Apocalypse Chapter 26 + 27

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chapter 26

Morning broke as the bright tropical sun began to shine through the window
on Adrien and Carry sleeping in their bed. Carry’s eyes opened to the light
piercing through the room and waking here to life. She sat up and stretched
and looked over to the hybrid boy she had come to love. She lay back down
next to him and cuddle up to him laying her hand on his exposed stomach.
She let her hand wonder it’s way down his stomach till she found his semi
rigid morning wood. Her magic touch turned him from semi to full erect in a
matter of no time. Adrien was still asleep, but his dick was wide awake.
Carry gently pulled the covers off of him then got up and straddled his
thighs and sat down waking him up. “Morning lover boy.” She said messaging
his dick. “Hello.” He sad with a slight smile. Now that he was awake and
could enjoy it Carry slid forward letting his hardness slip into her moist
cunt. “Umm that’s a great way to wake up.” He told her. She leaned forward
until their lips met the she began to buck up and down on his shaft. They
began to kiss passionately as the speed of the fucking picked up. Carry
began to moan as Adrien cupped her small tits in his hands and played with
her nipples. Her tongue slid in his mouth as she began to bounce up and
down on him like she was on a pogo stick. They broke the kiss and she
raised up until her body was vertical. He reached forward and began to rub
the exposed parts of her pussy as she went up and down. “Oh god I’m almost
there.” she moaned. “Me to!” he replied in a grunt. A few seconds later
Carry erupted her pussy juices on him as they ran out around his dick and
onto his belly. When he felt the warmth sensation of that he blasted his
liquid into her. “Oooohhh!! YYeeeaaahhh!!” she moaned as they exchanged
their fluids with each other with out a care. Once Carry was expended she
collapsed onto Adrien’s chest. Adrien kept on forcing himself into her
dripping out the last small drops of his juice into her. The two lay like
that for a few minutes till they were able to think again. “Wow I love
that.” he said. “Me to. I just wonder how much longer we can keep doing it
until I’m not able to.” She replied referring to the baby on the way. “I am
not sure but I guess we will find out.” Adrien said smiling showing his
love for Carry. The two kissed once more and Carry slid off of him letting
a mess drip on him as she did. Still feeling a little kinky she slid down
him and began to lick up the mess, even her own juices. “Wow.” Adrien said
as she licked his cock clean from base to tip. The two then went together
to the bathroom for a morning shower.

The rest of the house was still sleeping soundly, that is except for Max
who didn’t sleep very well during the night. He and I were still in bed
when I was woken up by a jostle to the bed. I opened my eyes to see him
sitting up in the bed soaked in sweat. “You ok?” I asked rubbing my
eyes. “Yeah just a bad dream.” He said breathing heavily. “You wanna talk
about it?” I asked the younger dude. “No not really. It’s just I been
having them ever since the invasion. They really suck.” He replied. “Yeah I
know what you mean dude I have them sometimes to.” I told him. I raised my
head and looked at the window to see the sun had already began to
rise. “Damn morning already? Fuck!” I said yawning needing more sleep. “Ok
let’s go get ready for the day. We got a lot of stuff to do today.” I told
Max rubbing his back to let him know it was ok. We got up and went to the
main bathroom and found Carry and Adrien already in the shower. “Oh well we
took a bath last night, but you need to wipe some of that sweat off before
you start to smell.” I told Max. He got a towel and wet it in the sink and
began to wipe his body off while I brushed my teeth. As he washed I noticed
his hair and had to ask, “Hey dude you wanna trim that hair a little? I can
do it if you want.” “Um…sure I guess but not a lot ok.” He replied. That
would be a task to be set for later if we got around to it. Just as I was
spitting the paste out of my mouth the shower turned off and a nude Carry
and Adrien stepped out. “Hey.” I said waving with my tooth brush hanging
out of my mouth like a dork. Carry couldn’t help but smile and laugh.
“Good morning.” Adrien greeted us. “You ready to make that parts run
today?” I asked him. “I will be ready soon. I have a good sized list made
up so it may take a while to collect what we need.” He said. “No problem
dude it’s not like we got some big agenda we have to go by or anything.” I
told him. We decided to go get a quick breakfast and get ready to head back
to the mainland US to find what we needed. We met up at the front door
after eating and getting dressed and were ready to go. Adrien and Carry
shared a quick kiss to say goodbye and I told her and Max goodbye. “Oh and
Carry you are in charge while we’re gone. Max you are witness to me saying
that.” I added. Adrien and I got in the ship got it up and running then set
off for the mainland for the supplies and parts we needed.

“I have decided to change the list of things we will need. Instead of just
cloaking the home and ship why not cloak the whole island?” Adrien said.
“That’s a damn good idea. Then they wouldn’t even think to check for us if
they didn’t see an island there.” I replied. He had a rather lengthy list
now but I was sure we could find what we needed. We already had most of the
stuff, but there were a few special things he needed that we didn’t
have. The big thing on the list was large sized wire. If wee had to there
were plenty of power lines on pole we could just rob and use. We continued
on looking for the stuff we needed as the boys began to stir to life in the

Carry and Max sat in the kitchen together nibbling on some cereal as the
twins came walking in rubbing their sleepy eyes. “Good morning my
brothers. You hungry?” she asked them. They both just nodded instead of
talking. She gave them both a bowl of cereal and they ate quietly as
others began to trickle in the room. It didn’t take long till the kitchen
was a full on breakfast assembly line with each boy wanting something
different to eat. Needless to say they left the room a wreck and went on
to do their own thing. “Oh my god!” Carry said as she walked in the
kitchen and saw the mess. “You guys are crazy as hell if you think I’m
cleaning up after you. All of you get in here and clean your mess up now!”
she said rather sternly. Donny was in the kitchen and tried to walk out as
Carry was going off. “Hey wait a second little man you need to clean that
up.” She said pointing to the mess he left on the table. “No way I didn’t
make that mess and you’re not my mom.” Donny said feeling a little
threatened. “Hey don’t talk to my sister like that!” Cole said as he shoved
Donny a little. Donny took offense to that and shoved the older boy back
making Cole do the same back to him. “Hey don’t fuckin pick on my little
brother!” AJ said as he came in in the middle of the scuffle. He pushed
Cole for pushing Donny then Cody joined in and the whole thing got blown
out of proportion and turned into a fight. Both twins were fighting with
the bigger Adam and Donny was trying his best to help his brother. Some of
the other boys just stood around egging on the fight and the dog was
barking like crazy. Carry had been pushed to the breaking point and
yelled. “Stop this childish bullshit right fucking now!” she screamed. She
grabbed Cody and tried to pull him out of the fight but wasn’t strong
enough. “Dammit will you guys help me or something?” she said to the other
older boys. Phillip took hold of the twins and Josiah grabbed his cousins
with his super strength and broke up the fight. “What the fuck is wrong
with you guys?” Carry said standing in the middle of the four. “Don’t ever
mess with my little brother!” AJ said to the twins as he wiped a little
blood from the corner of his lip. “Your brother didn’t have to be a dick to
our sister!” Cole snapped back holding his eye. “All of you need to fucking
grow up!” Carry yelled. “Here we are trying to live together in peace and
you guys wan to fight like animals over stupid shit. Cole I can handle my
own business, Donny you need to start being responsible for yourself, Cody
you need to stop butting into other peoples business, and Adam Oh my god
you need to lighten up. I could have handled the situation without you
coming in and making it all into a brawl.” Carry snapped at the boys. “I
think you guys need to all shake hands and say sorry to each other.” Josiah
told them. “Fuck that!” AJ said. Josiah having a hold of his cousin by his
neck squeezed a little. “You know AJ you’re my cuz and all, but some times
you are too damn stubborn for your own good.” He told him. “Joey let go of
me now.” AJ told him sternly. “No way not till you chill. You guys need to
stop this stuff. We can’t live in the same house if you are going to act
like this.” Joe said. “That goes double fro you two!” Carry told her
brothers. “Sorry.” The twins said together to Donny and AJ. “I’m sorry I
was mean Carry.” Donny said. Everyone then looked to AJ. “Sorry, forget it
just leave me the hell alone.” AJ said as he shook loose from Josiah’s
grip. He walked away leaving the others in the kitchen. The front door to
the house slammed shut and AJ was outside on his own to clear his mind. In
the end Adam had a bleeding lip, Cole had a swollen eye, and Cody had a
bloody nose. Donny came out the best in the fight with only a scratch on
his arm. “Come on lets get you guys cleaned up.” Carry told her brothers
and she led them to the bath room.

