Attraction reaction

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Attraction reaction

Chapter 1
The event that changed everything

Lily and Tessa have been neighbors and best friends since they were toddlers. Growing up together, they both know most of each others secrets and can talk about almost anything together. Lily is the shy one and the follower of the two, sometimes shes embarrassed by Tessa’s brashness. Lily’s shyness and Tessa’s brashness has made their relationship work well.

Lily and Tessa are both 18 years old still living at home and in their first year of college. Both are little hotties and love to dress in a way that shows off how sexy there bodies are, dressing sexier then their parents would permit when ever they could get away with it. Tessa has become quite the seamstress over years and would modify both of their clothes to make them look sexier.

Lily is the taller of the two, 5’-8” with long sexy legs and a very tiny build; her nick name in high school was little Lily. Tessa is petite and has very sexy curves and she is just 5’-4” tall, her build is not as tiny as Lily’s, but she still has to shop in the petite section for her clothes. Lily’s firm breasts filled an A-cup bra and they have tiny areolas and her nipples are about 1/4” long when they are not stimulated. Lily doesn’t need to wear a bra because her breasts are well shaped and firm, but she wears a bra in public because her mother doesn’t like people being able to see her perky nipples poking into her tops. Tessa’s breasts fill her C-cup bra nicely and she has the breasts that most women dream of having appearing even larger on her small frame.

When these two hotties walk down the street, heads are turning and it is a wonder that they haven’t caused a traffic accident yet. Keith lives on the other side of the alley from Tessa’s parents house just three houses down and he looks forward to seeing them walking to and from the community college and swimming in Tessa’s pool in the summer. Keith can see Tessa’s back yard and swimming pool from the design office that he had built on top of his house creating the 3rd story of his house. Using his telescope in his office he could get a good view of Tessa and Lily swimming and sun bathing.

Keith has become very attracted to them and fantasizes about having sex with them often when he masturbates. Keith has always dated woman that are closer to his own age. But has always been attracted to women with similaral qualities to the ones that Lily & Tessa have. Keith feels like he should not have such of an attraction for these two teenagers. But now that their bodies have matured whenever he sees them a wave of sexual desire would overcome him. Just the other day he was watching them sunbathing next to Tessa’s pool through his telescope. He became so aroused by them he stroke himself to a climax as he peer through his telescope admiring them.

Keith is 23 years old. He owns a successful sexual aid business that Keith keeps secret from his southern Baptist Bible belt neighbors. Keith designs manufactures and sells high end sex furniture and accessories. The furniture has mechanical features that are designed to insert penis shaped dildos into the user, or a penis can be inserted into a realistic feeling imitation vagina, mouth or anus. This sex furniture comes with controls so that the user can set the insertion stroke depth and speed as they wish and the user can make adjustments as the mood strikes them. This furniture also looks like normal furniture so it can be used anywhere in the home or business with out any one knowing its hidden functions. Keith started this business because he has a sex toy fetish and is such a voyeur. Keith designed his first sex machine just so that he could watch his girl friend use it.
Being the voyeur that Keith is he wishes he could see Lily and Tessa naked or being sexual with them selves or each other so he began thinking of ways that he could watch them.

He said to himself, “What if they have a bit of voyeur in them too. Perhaps I could create a situation that would arouse them into being sexual with them selves or each other by providing them with a way that they could watch me masturbating.”

Keith started to ponder the idea and soon came up with a plan. He knew that they walk down the alley behind his house to and from school because he makes a point of watching the two sexy ladies daily. He thought that if he had some porn playing on his laptop just loud enough that they could hear it as they walked behind his house on their way home from school they might try to look in through the tall privacy fence he has around his back yard to see what was going on.

Keith thought to himself with hopeful excitement. “I could position myself on a chaise lounge so that they will be able to get a clear view of me naked while I stroke myself to a climax.”

Keith started setting it all up; He installed 2 tiny video cameras in a little niche next to the alley. The niche is created by the way the fence was built in-between the pool plumbing shed and the gardening storage shed. Keith knew the two little hotties liked to take the alley because it is more private; regularly Keith would see them from his office walk into the little niche in his fence line to smoke a joint and a cigarette on their way home from school. While Keith was drilling peep holes in the fence he decided to drill a hole just the right size and height for him to stick his cock through; not really knowing if he was brave enough to ever really do it.

He will be able to get them on video from each side. He then hung a clothes line at outer most point of the niche and draped some large beach towels over the line that made the niche a private area that was 8’ deep and 5’ wide so that even if a car drove down the alley they would not be noticed peeping through the holes in the fence. He was getting turned on thinking about Lily and Tessa playing with them selves while watching him masturbate and he gave his chubbed up cock a loving squeeze.

“I hope I get some sexy video tomorrow.” Keith said to himself.

The next day he finished up all the last minute details in his plan to hopefully catch these two sexy voyeurs on video watching him jerking off. He ran a video check in the little private niche where Keith hoped they would be standing at about 3:45 and both cameras were working well. Keith poked a joint of Sensimilla that he grows in one of his extra bedrooms into a crack in the fence where Keith knew they would see it and then he dropped a brand new dildo on the ground just below the peep holes and cock hole that Keith had just drilled in the fence the day before. The dildo Keith left for them is one that sells as an accessory option for his sex furniture. He created the mould for the dildo using his erect penis, making thousands of perfect copies of his hard cock available to any one who was willing to buy it. He love knowing that over 60,000 of them had been sold and it turned him on knowing that so may people have had his cock replica deep inside them.

Keith then decided to work out for a while to get his body pumped up and rubbed baby oil over his entire body for that sexy shiny affect. Then he got one of his favorite lesbian videos that he likes a lot because the two hotties in the porno look so much like Lily and Tessa. Then Keith set up the chaise lounge and a little table to put his laptop on so that they would have a good view of him and the porn on his laptop hoping that the porno may inspire them into becoming bisexual.

It was 3:40 on that Friday afternoon just a few minutes before he hoped they would be walking by so he started the porno and began loving up his manhood. Just the idea of Lily and Tessa watching him was enough to get his cock rock hard. Keith set the porno’s volume just loud enough to get the attention of the two 18 year old hotties as they walked by. Suddenly the video program was activated on his laptop letting him know that the motion detector had started the video cameras in the niche.

“The show is on.” Keith thought to himself, stroking his throbbing cock in a way that was so sexy that it was even turning him on.

