Arin’s Birthday Party Pt. 02

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Lana sat in a small clearing in a forest next to the smoldering remains of a campfire. She realized that she was in a dream when she saw her clothes: thick iron armor, with a large sword, shield, and horned helmet. A voice invaded her thoughts, and thanks to dream logic she was suddenly certain of three things: she was called “The Shieldmaiden,” who had lost a bet with the Norse god Thor, and now she needed to go find a giantess and bring back some form of proof. Usually, one brought back proof in the form of the giant’s severed head, which wasn’t an attractive prospect at all; the giantess she was supposed to find was big enough to squash her like a bug.

“I could ask for a lock of hair or something…I don’t have to kill anyone,” The Shieldmaiden said firmly to herself, and jumped when her own voice broke the silence of the dimming forest; the sun was setting, deepening the shadows under the ancient evergreen canopy.

A series of low, rumbling booms shook the forest floor, and the Shieldmaiden leapt to her feet. She saw the source almost immediately: an ice giantess, easily thirty meters tall, with a huge pair of sparrow-colored wings. What struck Lana first was that the giantess was beautiful; she was completely naked, with a loose braid of dark crimson hair that reached down to her waist, adorned with large, icy-colored pearls. On her head was a tiara, made with delicate crystals to resemble tiny icicles.

The Shieldmaiden tried to recall the ice giantess’s name – she was sure she knew it, but couldn’t place it…

“Halt, ice giantess!” The Shieldmaiden shouted up at the huge figure, running after the giant pair of feet.

“Halt!” panted the Shieldmaiden. The giantess was further away than she’d had thought, and she picked up her pace, mustering all the breath she could to yell again.

This time, the footsteps slowed and stopped. A huge, booming, infuriatingly familiar voice called “Hello?”

Now that the ice giantess had stopped, the Shieldmaiden could finally see her colossal legs through the trees. She caught up, out of breath, and stood next to them, trying to catch her breath while the owner of the feet shuffled them uneasily. The Shieldmaiden looked up and caught a glimpse of the giantess’s shining wet vulva and her pronounced, twitching clitoris, framed by a curl of dark crimson pubic hair. The giantess started walking again a second later, moving swiftly despite her gargantuan size.

The giantess easily outpaced the Shieldmaiden, making for a waterfall in the distance. For what purpose the Shieldmaiden had no idea, but she continued running, drawing her sword as she neared her destination. There was a large clearing by the waterfall, and when she reached it, the ice giantess stood at the top of it, straddling it with one foot on each side of the falls, rubbing the area between her legs as she spread her legs and bent her knees.

“Halt, ice giantess!” the Shieldmaiden called.

The giantess froze and looked around for several seconds. Her giant vulva twitched restlessly, and a quick burst of fluid escaped, splashing loudly into the river below her. She began to squat down, her impressive clitoris pointing out over the valley like a rudder. The Shieldmaiden had dropped her sword and walked closer, mesmerized, until the giantess finally seemed to have spotted her.

“I said halt, ice giantess!” the Shieldmaiden called again.

Giving the Shieldmaiden a look of utter desperation, the ice giantess released a torrent rivaling the waterfall below her. The current split off into two powerful streams, one pummeling straight downward into the river over the waterfall, and the other arching gracefully across part of the valley, splashing heavily into the river not far from where the Shieldmaiden had dropped her sword.

The giantess pissed for a long time, and the Shieldmaiden couldn’t help watching, almost mesmerized, as she drew closer. The Shieldmaiden reached the cliff, dodging the rapidly swelling river. She opened her mouth to speak again, but she was too flustered to think of anything and just yelled “HAAALLLT!” at the ice giantess, whose impressive genitals throbbed visibly as she regarded the Shieldmaiden with a curious expression.

“…Lana?” the giantess said in her booming voice.

“No!” the Shieldmaiden retorted, more out of habit than anything else. “I am the Shieldmaiden! Thor sent me to find you!”