“My god this place has more drama then the military academy.” Max thought
to himself. He went to his room and laid down and tried to get some sleep
that he didn’t get the night before. The rest of the guys just hung out in
the house playing games or relaxing watching dvd’s o the big tv in the main
room. Adam wondered down the beach not really thinking about anything
squinting his eyes till they were almost shut from the bright sun beating
down on his sensitive eyes. He walked aimlessly into the trees and bush
just thinking of how things went and how things could have been
different. The more he thought the more he realized he was wrong and the
madder he got at his self. “Stupid fucker what’s wrong with you?” he kept
asking his self. In the house Donny feeling bad for being so mean to Carry
decided to clean the kitchen to make up for it. Josiah feeling bad for
everyone helped his little cuz and cleaned up the kitchen. In the bathroom
Carry was tending to her new duties as house mother, or older sister if you
will. She was wiping the blood from Cody’s face and chest that had run out
of his nose. Cole had a cold wet rag placed over his eyes to try and reduce
the swelling. “You guys know Derrik is going to be pissed when he gets back
here don’t you.” She told them. “Yeah we know.” Cole said. “Well little
brother you are going to have a black eye for a while.” She told Cole as
she looked at his puffy eye. “And your nose is going to be sore fro a
while.” She told Cody. Donny walked in the room then. “Sorry I started a
fight guys. I guess I got more of my brother in me then I knew.” Donny told
the twins referring to AJ’s mean streak. Donny went to the toilet did his
business and left then and went o his room for a while. The rest of the day
went by pretty much with everyone minding their own business and staying
away from each other.

The trip the mainland for Adrien and me had been a success. We found an old
electric utility yard where we got all the wire could ever need. We also
found a big electronics store and cleaned that place out to. We had
everything on the list and then some to build what we needed. “I know you
have been sensing what I have for the last few minutes haven’t you?” Adrien
asked. “Yeah I have. The damn douse is in an uproar isn’t it?” I
replied. He nodded yes. ‘Damn why cant things run smooth for a while when
I’m not around.” I said getting a little mad. We were in the middle of
Florida and hours from home so the reconning would take place when we get
there. Just as I was feeling my blood pressure rise all kinds of bells and
whistles went off in the ship. “What in the hell is that?” I
asked. “Trouble!” Adrien said. I looked at the view screen and saw one of
the monsters robots on the ground near us. “Dude if that thing reports
seeing us we’re fucked!” I said. “I agree.” Adrien said and the next thing
I knew the room began to glow brightly and then the robot fell to the
ground and blew up. “What happened?” I asked. “E.M.P.” he replied. I looked
at him puzzled. “Electro magnetic pulse. It fried the robots circuits.” He
explained. “Wow the ship can do that?” I asked. “Not with out some help.”
He said looking like he was worn out now. “You ok dude?” I asked. “Yes I
will make it. It jus took a lot to do that.” he said. “Hey maybe we should
land and pick that thing up and take it with us. Maybe there’s some info in
it we can use.” I suggested. Adrien took the ship down and landed next to
the downed robot. He opened the cargo door and we both dragged the thing
inside. “I hope this fucker is junk we don’t want it waking up in here.” I
said. “No its operation system is burned out so it’s not functional.” He
replied. We lifted off and continued on towards home. “The power source in
that robot will come in handy. It will make the cloaking shield even more
efficient when we cloak the island.” Adrien said. “Well I guess it’s a
good thing we saw it then isn’t it. We may have even saved some ones
life. You never know if that thing may have found some one and killed
them.” I responded. Before we knew it we were over the ocean and heading
for the island.

A few hours later were hovering near the house and descending slowly to the
beach to land. Right before we touched down he turned the cloak off and the
ship became visible. “Hey they’re home!” Justin said looking out the window
at the ship. As we opened the cargo door and looked out a hoard of naked
boys came running out of the house to the ship to help us. “Wow you guys
killed another robot!” Josiah said. “Yep and we need you to carry the heavy
ass thing in muscle man.” I told him. He picked the thing up like it was a
toy and carried it to Adriens work station. It took a few trips but we
unloaded the ship and had lots of wiring laying outside the house. Once we
had the ship unloaded I asked the big questions. “Ok so what went on while
we were gone?” I asked Carry. Nothing I couldn’t handle.” She replied. “Ok
but I would still like to know.” I said. “Well some of the boys got into a
scuffle.” She said looking at her brothers. “Fuck what happened?” I asked
looking at Cole’s puffy bruised eye and Cody nose that had toilet tissue
stuffed in it to stop the bleeding. “They got into a fight with me and
bubby. I’m sorry Derrik.” Donny said looking at the ground. “It was more
like they got into a fight with Adam, Donny just helped.” Carry
said. “Where the hell is AJ?” I asked getting a little mad that he had been
fighting with the younger boys. “We don’t know he got mad after the fight
and stormed out the front door and slammed it.” Carry told me. “How long
ago was that?” I asked. “Hours ago.” She replied. “Well it’s almost sundown
we need to find his stubborn ass.” I said. “You sense him Adrien?” I
asked. He shook no. I didn’t sense him either and it was beginning to worry
me. “Guys we need to find him I cant sense his thoughts and neither can
Adrien. Something might be wrong.” I said. “I got an idea!” Donny said
before running into the house. He came out a minute later carrying one of
AJ’s shirts and with Lucky walking next to him. “Come on Lucky I need you
to find my bubby.” Donny said as he put the shirt down for Lucky to
sniff. The dog took a few whiffs of the shirt and slowly began to walk down
the beach sniffing at the ground. “Come on guys follow Lucky!” Donny
said. The dog led us to the trees and then further into the brush and
overgrowth and then stopped. Lucky let out a few small woofs and sat
down. “Lucky said he lost the scent.” Donny said. “Spread out every one
and look for anything weird.” I said. We spread out looking for any sign of
him while Donny stayed with the dog where he sat down. Donny felt a drip
fall on his head so he wiped it off and checked his hand. He got scared to
see it was blood and looked up. “BUBBY!!” Donny screamed in fear making us
run as fast as we could to him. “What?!” I asked out of breath. He said
nothing and had a look of cold fear on his face and was staring upward. I
looked up and my heart sank. “Oh god no!” I said. There hanging above us
was Adam dangling by his ankle from a rope with his face covered in blood
and blood running up his leg from his ankle and he was
unconscious. “Fucking help me get him down!” I yelled to the others. Phil
found a rope that was tied to a tree nearby and ran up over a branch poker oyna and to
AJ’s leg. “Get ready to catch him I found the rope holding him up.” Phil
said as he untied the knot. Adam fell into our arms as he lowered him to
the ground. “Is my bubby dead?” Donny begged hysterically. I felt his neck
and he still had a pulse. “He’s alive let’s get him home!” I said
scared. Joey and I picked him up and ran with him in our arms as fast as
possible to the house. “Wow dude his skin is hot!” Josiah said. “I know
he’s sun burned really bad.” I replied.