He had a drink in front of the screen of his laptop so they could not see the small screen in screen Keith had on so that Keith could see what the sexy teenagers were doing but the glass was placed so that they would still be able see the porno Keith had playing for all of them. He could see the curiosity in their eyes as they ducked under the beach towels and then their surprise to find the dildo lying on the ground. Keith took in a deep breath and then exhaled slowly to fight off a sudden almost overwhelming moment of excitement. His cock was as hard as it has ever been and Keith squeezed it at the base of his shaft to keep from cuming.

“Wow that was close” Keith thought to his self.

Lily and Tessa both were smiling excitedly by this unexpected turn in their predictable lives. Tessa immediately picked up the dildo and started to wave it in front of Lily’s face. Both of them put their hands over their mouths to try to keep from laughing out loud with joyful excitement. Lily then wrapped her hands around the dildo and gave Tessa a look of amazement and excitement. It was the first time they had ever seen and touched a dildo and the possibilities started to run through their minds. It looked to Keith, that Lily had a spontaneous mini orgasm right there and then by the way she suddenly jerked while putting one of her hands over her crotch. Lily started breathing hard and had a look of embarrassment on her face sensing that Tessa knew how turned on she was. They then remembered why they had gone into the niche in the first place.

They both looked toward the fence where they could hear the sound of two women making passionate sounds and noticed the two freshly drilled peep holes in the fence. They stopped and looked at each other for a moment and then moved in to see what was making the erotic sounds. The only times they had ever herd sounds like that was when they gave them selves an orgasm alone in there bedrooms and when watching R rated movies.

Keith was 20 years old when he bought his house. On the weekend after he moved in he was working in his front yard cleaning up the flower beds when he, Lily and Tessa first laid eyes on each other. Keith noticed what stunningly attractive teenagers they were and was thinking that they were going to mature into amazingly sexy women. Working with his shirt off his body was sweaty and was shining in the hot sun as he worked. The two 15 year olds thought that they had never seen such a sexy man before with their own eyes. Their hormones were working overtime and they developed a teenage crush on him. That night laying there beds they both found themselves having sexual fantasies about him as they touched themselves imagining him taking their virginity. That night they both had given themselves their first of many to come full blown wet orgasms limagining themselves having sex with Keith.

As their eyes reached the peep holes and they both saw Keith nude stroking his beautiful cock. The sexy teenage girls were stunned and excited by the sight of Keith laying nude before them. They suddenly realized that the dildo that they both still had one hand on looked exactly like Keith’s cock. They both stopped looking at Keith just long enough to inspect the dildo one more time; then smiled the biggest smile ever as they looked with excitement into each others eyes. They leaned back to the peep holes to see the sexy masculine man lovingly stroke himself before them.

Tessa noticed that something was poking her chin and stepped back to see what it was. She saw the joint that Keith had left for them and without thinking about it she let go of the dildo and she stuck the joint in-between the sexy lips of her mouth and fired it up. Lily having control of the dildo now playfully put the base of the dildo firmly against her pubic bone and started to stoke it as if it was apart of her anatomy; smiling she looked at Tessa as Tessa pushed the joint into Lily’s sexy mouth. Lily then turned the dildo around as Tessa watched her and pressed the head of it against her clitoris through her mini skirt as she took a big hit off of the joint. Tessa could sense Lily’s desire to have Keith’s cock inside of her. Then they both turned back to get another view of Keith stroking his cock.
Lily rubbed the head of the dildo against her clitoris as Keith watched them on his laptop watching him.

Tessa reached over and began to touch Lily sexually for the first time as she ran her hand up the back side of Lily’s thigh and up under her mini skirt and started lightly rubbing her hand over Lily’s tiny ass. Tessa’s touch felt wonderful and made Lily go over the edge with excitement and she began to have a mini orgasm. Lily was so excited and surprised by Tessa touching her sexually she dropped the dildo and turned to face Tessa; she took Tessa’s face in her hands and passionately kissed her on the lips. Tessa and Lily loved kissing each other for the first time and in the heat of the moment the two of them reached for the others wet pussies as they kissed. They continued to rub each other passionately through their wet panties as they both turned back to watch Keith stroke his cock.

Lily and Tessa were both getting really turned on, they could feel their virgin pussies getting wetter and wetter as they passionately touched each other. Tessa started breathing harder as she neared an orgasm. Lily could feel Tessa start to twitch with excitement and slid her hand inside Tessa’s wet panties. Lily wanted to feel Tessa’s wet pussy on her fingertips as she rubbed Tessa’s clit. The erotic sound of the two lesbians in the porno, the sight of Keith’s sexy naked body as he stoked himself and the feeling of Lily’s soft fingertips on her clitoris excited Tessa so much that she started to have one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever felt. Tessa moaned loudly and uncontrollably as Lily watched her sexy friend have an orgasm. Lily loved giving her this pleasure and kept rubbing her wet clit even as Tessa tried to stop her. Still twitching from Lily’s relentless touch Tessa took Lily’s head in her hands and began to passionately French kiss her.

Lovingly kissing each other, Tessa slid her hand into Lily’s wet panties touching Lily’s bare pussy for the first time. Tessa’s soft fingertips felt good on Lily’s wet clitoris. Being extremely aroused by Tessa’s quaking orgasm and the erotic change in their friendship, Lily suddenly realizing that Keith must have wanted them to see him masturbating. Overwhelmed by this incite and all that had transpired as a result Lily started having her third orgasm as Tessa lovingly touched Lily’s clit and took Lily to new heights of orgasmic pleasure as they kissed. Feeling weak from the orgasms they dropped to their knees as they passionately kissed.

Keith thought to himself, “I will never have a better opportunity then this.”

Keith got up from the chase lounge and walked over to the hole in the fence that he had drill for his cock and inserted it through the opening making his throbbing erection accessible to them and began to shoot his load of sperm on the two sexy teenagers as they passionately kissed. His warm cum was now landing on the side of the faces and shoulders of the two new lovers, surprised they turned to see Keith’s cock ejaculating on them only inches away.

