At Home with Shelly Pt. 02

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Alexis Monroe

(Part 2 is written from Shelly’s perspective and takes place a year and a half before her experiences with her brother, Nate. It describes her sexual awakening in college.)

I was really excited to head off to college and be on my own. High school had been great, but I was ready to be away from home and someplace where everyone didn’t know me and I could just be myself. I had been the ‘popular’ girl in high school, the head cheerleader, and had dated the football quarterback most of my senior year. It was a small school and so we all knew each other, and rumors were constantly flying about who made out with who and how far they had gotten. I always tried to be very careful with my reputation, although that didn’t mean I didn’t have my share of fun.

College would be different though, I hoped. I just wanted to be another face around campus and not always the focus of the weekly rumor mill. I chose a small, liberal arts school in New Hampshire. My English teacher had gone there and said it was one of the best places on earth. It was a gorgeous campus and very different from the small Midwest town I was from. Instead of flat countryside filled with farms, the area around the campus was heavily wooded rolling hills. The school was founded in the late 1800s and all the buildings were old limestone and looked like they had been there forever.

There were separate dorms for boys and girls and everyone was assigned a random roommate for their freshman year. My roommate was a girl named Tina. She was from Vermont and had also gone to a small town high school and had been a cheerleader too. She was very easy going and had a bubbly personality and we both hit it off immediately.

Like the rest of campus, the dorms were old, which meant that the rooms didn’t have their own bathrooms. Each floor had common bathrooms and showers on either end. The bathrooms were in the process of slowly being remodeled, installing separate shower stalls in place of open shower bays. The college had run out of money though to complete the remodeling and our dorm had been left with a mix of both types of showers. My floor had remodeled showers on one end and an open bay shower on the other. Initially, I hadn’t thought anything about it and simply used the bathroom closest to my room, which was the remodeled style. But over the course of the first week, I noticed that this bathroom would get really crowded in the morning and a line would actually form to use the showers, which almost made me late for class on Friday.

I told Tina how annoying this was and she said I should try using the bathroom at the other end of the hall. She said the same thing happened to her on Thursday and she didn’t want to wait in line so tried the other bathroom to see if it was better. Apparently, quite a few of the girls were uncomfortable with the open bay showers and opted to use the remodeled bathroom, willing to wait in line to ensure their privacy. I could really care less, so on Saturday, I began using the showers at the other end of the hall.

Although being around other naked girls wasn’t totally new to me, I did begin to see why some girls preferred the privacy of the individual stalls. I had taken my razor with me to shave and suddenly realized that my personal grooming habits would be on full display. Apparently, that wasn’t a concern for the girls who used this shower though. There were three other girls in the shower, one washing her hair, one shaving her legs, and the other shaving her pubic area, all focused on their own personal tasks.

I figured it really wasn’t a big deal either and proceeded with my normal routine. I washed my body, shampooed my hair and then shaved, starting with my underarms, then legs and finally my pubic area, which I had always kept totally bare. After the shower, I dried off and went to the sink area to blowdry my hair and put on my makeup, where I noticed one other difference. In the other bathroom, the girls all either wore a towel after showering or put on shorts and some kind of top. Here, the other girls were all getting ready in the nude. I had met a couple of them earlier in the week and they said hi and we all talked about plans for the weekend.

During the first few weeks, the morning bathroom chatter routinely included commentary on the uptight girls who would wait in line so they didn’t have to let anyone see their bodies. Thinking about it, I realized it was true that all of us who used the open bay bathroom had relatively nice bodies, and interestingly, all of the girls either shaved bare or just had a narrow landing strip, and none were at all shy. I had seen girls wash each other’s hair, share intimate shaving tips, and even helping out on a couple of occasions. More significantly though, the division between the bathrooms highlighted a distinct difference in personality. Nearly all the girls who used the other bathroom were far more quiet and shy, and tended to stay in their own rooms. We began referring to them as the Northside Girls. By contrast, bahis siteleri us Southside Girls were far more outgoing and fun, routinely visiting each other in the evenings and going out together. We were also the ones who routinely snuck beer and liquor into the dorms.