We ran him to his room as fast as we could and laid his limp body down.
Carry ran to get some wet towels to clean the blood off of him. Donny was
hysterical and crying scared that his brother was going to die. “Some one
take him out to the living room while we work on him.” I told the others
referring to Donny. Adrien and Phillip had to force Donny from the room so
that Carry and I could tend to him. “My gosh he is cooked.” Carry
observed. We wiped the blood from his face to discover a gash on his right
temple that the blood was coming from. We cleaned it as best we could and
but a bandage over it. Then we cleaned the blood that had run up his leg
from his ankle off of him. He had hung there so long the blood had run from
his ankle all the way up his leg to his ball sack and had dried in the
sun. “Damn he is going to be in serious pain when he wakes up.” I said. We
cleaned the deep cut to his ankle and wrapped it in sterilized bandages
after washing it with alcohol. What I still wanted to know was how he ended
up there to begin with. Some one had to plant that snare there that he
stepped in. for now I think it will be best for every one to stay in the
house until we find out how that trap got there. Once AJ’s major wounds
were addressed Carry and I covered his whole body with a whole bottle of
lotion hoping it would help with the severe sun burn he has gotten. We put
and extra amount on those tender areas that don’t usually see that much
sun, you know like the dick and balls. It took us nearly an hour to take
care of his wounds and such before we let Donny visit his brother
again. “See buddy he’s going to be ok. He’s just sleeping right now.” I
told Donny not knowing if I was lying or not. I was hoping he was only
sleeping and not in a coma or something. The rest of the evening and night
went by with all of us taking turns staying at AJ’s bed side to make sure
nothing else happened. I made Donny sleep in my room for the time being
while I sat with his brother for a while. I must have dozed off because
Phillip shook me awake sometime around midnight and took over the watch. I
went to my room and got in bed with Donny who was still wide awake and
worried about his brother. “Is my bubby going to be ok?” the little guy
asked me. “I’m not sure bud. He’s hurt pretty bad and he has a real bad sun
burn so he is going to be hurting when he wakes up.” I explained. “I guess
I shouldn’t be sleeping with him till he’s well then should I?” he
asked. “No buddy I don’t think you should. He is going to need some space
when he wakes up. It might hurt if you was to bump against him in your
sleep.” I said. “Well where am I supposed to sleep then?” Donny asked.
“Right where you are now. You can sleep with me till Adam gets well.” I
said rubbing Donny’s silky smooth back to comfort him. “K” was all he said
before laying his head on the pillow. Before I knew it his breathing became
slower and shallower and I knew he was asleep then. I snuggled up to the
little guys back and draped my arm over him and he scotched back against me
then started snoozing normally again. Apparently he was use to him and AJ
sleeping like that. I kissed the little guy on the top of his head then
laid my head down and nodded off myself.

The next morning came way too quickly. I felt like I had just laid down
when the sun shined in my eyes and woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw
that Donny was laying half on top of me with his little cock grinding into
my side. I slid away from him gently so not to wake him and went straight
to the bathroom to relieve myself. I then went to AJ’s room to check on him
and Carry was there sitting next to his bed with him. “Any thing changed?”
I asked. “Not yet.” She answered. “I’ll watch him for a while if you want
to go.” I told her. She got up and left and I took her place next to the
bed. I felt his skin and it still had some heat coming from it due to the
sun burn so I go the lotion and squirted a big gob in my hand. I rubbed it
all over his body again applying a bit more to his goodies to help with the
pain he would have. It seemed there was a bit of life still in him. His
dick did begin to get a little hard as I gently rubbed the lotion on it. As
I was finishing putting the lotion on his balls he began to stir a
little. I let go of his balls and waited to see if he was going to wake
up. “Adam can you hear me?” I said gently. He began to stir a little more
then and groaned a little. “AJ it’s me Derrik can you hear me?” I said
again. He opened his eyes then and I could see he that he was coming around
and the pain was already setting in. he didn’t say a word and only started
to cry quietly from the pain. He wasn’t sobbing heavily he was trying to
hold it back as not to show he was hurting. “It’s ok Adam let it go I know
you are in a bad way right now.” He began to wimper a little then signaling
he was hurting badly. “Do you hear me?” I said again and he nodded yes.
“Derrik I can’t see anything what’s wrong with me?” he asked. This was
something totally unexpected. “I…I don’t know AJ I didn’t know your eyes
were hurt or anything. You did hit your head on something but I’m not sure
why you can’t see.” I told him. “Oh god no.” he said then began to cry
openly. “God it hurts!” he whined. Carry came running in the room then when
she heard him. “Great he’s awake!” she said happy. He happy mood turn sour
quickly when she saw the look I gave her. “What’s wrong?” she whispered to
me. “He says he can’t see.” I whispered back. “Oh god. Should I get
Adrien?” she asked. “Um…I guess maybe he can help somehow.” I told
her. She ran out of the room and a minute later reappeared with Adrien at
her side rubbing his eyes. “Good he is awake.” he said. “Yeah but in a lot
of pain and…he is blind.” I told Adrien. Adrien walked over to him and
took his hand in his own. The hybrid then closed his eyes and shuttered a
bit. “What’s he doing?” Carry asked. “Helping.” I told her. I wasn’t sure
what he was doing but I knew he was helping what ever he was doing. The
weirdest thing happened then, Adrien began to glow slightly. A minute later
he nearly collapsed on the floor falling to one knee and began to breathe
heavily. “His eyes will be ok soon now.” Adrien said laboring to
breathe. “We’ll be back AJ. Carry help me get him to your room.” I said
referring to Adrien. We helped him stumble to their room and laid him in
the bed. Carry went back to AJ and I sat with Adrien for a minute. “I can
no longer do that anymore. If I do it will be the end of me.” He said
grabbing my arm. He was talking about healing us from our injuries. Every
time he did it took a piece of him that he could not get back. He was
telling me if he did it again he would die in the process. “It’s ok dude
you just rest now. You helped him that’s all that counts. I’m sure he will
be thrilled to be able to see again.” I told him. “His eyes were scorched
by the sun. That is what caused his blindness. Tell him I hope he feels
better soon.” Adrien said as he laid his head on the pillow. “I’ll tell
him, you just rest now.” I told him as I patted him on his chest. I went
then back to Adam to see how he was. He was still wimpering a bit fro the
pain and for the time being he was still blind. “Adrien said your eyes will
be ok soon. They got burned by the sun really bad.” I told him stroking his
silky hair comforting him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him to
say something. “My dick burns so fucking bad. What happened to me?” he
asked very quietly in my ear. “Well bud I’m not totally sure of that, but
we found you hanging in a tree by your ankle and you were knocked out cold.
You got a bad wound on your ankle form hanging by a rope for so long and
you also got a good sized cut on your temple. I don’t know how you got it,
but you do…” I tried to explain. “And I think the worst thing of all
beside you being blind is you have sun burn like a mofo. I mean you are
cooked!” I added. “I don’t remember any of it. All I remember was walking
in the trees and being all mad and shit and next thing I knew I felt like I
was falling then I woke up and heard your voice.” He replied. “Well I can
read thoughts but I can’t read memories so maybe Adrien can help with that
when he gets some rest. It took a lot out of him to help your eyes heal.” I
told him. “You feel ok enough to see you baby bro? He’s worried to death
about you.” I asked him. “Sure.” He said wiping the tears from his eyes. I
went back to my room to get Donny and he was still asleep now laying on his
back with his little rod sticking straight up and hard as a rock. I decided
to wake him up the fun ways so I stuck his dick in my mouth and began to
tickle his ribs at the same time. He began to wiggle and writhe in
laughter as he woke up. “What was that for?” he asked still smiling and
rubbing his eyes. I let his pecker slide out of my mouth and told him AJ
was awake now. His eyes got really big and he flew out of bed and ran to
his room to see his brother. “Bubby your alive!” Donny cheered. His
cheerful mood changed really quick when he saw the tear roll from AJ’s eye
and down his cheek. “You ok bubby?” Donny asked in concern. “Yeah squirt
I’ll be ok. I just hurt really bad right now.” AJ explained. I took Donny
aside and explained about AJ’s eyes. “Don he cant see right now. His eyes
got burned by the sun so they have to heal so he can see again.” I told
him. Donny went back to his brother and took hold of his hand. “I love you
bubby.” Donny told him. AJ just smiled and looked in Donny’s general
direction. “Come on Donny boy let him rest now.” Carry said taking Donny by
the hand and leading him out of the room. “Let’s check your wounds.” I told
AJ. I gently took the bandage off his head and it seemed to stop
bleeding. “Hmm… I think it’s gonna heal ok, but you’re probly gonna have
a scar from this one.” I told him. “Scars are cool.” He said with a fake
smile. I put some fresh bandages on his head and then went to his ankle. As
I got the last few wraps off his leg I could tell he was in
discomfort. When I got the bandage off and air hit his wound he showed his
pain. “Son Of A Bitch That Hurts!” he stressed telling how bad he felt. The
rope did cut into his leg deeply but I think he will be fine. “I’ll get you
some medicine for this in a little bit. I’ll get you one of those pain
pills to so it won’t hurt as much.” I promised him. “Ok can I have a blow
job to?” he asked trying to break the tension of the situation. “Soon my
friend soon. I promise as soon as your sun burn is healed up.” I told him
chuckling. “Cool…” he said trying not to show how bad he was hurting. I
rewrapped his ankle gently and then whispered in his ear, “When that burn
is healed we’re gonna have a lot of fun. We need to finish what we tried to
do in the gazebo.” I told him. “Deal.” He said with a smile then I gave him
a quick kiss on his lips before leaving to get him the medicine.