Tessa quickly felt drawn to it and started stroking and sucking his ejaculating penis. Lily was still shocked by Keith’s penis being only inches away and by his sperm slowly running down her face. Lily just watched for moment and thought Tessa looked sexy sucking on Keith’s pulsating cock. Lily then tasted some of the cum that was on her cheek and loved the taste of Keith’s seed. Following Tessa’s lead, Lily joined in and both started taking turns sucking and stroking him. His ejaculating erection was shooting load after load of the mixture of sperm and semen into their mouths and on their faces as they listened to him moaning through the fence. They loved the taste and feeling of his ejaculating penis in their mouth and hands as they milked every last drop of his seed from his beautiful cock.

As Keith’s cock started to become soft the two new lovers started laughing joyfully out loud as they hurryingly pick up the dildo and the rest of the joint and stuffed them into Lily’s backpack. The two 18 year old lovers stood up and kissed each other’s cum cover lips as they grabbed the others butt. They then wiped off the cum with the beach towels that Keith had hung for them for some much needed privacy. Lily and Tessa looked at Keith’s swollen wimp still accessible to their touch and they both took turns taking it in their hand and gave it one more kiss. Lily took Tessa’s hand as they left the private little niche and ran down the alley holding hands to Tessa’s back yard gate.

Keith pulled his swollen wimp from the hole in the fence and walked over to his laptop feeling a little shocked that his plan worked so well. He turned off the video cameras and then dove into his swimming pool to do a little skinny dipping while he happily thought about what had just happened.

Chapter 2
The making of a big decision

Keith was already up in his office drying off from his quick dip in the pool. He stood there naked at his picture window looking down at Tessa’s pool wondering if Lily and Tessa would be taking a swim this afternoon and hoping that today would not be the last time he ever would have the chance to be sexual with them. Keith kept thinking to himself how much he wished he had Lily and Tessa as his personal lovers. He fantasized for a moment about that he would do with them if they were willing to submit to his every sexual desire.
In his frustration caused by his desire to fill Lily and Tessa’s vaginas with his cock he opened his laptop to view the video that he had just taken of them only 10 minutes ago. He studied the video closely taking in every detail of the sexy teens; this was so erotic for him his penis began to fill up with blood again. He then activated the penis sleeve machine hidden within his desk that felt like someone was giving him an awesome blow job from under his desk. He lubed it up never taking his eyes off the monitor and slipped his now hard shaft into the sleeve and watched the two 18 year old voyeurs discover their newly found sexual desire for each other.

He thought to himself, “I’m so glad that my plan worked.”

He loved seeing how loving and playful they were with each other and how it was so easy for them to enjoy themselves uninhibitedly. Finally, being able to see Lily and Tessa being sexual together was such a turn on for Keith that he quickly began to climax ferociously; moaning very loudly as he shot what little load he had left of his warm sperm into the cock sleeve; the stroking motion milked him dry as he watched Lily’s orgasm on the video caused by the excitement from the unexpected surprise that Keith had set up for them and the touch of Tessa’s fingers caressing her clitoris.

Meanwhile, Lily and Tessa went to Tessa’s bedroom and closed the door. Tessa had always been bi-curios since she reached puberty; she has had many orgasms alone in her bedroom fantasizing about Lily in the past and Tessa was so happy that her friendship with Lily had now become sexual. As soon as the door closed, “smiling” she took Lily’s face into her hands and gave her a very lustful kiss. Lily dropped her backpack on the floor, pulled Tessa’s body against hers as they kissed passionately. They stopped kissing and looked into each others eyes smiling and laughing happily.

Still dizzy from the kiss Lily said, “Your kisses make me wet.”
Lily slid her middle finger in-between her own Labia inter lips and pulled it out to show Tessa how wet she had become. Tessa took Lily’s hand and pulled it to her mouth tasting Lily’s wetness with a wanting look in her eyes. Just minutes earlier Tessa was watching the porn video on Keith’s laptop as much as she was watching Keith stroke himself and really wanted to do the things that she saw the two women doing in the video with Lily.

Tessa pulled some of Keith’s cum from Lily’s hair and said, “Wow can you believe what just happened? We should take shower together to get this cum out of our hair before my mom and dad get home.”

Lily and Tessa have seen each other naked many times through the years growing up together changing their clothes before and after swimming, and when changing clothes to show off a new outfit but this would be the first time they have ever taken a shower together and the first time naked together since they had become sexual together.

Lily said playfully, “I’ll wash you if you wash Me.” as she pulled Tessa’s hip to hers and rubbed her pubic bone against hers briefly.

Tessa then ran her hands over Lily’s blouse and cupped Lily’s firm breasts and said. “You know Lily, I have been attracted to you for a long time. Will you see if you can spend the night with me tonight?”
Then she took Lily’s hand and led her to the shower hoping she would be able to fall asleep holding Lily tonight.

Lily asked nervously, “Do you know what time your mom and dad will be getting home?”

Tessa said confidently, “You know they never get home before 6:00 on Fridays.”

They undressed together in the bathroom with anticipation of satisfying their desire to enjoy touching and being touched as they wash each other. Lily was seeing Tessa in a bisexual way now and was feeling aroused by her sexy petite body. Tessa had been waiting for this moment for years and could not wait to get her hands on Lily’s lathered up naked body. Tessa bent over; now completely nude; intentionally exposing her sexy ass and virgin pussy for Lily to see as she got the water running for the shower. Lily reached out slid her fingers gently over Tessa’s naked outer labia sending shivers throughout Tessa’s body.

They stepped into the shower embracing into a hug as their hands began exploring each others naked bodies. Their breasts pressed softly against each-others as they slid their torsos against each others young bodies. Tessa picked up a bar of soap and began to lather up Lily’s body lustfully exploring every inch of her sexy, tiny body. Tessa loved the way Lily was responding to her touch and turned Lily around and pulled Lily’s soap covered ass to her pubic bone then lovingly wrapped her arms around Lily’s torso cupping her firm breasts in her hands. Tessa rubbed her breasts against Lily’s soapy back and began to play with Lily’s wet pussy. Lily was very sensitive and could feel her orgasm building as she pushed her tiny ass against Tessa’s pubes. Tessa’s fingers now were circling Lily’s clitoris and this brought Lily to her forth orgasm of the day and the second given to her by Tessa’s touch.

Lily turned around and gave Tessa a lustful kiss as she cupped Tessa’s butt cheeks in her hands and said with a wanting look, “Now it’s my turn to wash you.”

