Are You Staring at My Ass? Ch. 03-04

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After two chapters of tease, events begin to gather momentum. I hope you enjoy the unusual relationship I have with Charlotte. From here on in, things get progressively transgressive.

Chapter 3

Laying in Charlotte’s spare room, I could feel a mild and enjoyable stinging on my buttocks following the spanking I had received. I felt awkward that I had let Charlotte continue to call the tune of our increasingly strange relationship. My rigid cock indicated that while my head was still getting around our relationship, my body was in favour. As I slowly wanked my cock, wanting to prolong the tease that Charlotte had initiated. That said I was just on the verge of blowing a load all over Charlotte’s guest bedding when I heard Charlotte’s husband Paul entering the flat after his night out. The loud stumbling indicated that he’d had several beers. Paul’s entry and the thought that the morning fun would be curtailed, had a softening impact on my cock and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke late, feeling the benefits of a good sleep. A head appeared round the door.

“Hello sleepyhead! I thought you were never going to wake up.” Charlotte said with a big smile on her face. “Paul says he’s a bit hungover, so I think I need to get him some carbs as soon as possible. I’ve got some orange juice in the kitchen in the meantime.”

It was difficult to resist a smiling, happy Charlotte so I scrambled out of bed. Rather than leave me to it Charlotte had entered the room and watched me as I stood up and gathered the clothes I had carelessly slung on the floor the night before. The lack of relief last night had resulted in me developing something of a semi-hard on which was pressing against the front of my boxer shorts. I felt rather exposed as I realised that Charlotte was standing on my trousers while I was standing in front of her wearing only a pair of tight underwear.

Charlotte herself was still wearing her nightclothes. On top she had a tight Minnie Mouse t-shirt that exposed a sliver of stomach. From the two nubs sticking out the front it was clear she was still braless. The only other item she was wearing so far as I could see was a small pair of loose shorts. The outfit was not in theory indecent; nothing was showing, but it was sexy as hell and I doubt she would have worn it in front of a normal houseguest.

“Charlotte, you are standing on my trousers.”

“Silly me.” Said Charlotte, making no move to either move to one side or pass them across to me. “I’m not stopping you getting them.”

Feeling slightly ridiculous I sighed and moved across the bedroom.

“You might get a better view if get down on your hands and knees to pick them up.”

I didn’t quite follow the logic, but I complied. Feeling even more ridiculous than ever I crawled across to Charlotte on my hands and knees until I was at her feet taking in the sight of her elegant feet and legs. Charlotte moved her foot off the trousers.

“Do you like my sleep shorts?” She asked, coquettishly turning away from me.

I found myself staring at the back of Charlotte’s shapely calves. I allowed my eyes to move upwards. The loose fabric and my angle from low down meant that I could just see the curved underside of her ass cheeks. It was a further tease that revealed more of herself than I seen before. Enough to once again make my cock painfully rigid but nowhere near enough to satisfy my growing obsession with Charlotte’s ass. The two slivers of flesh that I could see were a glimpse of beauty. Her flesh was pale, the curve of her rounded buttocks were an erotic vision.

“I do believe you are definitely staring at my ass.” Charlotte dissolved into a fit of giggles.

The sight of me on my hands and knees with a hard on trying to poke a hole in my boxer shorts was pretty funny, I guess.

“Come and get a drink.” Charlotte finally broke the spell and made for the bedroom door. “I’ve made a cafetière especially for my guest. You have to be special to get that sort of treatment.”

A few minutes later I tentatively made my way into the kitchen. Paul was standing looking a bit worse for wear smoking a roll-up and drinking a coffee. Apart from the occasional spliff with Charlotte I wasn’t really a smoker, but I quite liked the fact that Paul hadn’t quite been able to kick the habit. He was a successful lawyer who’d married the girl who in my opinion had the best ass I’d ever seen. It made him a bit more human that he’d never been able to quit the fags. Paul had clearly rolled out of bed; he was wearing just boxers and a t-shirt. Charlotte was still clad in her bed clothes, the shorts still moulding into her ass.

“Hey mate!” Paul said. “Good to see you Mark-O.” So far, this story has really been all about Charlotte and less about me, but that is my name, Mark Jones. Pretty average and nondescript. Paul called me Mark-O. From anyone else I might have found it annoying but he meant it affectionately.

“Rough night? I enquired.

