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I was in college when this took place. I did my schooling from a town in the vicinity of New Delhi. And I moved to Delhi to pursue my graduation from Delhi University.

I saw a lot of new faces with a lot of different personalities in my college. I belonged to a smaller town and Delhiites carried a different air around them. So initially I had a lot of struggle to make new friends.

First year passed by learning new ways of life. And I had a dozen friends when I entered second year. I also became the vice president of the music society.

I was incharge of the music fests of the colleges in Delhi. The society president was always busy with the fests outside Delhi e.g IITs, IIMs, Bits Pilani etc.

I had a girlfriend but she was in the North campus and my college was in south campus. So we only used to meet on the weekends.

Working with the society I made a lot of friends with other societies too. I started hanging out with drama society, streetplay society, Dance society and the fashion society.

One day we got really late with the practices and it got dark. Arushi who was the vice president of fashion society started freaking out because she couldnt get an auto or a cab to get to her place.

This took place in 2009, so there were no uber or ola or any cab booking apps. We had to wait on the road side to get a cab.

I used to drive my mom’s old car those days so I asked if I could give her a lift and enquired where she stayed. I got to know that she used to put up just 2 kms from my place.

She agreed to go with me and so began our friendship. I came to know that she was also not from Delhi and stayed in a rented apartment just like me.

We started hanging out and 3 out of 5 days I used to drop her to her place. Sometimes we even used to have a couple of beers on our way back.

One day I had a fight with my girlfriend and I had a really bad mood. On our way back Arushi kept asking me why I was not smiling or talking to her. I told her that I had a fight with her.

Then we started talking about dating and all that jazz. I came to know that she never had a boyfriend to which I laughed.

Then our discussion shifted towards sex. I gave her a couple of details about my sex life. I told her how was my first experience of second base, oral sex and finally when I lost my virginity during my school days.

She went silent for a while and then said something that shocked me.

‘I have a confession to make. I have never seen porn in my life, can you help me in getting a porn video.’

‘Sure, I have porn videos in my phone. I can sent it to you via bluetooth.’ I replied.

‘I dont have much space in my memory card. Can I watch it in your phone?’ she said.

‘Right now??’ I asked.

‘Hmmm.. ya if you dont mind.’ She said shyly.

‘Haha.. Sure but lets get beer first and make some mood. I want your first porn experience to be good.’ I joked.

We went to the nearby wine shop and got some beers. All the while in my head I was thinking about which video to show her.

After having a couple of beers I brought the car to a halt in a slightly secluded area. I connected my phone with the aux cable and clicked on a video.

‘Are you ready?’ I asked.

‘Haha very much’ She joked.

‘I’ll start the video and go out for a smoke so that you dont feel uncomfortable. You call me when its over.’ I said.

‘No bursa escort no its fine. We can watch together. If things get awkward I will let you know.’ She said.

I played the video as we opened our last beers. It was a 19 mins video and I really loved the actress in it.

So the video started. First the guy and the girl kissed passionately. Then they got undressed. The girl took off the guy’s underwear and his 9 inch dick popped out.

‘Oh my God, is that how an erect penis looks like. Its so hard and long.’ came out of Arushi’s mouth.

Then she realized what she said. I could see the blush on her cheeks as she shyly looked away.

Next 4-5 mins went in complete silence from our sides with only the moans playing on the car speakers. I realized she was feeling a bit awkward and wasnt looking at me.

As I mentioned earlier that it was my favourite porn, my dick got really hard and looked like a tent inside my denims. As she was not looking at me out of awkwardness I decided that I would adjust it a bit so it dint look like a tent.

As I was doing it she suddenly turned towards me and caught me in the act.

‘Oh my God, I am sorry’ she immediately said and closed her eyes.

I too immediately removed my hands and let the tent be like it was. Then she opened her eyes and looked at the tent, then looked at my face.

‘Can I see it?’ she asked.

‘What??’ I was shocked.

‘Shit.. I am sorry. I dint mean to say it. Just slipped out of my mouth. I am really sorry. What was I thinking.’ She said scared.

‘Haha its fine’ I laughed it off.

But I could see that she was really turned on. And had a bit of sweat on her forehead even after the aircon in my car was on.

I too was really turned on. And the exhibitionist inside me was going crazy.

I slowly reached out my hand to my denims. I unzipped myself and took out my fully erect 7 inch dick. All this while she was not looking at me.

‘There you go’ I said.

She turned towards me and her eyes by default went down on my cock. She kept staring at it for a long 4-5 mins.

This made me really horny and my dick produced a bit of precum because of that.

Dont know what came into her mind and she reached out her hand to it. She held it and felt it from top to bottom. Then she kept caressing the tip and there was precum all over her fingers.

Then I said something which I shouldnt have said.

‘Do you wanna take it on your mouth like that pornstar.’

But to my surprise she did not take any offence. She brought forward her face and took it in her mouth. And tried sucking it slowly.

I couldnt control myself and a loud sigh escaped my mouth. She got up and looked at my face.

‘Do you want me to return the favour to you?’ She asked looking away.

‘Only if you are comfortable’ I said shyly.

She pulled up her top to her neck and then her bra in the same manner.

She was really huge. I could never make that in her dresses in college. She was atleast 36C. I immediately grabbed her boobs and started pressing them.

She held my head and brought it towards her boobs. I started sucking them really hard. Meanwhile she was jerking my cock.

This went on for good 5 mins before we realized what we had indulged into. We both immediately parted our ways and did our clothes.

The way to her flat was filled with silence and bursa escort bayan awkwardness. As we reached her flat, she got off the car and took off without saying bye or even looking at me.