Lily picked up the soap and began to lovingly explore Tessa’s petite naked body. Tessa’s fantasies were finally becoming a reality on this day after years of wanting to be sexual with Lily. Lily placed her hand over her new lover’s soapy crotch and parted Tessa’s inner labia lips with her middle finger lightly rubbing the opening of her vagina and clitoris. Lily then took the nipple of Tessa’s sexy breast into her mouth as she continued to fondle her wet pussy.

Tessa wrapped her hands around Lily’s head and said, “I want you lick my pussy” as she began to push Lily’s head downward lustfully.

Lily went to her knees as Tessa pulled the skin of pubic area upward to expose her clitoris for Lily. Lily wrapped her lips around Tessa’s clitoris and sucked the little bud into her mouth. Lily began running her finger tips between Tessa’s butt cheeks as she licked and sucked on Tessa’s swollen clitoris. Tessa’s legs and abs began trembling as she wrapped her hands around Lily’s head and pushed her face into her opening. Tessa was on the edge of her second orgasm of the day as Lily enjoyed the taste of her vaginal wetness flowing into her mouth. Tessa was groaning loudly as she began to climax, she jerked uncontrollably and was screaming loudly as Lily brought her to multiple orgasms. Lily sucked her clit unrelentlessly, squeezing Tessa’s ass and holding her head tight against Tessa until Tessa could take it no longer and pushed Lily’s head away gasping and wobbling at her knees. Lily stood up and they helped each other wash and rinse their hair.

While they were washing and rinsing each others hair Lily said with a big smile, “I’m pretty sure that Keith wanted us to see him jerking off.”

Tessa replied as she laughed, “And you know he left that dildo and the joint there for us.”

Lily then said, “He must have planned the whole thing, that clothes line and beach towels was never there before.”

Tessa replied, “And those holes in the fence looked new.”

Lily said, “I’m glad he set it all up. Aren’t you?”

Tessa replied, “Yep, me to.”

Lily said, “I was so fucking shocked when suddenly he was cuming on us and his boner was right there in front of us, and when you grabbed it and started sucking on his cock I just froze.”

Tessa replied, “Really? You didn’t seem to mind while he was cuming in your mouth.”

Lily then said, “Oooh, his come tasted good; I want more. Do think he would fuck us?”

Tessa thought for a moment and said, “Why else would he have set that whole thing up; I’ll bet he wants to fuck us real bad.”

Lily thought about it for a moment; while she turned off the water and they stepped out of the shower.

Then Lily said, “Perhaps we should come up with a plan of our own.”

Tessa replied with a big smile, they dried each other off, picked up their clothes and streaked to Tessa’s bedroom.
Lily picked up her backpack off Tessa’s bedroom floor and sat down on the bed beside Tessa. Lily opened her backpack and pulled out the dildo Keith had left for them. The two sexy teenagers, still nude and in no hurry to get dressed.

Tessa said, “I’ll bet you Keith watches us swimming and sun bathing from that room on top of his house.”

Then Lily said, “Maybe we should give him a something to watch that he will never forget.”

Lily took the dildo and slid the head of it down Tessa’s belly to her pubes, causing a shiver to run through her body.

Lily then said, “What do you think he wants us to do with this?”

Tessa replied, “I’m sure he would love to see us use that on each other. But I don’t want to lose my virginity with a dildo I don’t care how much it looks like his cock.”

Lily said smiling, “It really does look like his cock; it looks exactly like his cock; I love it; can I keep it? I’ll let you use it any time you want.”

Tessa replied taking Lily in her arms, “I would love for you to do me with that some day. Would you like me to do you with it?”

Lily relied, “Yes, I would love that. But your right, we should wait until we lose our virginity to a man before we do that.”

They both lay down on the bed together and started lovingly caressing each others bodies. They both love this new sexual freedom that they now have with each other and somehow knew that this is what Keith wanted for them, and him. Tessa took Lily’s nipple into her mouth for the first time; Lily twitched from the sensation and began to masturbate her self. Tessa stopped and looked at Lily with a mischievous look in her eyes; took the dildo and streaked down the hall to the bathroom to wash it; Tessa ran back to the bedroom; closed and locked her bedroom door.

Lily said, “Don’t put that all the way in me.” reading Tessa’s mind.

Tessa replied, “I won’t I just want to excite you with it.”

Tessa jumped on the bed playfully. Lily was still touching herself and was enjoying her wetness. Tessa placed the dildo on Lily’s pubic bone with the base of it in line with Lily’s crotch the head of the dildo came up to her belly just below her bellybutton.

Tessa’s said, “look how big that thing is; can you imagine what that would feel like in you.”

Lily got excited from the thought and said, “I want to fuck Keith; I have wanted to fuck him since the first day we saw him.”

Tessa replied, “Me to.” with a big smile on her face.

Tessa bent down to taste Lily’s wetness.

Tessa pushed Lily’s legs apart and said “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

She went down on her with Lily’s legs spread wide and began running her tongue up and down both sides of Lily’s inner lips; then put her tongue into her vaginal opening. Lily moaned with pleasure and closed her legs on Tessa’s head. Tessa lost her ability to move her head but it did not stop her tongue.
Lily slowly began to relax her clenched muscles letting her legs slowly come back apart. Tessa then took the dildo and put it in her mouth to wet it for Lily’s wanting pussy. She started to gently rub the tip of the head over Lily’s labia. Lily looked down at the perfect replica of Keith’s cock and started to imagine it was really him. Lily lay her head back and stretched out her legs straight on both sides of Tessa and closed her eyes; picturing Keith laying over her in her mind as Tessa started to part Lily’s labia with increasing inward pressure.

Tessa told Lily, “If we can fuck Keith I hope we can be together when it happens; this is really sexy seeing his cock about to enter into you; its making me really wet; maybe I could help him guide it into you and you could help him guide it into me.”

The thought of that was very erotic for Lily and her muscles were tightening again as she pulled her legs in against Tessa laying in-between them.

Lily started playing with her tits and told Tessa in a wanting voice, “Put it in me deeper; I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Tessa said playfully, “I would love to.” and she pushed it in a little further.

Lily reached down and began to rub her clit as Tessa began a stroking motion with the dildo. Tessa was getting really turned on seeing Lily’s labia opening and closing as she stroked the dildo in and out of her pussy.

Lily was building a climax as she said, “deeper.”

Tessa started to push it in harder as she said, “tell me when to stop.”

Tessa watched as Lily’s pussy accepted the entire head of the cock and still wanting more.