The godlike illegal bahis river of piss coming from the giantess slowed to a stop, and she adjusted her position – she’d initially squatted on her tip-toes. That couldn’t have been comfortable, the Shieldmaiden thought, then briefly cursed herself for sympathizing with the enemy.

“Thor?” asked the giantess. She wiggled her hips, sticking out her pussy again: she still had to go. The Shieldmaiden began explaining her mission as the giantess loosed another roaring current upon the valley, watching the river swell as she added to it, and politely keeping it aimed well away from the Shieldmaiden.

She didn’t need to kill the giantess, the Shieldmaiden reasoned – all she needed was proof she’d found her. The Shieldmaiden briefly thought of asking for a jewel from the giantess’s tiara, but the giantess looked so lovely with it that she didn’t have the heart to ask.

The Shieldmaiden stared at the giantess, deep in thought. Besides the accessories in her hair, the giantess was just a pale, slightly stocky, thirty-meter-tall, totally normal-looking Andyne woman with a pair of rounded brown sparrow-like wings. The sunset behind the giantess framed her in soft golden light as she reached up into her hair, and for a split second, Lana remembered the ice giantess’s name-

And then the Shieldmaiden promptly forgot it when the giantess spoke, derailing her train of thought with the sheer volume of her voice.

“…Why am I wearing a tiara?” the giantess said, pushing out one last colossal jet of piss over the valley.

“…and that’s when I woke up and you were peeing all over us,” said Lana.

Arin had fallen asleep almost directly after Lana had sucked her off earlier that morning, and Lana had had to half-carry her to her bed. The clock next to Arin’s bed currently read 10:30 am, and she’d just finished a big glass of water with her midday medications. The strange toxin she’d been injected with just before she’d met Lana in the old WS facility was still affecting her almost two months later, but she managed it with a strict regimen of medication and semi-regular “pelvic massage” procedures from Lana, who was acting as her in-home nurse.

Lana wore a clean set of blue fuzzy pajamas, while Arin was still naked from earlier; when Arin had been releasing her epic stream into the river Vimur in her dream, she’d been asleep, lying spreadeagled on top of Lana on the couch. Everything had had to be washed, including the couch cushions, and Arin had fallen asleep before Lana could get her into a fresh set of clothes.

“So…” Arin said slowly. “You said you’ve been having those dreams too?”

Lana nodded. “Yeah. You’re always a giantess. I usually recognize you at least a little in the dreams, though I can never remember your name.”

Arin turned red all of a sudden. “How many times have you seen me-…um…”

Lana smirked. “I don’t remember dreams very well, but I have them often. If I can’t see you though, can normally hear you. You even swept me away once, the second or third time I had the dream.”

Arin blushed. “I’m sorry…”

“It wasn’t painful or anything, and neither of us knew what was going on at the time, so don’t sweat it,” said Lana, sitting down on the bed next to Arin. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ll need to flood another valley soon,” yawned Arin. She took a deep breath to yawn again and smelled something burning… “Are you cooking?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a timer on it,” said Lana quickly. “I’m making fried rice. I can bring a bowl in for you if you want some.”

Arin sat up, smiling wanly at Lana. Her bladder was somehow nearly full again. She thought about the dream she and Lana had shared, about how Lana had probably been standing directly beneath her when she thought about letting go. She slid a hand under the blanket and began to touch herself.


It was the timer in the kitchen. Lana rushed out to take the rice off the heat. On her way back to Arin’s room to ask if she’d like some, Lana noticed that Arin was stepping into the bathroom. Lana followed her in curiously.

“Hey Arin, want some food?”

Arin looked over her shoulder at Lana. “Remember the dream we had last night?”

Lana paused, nodding slowly.

“Want to re-enact it in the shower?”

Lana took off her clothes and sat on the floor in the shower while Arin illegal bahis siteleri brought in a plastic kitchen chair, positioning it carefully.

“What are you doing?” asked Lana.

Arin turned the knob on the shower, aiming the showerhead downward, allowing the basin-shaped bottom to fill and overflow over the front of the seat. “We need a waterfall.”

