Assassin’s Path Ch. 01

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My name is Myr and I’m a retired assassin…well, I’m technically still an assassin. I quit a long time ago, but that sort of life doesn’t just leave you alone. No matter how far I travel or change my appearance they always end up finding me…well that’s not exactly accurate either; I always find them. Part of being an assassin is spotting others in the same profession, so whenever I see someone that intends to kill another person I step in and stop them. Very rarely does this end with the attempted murderer breathing, but I do try to keep them from dying.

You’re probably wondering why I try to keep them alive, it’s a very simple reason actually; I don’t like killing people. I was trained as an assassin from a young age, my parents had owed a rather large debt that they couldn’t pay so they sold me to the Assassin’s Guild. They trained me in the Art of Murder, as they call it, turning me into a weapon that the rich could rent out for their various devious and nefarious purposes. They honed my body and mind like you would a dagger, making me sharp and extremely deadly for those who know how to utilize my skills properly. I never enjoyed killing, but I am damn good at it.

Unfortunately any time I encounter another assassin the Guild gets an update as to where I am. If one of their agents doesn’t return they send another to investigate. No matter how many times I change my appearance there is one simple fact that remains, Magic is unique to every individual. The Guild can use it to track me or at least who I’ve killed. Magic came as easily to me as breathing came to others, so the Masters of the Guild saw my talent early on so I was trained as a Shadow Dancer. I flit between the shadows of the world, vanishing from one place to appear in another. This allows me to gain the upper hand in combat but it leaves a very obvious aura, which then allows the Guild to know where I’ve been.

I’ve tried fighting without Magic but even the slightest whisper in the back of my mind brings it to me, after so much training it’s now a reflex. Any time a sword is about to cleave me in two or an arrow is about to skewer me I vanish and appear behind my attacker. At that point I either knock them out with the hilt of one of my daggers or I slit their throat. I prefer the non-lethal outcome because I know that most of these men and women had no more say in the matter than I did.

I ran away from the guild when I was seventeen years old, I’ve been running for two years since. I used to change my appearance with every city I went to, but now I just don’t bother with glamour. I’m five feet and nine inches tall, lithe and lean with toned muscles, short messy brown hair, and eyes that turn fully grey in the light and pitch black in the darkness, no iris or anything just that one color. My eyes used to be normal, brown actually, but using my particular style of Magic changed them permanently. I do however use minor illusion Magic to make them appear as they used to. I don’t have much body hair, a light dusting on my arms and legs is really it, but it’s the same dark brown as the hair on my head so it stands out against my pale skin.

I had managed to earn a meager living as a Bard, singing in taverns and at camps I happened upon. The innkeepers would sometimes let me stay for half the normal price since I attracted other customers, but most of my money still went to meals and beds. I have been invited by other patrons to share a room, but I normally declined politely as it was mostly women who sought my company. Occasionally I would catch the attention of a man, but they normally wanted a clandestine meeting in the stables or behind the kitchen.

I was heading to the capital, Vorden, to perform for the royal court when I recalled just how I had gotten there. I had been singing in a tavern in a town close to the capital when a Knight of the Realm happened to stop in. He came up to me after the performance and started talking to me.

“You have a wonderful singing voice,” he said to me. He was a few inches taller than me, had neat jet black hair that framed his tanned face nicely, he filled out his armor very well, had a chiseled jawline, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that made my knees weak. His armor was polished well, but it had a few spots that showed it had been used which meant it wasn’t just decorative. I expected that most of his body was muscle under the shiny outer shell, built up from practice with his sword and shield. His voice was deep yet melodic, sending shivers up my spine.

“Thank you Ser,” I said as I blushed, I’m not used to getting compliments from handsome men.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Myr, Ser. May I ask what your name is?” I inquired.

“I am Ser Aiden of Vorden,” he said with a bow, “how do you know I’m a Knight Myr?”

“I noticed the symbol of the Royal Household on your armor,” I said, “but you’re not a member of the royal family.”

“Oh, why am I not a Royal? Do you know them all personally? Can you recognize güvenilir bahis them in a crowd?” He asked with a smirk.

