head in the conversation. I just kept looking at her for any sign of change, but didn’t see any – yet. James, this better work.

When we were done eating, we fell into our overstuffed couch to relax. Just to see if there were any rumblings, I pulled out the porn tape and put it on the table. Karen smirked at me a bit, I told her that it was a new one and we could watch it only if she wanted. She was noncommittal. Only a few minutes had passed since we finished our pizza and – what’s that? Did someone walk in the back door?

“Hello,” said a familiar voice.

“Hi Nancy,” Karen replied. “We’re in here.”

Nancy was Karen’s friend and co-worker. She was a few years older than us, divorced. I’d describe Nancy as a large framed woman. Not fat, but large. Truthfully, I thought she was voluptuous. She was of Latin heritage. Dark hair and eyes, pretty face and absolutely huge tits – huge. I enjoyed her company – normally – and although I don’t know much about her failed marriage, I know this: she seemed like she would dig sex a lot. We kidded around about it plenty, but didn’t take it too far. She was Karen’s bosom buddy and took her lead from canlı poker oyna her. Conservative. I must confess, I had often thought about – oh my. She walked in the room, eating a slice of mushroom pizza.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said. “I’m going shopping and I’m won’t be eating for a while.”

“Help yourself, there’s another slice of mushroom there,” Karen answered. Oh, brother.

While she ate the second slice, Nancy continued, “You guys didn’t answer your phone.”

“Oh yeah,” I lied, “I think it’s broken. I’ll try and see what the problem is later. Have a seat, Nancy.” Noticing the tape on the table, Nancy quipped, “movie night?”

We all actually got a laugh out of that. I admit that I was nervous, though.

We sat and chatted for a few more minutes, while I desperately tried to figure out how to get Nancy out of the house, and wondered if the darn stuff would work at all. I was about to have my answer in an unimagined way.

As they talked, Karen and Nancy began to act a little giddy, laughing and gesticulating more than usual. Karen was looking at me an awful lot, even while she talked to Nancy. Nancy also seemed to get a little – how can I put it – frisky. She touched me a lot as she talked, and she held her gaze a lot longer. Then it happened.

Picking up the porno on the table again, Nancy said, “Hey, let’s put this on!”

Now under normal circumstances, Karen would have certainly politely refused with some embarrassment. Instead, she eagerly agreed, “Yeah, let’s do it!”

Could it be? Or was Karen just being playful with Nancy?

I put the tape on and sat back down on the couch between Karen and Nancy. On screen, the actors had some dialog, then began to undress. It had been perhaps 15 minutes since the end of the pizza. The air began to get heavy, or was it just me? The next few moments would be some of the most memorable of my life.

As the couple on screen began to have sex, Karen became noticeably aroused. I could hear her breathing become heavier. She began to get hot, moving her hair off her face. Then things got interesting. Karen could not help herself. She started by lightly rubbing her thighs, then moving her hands up and ribbing her tits, just lightly at first, then harder and harder. Her mouth was opening and her eyes betrayed a certain desperation. She began to shake a little, her hips moving slightly back and forth. Then I heard her softly moan.

“I don’t know what’s come over me,” she said apologetically. She abandoned all pretense, sticking both her hands under her shirt and furiously squeezing her nipples, her tongue unconsciously licking her lips. “I don’t seem to be able to control myself. I’m feeling, I’m so, so horney, I . . .My body is just tingling, like it’s on fire. I feel like I’m going to, going to have an orgasm just touching . . .”

Karen’s words trailed off as she looked at Nancy, who also had become transfixed by what she was watching on the TV screen and the effects of the aphrodisiac. Nancy was pinching her own nipples as well, and squeezing her tits as if she was trying to juice them. I looked at her eyes and understood what James was describing. They were glazed with passion. I guess Nancy wasn’t going shopping after all, so I made my move.

I leaned over and kissed Karen, but hard. She grabbed me, enveloping and sucked on my tongue like she desperately needed nourishment from it. I squeezed and fondled her nipples and right then and there, she came. Holding my shoulders for support, her whole body shook in orgasm, moaning “Oh David, David, I’m so horney, I’m so very horney, help me.” It was to be the first of many orgasms– for both of them.

Nancy could control herself no longer. She literally dove for my cock, moaning “David – Karen, I’m sorry, I can’t control myself either. The movie. I have to suck your cock David – now. I can’t wait another minute.” Undoing my belt and pants in world record time, Nancy gasped when she saw my large, erect cock. It was like an old love come home to her. She tentatively stroked it at first, then went in for the kill. Up and down, up and down, she licked it until it was soaking wet. Caressing my balls, she swirled her tongue around the fat head of my cock, paying careful attention to the sensitive underside, where the skin comes together. Damn, Nancy – you’ve given some head before. As if to bring my thought to life, she deep throated my stiff rod with great finesse. She then lovingly licked my balls and down to my feshly showered asshole, which she also showered – with affection. It felt so intense. At the same time, Karen had her tits in my mouth. I alternately sucked hard on one while squeezed the other. She was fast losing it.