Tina and I both enjoyed being part of the Southside Girls and we found ourselves letting our wild side out more and more. The casual attitude about being nude in the bathroom also translated into us being very comfortable being nude around each other. We began sleeping naked at night and it wasn’t unusual for us to lounge naked in the room on the mornings we didn’t have class. One morning, I had gotten up for a first period class, only to discover that the professor had called in sick and had cancelled class for the day. I headed back to the dorms and on entering the room, found Tina on her bed naked, her personal laptop open beside her, running a vibrator back and forth over her smooth pussy. Tina had clearly not expected me back so soon and was startled when I walk in.

“Shit. I’m sorry Tina. My class was cancelled and I just figured I’d come back to the room.”

Tina quickly put the vibrator down and closed the laptop, looking embarrassed.

“No, I’m sorry. I figured I’d have some alone time and…well…was feeling really horny.”

“Don’t be sorry. I’m the one who interrupted you unexpectedly. I should have let you know I was coming back.”

“Why would you have done that? It’s your room too after all?”

“Well, to be honest, if it had been you who came back unexpectedly, you might have caught me in a similar position. Were you watching porn?”


“Damn, now I’m jealous. My Mom figured I didn’t need my own computer since the school issued them to us, but now I’m thinking I should find some excuse to ask for one for Christmas. But don’t they block porn sites from the school’s internet system?”

“They do, but I use the hotspot on my phone. Hey, you’re welcome to use my computer anytime you want. A little visual stimulation always helps,” Tina said with a smile.”

“I’ll take you up on that offer. What were you watching?”

Tina suddenly tensed and seemed unsure of how to answer. She glanced nervously over at the laptop and then back at me.

“Just a video from Pornhub,” she said in a very general way.”

“Come on, spill it. What were you watching? It’s not like I haven’t seen similar stuff, unless it’s some really weird shit.”

Nervously, Tina finally said, “Well, it was a girl-girl vid, but I’m not lez or anything. It was just really hot.”

“That’s no big deal. Who hasn’t seen two girls playing together in porn. And no, just because you were watching a lez video, doesn’t mean you are. With the exception of a handful of guys with really hard bodies and big cocks, women have far sexier bodies.”

“Well, I just don’t want the word to get around that I like watching all girl videos. I’d probably get kicked out of the Southside Girls.”

“Hardly. Haven’t you been paying attention in the showers? I can guarantee you that at least a few of the girls are playing around with each other. I can almost guarantee that Kim and Becky are. And I’ve noticed Sonya looking me over more than once. If anything, the Southside Girls are probably more open to girl play than most. Face it, most all of us are burgeoning party girls.”

“Does that include you?”

“I guess. My preference is for a musclular male body with a big hard cock between his legs, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t experimented with my best friend a couple of times during high school and found it to be a turn-on.”

“What did you do?”

“Compared bodies and touched mostly. One time, during a sleepover when we were both high, we did try licking each other, but that only happened one time.”

“How did it feel when she licked you?”

“Well, not as good as getting fucked, but a hell of a lot better than the couple times a guy did it to me.”

“Ok, well that makes me feel better, knowing you’ve actually played with a girl before. At least I know you’re not just trying to be polite. So you really think Kim and Becky are doing it?”

“Well, neither of them have class til third period, so they both sleep in. My first class on Thursdays is third period, so I slept in last week and went to shower later than normal. Kim and Becky were both in the shower alone when I got there. I’ve become pretty good friends with both of them so they’re super relaxed around me. Anyway, they were showering next to each other, and Kim was washing Becky’s hair and their bodies rubbed together quite a bit. I even saw Kim run her hands over Becky’s breasts. I don’t know, it might be nothing, but it sure seemed more than just friendly to me.”

“Hey, you want to do an experiment with me?”

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“Well, you just had first period cancelled and your next class isn’t until afternoon. I don’t have any classes til afternoon either. We could go grab a shower canlı bahis siteleri at the same time you saw Becky and Kim and see if they’re in there. If they are, and if they are acting the same, we could too and see if they go further. What do you think?”