Then suddenly she turned around and came towards me. She took a long pause and asked me.

‘Would you like to come in? You have been dropping me off and I never asked you to come inside.’

‘Hmmm sure. I need to use the washroom too. I can surely come in for a couple of minutes’ I said.

As we were climbing up the stairs, she was ahead of me and I couldnt take my eyes off that ass. I realized it for the first time that she had a perfect bubble butt.

As we reached her flat she showed me the way to the washroom. I went into the loo and kept thinking what awkwardness I had got myself into.

When I came out she had already changed into her home clothes. She was wearing a tshirt and yoga pants. Her yoga pants were tight enough to give me a glimpse of her camel toe.

Now her ass was looking even more attractive. I could feel my cock getting hard again. I wanted her badly. Even masturbation wont help me now.

But I had to respect my friendship with her and not take any stupid step. She started showing me around her flat. When we were inside her room I cleverly picked red net panties of her and kept it in my pocket.

Time had come to go. As I was about to leave she said something that froze me.

‘Hey!! Can I have my panties back. They are kinda my favourite. If you want I can give you some other one.’

I turned around brisked towards her and took her in my arms. I took her lips into mine and sucked them hard. This was the most passionate kiss of my life. We were sucking each other’s souls through our mouths.

Her indulgence gave me confidence. And I started taking off her clothes one after another. She dint stop me either.

In a few seconds she was completely naked in front of me. She had the figure of a pornstar. Perfect hourglass figure with cleanly shaved pussy. I couldnt take my eyes off her, she looked like a goddess.

Then she started taking off my clothes and we both were naked in no time. I just kept following her lead and realized she wanted to do everything she saw in the porn video.

After some kissing and caressing we were lying down in 69 position. She was sucking my cock and running her tongue on the tip. l was licking her pussy in all kinds of tongue movements.

Now I just wanted to fuck her. I wanted my cock inside her pussy. I got up lay her straight and got on top of her in missionary position. As I touched the tip of my dick on her pussy, she screamed.

‘Please stop!!’

I got scared and moved away.

Then she said, ‘I dont want to lose my virginity before marriage. I want to keep it safe till then.’

I dint know what to say. I said sorry and got up. I started dressing myself when she held my hand and said shyly.

‘You can fuck my ass just like we saw in the porn movie.’

I was shocked for a while. I never had anal sex. None of my girlfriends ever approved to the idea of anal sex. Now I had the sexiest girl I have touched asking me to fuck her ass.

I said in a hesitant manner, ‘I have never had anal sex before. Are you sure about it?’

‘Yes, I can try that. Plus I would be still called a virgin after that. So why not,’ she said confidently.

‘Alright then we can try it,’ escort bursa I gained my confidence.

She got on all four like a dog and I could see her amazing hourglass figure and her sweet tight ass. The shape of her ass was making me crazy. I wanted to explode even before fucking her ass.

But I controlled my emotions and parted her ass cheeks. I could see the tight pink hole. Placed the tip of my cock there and tried to push it in.

I tried several times but I couldnt enter her sweet virgin ass. It seemed impossible at that very moment. Thoughts like entering her pussy on purpose started running in my mind.

‘Its not happening, your asshole is too tight for my 7 inches. Lets drop the idea destiny doesnt want this to happen,’ I said.

She looked around at me with sadness in her eyes. An idea hit my head that very moment.

‘Where is your washroom? I’ll get some oil and apply it as lubricant.’

She showed me the way to the washroom. There was a small bottle of hair oil. While I was coming back from the washroom I could notice that she was staring really hard at my crotch.

She resumed the same position. I dipped my finger in the oil and inserted my finger inside her asshole. My finger slip straight in due to the lubrication.


Then i took some oil in my palms and rubbed it up and down my cock. That felt really good. Now we both were very well lubricated.

I put the tip of my throbbing cock between her ass cheeks again and slid my cock right inside. The whole 7 inches of my cock slid in one go.

‘Aaaahhhhh!!’ she shouted in extreme pain.

I got scared and tried pulling my cock out but she held my hand and gestured at me to hold it right there. Then in a couple of minutes she showed me the thumbs up.

I understood it was my cue to fuck her. I slowly started moving my dick in to and fro motion. She grabbed the pillow and put in inside her mouth out of pain.

After some very slow strokes I started increasing the pace. I could feel that she was getting comfortable now.

Coming back to her amazing ass. This was the best hole I had put my cock inside. Her ass was very tight and gripped my dick tighter than my fist while masturbation.

Honestly speaking if I kept stroking her without short breaks or distracting my mind, I would cum in a couple of strokes max. And I usually lasted around 10-15 mins while fucking a pussy.

Coming back to the anal. I could feel she was enjoying the ass fuck as I could hear soft moans. She started touching herself and rubbing her clit. It was the best sight I had seen in my entire life.

Her moans started getting louder. I was now fucking her with full force. My testicles made a pat sound when I stroked inside the ass and they hit her pussy underneath. And as I was about to climax, her moans turned into shriek of pleasure.

I stroked her ass last couple of times before unloading my hot love juice inside her. And call it coincidence or luck, we both came together.

As she was cuming her ass would contract around my cock. After unloading inside her poo pussy, I pulled my cock out and it came out with a spat sound.

It took us a while to get our breath back. I kissed her lips again. She smiled and lay on the bed and closed her eyes. We both dozed off until there was a knock on the main door by her flatmate.

We got dressed and I kissed her farewell as she opened the door and I left.

We never indulged into anything after that evening. I broke up with my girlfriend since I technically cheated on her.

Even after so many years it still remains the best ass I got my hands on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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