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Ashley, a diminutive redhead, wearing only a green satin string bikini and matching four inch heels was bent over the pool table pool cue in hand. Her bright blue eyes were locked on the cue ball and her soul concentration was on making a double bank shot. Thus, she did not notice Britney the mocha skinned well-built beauty staring at her.

Britney was dressed similarly in a satin bikini that barely covered her ample breasts and hips. This bikini, however, was red and she had on matching heels like Ashley. Britney’s dark red lips burst into a smile and her light blue eyes shined lustfully at her friend body bent over the pool table. She could not control herself so she walked up behind Ashley bent over and placed a kiss on the nape of the redhead’s neck just as Ashley shot.

Ashley groaned, “FUCK,” as the cue ball skidded off in the wrong direction. Without moving her body, Ashley turned her head, “Damn it Britney,” she moaned, “you made me miss.”

“Well you make me wet,” Britney said in a husky voice as she straightened up, “just watching you like that. I just can’t help myself,” as she reached up and pulled the strings of the top Ashley’s bikini bra.

Still bent over the table Ashley moaned, “Britney, I have to practice for the tournament next week.”

Britney moved her hips tightly against the bent over woman’s rear, untied the rest of güvenilir bahis the bikini top, bent over again and reached around Ashley now naked chest with both arms. She took one of Ashley’s perky breasts in each hand, placing each nipple between her thumbs and forefingers and began to rub them saying, “You would rather practice that having me do this.”

Ashley groaned, “You fucking Bitch, you know how to turn me on.”

Britney laughed and whispered, “You know that you are so easy to turn on,” as she straightened once again, but this time pulled the half-naked woman up with her.

Her breath ragged, Ashley turned around, put her arms around Britney’s head and pulled her forward. She placed her lips on Britney’s slowly sliding her tongue between Britney’s teeth and at the same time she began to untie the red bikini top. Soon they stood close together naked from the waist up locked in another passionate kiss.

Britney pushed Ashley all the way down on the pool table with her legs dangling over the edge and pulled the green bikini bottoms off the prone woman. She dropped down on her knees, placed Ashley’s legs on her shoulders and moved her lips over Ashley’s clit and began to suck. Simultaneously she reached around Ashley’s legs, took a nipple between the thumb and forefingers of each hand and began to pull and twist eliciting a groan from the redhead. türkçe bahis It did not take long before Ashley’s clit was a throbbing nub sending flashes of wondrous sensations ripping up the prone woman’s spine exploding into her brain. Ashley let out a cry as her body began to jerk.

The redhead moaned, “Please Britney I want to suck on your pussy so bad.”

Britney grinned lecherously, stood up stripped off her bikini bottoms and climbed on the pool table. She placed her knees so that they straddled Ashley’s head. She grabbed the redhead’s legs, spread then wide apart as she buried her tongue deep into the waiting cunt. Ashley needing no encouragement reached up grabbed on the Britney’s hips and pulled them down so that her tongue could enter the kneeling woman’s cunt. Soon they were both lost in the sensations as wave after wave of pleasure tore through their bodies.

“Damn it Britney,” a male voice moaned, “You have ruined that table. I will take me a week to get it recovered and ready for the Pool tournament.”

Britney slowly go up, extracted herself from Ashley’s arms and got off the table. She sauntered up to her husband sashaying her hips as she went wearing a lustful smile on her cum covered face. Without a further word she put her arms around his head and kissed him shoving her tongue between his lips. All he could do was moan as he tasted güvenilir bahis siteleri the salty juices of Ashley’s passion. As she kissed him he could feel her fingers as hey unbuckled his belt and opened his pants.

Britney dropped down on her knees and took his now hard cock in her fingers and began caressing the tip saying, “Are you complaining my love.” Before he could reply she pushed the tip into her mouth and began to stroke it with her tongue.

Ashley rose up on her elbows as she watched her friend sucking on her husband’s cock. She smiled, got up off the pool table and walked over to them the entire time looking deep into the standing man’s brown eyes. Once she was directly behind Britney, Ashley dropped down on her knees, placed one arm underneath the kneeling woman’s ass and slowly moved two fingers of that hand into the wet cunt. At the same time, she reached around with her other arm and began stroking Britney’s throbbing clit. The reactions were almost instantaneous. Both Britney and her husband let out a loud groan as the flood gates from both opened up. Ashley could feel Britney try to swallow all of her husband’s cum and at the same time feel Britney’s juices as they flowed down over her hands.

Breathing heavily, Britney slowly let her husband’s limp cock slide out of her mouth and then looked up at him saying, “Now it’s Ashley’s turn,” as she stood up.

Ashley smiled, crawled before the sanding man and took his limp cock in her hands grinning lecherously up at him. All he could do was think,” These two are going to be the death of me, but what a hell of a way to go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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