Carefully, Arin perched herself on the chair, sticking out her hips. She tried to let go, her entire pussy twitching as she pushed on her bladder, earning a small, hot drip across the bottom of her thigh for the effort.

“You’ve been holding it, give it a second. You’re probably still all tightened up,” said Lana, opening her legs on the floor. She was already wet, and rubbed at herself while Arin shifted her position on the chair, trying to relax. Her flight feathers were starting to get wet under the showerhead, but she seemed determined.

Arin allowed her wings to relax on the floor and took a deep breath. Her vulva pulsed a few times, and she pushed again: “Here it comes…”

A small rush of piss came out, dripping down her thigh. “Pathetic,” sniffed Arin.

“Relax, Arin. It doesn’t have to be perfect,” said Lana.

Arin began to finger herself, and a small amount of pee squirted out. Arin pulled her hand away an gasped, “Here it is-…”

Arin’s clitoris quivered, and a small amount of urine squirted out, pattering quietly on the tiled floor. Arin groaned.

“Can I help?” asked Lana, standing up.

Arin climbed down from the chair, blushing a little as she turned off the showerhead. “Eh. I’ll wait for a few minutes. In the meantime, I never got you off this morning. I’m sorry I just kind of passed out…”

Lana sat down in the chair. The water filling it was pleasantly warm on her butt. “I understand, and you could make up for it now.” Lana was still touching herself, tracing slow circles around her clitoris.

Arin straddled Lana’s lap, bouncing up and down slightly in desperation. Lana slid one hand up Arin’s belly, feeling the bulge from her full, heavy bladder. It made Arin gasp, and her wings fluttered behind her, flicking droplets of water from the soaked feathers.

Arin wasted no time in starting on Lana, kissing down her neck while caressing her lower regions. “Thank you for peeing in front of me this morning,” whispered Arin. Her breath was hot on Lana’s skin.

“You’re welcome. You were so horny I thought it’d make a nice little birthday prese-”

“Hold up, Lana,” Arin abruptly scooted back and half-stood over Lana, lifting her leg and using her wings for balance, allowing her to aim squarely at Lana’s pussy.

This time nothing came out. Arin sighed in frustration. “No matter. I have a better idea anyway.”

Arin hurried out of the room, leaving Lana sitting curiously in the shower bay. She returned after a long moment, carrying a wireless wand-type vibrator.

“I got this baby in yesterday,” said Arin proudly. “The battery on my old one died a few months back. Her name was Cathy.”

“…What?” said Lana, puzzled.

“My old wand vibrator. I named her Cathy,” explained Arin matter-of-factly. “Short for Cathy ‘bates.”

Lana facepalmed while Arin kneeled on the shower floor between her spread knees.

“Come on Lana, let’s name it before we take it on its maiden voyage,” said Arin. Lana was still touching herself, though the confusion was starting to outweigh her arousal.

“Any suggestions?” Arin persisted.

“Uh…” Lana said awkwardly.

“I vote for ‘The Shieldmaiden.'” said Arin, smirking.

Lana groaned. “…I can’t think of any right now.”

“Shieldmaiden it is,” declared Arin in a singsong voice. Lana looked down at the vibrator. It was blue and white, as long as her arm, with a rounded head. Arin flipped the switch and lowered it slowly into Lana’s crotch.

Despite the quiet humming coming from the vibrator, it was much stronger than Lana could have anticipated. When the head touched her shivering clit her whole body jolted and she yelped so loudly that it echoed in the bathroom. Arin chuckled and turned down the setting, and Lana relaxed a little. Her heart was pounding, and Arin pushed the vibrator gently in small circles, making Lana moan softly on each pass.

“You’re so vocal,” purred Arin, chuckling again when Lana’s face turned bright red. “Don’t worry, it’s not a canlı bahis siteleri bad thing. I think it’s cute and endearing.”

Lana wanted to say something in protest, but the sensation building up between her legs was too intense, and she gave a half-hearted angry squeak instead.