“No, not at all. But Royals have honor guards, valets, and other servants with them at all times,” I replied, “You, Ser, are on your own. No one is watching me to make sure I don’t try to kill you or pick your pocket. There’s also no one waiting just behind your shoulder to heed your every whim, fill your cup, fetch your food, or to wipe your arse.” Ser Aiden laughed heartily at my comments. What I didn’t tell him was that I saw two people in the tavern who wanted him dead, one fat old man at the tavern’s bar, the other was the assassin the fat man had hired. The fat man was looking back and forth between the Knight and the assassin, while the assassin was focused on his target.

“You’re very observant, but how do you know that my guards aren’t just waiting to catch you in the act?” The knight asked after he finished laughing.

“Because I already have your money,” I said matter-of-factly as I held up his coin purse and handed it to him. He looked at the purse in his hand, them his belt, then the purse again. After a few seconds he burst out laughing and I breathed a small sigh of relief. Stealing from a Knight was punishable by death, but the risk had paid off. He looked at me with a new glimmer in his eyes, full of excitement and ambition, like I had just introduced him to chocolate or sweet bread.

“Do you ever give private performances?” The Knight asked.

“Only for the pleasure of showing off my many talents,” I replied to the Knight. A slight smile appeared on his face and the glimmer in his eyes grew more intense.

“Would you like to show off for me Myr?” His smile almost made me drop to my knees then and there.

“I would like to very much Ser Aiden,” I replied. As I gathered up my lute and lyre he went to the innkeeper to pay for a room. When he had everything squared away he took me upstairs and led me down the hall to the room he had acquired. Ser Aiden had apparently used most of his coin to procure the largest room the inn offered. He opened the door for me, I walked in and set my instruments down in a corner. As I turned around I was met with his hands on my shoulders and his eyes looking me up and down.

“You are truly magnificent,” he said. I blushed as he brought me closer to him and our lips met. His lips were supple and tasted like heaven. The kiss was firm and insistent, like he wanted me desperately. For me it was like drinking water after a day in the desert, and I wanted it to go on and on. I felt his hands exploring my body, pulling my tunic off and dropping it on the floor. He ran his hands over my chest and moaned softly into my mouth. His hand found my chin and tilted my head to deepen the kiss. His tongue began exploring my mouth like he was conquering a new land, claiming what he had discovered. His hands returned to roaming my chest and I was hard as a rock by then, my trousers were straining to keep my member contained. The Knight’s armor was keeping his arousal hidden and restricting my access to his body. As I grasped around to find the straps of his armor he was starting to slide his hands down the back of my trousers.

“Not fair,” I gasped as I broke away from his kiss, “You’re having all the fun.”

“You proved that you’re good with your hands already when you grabbed my money, now I get to show you my skill set,” he whispered into my ear making me shiver with delight. He slid his hands down past my flimsy twine belt and grabbed my ass. I let out a moan as he explored in between my cheeks, seeking out my entrance. I fumbled with his armor, feebly attempting to remove it to no avail. My hands were shaking from his touches, it felt like tiny lightning bolts shooting up my spine.

I forced myself out of his grasp, the look of arousal on his face changed to disappointment. I’ll admit, that look made me feel sexy as hell.

“Armor off,” I was panting, slightly out of breath from all his touches. His disappointment fell away and was replaced by an urgent need to remove his outer shell. He deftly reached around his protective gear, pulling on straps and having them fall to the ground. While he was distracted with getting undressed I turned away and closed the window, sliding a dagger into the latch. If anyone tried to get into the room that way the dagger would fall to the ground and alert me of the intruder. I felt warm hands slide over my shoulders and Aiden’s arms wrapped around me. I could feel that his tunic and trousers were still on, I didn’t mind though, that meant more fun for me.

“It’s a lovely view,” I said as I turned to look up at him.

“Mine’s better,” he responded, staring into my eyes. I blushed deeply and he smiled down at me, making me feel vulnerable yet protected. It was an odd mix of emotions, usually I just get right to it, but this man was not like the rest. He didn’t just want a quick fuck around the back of the barn, he wanted türkçe bahis me.