When about 1 1/2 inches of the dildo was no longer visible Lily cried out, “Stop!” as she felt the dido stretching her hymen.

Tessa now knew how much Lily could take and began stroking it in and out of her very wet pussy in a rhythm.

Lily kept saying, “It’s to big; it’s to big.” With an innocent voice.
Lily’s vaginal wetness was running out of her over her anus and soaking the bed. After only about two minutes of this Lily exploded into a powerful orgasm; twitching and jerking before Tessa’s eyes. Lily looked to watch the dildo enter her as Tessa kept pushing it in to the limit. Lily’s head fell back to the bed and she relaxed after her lengthy orgasm subsided. Tessa very slowly pulled the dildo out dragging it upward against Lily’s clitoris which caused Lily to twitch and moan uncontrollably until the head finally popped out. Tessa then crawled up over Lily and laid on top of her lovingly kissing her neck and licking her ear, Lily twitched as shivers ran through the left side of her body.

Tessa whispered into Lily’s ear, “I am the first to fuck you don’t you forget that.”

Lily replied, “Then I should be the first to fuck you?”

Tessa said with anticipation,“You better be, but let’s do it in the back yard where Keith can see us.”

Lily said nervously, “But what if your Mom and Dad get home early? It is 5:45 you know.”

Tessa said, “Ya your rite; lets get dressed and you go see if your Mom will let you spend the night, you know my Mom won’t mind.”

Lily asked Tessa as they were getting dressed, “Do you think we can get Keith to fuck us?”

Tessa replied, “Yep.”

Tessa then asked, “Do you really want to try?”

Lily said, “I really do; I want to fuck him so bad it hurts.”

Tessa said passionately, “Me to!”

Lily said, “Then let’s go for it.”

Tessa asked, “Will you pinkie swear that you won’t chicken out when we get him to do it?”

They locked pinkies as they have been since they were toddlers when they made a promise to each other.

Lily then said, “I pinkie swear, I will not chicken out when we get him to fuck us.”

Tessa then said with a big smile, “This going to be awesome, I can’t wait.”

Chapter 3
“The game that drove him crazy”

Meanwhile, Keith had decided to take his dog ( Dudly ) for a walk. Dudly was a kind of a goofy looking mutt that had a Lab shaped head, German Shepard coat and who knows what else that made him kind of small and goofy looking. Dudly was Keith’s loyal friend and was always at his side. Keith thought that walking his dog would help to clear his mind and relax him. He was still feeling rather frustrated and confused about his attraction for Lily and Tessa.

Feeling a little paranoid about getting them to watch him jack-off Keith thought to himself, “Its only maybe a 5 year difference in our ages; They can’t be under age; Oh god, this could turn out bad if they are under age and they tell someone; Maybe they won’t and they will come back for more; They really seemed to enjoy the show.”

Keith was starting to relax and enjoying his nice long walk with Dudly. He took Dudly to the prairie near his neighborhood and let him loose from the leash to let him run. Keith took off all his clothes and laid down in the tall natural prairie grass and smoked a joint. Keith loved feeling the prairie winds flowing against his naked body. He often would go to the prairie at night with Dudly to walk naked in the night air and lay nude looking at the stars.

Keith thought to himself, “I did not make them watch me. They could have just kept on walking.”

But in the back of Keith’s mind he was struggling with the morality of his actions for setting up Lily and Tessa to get them to watch him masturbate. Dudly walked up and started licking Keith’s face as he wagged his tail happily. Keith sat up and got dressed and they headed back to their neighborhood. Just as Keith and Dudly were walking past Tessa’s house Tessa’s parents were pulling up into the driveway around 6:15. Tessa’s Dad saw Keith and walked over to introduce himself. A wave of fear ran through his body thinking that Tessa may have regretted what had happened just a couple hours earlier and told him what had happened.

“Stay cool dude.” Keith said to himself, “he’s probably just being social.”

Tessa’s father held out his hand to shake his and said, “Hi, I’m Jim; I am glad to finally get to meet you, you must be Keith.”

Keith was wondering how he new his name as they shook hands.

Keith then said, “Nice to meet you to Jim… How do you know my name?”

Jim said proudly, “I am the Mayer of this city and when you moved into the neighborhood I asked the police chief to do a back ground check on you. A father can’t be to careful these days when he’s got a daughter.”

Keith said, “I understand completely, I would do the same thing if I had children.”

Jim said, “The guys and I were talking about asking you to join us in our Friday night poker game. We play on the second Friday of each month; would you be interested in joining the group?”

Keith asked, “Are you guy’s high rollers or are betting with nickels and dimes?”

Jim said, “No we just play for fun, one of the guys in the group is the police chief, his name is Zed, and until he gets bored with enforcing the law we will have to play with chips.”

Keith laughed and said, “You know that sounds like good fun; I accept the invitation; the second Friday is tonight, should I join you all tonight or do want to make sure it’s OK with the guys?”

Jim said, “You are welcome to start tonight, the guys have already expressed an interest in getting another player and when I suggested you they all seemed hopeful that you would accept our invitation.”

Keith asked, “Where do you guys play and what time do you start?”

Jim said, “We play here and the guys start coming around 8:30. Kate, my wife likes for us to call it a night at midnight.”

Keith said, “I’m looking forward to it; I’ll see you then.” Wondering if he should have turned down the offer.
As Keith was walking home he said out loud, “Dudly you’re on your own tonight.”

Dudly looked up at Keith with a disappointed look on his face like he could understand him completely.

Keith then said out loud, “You’ll be fine it’s only for three and a half hours.”

Dudly wagged his tale as he brushed up against Keith’s leg as if to say, “Have fun I’ll be fine.”

Meanwhile, Lily had gone home and asked her Dad if she could spend the night at Tessa’s house.

Her Father said, “That’s fine with me it’s poker night, I’ll be there to make sure you mind your manners.”

Lily often asked her father when she wanted to get something she wanted because her father was more agreeable than her mother. Lily’s mother was always confrontational and intensely jealous of Lily’s youthful beauty and let it get in the way of her better judgment and it affected their relationship. Lily did not feel like she should have to ask for permission now that she had turned 18 years old but she was trying to pay her own way through college and needed to live a home with her strict parents in order to be able to afford tuition.