I checked on Adrien and he was now soundly sleeping from being drained from
helping AJ. I fetched the pain meds from the bathroom for AJ and took them
back to him. I poured out a single pill and handed it to him. “Ah man only
one? It hurts like hell.” He whined. “Yes only one we don’t want you
getting hooked on those crack head.” I said jokingly making him smile
slightly. He swallowed the pill and within 15 or so minutes his eyes got
droopy and he soon fell asleep. Now that he to is resting I went to check
on the other boys. Donny, the twins, and Nathan were playing the PS3 so I
told them to keep the noise down. Carry was taking a bath, Zack and Justin
were in their room playing a board game, Phil was in his room just relaxing
reading a book, and Max was sitting on the front step of the outside porch
in the front of the house. “Hey how you doing?” I asked sitting down next
to him. “Ok I guess. How is Adam?” he asked. “He’ll live. He’s gonna be in
a little pain for a while but he’ll be ok eventually.” I replied. “That
sucks. If only that fight hadn’t happened none of this probably would have
happened.” He said. “Yeah tell me about it. He definitely has a hot head
sometimes.” I told him. “Well it wasn’t just him the twins were kind of the
same way. And even his little brother was being rude.” He told me. I had
him explain to me what went on while Adrien and I were gone and it shocked
me that the guys fought like that. “Damn I can’t believe they would fight
over something so stupid.” I told him. It was now all water under the
bridge now that everyone had apologized to each other and the tempers had
settled down. Max and I just sat on the stoop looking out over the ocean
and just reflecting over all the drama. It was damn hot out right now and I
could see it on Max’s body. He was sweating a bit, but I am sweating like a
pig right now. I slid my shirt off and wiped my head with it. “Damn it’s
scorching out here. You want to go check out a bit of the island with me?
No one else seems interested.” I asked him. “Sure!” he chimed. “Ok lets go
inside and strip these sweaty ass clothes off and put some shoes on then.”
I suggested. We both went to one of the bathrooms and stripped down and put
our shoes on. “Oh I almost forgot we need some sun block. We don’t want to
happen to us what did to AJ.” I said smiling. Max made a face to say
OUCH. And I began to rub sun block all over my body and putting a little
more on my bare dick and balls. I handed the bottle to Max and he did the
same only his dick got rock hard from the attention which embarrassed him a
bit. “Come on lets go explore.” I said laughing about his little boner. We
got out to the gazebo and he thought it was neat. “This is as far as I got
the other day with AJ when we had to stop.” I told him. this time the two
of us trekked on through the brush and trees on a cleared path that had
been made by the previous owners. We came upon a man made pond with a small
water fall feeding it. “Wow that’s pretty cool.” He said admiring it. “Yeah
an outside bath tub.” I said making a joke. He couldn’t help but laugh. We
went on and soon we were on the beach again. This one was a bit smaller
than the one in front of the house and the waves crashing against it were
more violent. “Wow I think we need to make this place off limits to the
younger guys. It looks a little to dangerous to swim.” I said. Again we
walked on the path this time up the hill some and we came upon the service
area for the house. It was a small building with pipes coming out of the
side of it. I opened the door and there were 2 big tanks inside and a lot
of other gear. “What is all this stuff?” Max asked. “Um I’m not sure but I
think this is where our water is stored and cleaned. This must be like a
utility building or some shit.” I said. I checked the water level in the
tanks and they were close to full. Some one had spent a shit load of money
to convert this island into a nice place to live. We left the building and
continued on the path up to the summit of the hill where we found the
source of our electricity. There were a bunch of big solar panels set up
near the top of the hill that supplies our power needs. “This would be a
great place to set up some security stuff like cameras and stuff.” I
pointed out. “Yeah the internet thing Adrien is going to build would be
great here to.” Max said. “Damn good point.” I told him as I poked at his
ribs making him giggle. The two of us sat down on the top of the hill and
just looked out over the vast expanse of ocean that surrounds us on all
sides. We could see off in the far distance the nearest island to us, but
it was several miles away. “Guess we’re pretty isolated here aren’t we?”
Max asked. “Yep looks that way. Come on lets check out the rest and get
home before it gets too dark to see.” I suggested wiping the sweat off my
fore head. We continued down the hill and came upon another beach with a
building built right over top the water with a dock leading out to
it. “What the hell is that?” I wondered. “I know what it is come on!” Max
said as he trotted away from me. I ran after him and caught up to him as he
began to slow to a jog. “Ok what is it?” I asked. “It’s a boat house. Let’s
see if there are some boats in there.” he said. We walked inside and sure
enough there was a big ass boat inside being suspended from the rafters of
the building out of the water. “Wow I bet that thing cost a shit load of
money.” I said marveling at the expensive canlı poker oyna speed boat. If it was as fast as
it looked expensive it should hall some major ass on the water. “Well now
we got a way to get around the islands besides using the space ship.” I
said. Max walked around to the other side of the boat and cheered, “YES! I
knew it!” I walked around and there hanging on the other side of the boat
were a pair of sea doo’s. “I use to have one of theses in Australia before
we moved here. I hated giving it up.” he cheered. “Man these people spared
no expense on this place did they? Let’s check around and see what other
goodies are on the island.” I told him.