“I think you have a devious little mind…and a dirty one at that. Let’s do it!”

Tina and I headed to the showers about 20 minutes later. Sure enough, Becky and Kim were both there, showering side by side. They seemed surprised to see us, but I told them my first period got cancelled so I was able to sleep in and decided to grab a shower with Tina. Becky casually commented that showering now was always better since no one else was using the bathroom. I told her that was our thinking as well. Becky held my gaze for a few seconds, then finally turned back to her shower.

Becky had a slim, but curvy build, with thick red hair and large, full breasts with big aureoles and extra long nipples. Kim was nearly the same height, but had an athletic build, with blonde, pixie cut hair and small, pert breasts.

I had just finished washing my front and was starting to move the washcloth to my shoulders when Tina asked if I needed help washing my back. I said sure and handed her the washcloth. As Tina began on my back, I could see both Becky and Kim watching us with interest. I wasn’t sure how far Tina intended to go, but soon found out when she ran the washcloth over my ass, spending several extra seconds there.

Becky said to me with a devious smile, “See what I mean, it’s always better to have a shower companion.”

“I couldn’t agree more. It’s far easier and definitely more fun,” I said with just a little tease in my voice.

I asked Tina if she wanted me to wash her back and she said yes. As I took the washcloth from her, Becky told Kim she needed her back washed too. Kim and I each began washing our roommate’s backs, taking our time and mimmicking each other. We were all friends and having fun playing this little game. As I moved the washcloth to Becky’s ass, Kim moved hers to Becky’s. I washed in slow circles over each ass cheek and Kim did the same. Kim then took things just a little farther. While washing Becky’s left cheek, she began rubbing her right cheek with her bare hand. I figured Tina would be comfortable with wherever I took things so mimmicked Kim’s action, placing my bare hand on Tina’s ass and rubbing it seductively.

“Does Tina’s ass feel as nice as Becky’s,” Kim teasingly asked?

“Better,” I said as I dropped the washcloth and playfully squeezed both ass cheeks with my hands, causing Tina to let out a little “ooh.”

“I don’t know,” Kim said as she stepped forward, pressing her body into Becky’s and placing her hands around her waist.

I stepped forward against Tina, mimmicking Kim’s motion and Tina responded by wiggling her ass against me. Wanting in on the game, Becky began to seductively grind her hips into Kim, who responded by sliding her hands up and over Becky’s heavy breasts. Tina’s face was near mine and under her breath she said, “fuck.”

“Turn around,” I whispered back to Tina and she did, our breasts rubbing together. I began to slowly gyrate against Tina, our slick soapy bodies creating an incredible sensation. Kim and Becky watched, as Kim continued to run her hands over Becky’s breasts, her fingers tweaking her long nipples. This continued for several seconds as we watched each other, then Kim let her right hand slide down between Becky’s legs and began rubbing her smooth mound. Up until that point, I hadn’t been totally sure if Becky and Kim were just being silly or whether they really were into each other. Seeing the way Becky responded to Kim’s touch though, left no doubt in my mind.

I could tell Tina had been somewhat nervous at the start, but she was clearly very turned on now and really getting into it. She reached around and ran her hands over my ass as we slid back and forth against each other. For my part, I had approached it all as a game, but I was now incredibly aroused and the wetness between my legs was more than just water from the shower. Tina and I looked at each other and her eyes were almost pleading to kiss her. I leaned forward and our lips met, so much softer than a guy’s. Our lips parted and we let the ends of our tongues play against each other, swirling in small circles. We finally broke our kiss and saw that Becky and Kim were intently watching us.

“Well, looks like we’ve found two more girls that like to play,” Kim said.

“When you say two MORE girls, do you mean there are others,” Tina asked?

“Darlin’, while it’s not my place to offer names,” Becky said in a mock southern accent, “let’s just say that of the 10 of us Southside Girls, there are at least 7 of us, including you two now, who are open to having…how should I put it…intimate fun together. Now, just so there’s no misunderstanding, both Kim and I are totally into guys and are already hot on the trail of two fine specimens we intend to bed. But canlı bahis as they say, college is for exploration, so why not take advantage of the opportunity.”