Lily’s family sat down for a dinner at about 6:30. Lily’s twin brother Bill which looked nothing like her, her Father Tony and her mother, let’s just call her “Deranged” were all enjoying some take-out that her father had brought home after work. It was KFC this time and Lily was eating like she hadn’t eaten in a week.

Her father said, “Lily, you seem to be in a good mood to night.”

“Really?” she said with a smile.

Tony said, “Ya, you seem to have a glow about you.”

Lily just looked up at her father with a mischievous grin. Deranged got up from the table and filled a water glass full of Vodka that she kept hidden under the kitchen sink and came back to the table.

Bill said, “Ya, what’s up with you, you never eat faster then me.”

Lily said, “I’m hungry; you two quit picking on me.” Enjoying the attention.

Tony looked at Deranged from across the table and said in an informing tone, “Lily asked me if she could spend the night with Tessa tonight and I told her she could.”

Deranged picked up her glass and poured the clear liquid down her throat and said with contempt, “Did you now?”

Trying to hide his disgust for his wife from his children he said, “Ya, it’s poker night want to come along, we have been looking for another player?”

They all were thankful that Deranged didn’t reply. Lily suddenly lost her appetite and hoped 8:30 would come quickly. A little later at Tessa’s house Jim, Kate and Tessa were helping each other with the dishes from dinner and busy getting ready for the poker game.

Jim said to Kate, “I asked Keith to join the poker game and he accepted, he said that he would be here tonight.”

Tessa had over heard her father and thought about her pinkie promise that she had made with Lily.

Tessa thought to her self, “This is going to be a fun night.”

Tessa said, “Who’s Keith?”

Kate answered, “Keith lives on the other side of the alley a couple houses up.”

Tessa replied, “Oh him, he’s cute.”

Kate looked at Jim and smirked.

Kate asked Jim trying to change the subject line, “What does he do for a living?”

Jim replied, “He owns some sort of medical aid manufacturing business,”

Kate said, “We will have to ask him more about that tonight.”
Tessa Said, “Oh Ya, I saw a announcement outside the science lab today that said there is going to be a meteorite shower tonight, do you mind if Lily and I set up the tent in the back yard and watch it?

Kate replied, “That’s fine with me, how about you Jim?”

Jim said, “As long as you keep it down, I don’t want you two waking up the neighbors.”

Tessa said, “Thanks Mom and Dad.”
It was 8:25 and Lily and Tony are walking over to Tessa’s house.

Lily took her fathers hand and said. “Thanks for letting me stay the night tonight Dad.”

Tony thought to him self, “Lily really does seem to be it a really good mood tonight.”

Tony had retired from a military career and was very strict and old fashioned in the way he raised his children. He was not an affectionate father and was uncomfortable holding his 18 year old daughters hand but loved seeing her so happy and was not going to do any thing that would burst her bubble. As they walked he began to enjoy the moment that they were sharing.
Lily, Tony and Keith all arrived at Tessa’s house at the same time. Lily was surprised by Keith walking up to her father and for a brief moment she was scared that he was going izmit escort to tell her father what had happened earlier. Keith was also surprised by Lily and her father being there and realized that he was going to be playing cards with both fathers of the teens that had sucked him dry earlier that day.

Keith thought to himself, “Oh shit, what have I got myself into.”

“Hi I’m Keith; Jim invited me to join your poker game.” Keith said as he reached out his hand to shake Tony’s.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Tony and this is my daughter Lily.” He said proudly.

“Hi Lily, it is so nice to meet you.” Keith said taking one of her hands into both of his as he looked deeply into her green eyes.

Tony could sense their attraction for each other and said, “Don’t get any ideas she is only 18 years old and needs to be spending her time studying.”

Keith said boldly, “I hope will be able to find some time to let me take you out on date Lily.” Still holding her hand and looking into her eyes.

Lily was embarrassed by Keith being so forward in front of her father about his desire to date her but could not keep from gazing back into his blue eyes. Keith felt a wave of adrenalin run through his body as he sensed Lily’s desire for him. Just then Tessa greeted them at the door wearing a string bikini.

Tessa said, “Hi Mr. Lock who’s your handsome friend?”

“This is Keith; he is going to be playing cards with us tonight.” Tony said as he walked past her heading for the dining room.

Tessa stepped in front of Keith boldly and said, “Hi there, I’m Tessa.” As she looked him over making it obvious that she liked what she was seeing.

Keith Smiled and said, “Well hello there Tessa, you must be Jim’s daughter.” As he tried not to get caught checking out her sexy petite body; wishing he could touch it.

Tessa replied, “Yes I am, but much more than just that, aren’t I.”

She gave Keith a wink and took Lily’s hand and said, “Come on Lily we need to set up the tent for the meteorite shower tonight.”

Lily thought to her self. “What meteorite shower?”

As Lily and Tessa walked away, Keith quickly checked to see if anyone was watching them and realized it was safe to check out the two hotties. Tessa quickly stole the show when she reached around and pulled her string bikini bottoms into the crack of her ass exposing her naked ass cheeks for Keith’s to see. Keith took in as much as he could of Tessa’s cute little ass before they disappeared around the corner.

On his way into the dining room Keith thought to himself, “I want to fuck her so bad.”

Just then Zed and Jerry walked in like they owned the place. Jerry is one of those guys that is the life of a party, funny as all hell and every one he meets is a friend for life. Jerry works for the fire department and is the cook at the fire house. They all sat down around the dining room table and Keith introduced himself to Zed and Jerry and they all started talking together as they started playing poker.

Thinking that Lily and Tessa might go swimming Keith took a chair that faced the glass patio doors. From there he could see Jim and Kate’s swimming pool. Kate is working in the kitchen making coffee hoping to check out Keith and show of her hot body to him. She has seen Keith working in the yard and out walking Dudly and has always thought he was sexy and mysterious. Kate masturbates often and fantasizes about having sex with Keith and just about everyone else that was sitting at the table. One Kate’s favorite fantasies is having sex with two men with both of there cocks in her vagina at the same time.

Kate’s wearing nothing but a silk robe as usual as she announces that the coffee is ready. Keith gets up form the table saying I would love some coffee as Kate poured the first cup. Keith walks up to Kate to meat her for the first time feeling a little surprised by the way she was checking him out on the way over to her. Keith can’t help but check out Kate’s hot petite little body. Kate had only seen Keith from a distance and is not used to standing so close to such a tall man and she likes the way it made her feel .

Keith said, “It’s very nice to meat you Kate.”