“Thought I’d be only out for a couple but then, events…”

“I didn’t hear you come in.” I lied. bahis siteleri “Must have been a late one. I hope you don’t mind me kipping over?”

“Nah mate. Feels like I haven’t seen you in ages. Good to see you again, I’ve missed you the last few times you’ve been round. Seems like I’m continuously bloody working away.”

While you’ve been working away, I’ve been staring at your Wife’s ass. I thought to myself.

“No one said being a top-class lawyer was going to be easy.” I tried to make a joke, still not totally sure of my place in a small kitchen where I was wearing the most clothes.

Paul smiled ruefully. “Amen to that!” He said. “Could do without having a hangover, got loads to do today and having a sore head just makes me want to eat and touch my wife.” Paul ambled over to Charlotte who was standing in the corner sipping over a coffee mug. He put his arm round Charlotte pulling her into his body, then to my surprise inserted his hand down the back of her shorts. He had a good rummage, giving her ass a good squeeze. “Mm, no knickers.” He said. “This is why I can’t get anything done with a hangover.”

Charlotte didn’t flinch or bat his hand away. I expected her to say something like, “Paul we have guests!” or “Save it for later!” but she continued to sip her coffee while her husband was feeling her up.

“I never wear knickers in bed. It’s unhygienic” Charlotte said. “I like to have some air down below and let things breathe. If you want to go to the normal place for brunch, we’d better get a shimmy on, its 10am already and you know how you can never get a table past 11.” Charlotte looked down at Paul’s boxers which had visibly tented since his hand had been rubbing her cheeks. “it’s going to take a while to stuff that into a pair of trousers.” She said staring pointedly at Paul’s cock, which then made me stare at it as well, which was uncomfortable. “I’m getting in the shower.”

Paul and I sat through in the lounge finishing our coffee with the sound of the shower running in the background. We watched the sports news channel and chatted amiably about football and rugby. To be honest I couldn’t really have given a toss about sport, my mind was more on the thought of Charlotte having a shower, but I was pleased that things seemed to be roughly normal.

Eventually the shower stopped, and Charlotte appeared at the lounge door, wrapped relatively demurely in a towel.

“You can jump in if you like Mark. I left a towel in for you.” She said heading for the bedroom.

I took myself into the bathroom and disrobed. As I was standing naked, I noticed a laundry basket in the corner of the room. Pretending to myself that I was being merely curious I gingerly opened the lid. Lying on top of a pile of clothes were the tights that Charlotte had been wearing the night before. Further examination revealed a real prize tucked below the tights, the black lacy knickers that Charlotte had also been wearing and let me spend hours looking at. Now, as I carefully extracted the knickers trying not to disturb the remaining contents of the basket, I realised I was stepping over the boundaries of what might be considered acceptable behaviour as a houseguest. That said, my head was reeling from the events of the previous night so as a I held Charlotte’s worn knickers in my hand, I told myself that surely normal rules didn’t apply.

Examining the crotch, I could see that Charlotte had at some point in the day, leaked a considerable amount of fluid as there was a clear stain where her cunt had rubbed against the fabric. I had already crossed the line of acceptability so “In for a penny,” I thought, and I pressed the knickers against my nose and inhaled deeply. I breathed in a sweet musky aroma. There I was standing naked in my friend’s bathroom, smelling her dirty knickers while slowly wanking my hard cock. Not a position I thought I would ever be in.

I was conscious that time was passing, and I didn’t want Charlotte or Paul to start wondering why I was taking so long in the shower. I turned the shower on giving it some time to warm up but after not having any release for several hours my cock was throbbing almost painfully. I picked up Charlotte’s knickers once more and wrapped them around my cock as a rubbed myself to a conclusion trying to me careful not to leave any noticeable stains. It didn’t take long for me to shoot several powerful jets of ejaculate across the bath where I was aiming and splatter against the tiled wall. It was the most aggressive climax I had experienced in several years. I took one final sniff and before I could get aroused all over again returned the knickers as close to the position I found them as I could manage. I quickly showered and dressed and left the bathroom to see if Charlotte and Paul were ready.

Neither of the pair where in the kitchen or lounge so I figured they must be in the bedroom. I wondered towards the kitchen at a bit of a loose end and glanced towards their bedroom where the door was half open. I had never been in Charlotte’s bedroom, from where I was standing by the kitchen door you could only have seen canlı bahis siteleri into a small part of the bedroom even if the door was fully open. As it was slightly ajar, I could see a thin strip of carpet about half a metre wide. What I realised though was that leaning against the wall was a full-length mirror which was just in my view. While I could only see a small portion of the room through the door itself, the angle of my vision against the mirror gave me a much fuller view than I might have expected. What I saw nearly made my eyes burst.