The two of us walked on for a while and there wasn’t really anything else
to see except for a helicopter landing pad on the cliff top right above the
house. It had a spiral stairway that wondered down to the level of the
house. We used that stairway to get back down to the front of our home just
as the sun was beginning to get low in the sky. “Well that was fun.” I said
being sarcastic. “Sure was. Now we know where everything on the island
is.” Max pointed out. “Well lets go in and get cleaned up we’re both
covered in sweat and dirt now. You wanna join me for another hot tub bath?”
I asked him. “Ok I guess. Just because I said yes, does that mean we have
to do stuff?” he asked. “No dude I was thinking about just a bath, but if
you want to do something then yeah we can. I saw how boned you got earlier
from putting the sun block on.” I said winking at him. “I cant help it, it
happens.” He said making a point.

The two of us were heading to my room to get cleaned up when we were
stopped by Carry. “Adam is awake now.” She said. “Damn maybe I should have
gave him 2 pills. He probably would have slept longer.” I replied. I told
Max to go ahead and start the tub and I would join him shortly. “How ya
doing lobster boy?” I asked AJ as I walked in his room. He didn’t say
anything but smiled and flipped me off. “Ok I deserve that. How you feeling
now?” I said laughing. “A little better. I think I need some more lotion
put on it’s starting to sting a little.” He said. I got the bottle and
squirted a handful in my hand and began to work it into his skin gently. I
could see the discomfort in his face from me touching his skin. “How are
your eyes doing now? Can you see anything yet?” I asked him. “Not really
when ever I open them they burn and hurt so I just keep them shut.” He
replied. “I know that feeling dude. I got flash burn on my eyes one time
from watching my dad weld some metal. Oh my god it hurt. I couldn’t see for
3 days. Do you know how hard it is to pee when you can’t see?” I said
making a joke. “Um… speaking of, I need to pee dude.” he said. “Oh…ok
um…” I said thinking of what to do. “Well dude I can help you to the
bathroom if you want to try that or I can get a big cup or something if you
want to turn on your side and pee.” I suggested. “I think I can try the
bathroom, if you’ll help me.” He said. I helped him up slowly and he was
now in a sitting position. “You ready?” I asked. He nodded and I grabbed
his hand and helped him to his feet. He tried to stand on his own and
almost fell from the injury to his ankle. “Can you hop on the good foot and
I’ll help you with the other side.” I told him. He hobbled limping on one
leg to the bathroom with me holding him up on the other side so he didn’t
fall. I guided him into position in front of the toilet and made sure he
could stand on his own. “You ok to stand now?” I asked. “Yeah but I cant
aim you’ll have to for me.” He replied with a bit of pain in his voice. I
stepped up behind and next to him and took hold of his limp dick. I pointed
his pecker at the toilet and told him to go for it. He let out a stream of
warm piss and it landed right on target. He pissed for a long time, longer
than I expected. “Dam dude how much did you drink?” I said laughing. The
stream soon became a drip and I shook his dick making the last few drops
fall out. “You keep that up and I might get hard.” He said so I kept on
wiggling his tender burned dick. I wanted to stroke it but I knew it would
cause more pain than pleasure. I got him to the point he was boned and
stopped. “Ok let’s get you back to bed so I can check the bandages.” I
said. I helped him hobble down the hall with his dick pointing straight
ahead back to his bed. Once he was back in bed I checked his head which is
now bruised a bit around his wound and then his ankle. His ankle was
definitely bruised very badly around his foot and leg where the rope had
cut into his flesh. The wound its self still looked bad, but it was
healing. I heard him inhale sharply and squint his eyes lightly as I took
the bandage off his leg. I knew the air hitting the open wound hurt like
heel then. “Sorry Adam but I have to check it.” I apologized. “I know.” He
grunted with a tear rolling from the corner of his tightly closed eye. I
rewrapped his leg and then his brother checked in on him. “Hi bubby.” Donny
said quietly. AJ raised his hand for Donny and Don took hold of it. “Hey
little dude.” AJ said still in pain. I gave him a few more of the pain
pills for his pains and like before he passed out, this time hopefully all
night. “Come on Don you’re still crashing with me. His skin is still
hurting and he needs his rest.” I told his little bro. I led Donny to my
room where Max was already in the hot tub enjoying the warm water jets on
his body.

The rest of the evening went pretty quickly, the three of us finished our
baths with out really doing anything FUN, we had a light snack for dinner
nothing fancy, then just relaxed watching dvd’s in the living room. Donny
fell asleep about half way through the movie and Max was starting to yawn.
“I’m calling it a night. See you tomorrow.” Max said yawning again as he
got up and went to bed. I turned the movie off and picked Donny up off the
big comfy couch. He was beginning to get heavy now since he has grown a
little. I did my best to carry him to my room and put him to bed. He didn’t
really wake up the whole time I was carrying him, but he was aware of
it. When he felt the bed under him he snuggled into a ball and began to
snooze comfortably. I laid down next to him and again as usual he snuggled
up to me and began to snore again. I lightly brushed his hair and rubbed
his chest as I got comfy myself. It wasn’t long after that I was asleep
myself. The sleep I was having wouldn’t last long though. Donny began to
toss and turn violently about 3 am then began to cry in his sleep. “Donny
wake up bud you’re having a nightmare.” I said to him as I tried to shake
him awake. it took me a few minutes to wake him then he looked disoriented
and acted like he didn’t know what was going on when he woke up.

“Shh. Dude you’re ok. It’s me Derrik. You’re ok now it was just a dream.” I
told him trying to jog his senses to normal. Once he realized he was ok and
where he was he started to cry. I comforted him as he cried about the fear
he just had. It took a while but he eventually calmed down enough to tell
me what the dream was about, or as much of it that he could remember. “I
was running and those monsters almost got me but my bubby saved me
then… then…” he started to say. “They got my bubby and killed him.”
he said and began to whimper. “It’s ok buddy your brother is ok. He’s safe
in your guys’ bed, and you’re safe to. We won’t let those things get you I
swear.” I told him hugging the little guy calming him down. It took a while
but he eventually fell back asleep and the rest of the night he slept
soundly. I tried my best to sleep after he had his bad dream but I didn’t
get much good rest after that. I tossed and turned the rest of the night
and just couldn’t get comfortable. The next day was going to be a tough one
for me in more ways than one.

chapter 27

Days have went by and old wounds have healed, for the most part. The twins
busted nose and blacked eye have healed on, though the black eye is still a
bit bruised. Adrien has recovered from helping AJ’s eyes heal. And AJ has
regained his strength and a bit of his sight back. His eyes are still very
sensitive to light and he prefers to stay in a dark room for now. The wound on hi
head is healing ok and the one on his leg has begun to heal more. He has gotten
out of bed a few times to use the bathroom but that’s it. He has to limp on
the one foot from the strain on his muscles and ligaments from being hung
upside down for so long. It will probably take a while for him to completely
heal enough to get around with out a problem. His sun burn has begun to heal and
some of the burned skin has begun to peal and flake off. We have done our
best to keep his more sensitive areas moistened with lotion to lessen the
peeling and pain, you know like the crotch. Donny is still sleeping with me for the
time being and I can wait for the day he goes back to sleeping with Adam.
Not that I don’t enjoy having his cute little naked ass in bed with me, it’s
just he tosses and turns way too much for me. I haven’t been getting much sleep
when he’s in bed with me.