Kate replies, “It is very nice to finally meat you too Keith. Would you like any thing in your coffee?”

Keith replies, as he looked down her robe, “That looks good just the way it is.”

Kate hands Keith his coffee letting her robe slip open exposing a little more of her naked body to him and said, “It’s hot; watch it.”

Keith said, “Wow, ya very hot indeed.”

A while later Lily and Tessa walked through the dining room behind Keith on their way to the kitchen with the tent, sleeping bags and some rolled up towels. They both had string bikinis on now and see through white net tunics. Not wanting to seem interested in the teens Keith he kept his eyes on his cards.
Suddenly there was a loud clanking of the tent poles hitting the floor in the kitchen. Tessa had dropped the bag with the tent in it on purpose to get Keith’s attention. Tessa and Lily were bent over in front of the refrigerator getting some Cokes from the bottom shelf as Keith looked over to see what the noise was about. It was pretty dark in the kitchen but the light from the refrigerator was showing the outline of their sexy bodies through the net tunics. Keith’s eyes fixed in on the gap in-between Lily’s sexy long thighs that went up to her tiny puss and foxy little ass. Keith looked back at his cards not wanting to stare lustfully and fantasized about standing behind them rubbing their asses with his hands.

Shortly after the ruckus in the kitchen Keith could see Lily and Tessa pitching the tent as far away from the house as they could. After getting the tent set up they went for a swim in the lighted pool. Keith was having a hard time not rubbing his cock as he watched Lily and Tessa getting in and out of the pool to dive off the diving board. Lily and Tessa’s string bikinis were becoming loose from all the diving and Keith was enjoying watching them trying to keep them from falling off as they got out of the water.

After about an hour and a half of swimming and diving Lily and Tessa walked up to the glass patio doors soaking wet and asked Jim to turn off the outside lights because the meteorite shower was supposed to start at 11:00. Jim gladly got up and turned out the lights and reminded Tessa to keep it down. Keith got a good view of Lily’s and Tessa’s perfect tits and their perky nipples as their wet tops clung against their skin. The two soaking wet teens dried off and pulled two chase lounges near there tent. Laid down and looked up at the stars.
Lily said, “Let’s write Keith a note and tell him that we would like for him to come to our tent tonight.”

Tessa laughed and asked, “What has gotten into you Lily?”

Then Tessa went to get some paper and a pen. When she got back the two of them worked out what the note would say and got it down on paper. They decided that Tessa would sneak over to Keith’s house and leave the note in his door where he would find it when he got home. Tessa snuck out the back gate and cut through the neighbors back yard and slipped the note in-between the door and the jamb next to the dead bolt.

When she got back she stood behind Lily beaming with excitement and said, “Lily we are going to get fucked tonight.”

Lily said, “Thats doubtful; You want to smoke the rest of that joint?”

Tessa reached over her and rolled one Lily’s nipples in-between her finger and her thumb. Tessa went and got the joint and the towel with the dildo rolled up inside of it out of the tent and walk up behind Lily laying on the chase lounge and gave her a upside down kiss sticking her tongue into her mouth.

Tessa then reached down taking one of Lily’s firm breasts into her hand and said, “I hope you still will want me after Keith fucks us tonight.”

Lily then said, “If he comes tonight.”

Tessa said, “He’ll come; remember our pinkie promise.”
Tessa really did see the announcement about the meteor shower and the two of them laid there together watching the falling stars and making wishes as they smoked the joint. The Sensimilla that Keith grows was the highest quality marijuana they had ever smoked and the aphrodisiac effect that the female Cannabis has was making them even hornier.

Lily said, “I thought that I was supposed to be the first one to fuck you.” Picking up the towel with the dildo in it and unrolling it to tempt Tessa with the dildo.

Tessa replied with anticipation, “I think the poker game is almost over. Dad will probably come out here to check on us before he goes to bed and then we can do what ever we want.”

Lily asked, “Are my eyes red?”

Tessa looked away from the stars and into Lily’s eyes and relied, “Yep. What about mine?”

“Oh Ya; they are bloody.” Lily replied.

Tessa said, “I am really stoned; that is really good pot.”

Lily replied, “I loved the taste and smell of it to; the buzz is way better and different them that stuff we get from Mathew.”
Just then they could see every one getting up from the table.

“Their leaving!” Tessa said excitedly trying to keep her voice down.

Their hearts began to beat faster knowing that soon Keith would find the note. Lily was hoping she would have time to do Tessa with the dildo before Keith came. Soon the dining room was empty and a little while later Jim came out the back door off of the kitchen was heading back to where Lily and Tessa were laying on the chase lounges.
“See any falling stars yet?” Jim asked quietly.

Tessa replied, “Ya, lots of them.”

Jim grabbed a chair and walked the rest of the way to them, sat down and looked up at the stars.

Jim said, “Wow what a nice night you have for this; the sky is so clear and no moon.”

Lily said happily, “There goes one. Did you see it?”

Jim said, “Ya I did. There goes another one; I could stay out here all night; this is neat.”

Tessa and Lily’s hearts sank.

“But I am beat; it has been a long week; I’m going to bed; you two have fun enjoying the meteor shower.” Jim said as he got up and headed for the house.

Chapter 4
Messages received

While Keith was walking home from the Poker game he was thinking about how glad he was that he had set up the elaborate false business and web site. He uses it to hide his real business from people that would not be able to appreciate his sexual furniture business. Taking the time to set up the false business has saved him many times from having to deal with the difficulties that some people would cause him if they knew the true nature of his business.

Keith is feeling good about his evening with his new Poker buddies and was glad that Lily and Tessa seemed so happy to see him. Keith knew that they were not just glad to see him, they were flirting with him. As he got close to his front door he wondered what the future had in store for him and was hopeful that Lily and Tessa would become close fiends and lovers with him.

He thought to himself, “This could become my dream come true or turn into my worst of nightmares.”

Lots of different images were running through Keith’s mind as he reached into his pocket to get the key to the front door. He had flashes of the three of them naked engaged in a passionate and loving threesome, then the image would quickly change to seeing himself in handcuffs and getting pushed into a police car, then back to an image of all three of them laughing and enjoying each others friendship, then to an image of seeing Lily and Tessa crying because their parents found out about the three of us and had him arrested. Not really paying attention to what he was doing he slipped the key into the dead bolt and let himself in.