“I think you’ll find Tina and me completely aligned with that attitude,” I said.

“Sounds like we have our own little den of iniquity then.”

When we got back to our room, both of us were really wound up.

“Fuck, that went a lot further than I expected it to,” Tina said.

“I know. I definitely didn’t think it would go that far, but we all really got into it.”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever touched, or been touched by another girl.”

“What did you think?”

“Honestly, it was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever done. You really do have an amazing body.”

“You mean this body,” I said as I undid my towel and let it drop to the floor. “Well, I think your body is even hotter.”

“You think so,” Tina said seductively as she dropped her towel also.

I stepped up to Tina, our bodies pressing into each other as we wrapped our arms around each other. Neither of us needed any encouragement, both still wound up from the play in the showers. We kissed passionately, our tongues exploring as our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. I slid my hand down between Tina’s legs and found she was soaking wet and slid a finger into her pussy. Tina let out a low moan and pushed down onto my hand. As we kissed, I continued fingering her, adding a second finger and causing an even deeper moan.

“I want to know what it feels like. Will you lick me, please,” Tina pleaded in a breathy voice.

I moved her back and onto her twin bed, Tina spreading her legs and totally exposing her wet pussy to me. I climbed up between her legs and without hesitation lowered my lips to her smooth mound and began kissing it all over. I ran my tongue slowly around her outer lips, then very softly between them, just barely parting them as I licked up and over her clit. Her clit was hard and so large that the end protruded above the upper folds of her lips. I pushed my mouth forward, gently sucking her clit into my mouth and rolling my tongue around it. Tina’s body began to shudder violently and she was clearly about to cum. I sucked harder and slid a finger into her at the same time. This sent her over the edge into a massive orgasm. I always got super wet when I came and had even squirted a couple of times, so I was at least somewhat prepared for what happened next. As her orgasm hit, her body bucked violently and she screamed into her pillow as a huge spray of hot liquid shot into my mouth. This was followed by a second and then a third stream as she came violently and soaked her bed and me in the process.

Finally, her orgasm subsided, although her body continued to shake slightly for the next couple of minutes, while I sat with her. When she finally spoke, her voice was shaky.

“I’ve never…ever…ever had anything like that happen to me. It was like my entire body experienced the orgasm and it was totally beyond my control. I had no idea I could, or would squirt like that. I’m so sorry to have been so messy.”

“Are you kidding! That was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever experienced too. I damn near had an orgasm just from experiencing the one you were having. It was amazing.”

Tina reached out for me and I lay down on top of her, our bodies wrapping together as we kissed softly. After a minute or so, we both sat up.

Initially, we were both silent, then began to talk. We spent nearly an hour talking through what had just happened, how we felt about it, and what it meant. Tina admitted she had only dated a couple of guys in high school and from watching porn, discovered she was far more turned on by other girls, but had never done anything until today. She went so far as to say she thought there was a real possibility she might be lez. I said I thought it was too early for labels, but if she turned out to be, that was fine with me and it wouldn’t impact our friendship at all or my desire to room with her. I told her that while I knew I had a preference for guys, I thought it was stupid for people to arbitrarily limit who they enjoyed intimately and that was one of the reasons I had wanted to go to a more liberal school away from home. I wanted to explore my sexuality and that the idea of being pansexual appealed to me. We finally finished our conversation with another kiss.

My freshman year turned out to be a year of discovery and amazing fun. The Southside Girls all became best friends and a nearly inseparable click. None of us cared about labels or sexual orientation. We were all fun, easy going party girls who were totally comfortable in our own skin and enjoyed the pleasures we chose to explore. Tina and Sonya turned out to be totally into other girls and started dating in the Spring, although Tina and I still played together on occasion, and we continued to be roommates. Becky, Kim, and I became super close friends. We all loved to party, get laid, and play together at times. Only two of the Southside Girls were totally straight, the remaining eight of us open to doing whatever we wanted, with whoever we wanted. My choice of college was allowing me to discover myself and I loved who I was becoming.

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