Carry has begun to show signs of her pregnancy. She has been having cramps
and morning sickness for the last few days and has been utterly cranky towards
everyone around her. Adrien has apologized repeatedly for putting her in the
situation she is in with caring his baby and all. She hasn’t been knocked up
that long but it seems like she is showing a lot sooner than she should. Her
tummy has started to bulge slightly and her tits even look like they are
growing more from the small pointy things she had before. “Looks like we are
going to need to find you a crib soon aren’t we?” I said to her. “God don’t even
bring that up right now.” She said in her cranky tone. I visited Adrien who
was hard at work in his work area and checked on his progress. “How’s things
going?” I asked. “Nearly done with the cameras.” He replied. He had gotten the
pile of cameras we gathered installed around the house and island so we
would know what was going on any where on the island. “All I have to do is
connect the hologram viewer to the camera system and we are a go.” He said. It took
him a few minutes then a hologram popped up in front of us with several
views of the house and around the island. “Wow this is great. We can see just
about the whole island now.” I told him patting him on the shoulder to tell him
good job. He had views of all inside the house, a view from the top of the
island the turned in all directions, one of the boat house, one of each of the
beaches, one of the gazebo, and a few other random ones placed around the
island. “What about the internet uplink?” I asked. “That will be on the list
after I get the cloak working completely. Right now it is just hiding the house
and ship.” He explained. I looked around the room and it definitely looked
like something out of a star wars movie. There were all sorts of weird gadgets
all over the room that looked to be linked together somehow. He had several
hologram displays showing different things like how the alien power device was
doing, the level of our house electricity, the cameras, the cloaking shield
controls, and other vital stuff. “Ok dude I’ll leave you to your work I know
how much you love it.” I said being sarcastic. I left him and went on about
my business then.

The boys were chomping at the bit to get outside in the water and were
bugging the shit out of me so I said the hell with it and went out with them. “Ok
guys who ever is going to the beach it’s time to get sun block on.” I
announced to every one loudly. In a flash I was surrounded by eager, impatient, and
cute naked little guys waiting in line to get coated with sun block so they
could go swimming. Zack, Cole, Cody, Justin, Nathan, and Donny were waiting
in line to get lathered up with lotion so they could go play in the ocean. I
knew from the time I sat down on the chair with the sun block that I was going
to have a boner by the time I had all of them ready. I coated each of their
bodies with the goop and gave particular attention to their groins making a
smile come to each of their faces. Once the little guys were all done I rubbed
lotion on myself, except for the areas I couldn’t reach. “Hey bud would you
put some on my back for me I can’t reach it?” I asked Nathan. He covered the
middle of my back for me then we were out in the blinding sunlight to play for
a while.

The boys flew to the waters edge and a few jumped right in. “Hey guys don’t
go out to far. Stay in the shallower parts so I don’t have to fish our asses
out.” I yelled to them. I sat down and propped myself up against a palm tree
and watched over the guys al they frolicked in the water and remembered the
fun I had the last time I was on vacation with my family down here. My dad
took me snorkeling and we had a blast. That would definitely be a consideration
for future things to try here once we get settled and secure. I noticed Donny
was walking gingerly and seemed to be watching his step. “What’s wrong Don?”
I yelled. “Nothin.” He yelled back. He still watched where he walked so I
got up and walked over to see what’s the matter. “Ok bud what’s up? Why are you
watching where you walk?” I asked him. “Oh I’m just looking to make sure I
don’t step on one of those things again. That hurt like a mofo.” He said being
funny. I just smiled and shook my head and looked over to the other boys. I
walked out into the water and it was so warm. It felt like warm bath water
splashing around my legs. “I can’t wait till Adrien gets the island cloaked so
we can have some real fun with the boats and stuff.” I thought. The boys and I
stayed out in the sun and ocean for the better part of four hours just
swimming and playing around when I noticed a few of them started to get a little
red. I decided we better call it a day for now so we didn’t risk ending up
getting burned to a crisp like AJ. “Ok dude come on we need to go in now. The
sun block is wearing off.” I told them getting some upset groans and grumbles
form them, none the less they followed me back in the house. “Ok guys straight
to the bathroom and get washed off.” I told the group. “What for? We was
just in the water.” Justin asked. “Well silly boy you was just in salt water.
You need to go take a shower or bath to wash the salt off your skin.” I
explained to him. He got it then and they were off to get cleaned off. I followed
them to the main bathroom where they all ran to and they were trying to decide
who was going in what order in the shower. “Why don’t you lil naked asses all
get in at once. There’s enough room in there.” I told them. There was plenty
of room indeed in the big shower stall of the main bathroom. “You coming in
with us?” Zack asked. I said what the hell and smiled and followed the little
guys in. We weren’t in there very long till I sprang a full on hard on. The
boys all noticed but didn’t say anything. Seeing my dick hard only had the
same effect on them. In a few minutes we all had boners and about to have some
fun. Zack was subconsciously rubbing his big dick when Cole noticed. “Zack’s
playing with it hahaha.” Cole giggled. “So what? He’s got nothing to be
embarrassed about. Look how big that thing is.” I told Cole. Zack definitely did
have and edge over the other boys in there when it came to the size of his
pecker and he was even the youngest of the boys. “Yours is hard to and so is
everyone else’s. If you wanna jerk off go for it I will.” I told him and grabbed
my pulsating dick and started to jerk. It didn’t take much for the others to
get the hint and they started to stroke their peckers right along with me.
Soon it was a shower with 7 of us in there stroking our boners. Donny was the
first to start to feel the effects. He tensed up and leaned his body against
the wall of the stall and fired off his little dry nut. A minute after that
the stall was a flood of moans and grunts as we were all enjoying ourselves.
Zack was next to go into orbit. He grunted really deep and I could see his big
dick pulsate as the waves of pleasure shot through his little body. I guess
the sounds of him getting off was enough for Cody and he began to orgasm
himself followed a second later by his brother. Nathan was jerking his dick, but
not really to the pace that he needed to, to have a good orgasm. It was like
he was doing it just to be a part of the group. Justin however was pounding
the hell out of his little pecker. His hand was flying back and forth then he
tensed up and like Donny braced his self against the wall as he got his
orgasm. I watched as each of the boys got off and enjoyed the afterglow of their
orgasms in the warm falling water then I felt the pressure building inside my
own dick. “Oh yeah!” I grunted as my dick pulsated and bounced in my fingers
as I fired my dry nut off as well. The first few waves internet casino that shot through me
were powerful almost making my knees buckle form under me. I took hold of the
grab bar on the wall and held myself up as the last couple jolts passed
through me. We were all in there then in a steamy drugged like state enjoying the
feelings of a good group jerk off session. “That was neat!” Zack said with a
sweet grin. “I know it. Maybe next time we’ll get in the hot tub and fuck.” I
said being sarcastic. “That’d be fun!” Donny said with out thinking. Once he
said it he covered his mouth with his hand real quick. The boys cracked up
laughing so he just let it go and smiled. “Go ahead and dry off if your ready
to get out guys.” I told them. One by one they got out and toweled off before
leaving the bathroom. I stood there under the shower head with my eyes closed
enjoying the flow over my body when I felt o poke to my arm. I moved my head
out of the water and opened my eyes to see Nathan still standing in the
shower with me. “What’s up dude?” I asked. “I was wondering if you wanted to do
that to me?” he said. “Do what?” I asked not knowing what he meant. “You know
jerk me or suck me.” He replied. “You liked that huh? Ok how about this, lets
get out of here and go to my room and I’ll suck the hell outa this.” I said
tickling his semi hard mushroom. He smiled and nodded happily. I turned the
water off and we stepped out then. I grabbed a towel and dried his cute little
body off then my own. By now my dick had gone almost limp after getting off
in the shower, but little Nate was still sticking out. I led him to my room
then I shut and locked the door behind us. He ran and hopped on my big bed
making him self bounce and smile. “You ready?” I asked he smiled nodded his head
and laid down then spread his legs. He was indeed ready so I lay down on my
belly between his legs and went to work.