Karen quickly stripped her dress off and, as I sat upright on the couch with Nancy’s face in my lap, straddled my face with her dripping pussy. As I licked it up and down, she did something she’s never done before. She literally planted her gorgeous asshole on my mouth. While I licked it and sucked on internet casino it, Karen was furiously rubbing her own pussy. I gave her the best rim job I possibly could, licking around her asshole and sticking my tongue in and out of it. Between my licking and her own rubbing, Karen experienced another shuddering orgasm. Holding on the couch back, she bucked back and forth on my face.

“Oh my God, David – I’ve never been so – Oh my God. Oh my . . . .your tongue in my ass, it feels so good. I never knew it could . . . it feels . . . it feels . . . Oh my God.”

She was nearly incoherent with lust and orgasmic intensity, literally crying with joy as she came. It was Nancy’s turn. But I didn’t expect what would happen.

Karen got off my face as Nancy sat on the couch. Nancy took her skirt off the expose her thong underwear, which she discarded. Removing my shirt, we were now all totally naked. But seeing Nancy’s naked body must have triggered something in Karen, because before I knew it, she was on all fours in front of Nancy and licking her pussy with great enthusiasm. For her part, Nancy went nuts.

“Oh Karen, oh baby. That’s it baby. Lick my pussy, stick your tongue in deep. Jam it in honey. It feels so good, so very good . . .”

Standing in back of Karen while she performed incredible head on Nancy, I put the head of my cock against her sopping pussy and pounded away. Karen was now getting slammed by me on one end, while her mouth performed magic on Nancy’s pussy. Nancy grabbed Karen’s hair and had an orgasm of seismic intensity.

“Karen – oh Karen. You’re making me cum, you’re making me . . . I’m cumming honey, I’m gonna come on your face, yes I am, all over your face. Oh yeah, it’s gonna, it’s, here it comes. Grrr . . .”

Nancy’s hips were bucking back and forth like she was riding an electric bull. Karen wrapped her arms around Nancy’s legs and held on for dear life. All this time, I was slamming my steel-hard cock in and out of Karen, trying my best to hold off cuming. I’m glad I took James’ advice.

Once Nancy had cum, she could see that Karen was on the verge. Sliding down the couch, she licked Karen’s hard clit while I held her hips and slammed the full length of my cock in and out of her pussy. Slowing down momentarily, I took the silver vibrator out and slowly stuck it in Karen’s ass. Then I set the vibrator to its highest setting. My baby had my cock in her pussy, Nancy’s tongue on her clit and a vibrator in her ass. She was dripping sweat and breathing like she just ran a marathon. Before long, Karen was babbling again. “It’s too, it’s too much. The feeling . . . so intense… I’m . . . I’m cuming again . . . going to cum again. Cuming . . .Cum-ing, cum-ing, oh – – my – – God . . .”

Karen squeezed Nancy’s head as a violent orgasm rocked her body. Juices flowed out of her pussy into Nancy’s mouth. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Then Nancy looked at me and practically pleaded, “Is it my turn now Dave? Can it be my turn now, baby? Please, give it to me, too.”

As if to illustrate what I would be enjoying, Nancy lay back on the couch and spread her pink pussy lips wide. I could see the liquid of her excitement streaming down her gorgeous legs, and she was bucking up and down on the couch, literally aching for a cock to fill her trembling pussy. I was so fucking horney at this point, I dove right in. I held her legs up by her ankles, stuck my cock in that beautiful pussy and just hammered away.

“Yes baby, that’s it,” Nancy encouraged. “Fuck me like a whore, pound me. Faster. Harder. Do whatever you want to me Dave but make me cum.

I must say, I pounded Nancy like a piece of raw meat. Her tits shook so much that she eventually had to hold on to them. After no more than thirty seconds, her eyes practically rolled back in her head as she came like a freight train.

“Here it comes Dave,” she cried, “Here – it – comes. Everything is – it feels so . . .” Nancy could no longer speak. She was in the throws of a mind-blowing orgasm. Her mouth was wide open, forming words with no sound. Her hands wrapped around my ass and squeezed as though she was trying to pull me inside. Finally, she exhaled and slowly sank back into the couch as her orgasm subsided.

Incredibly, I was still holding out and still hadn’t cum yet. The girls looked at each other and decided to change that.

First, Karen put both hands around my head and kissed me with purpose, flicking her tongue around like a serpent and getting me really hot. Then Nancy wrapped both of those big, beautiful tits around my pole and rubbed them up and down, treating me to a phenomenal tit fuck. Before I could cum, though, they double-teamed me. Nancy sucked on and rubbed my balls while Karen took the whole shaft up and down her throat. Nancy began to play with my asshole, and this just put me over the edge. I pulled out and, with both of their heads next to each other, tongues out, bathed them in a thick stream of jiz, which they lapped up and swallowed greedily.

We were all spent, momentarily. The girls got dressed and Nancy said a hasty goodbye, winking at me as she walked out the door – perhaps a fantasy of hers had come true as well. Karen fell back down on the couch, exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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