Charlotte was fully dressed and looked ready to go. Paul, in his hungover state had failed to make much progress and was standing in only his boxer shorts with what appeared to be a substantial erection visible beneath the fabric. I overheard some muffled talking like they were clearly conscious of the rather thin walls until I overheard Charlotte clearly saying, “We are going to be late if you don’t get your ass in gear.”

“I’d like to get your ass in gear.” Paul replied, failing to keep his voice down. “In the gear of my cock!”.

“OK, what you just said makes absolutely no sense.” Charlotte replied sounding exasperated but not annoyed

“Made you smile though.” Said Paul. “You’d like your ass to be in cock gear. You’ll find its just next to reverse.”

“Still making no sense.” But Charlotte was laughing now. “Will you get the fuck ready? I think Mark is out the shower now, you can go in.”

“I’m not going to bother with a shower. I think we should re-purpose that time and instead use it for you to suck my cock, which as you can see having watched my wife get changed, is painfully hard. No wife should send her husband out in the street with such a lethal weapon. I might take someone’s eye out or corrupt a passing Nun.”

“You wanted to stuff your cock up my ass a second ago and now you want to stuff it in my mouth?”

“No time for the ass-gear I’m afraid if we want to have brunch. And we have a guest, we wouldn’t want anyone to overhear.”

“I know that’s not true and its definitely not what this little man is saying.”

I could just make out Charlotte’s hand rubbing Paul’s cock. There was some more muffled talking that I couldn’t make out, they had both lowered their voices again and some shuffling around. They both briefly went out of view of the area of the bedroom that I was able to observe until Paul emerged back into view, completely naked, sporting an angry erection. I kept watching, even though I wasn’t particularly keen on staring at Paul’s cock. Charlotte then came into view, quickly knelt and enveloped Paul’s erection into her mouth. From my angle I could see the shaft entering and leaving her mouth in a steady rhythm.

Charlotte obviously wasn’t there to hang around as she worked his shaft with increasing speed. While her mouth focused on the head, one hand worked Paul’s balls while the other disappeared between his legs and seemed to be working his asshole. I had seen some hints of Charlotte’s sexuality the night before, but seeing my friend work a cock for the first time was insanely sexy and my own cock swelled. Paul was doing well to last; I think I would have popped in a few seconds. After a few minutes of furious cock worship, I could see Paul’s legs starting to tense up.

“Fucking hell, get ready!” He grimaced. I think in his mind he was still speaking quietly but I would have heard that anywhere in the flat, even if I hadn’t been playing the voyeur. Charlotte was fully aware of the volume and her eyes widened in alarm. She briefly released Paul’s cock with a loud pop.

“Ssshhhhh! Shiiit!”

Charlotte’s expletive happened during an unfortunate chain of events. Unfortunate at least for Charlotte. Paul, as he neared the later stages of the pleasurable blow job had warned Charlotte of his impending release a little loudly. Charlotte aware of this had told him to shush. The act of releasing his cock, coupled with the interesting vibration that the shushing sound had applied to its head had produced a volcanic eruption. I imagine that Charlotte had planned to neatly swallow Paul’s spunk before continuing with her day. Considering the volume, I doubted whether this would have been possible. It was a moot point in any case as rather than directing his load into Charlotte’s mouth the spunk had gone everywhere. I could see a viscous line running down the side of her face. A further thick streak had landed in her freshly brushed and dried hair. The majority had ricocheted off her chin and spread itself over her elegant black top that she had just on.

“Fucking hell!” Whispered Paul trying to sound concerned but actually sounding rather pleased with himself. “It’s fucking spunkageddon!”

Charlotte looked a bit stunned. She looked a combination of demure, filthy and sexy I thought.

“Quite.” She said. “I think spunkaggedon is an appropriate word. Did you enjoy that?”

“That was the best blow job you’ve ever given me.”

“It was certainly the most spunk anyone has deposited on my face, hair and tits.”

“It’s not really on your canlı bahis tits to be fair, its on your top.” Paul probably regretted saying that.

