Arresting Positions

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He grabbed him by his hair as he sucked at his Adam’s apple. The gruff moan made his partner submit himself to the kiss as the officer could feel his body loosen in his grip. He moved lower to slowly unbutton the top buttons around his shoulders. The man underneath him tried to push him off but the man on top’s strength right now overcame his. He could feel the cold of his locker coming through the back of his shirt as he managed to writhe at his partners hands. The man on top of him had now opened his shirt, slipped his hands into it and was playing at his nipples. To have such a carefree attitude about what they were doing right now in a place where others could enter at any time turned the men on. He needed to stop. He wanted to tell him to stop. But… he’d be lying.

He and his partner Bobby had been on the beat for 8 months and the build up was evident. It was odd actually coming across two male cops who had an interest in each other especially güvenilir bahis after sitting in as squad car for damn near twelve hours a day. For Kai he was quite interested in the other man but knew he couldn’t expect this to last… It never did when the lust was so hot. But right now his mind was wiped clean by the hand stroking hungrily at his dick. Coaxing him into pure salty madness. Bobby wanted him now and it seems he was going to get what he wanted. Kai and Bobby separated only a brief few seconds long enough to relinquish themselves of their pants and boxers. Staring at each other longer than they cared to be without the other’s touch. Hurrying out of their uniform issued black pants and back into each others mouths.

Bobby slammed The small svelte body back against the locked. Their tongues fighting for dominance. Kai’s breathe catching as his back slid against the cold metal surfaces. As Bobby lifted him he wrapped lean legs around him. His thighs squeezing anxiously at the man’s tight mid-section encouraged him further. Their breath bathing half caught türkçe bahis wet, kisses on their faces. He could feel Bobby’s hard cock pressing at the crack of his ass and he watched the bigger man as he readied him. Slathering some viscous lotion from his locker against waiting his fingers Bobby slid the first finger in reaming Kai in a thrusting tickle then, another joined in pistoning in and out. It was all making Kai feel vulnerably lewd an open. Nasty and whorish in a way and he wanted more of.

Bobby was hungry for him like he hadn’t ever seen before. When he swiped the two fingers over his a-spot sparkles tingled over him. And he moaned in a low tone. Kai knocked his head against the lockers as he arched into the man keeping to this task. The pistons slowed when the ringed muscles accepted the fingers entry and they relaxed. Bobby lined himself at the entrance and thrusted in roughly into his partner. The sheer bliss of the violent thrust moved Kai higher against the locker until he could hold on to the top of the bank. They shook and rattled with every push and güvenilir bahis siteleri Bobby’s groans mixed to make a lewd serenade. Kai stroked himself as the two men commenced their fucking fit that look more like a rape than mutual act. Bobby gave in none to the beast in his body wanting to cum now. He prolonged it as much as he could. He wanted to make Kai into and utter jellyfish wrapped around his cock and from the looks of it he was succeeding. His anticipation from wanting to dick him down the first time he saw him was fueling his greedy sense of lust. The thoughts were asserting him to hit on every stoke until Kai skeeted warm jets on both of their shirts. A few pumps later he creamed furiously into Kai ass causing both of the men to shudder. Kai dug into the other officer’s mouth one last time before letting go.

5 minutes later the clatter of other officers approach the two men watch each other change dress into street clothes as the day moved around them. Talking casually as if they had not just moments before been in the most orgasmic throes of lust. Knowing that their fellow officers may or may not approve. At any cost their would be no approval of it in such a publicly communal place. Small latent leers floating through the air as their shift came to an end.


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