I turned around and let my hands roam freely on his body. I felt his muscles through his tunic, hard and tense with anticipation. I reached down and grabbed the hem of his tunic, lifting it up and off of him. His skin was tanned all the way down to his hips, and I figured it went past his trousers to. My hands ran down his stomach, feeling each of his abs as I followed the treasure trail to my prize. His trousers were straining to hold back his manhood, and instead of pulling them off and freeing the beast, I teased him a little by rubbing my hands over the outside of his trousers. He moaned as I played with his cock, brushing lightly over it then gripping it firmly only to release it and stroke his thighs.

“Please,” he whispered. I smiled, as his desperation grew so did his manhood. When it appeared that he, and his pants, couldn’t take the strain anymore I undid his belt and pulled his final piece of clothing to the floor. I followed it, ending up on my knees in front of him, looking directly at his cock. It was a wonderful sight, at least eight inches long, and when I grabbed it in my hand my thumb and fingers were just grazing each other. I looked up at him, he was staring at me, the glimmer of need and arousal shining brightly in his eyes. I felt the same shine in my eyes as I leaned in and began licking his manhood. I watched as his eyes closed halfway and his head fell back slightly. I opened my mouth and slid him inside, I began moving my mouth along his length eliciting a loud moan of approval from the Knight, his eyes closed completely as he focused on my warm mouth engulfing his cock. I ran my tongue over his head and along the underside of his shaft, tasting every last inch of him.

I bobbed my head for a little longer before sliding his manhood deep into my throat, taking the whole thing into my mouth. His eyes flew open and he let out a loud groan, his hands found my head and held my nose against his skin, I was fine inhaling his deep scent. I reached up and rubbed my hands all over his pectorals and abs, enjoying the hard muscles tensing under my touch. He began thrusting into my mouth, forcing himself as deep as he could get. I savored every moment of it, enjoying the taste and smell of his body.

I noticed he began tensing up, getting ready to climax, so I pulled off of him and sat back on my heels. His body quivered for a few seconds before relaxing slightly, returning from the edge of his attempted orgasm. He looked down at me and motioned for me to stand. I did as he wanted and was rewarded with him kneeling in front of me and yanking my trousers down around my ankles. My seven inches of manhood sprung forth and he wasted no time in getting it into his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down, moving his tongue back and forth, touching all of my sensitive places. I quivered and shuddered with pleasure as he skillfully used his mouth on my throbbing cock. When he pulled off I felt a little disappointed, but he looked up at me with a burning desire in his eyes.

“I need you on the bed now,” he said it calmly, but I could tell his passion was almost to the boiling point. I nodded and walked over to the bed, but before I could climb into it I felt his hands grab my hips and press my ass against his throbbing member.

“I need to be inside you,” he whispered in my ear. I whimpered with anticipation and nodded eagerly, wanting him just as much. He bit my ear lightly, then placed his hand on the nape of my neck pushing me gently until I was bent over the bed. I heard the floorboards squeak quietly as he lowered his face to my ass. His hands rubbed up and down my cheeks, squeezing my ass as he looked at it with hunger in his eyes. My head shot up when his tongue penetrated me, I’d never felt anything like it. His tongue danced over my ass and he nipped at my cheeks a little bit to.

“Oh yes,” I hissed as his finger slid inside me, loosening my tight hole, preparing me for his thick length of manhood. When his finger found my sweet spot I collapsed forward onto the bed, unable to hold myself up any longer. My face fell into the blankets and my ass rose into the air as my legs tucked in under me to support me as best they could.

“You’re ready for it,” I could hear the primal urge in his voice, the guttural growl of a man in need of release. He took a few final licks of my ass before I heard the creak of the bed as he came up behind me and felt the intense heat of his cock rubbing up and down in between my ass cheeks.

“Don’t tease,” I whined, the desperate need for him to be inside me was almost unbearable. I pushed back against him, trying to get his thick head in my tight entrance.

“Tsk tsk tsk,” he chastised me lightly, “patience. You’ll have it to the hilt soon enough.” I was squirming in anticipation by then, whining and whimpering with need into the bed covers. My ass was wriggling in the air, urging him to invade my deepest regions. When güvenilir bahis siteleri I finally felt the head of his cock pressing against my entrance it took all of my willpower to not slam back against him. As much as I wanted him in me I also knew that I would need to take this slowly. He leaned down over me, covering my back with his chest. I could feel the muscles rippling under his skin.