I took his mostly hard little pecker in my lips and made him completely hard
in seconds. “That feels sooooo god!” he moaned with his eyes closed. I
bobbed up and down on his like crazy for a minute then stopped to change
positions. He put his legs straight up then brought them down and laid them over my
shoulders so his feet were laying on my back. I again took his pecker in my
mouth and enjoyed the silky smoothness of his mushroom head sliding on my
tongue. I wrapped my arms around his thighs and drove his dick into my mouth deeper
making him moan louder. I let my hand wonder down to his but and took hold
of his tender cheek. “Yes! Yes!” he moaned. My hand wondered closer and closer
to his hole then I let my finger brush against it. “Yeah do that please!” he
moaned. I rubbed his hole and slowed down my pace of sucking to a crawl to
prolong his orgasm for more enjoyment. I let his dick from my mouth only for a
second to stick my finger in my mouth to lube it up. “Why’d you stop? That
feels awesome.” he asked wondering. “Just so I could get some spit on my
finger so I can do this.” I said as I pushed the tip of my finger in his little
hole. He jolted from the sensation so I stopped. “You ok?” I asked. He nodded
yes with a smile so I continued on into his hole. Slowly and gently I pushed it
into him till it was burruied to my knuckle. “You ok?” I asked again. Again
he smiled and nodded. “You ready to try this?” I asked. He smiled again so I
began to slowly fuck his ass with my middle finger. “Ummmmm.” He closed his
eyes and moaned. I continued fucking his ass with my finger then went back to
sucking him at the same time. “Oh my god! Yes!” he moaned louder than I would
have wanted him to. I sucked and fingered for about another 30 seconds then
I felt his dick pulsate on my tongue and his hole clamp down on my finger. I
kept on sucking and fingering through the orgasm driving him wild. His body
was spasming from the thrill. Once he got to the end of his orgasm his body
went limp and he was breathing heavily. I slowly slid my finger out of him then
let his dick from my mouth. I looked u at his face and I was so relaxed with
a smile blazing across it, eyes closed, and breathing heavily still. I
rubbed his tummy and pecker gently in a circular motion till he regained his
senses. “How was that?” I asked. “Awesome! Super awesome!” he said with a smile.
“Well maybe next time we can put this in there instead.” I told him pointing
to my now hard cock. “Maybe!” he smiled. We just lay on the bed for a few
minutes till he regained total composure over his senses and then went back out
to find something to do.

I checked on Adam again he was watching, or more like listening to a dvd in
his and his brothers room relaxing. “Hey dude haw ya feeling?” I asked. “Ok I
guess. My friggin ankle is sore as hell but ok beside that I guess.” I
replied. I unwrapped the dressing around his wound and it was healing nicely and
didn’t seem to show signs of infection. “Well I think you’ll be able to break
dance again.” I said being goofy. He looked at me like I was crazy. “I mean I
think your leg is gonna be fine.” I said again telling what I meant. His
skin had begun to peal from being burned and the dead stuff was just coming off.
“Boy if your arms look like that I hate to see your dick.” I told him being
funny talking about the dead skin. “Oh my god dude don’t even go there my
dick is pealing like crazy it sucks ass!” he said with a funny look on his
face. “Well AJ that’s minor shit. As long as your eyes heal the rest is nothing
to worry about.” I said rubbing his peaking arm. “Yeah true they are getting
better. Everything is still blurry but I can see shapes and stuff again.” He
said. “Well hopefully those Martian eyes go back to they way they were before
they got burned.” I said. He then got the most serious look on his face and
asked, “Do you think my eyes will peal like my skin?” I busted out laughing at
him but he was dead serious. “I mean it dude I’m not being funny.” He sad
again but I was still laughing. “No AJ your eyes wont peal dummy.” I answered
still laughing. “Damn dude you don’t have to call me dumb just because I
didn’t know.” He said getting a little angry. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to call you
dumb. No your eyes wont peal they’ll just sting and be all goofy for a
while.” I said trying not to laugh. “Ok I guess I have to believe you then. How’s
my brother doing?” he asked. “Don is fine. He’s having fun with the other
guys right now. We all got a little red from being outside today so we’re all
chillin out in the house now. Oh yeah we all had fun in the shower together to.”
I said messing with him. “Dammit! Wish I was there to. I wanna squirt so bad
its driving me nuts!” he replied. “Well bud. As soon as your skin heals
we’ll take care of that for you.” I said giving his pecker a light squeeze
through the sheet covering him. “Keep that up and I might just make a mess in the
bed.” he said smiling. “Go ahead I don’t give a shit it’s your bed. You gotta
sleep in the stuff.” I told him. “Damn! You got me again.” He said to me
making a good point. “K well I’ll let you listen to the rest of the movie now.” I
told him as I got up to leave. “Tell Donny to come and see me would ya. I
miss the lil shit.” He said. “Sure.” I responded.