“OK I’m going to have to wipe all your spunk off me.” Charlotte dipped her finger into the trail that was slowly running down her cheek and popped her finger in her mouth. “I didn’t even get to eat much. Seems like a waste.”

“You can always lick it up?”

“Doesn’t taste as nice once its out. And frankly I haven’t got all day. Right, for Christ’s sake put some fucking clothes on.” Charlotte was seeing the funny side, which was very decent of her I thought. “Actually, before you do, get your arse over the bed.” Paul disappeared from view at this point. A few seconds later I heard six hard slaps of something hitting bare flesh. It didn’t sound like a hand thought. I then saw Charlotte walking past the mirror holding a plastic 30cm ruler in her hand.

“I bet that stung.” I thought.

“Christ, that stung.” Said Paul.

“Well you deserved it!” Said Charlotte “You spunked all over me and now I’m going to be distracted all through brunch feeling horny. As soon as we get home I’m going to sit on your face and your going to get me off.”

“Can I spunk all over you again?”

“Paul, I’m your wife, think of me as your spunk canvas at any time, apart from when we have guests. I’m going to have to change this top and iron a new one. If we can’t get a table, I’m going to get the ruler out when we get home”

“You know what I think about that.” I heard Paul reply.

There was more shuffling, and I hastily retreated to the lounge reasoning I’d pushed my luck about as far as I dared. Shortly Charlotte came into the lounge carrying an iron and ironing board.

“Slight delay.” She said. “I didn’t realise the top I put was, mmm, marked. I’m just going to iron this top while Paul finally gets his ass into gear.”

“No worries. I…” I halted mid reply. Charlotte was in the process of ironing a new top. More pertinently she was ironing the top wearing a tight pair of jeans with only a black lacy, mostly transparent bra on top. As she moved the iron back and forwards her small put pert tits jiggled appealingly. Through the mesh of the fabric I could clearly see a pair of chestnut brown nipples that were pointing to attention.

“Nice bra!” I said, remembering that Charlotte liked encouragement every time she ventured a little further in her exposures. She had always been a bit self-conscious about the size of her boobs. I personally felt this was ridiculous as they fitted onto her frame nicely and she more than made up for any deficiencies in many other ways. “You want what you haven’t got.” She used to say.

“Thanks.” Said Charlotte. “It is a nice bra, but what about my tits? They are practically on display here.”

“Even nicer tits.” I quickly replied. If I’d have taken a picture of, she could have passed as a model.

Paul entered the room.

“Nice tits Char!” He said coming up behind her and feeling her up while nuzzling her shoulders. “you should just go out like this and not worry about a top.”

“Then everyone would see your wife’s tits.” Charlotte replied.

“You’re happy enough with Mark seeing them.”

“Mark’s different. And he’s only seeing them because a certain someone managed to mark the top I was wearing just before we were about to leave the house. I really don’t see the point in false modesty.”

“Well I’m just paying you a compliment is all.” I could see Paul’s fingers close about those delicious chestnut brown nipples and apply a gentle tweak. Charlotte gasped slightly. Paul removed his hands leaving Charlotte’s nipples now standing completely erect.

“I love compliments from my husband and my friends so thank you both for admiring my tits.” Charlotte was finally satisfied with the job she had done ironing her second top of the day and tugged it over her head. “But we really must get going or I am going to scream with hunger.”

Finally, we left the flat. Paul and I were either side of Charlotte as we strolled through the morning sunshine as we walked arm in arm down the street.

“Look at me with my strong boys protecting me.” Said Charlotte with an ironic smile. “I’m sure I’m the luckiest girl in town.”

“Damn straight you cheeky bitch!” Paul replied and removing his arm gave her a rear a smart slap. “Lucky we are outside, or I might have to show you exactly how lucky you are.”

The back and forth continued all the way to the café where we sat down for brunch. There was a small table left and we squeezed in. Normally I would have felt uncomfortable being close to the level of intimacy between Paul and Charlotte, but it felt OK. I didn’t feel like a third wheel. We were sitting closely due to the small table and Charlotte who was sitting in the middle had her legs pressed against mine and Paul’s. The feel of her warm leg against mine felt nice and despite having wanked off in Charlotte’s bathroom just a few hours ago I was already feeling aroused again. Eventually we finished brunch and I reluctantly left Paul and Charlotte envious of the fact that they were clearly about to go home and fuck. Paul had said that he was working away again in a couple of weeks and that I should make sure that I hung out with Charlotte and kept her company.

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