“Let me know if you need a moment to recover,” he whispered, “though once I start I doubt it will be easy to stop.”

“Please,” I whispered, “please take me.” I pressed myself back against him, showing my readiness for his cock. The need was too strong for me to do anything else. He reached back with his hand and aimed his manhood at my entrance. I felt the head push slowly into me for a few seconds before it popped inside and my sphincter closed around it. My head shot up and my back arched as I let out a gasp of pleasure. Ser Aiden groaned as my ass tightened around his pulsating member, he pushed deeper into me. The pain of his intrusion was minor in comparison to the pleasure that his manhood elicited.

“You are so tight,” he moaned.

“Give me all of it,” I panted, “now.” All Ser Aiden could do was grunt and then with one thrust he buried himself in me to the hilt. I collapsed again, with him landing atop me. He pushed himself up on his arms and began to thrust with powerful and deep strokes. He would almost pull all the way out of me then shove the entire length back in. The feeling of his cock inside me and my own member rubbing against the bed with every thrust drove me over the edge.

“I’m going to cum soon,” each word was punctuated with a thrust from the Knight. He leaned down over me again.

“Not yet,” he whispered in my ear. He then planted himself as deep inside me as possible and rolled onto his back, taking me with him. I was suddenly astride him facing away from him, his hands wrapped around my waist and began to move me up and down his shaft. I could see the tension in his well-muscled legs as he resisted the urge to thrust.

“Spin around, let me see your face,” he said. I twisted and squirmed around to face him, managing to not dismount his throbbing manhood. He grabbed my hips again and got me started riding him like he was a stallion. When I began to ride to my own rhythm his hands fell away from my hips and he stoked my thighs for a bit, then he moved his hands to behind his head to enjoy the show. I began to gyrate my hips, moving them in circles, then loops, then I was bouncing up and down again. All the while I was rubbing my hands all over my body, but anytime I would stroke my pulsating member he would bat my hands away. After my fifth attempt to climax he grabbed my wrists, sat up, and kissed me.

“Now for the fun bit,” he said smirking. I looked at him with a slightly confused look on my face which immediately turned to shock and pleasure as he stood up and began thrusting into me. His hands were firmly on my ass, holding me up and holding me still as he pounded my tight entrance. I fell back so I was perpendicular with him, my hands grasping his shoulders to stay in the new position. With every thrust he would groan or grunt, with which I harmonized my gasps and moans. We fell back to the bed, me on my back with him on top of me, still deep inside my ass. He moved his knees closer to my rear so he was kneeling, then he started up again getting even deeper. He seemed to be gauging my reaction with each thrust, staring at my face intently. I arched my back and gasped when he found my sweet spot. He smiled widely then proceeded to push against my magical place harder and harder with each intrusion.

“Aiden!” I cried out the Knight’s name as the rest of the world fell away, it was just the two of us in all of existence. I was writhing in pure ecstatic pleasure, I felt my cock throbbing harder and harder and then I exploded all over myself.

The thrusting paused for a moment as Aiden took in my cum-soaked chest with his eyes. He looked a little smug that he had made me cum without me having touched myself. He suddenly started thrusting again, faster than before. His eyes were shining bright with need and arousal as he pummeled my ass. I felt him tense up, he groaned my name as he exploded deep inside me. I felt the warm sensation of his climax erupt within me, and it seemed to just keep coming. He was stiff as a board and twitching as the last of his seed was emptied into me. When his orgasm was over he collapsed next to me. He leaned in and kissed me again, deeply and filled with passion.

“Will you be sleeping here tonight Myr?” the Knight asked me.

“If you’ll allow it Ser,” I replied. He nodded and pulled me closer. Then, with me in his arms, drifted slowly to sleep. I waited another few minutes before getting out of the bed, slowly slipping out of his grasp. I pulled on my trousers and I was kneeling on the floor reaching for my tunic when the door opened slowly. The assassin in the doorway was wearing all black, all of his skin was covered except his eyes. I grabbed my dagger from the window and threw it at the intruder. The assassin caught the weapon easily but he was startled when he saw me crouched on the floor, ready to pounce.

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