The rest of the house was semi peaceful the rest of the day. Most of the
boys were either in the living room watching dvd’s on the big tv or asleep on
the big couch. Donny just happened to be one of the guys watching tv. “Donny
your brother wants to see you.” I said quietly so as not to disturb everyone.
He got up and went to see what AJ wanted and I took his place on the couch.
The guys were watching Shrek on dvd and seemed quite content to just watch and
laugh along with the funny parts. I sat and watched for a while and before I
knew it Zack was snuggled up against me watching the movie. The movie seemed
to have a sleep inducing effect since a few of the guys were already sleeping
and I seemed to fall asleep myself. I was shaken awake some time later by
Adrien who was smiling slightly. “Sorry to wake you. I have the systems all up
and running now.” He said quietly. I noticed that all the younger boys had
fallen asleep and Zack was laying against my side snoozing peacefully. I rubbed
my eyes and woke up for the next few seconds before sliding away from him
and letting him lay down on the couch to sleep. I followed Adrien to the
command center to see what he had going on. He had straightened the mess of wires
and cables out and the room looked halfway organized now. The holograms were
still all going strong and showing all sorts of info. We could now see most of
the island and a lot of ocean around the island, for miles it seemed like.
“Ok now does this mean the whole island is covered now?” I asked. “Yes we are
cloaked entirely now. It is safe to go out at any time now.” He answered with
a smile of confidence. “Ok how about you take a break now I can sense that
you’re worn out. Why don’t you go take a hot bath and maybe get carry to join
you.” I said waggling my eye brows to drop a hint. “That sounds great to me.”
He said and I could see his dick starting to get a little hard. Before he
left the room he touched the hologram screen and smiled. “We are cloaked now.”
He said walking away. “Hey what about the internet link?” I yelled to him.
“Not ready yet.” He yelled back going up the stairs. I could sense he had
getting his dick wet on his mind and it made me laugh a little. “I guess Carry is
about to get that pussy worn out.” I thought. I fiddled around with the
controls for the cameras around the island and saw almost every inch of the
important parts of the island. He had another hologram showing the level of our
fresh water in the tanks and our power reserves for electricity. It looked like
we were in good shape and it now looks like most of the building supplies we
brought with us here weren’t going to be needed. I checked the time and it was
actually starting to get late. I sat and watched the sunset over the ocean
from the view of the camera on top of the island. It was set up to turn in all
directions. The sun seemed to sink quickly and was under the horizon in no
time. I got up then and went back up stairs to see how things were going. The
living room was all snoozing now with all the boys in there were knocked out
asleep. I thought about carrying them to bed or waking them up but in the end
just let them sleep where they were. If they woke up during the night then
they could go to bed then if they wanted. I went to the main bathroom just to
take a leak but stopped short of opening the door when I heard some moaning
coming from inside. I smiled and shook my head. The moans were from Carry
obviously having her pussy pounded by Adrien. I instead went to the other
bathroom that was smaller to do my business.

Max was in there in the shower as I walked to the toilet to piss. “Hey dude
how you doing?” I asked him. “I’m ok.” He responded but I knew he wasn’t from
the tone of his voice. It sounded like he had been crying. I flipped the
last drops of piss off my dick and opened the door to the shower. He was leaning
against the wall just out of the falling water with tears running down his
cheeks. “What’s wrong Max?” I said as I stepped in the shower with him. He
didn’t want to answer me. “Dude you can tell me it’s ok. What’s wrong?” I asked
again. “I feel awful for leaving the commander at Disney Land like we did.
What if he didn’t survive?” Max sniffled. “Max buddy trust me if that dude is
as resourceful as he is mean he’s ok.” I reassured him. “But how do we know
that? maybe the monsters got him or…” he trailed off. “Tell you what dude I
kinda got this ability where I can sense things or people from far away. If you
want I can try to sense his mind and see if he’s ok. I’m sure he is, but I
will try if you want.” I said. “Will you please? I just need to know he’s alive
and it’s not my fault for leaving that he’s dead.” He begged with teary
eyes. I closed my eyes and concentrated hard on the dude that almost killed me
in Disney Land. I felt my mind searching and catching glimpses of the magic
kingdom and seeing familiar structures that were there. I then caught hold of
his mind. “Hey fuck head you remember me?” I said to his mind. He looked
around astonished to hear my voice, or so he thought. “Where are you? I’ll finish
you off this time.” He snapped looking for me. “Don’t worry dude I’m no where
near you. I’m talking to your brain. Trust me this isn’t a courtesy call,
I’m just seeing if you are alive to make Max feel better. He thinks your dead
because he left with us.” I told the ass hole. “You tell that traitor that I
will deal with him if I ever see him again.” He snapped back. “Don’t worry
you’ll never have to see him again.” I thought to him then I disconnected from
him and opened my eyes. “Well? Is he alive?” Max begged. “Yeah Maxy He’s fine.
Still a dick though.” I told him. I could see the weight of the world lift
from Max’s shoulder then. He slumped down the wall of the shower and was now
sitting in the falling water. “You don’t know how bad I’ve felt since I left.
I was so scared that he never woke up after Adam hit him with that gun.” Max
sighed. I kneeled down in front of him and told him, “Dude why are you so
worried about him? He treated you like shit. You shouldn’t feel guilty fro
leaving him one little bit.” “I know but I still do though.” He said. “Well he’s
alive and fine so you can stop worrying. Come on lets get that hair washed and
go get some sleep.” I suggested extending my hand to help him to his feet. He
smiled and grabbed my hand and stood up. He surprised me from what he did
next. He wrapped his arms around me and told me “Thank you for everything.” in
his cute Australian accent. “No problem bud, but if you keep hugging me like
that I’m gonna get a boner.” I said trying to be funny. He let go then and
smiled again. “Come on little dude turn around and let me wash that long ass
hair for you.” I told him poking him in his ribs making him giggle. He laughed
and turned away from me giving me a view of his tight little but cheeks.
“Nice but.” I told him as I smacked him lightly on his right cheek. “I know.” He
replied laughing. I grabbed the shampoo then and squirted a gob on his head
and began washing. He seemed to enjoy this attention for some reason. “You
know most guys act like this when some one is washing their pecker.” I said in
his ear. “I know it’s just I like it when some one rubs my head, I don’t know
why though.” He replied. I kept on washing gently and he seemed to love it.
We did come to a pint where he needed to rinse so he put his head under the
water. Once he was rinsed we just stood there in the water for a few more
seconds until he spoke. “Thank you for that. No one has done that for me in a long
time.” “Don’t mention it. You can shower or take a bath with me when ever
you want. Just don’t freak out if I grab your dick ok. I got a bad habit of
that.” I said smiling. “Ok thanks, but it’s not like you haven’t touched my
pecker before.” He replied. I turned the water off and we both stepped out and
dried off. While he was toweling off I could now see the true definition and
lines of his tight little body. “Dam!” I said while looking. “What?” he asked.
“Oh it’s just you have a dynamite body dude. You are hot as hell! Even for
your age.” I told him. He just smiled then and kept drying himself. Once we
were dried off we went separate ways, him to his room and me to check on Adam
and Donny.

“Hey brother of destruction what’s up? I said as I walked in AJ’s room. He
shooshed me right away. I then noticed Donny was sound asleep in a chair next
to the bed. “Oops sorry.” I said putting my hand over my mouth. “How you
feeling Adam?” I asked. “Better. My eyes feel a lot better. They don’t sting any
more.” He replied. “How about the other stuff?” I inquired. “Oh well those
still hurt some.” He said. I pulled the sheet off of him and checked his ankle
for one more time before bed. It looked ok so I left it alone. I then noticed
his skin around his crotch was peeling now. “Want me to put some lotion on
here?” I said gently rubbing his dick. “Only if you plan on getting some
lotion to squirt out of it.” He said with a smile. “I wouldn’t mind.” I told him.
“I know but it’s still sore. I’ll pass on the lotion for now.” He replied. I
covered him back up and then went to wake Donny. “How long’s he been out?” I
asked. “About an hour now.” He said. I shook the little dude awake and he
seemed to not want to be awake. “Donny go to bed. Go on with Derrik ok.” AJ told
him. “He’s really cranky when he gets woken up.” AJ explained. Donny got up
and did what his brother told him. He walked out half asleep in front of me
and I turned the lights off in the room and told Adam good night. Once in my
room I shut and locked the door and Donny waked towards the bed, but stopped
right in front of the big bay window by the hot tub. “What is that?!” he said
pointing out the window towards the sky in the direction of the moon.

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