“Kiss me?” Arin giggled, leaning down toward Lana’s face. Lana responded by stretching up and kissing Arin so fiercely that she was a little taken aback at first.

After a few seconds, Lana yelped again. She couldn’t stop her voice, and as her moans echoed off the tiled walls her body only twitched and tightened more.

“Can I turn up the vibe?” asked Arin, leaning down to kiss Lana’s clavicle. Lana nodded, whimpering a little.

Arin flipped the switch, and Lana came almost immediately, crying out and squirting all over her and the shower floor in a long, spraying burst. Arin persisted with the vibrator until Lana stopped moaning and writhing.

Lana slumped back in the chair, panting.

“Do you still need at pee at all?” asked Arin. Lana nodded and sat up. “Can you pee on me?”

Lana had to catch her breath before she spoke. “Just…just give me a second-”

Arin stood up and slid her hands under Lana’s buttocks. She easily hoisted Lana up off the chair, turned around and sat down in the chair herself, pulling Lana forward so that she straddled her lap. Lana scooted up a little, allowing Arin to pull her butt forward before she released, letting out a brief, whizzing stream over Arin’s fully-erect clitoris.

“Mmmm,” Arin moaned while Lana rested, panting, against her chest. Arin’s wings twitched restlessly at her sides while Lana finished relieving her bladder.

They sat there, relaxed, for several minutes until Arin sat up.

“Are you okay to get up?” yawned Arin.

“Yeah,” said Lana, scooting back a little. “I’m sorry I sat there for so long-”

“Oh no, it’s not that,” said Arin quickly. “I would sit here all day if I could, but I need to get ready. I have a meeting down on the world today at noon, and to get there on time I have to leave in the next…” Arin glanced up at the clock over the bathroom mirror. “Fifteen minutes, at most.”

Lana asked slowly, “You mean you don’t want to-”

“Well…there isn’t really time anymore. It still feels nice and it’s not too urgent right now,” she said, rubbing herself lightly. “Finish me off after?”

Lana shrugged, “Whatever you like.”

Arin and Lana showered and rinsed down the bathroom floor and walls. Lana was out of the shower first, since Arin had gotten her wings wet and had to dry them out. Lana pulled her pajamas back on and twisted her damp yellow hair into a quick bun on top of her head.

“Hurry out so you have time to eat, alright? I’ll dish you some rice,” said Lana, leaning into the shower bay to kiss Arin before leaving the bathroom.

Lana started up the hall to the kitchen, and as she crossed the threshold into the living room, she saw that she wasn’t alone. Someone was standing in the living room; a tall, white-winged andyne man who looked to be in his early to mid-twenties, with shoulder-length white hair, pulled back into a neat ponytail. His face was bright red, making his already striking blue eyes stand out even more. He wore a long tweed coat over corduroy pants, and had the collar of his coat popped up, partially hiding his clearly-mortified expression.

“Oh uh…” Lana felt her face redden. “Hi, Lea. You’re here early.”

“Hi Lana,” said Lea stiffly. Neither of them could seem to make eye contact with the other. “I’m here to get Arin for the meeting…Did you make the calls I asked you about this morning?”

“Yeah,” said Lana, glancing toward the bathroom. “Everything’s on schedule. I don’t think she suspects anything.”

“Oh. Well…That’s…uh…Good…” said Lea awkwardly.

“I made fried rice. Would you like some?” asked Lana, inching toward the kitchen past Lea, half-hoping he’d say no.

Lea’s face was still burning red. He looked like he wanted to run away, but sighed instead: “You know what? Sure. How much longer is my sister going to be in the shower?”

Lana shrugged. “Five minutes at most. She got her feathers wet in-”

“Lana, please don’t tell me that,” Lea interjected quickly. “Any of that. Let’s just eat rice and pretend that all um…” Lea flapped one arm in the direction of the bathroom before re-crossing his arms uncomfortably across his chest. “…let’s just pretend I just got here and didn’t hear anything. I need to talk to you about the party tomorrow before Arin gets out of the bathroom anyway.”

Continued in Pt. 3

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