When Keith closed the front door he heard paper crumbling as the note Tessa delivered was getting smashed in-between the bottom of the door and the threshold. Thinking that Dudly must have gotten into the trash again Keith opened the door to pick up the thrash. The paper was a hot pink color and was folded into a little square making Keith realize this was not something that Dudly had gotten out of the trash.

“What’s this Dudly?” he said as Dudly walked up to him to greet his Master looking like he and just woke up from a deep sleep.

Keith unfolded the piece of paper to see if it had anything written on it and began to read the hand written note:

“Keith, you are a very naughty man to have set up that whole thing for us this afternoon. Lucky for you we loved it. We would like to thank you by inviting you to come visit us tonight, you know where to find us. We hope to see you around 1:00 am. For you clothes are optional as for us you will just have to come find out for yourself.
From your peeping neighbors
P.S. We love the gifts you left for us and would love one more of each.”

Keith heart rate picked up as the serge of testosterone and adrenalin rushed through him. His mind began to race as the possibilities and the repercussions started running through his mind.

“I need to check the laws in Texas to see what the legal age of consent is before I do anything else I might regret.” He said to himself.

Keith went up to his office and googled: (what is the legal age to have sex with adult in Texas). He was relieved to find out that a minor at age 17 could consent to having sex with an adult and by doing so the adult could not be convicted of statutory rape even if the minors’ parents disapproved. And at 18 years of age you are considered an adult. As relieved as Keith was he was also frustrated with himself for not checking sooner and being so hard on himself about his attraction for Lily and Tessa. Keith checked his monitor to see how much time he had left before Lily and Tessa would be expecting him to arrive and it was 12:25 am.
Meanwhile Lily and Tessa had noticed that Keith light was on in his office.

Tessa said excitedly, “I’ll bet he’s checking us out.”

Lily replied, “No, not with the light on, he’s probably reading the note.”

Tessa said, “Once he reads the note he might try to see us. We should get naked for him, that will get him to come.”

Lily said’ “It’s too dark; I doubt that he could see us even if he turned the light off.”

Tessa got up and stood in front of Lily and took off her bikini. Her titties were still damp from her wet bikini top and the breeze felt cool making her nipples hard.

“Can you see me?” She asked as she played with her nipples.

Lily replied, “Oh ya; but if Keith can see us so can your mom and dad.”

They decided to move their chase lounges behind the storage shed out of view from the windows of Tessa’s house but still in view of Keith’s office windows. The chase lounges have no arm rests so when placed together they can be used as a full size bed; they set up the chase lounges in this way so that they faced Keith’s house.

Before Lily had a chance to lay down Tessa embraced Lily with a naked hug. Lovingly holding each other they gazed into each others eyes feeling their love and attraction for each other growing with every second that passed. Tessa dizzy with love for Lily pulled the strings on Lily’s bikini top and let it fall to the ground. Tessa began kissing Lily’s breasts as she removed Lily’s bikini bottoms. This was their first time being nude outdoors and it felt good for them to be experiencing this kind of freedom. They laid down together in the still night air and looked up at the stars. Their hearts are filled with love as they held hands enjoying the moment. Just as Keith light went out in his office a cool breeze washed over their naked bodies.

“Did you feel that? That breeze felt so good on my naked skin.” Lily said happily as he began to run her hands lightly over her naked body.

“I know; rite? It felt like a million little hands caressing me.” Tessa said enthusiastically.

Lily said, “Look Keith’s light went out. Think he can see us?”

“I hope so.” Tessa replied as she rolled to her side and began to touch Lily’s body.

Keith had been getting ready to go to Tessa’s to deliver them a counter offer to their invitation. He wrote a note and folded it in half. After getting the extra gifts that they had requested and still nude from his shower he went up to his office and turned out the light so he could take a quick look through his telescope to see what Lily and Tessa were up to. It was now about ten till 1:00 am. Peering through his telescope he had a hard time finding them in the darkness because they were not ware he expected them to be.

“There you are.” He said out loud as finally fond them.

Keith could see the faint image of the two naked lovers holding hands. His cock began to fill with blood instantly as he looked at his dream girls naked for the first time.

“You are so fucking sexy, thank you, thank you, thank you.” He said out loud watching Tessa start to feel up Lily.

“I got to get dressed and get over there.” He said to himself.

Keith quickly got dressed and headed out his back gate and down the alley to Tessa’s house. When he got there he pulled off his T-shirt and shorts so that he would be naked when he handed them the note. With his clothes in one hand and the note in the other he quietly opened the back gate to Tessa’s back yard.

Lily and Tessa were lost in loving passion for each other as Keith walked up to them unnoticed. Keith stood there nude in the night air watching them as his cock began to become erect. The two sexy lovers were both propped up on one elbow laying on their sides kissing as Lily was inserting the dildo into Tessa’s virgin vagina. Keith stepped back hoping not to be noticed yet and watched from behind the tent.
Tessa fell back to lie there more comfortably as Lily crawled in-between Tessa’s leg’s on resting on her knees as she continued to fuck Tessa with the dildo. Keith had a nice view of them from behind the tent and stroked his hard penis as he watched. Lily propped her self with one arm and bent down to suck on Tessa’s clit as she continued to give Tessa’s pussy the head of the dildo. The view of Lily’s tiny ass and pussy sticking up in the air as Lily gave Tessa head was so sexy that Keith had to stop touching himself to keep from cuming.

Tessa said, “I love your mouth Lily” as her abs began to twitch.

Tessa said with a wanting voice, “More cock Lily; give me more of that big cock.”

Lily sat up and said, “If I go any deeper I could break your hymen.”

Tessa sat up propping her self up on one elbow reached down and took the dildo into her hand and started to push the dildo in deeper.

Lily said with a concerned whisper, “Careful Tessa you have got that thing in there quite a ways.”

Lily started to rub Tessa’s clit as she watched Tessa push more and more of the dildo into her own wet vagina.

“I think I might have broken my hymen masturbating when I was 16.” Tessa said as she pushed more of the big sex toy into herself.

Lily took the dildo from Tessa and pulled it out to show Tessa how much of the dildo was inside her.

Lily said, “You must have broken it; look how much of this thing you had inside yourself.”
Tessa laid back down and Lily pushed the big love toy back inside of Tessa. Lily began giving it to her hard and deep, thrusting in and out of her tight wet pussy vigorously. Tessa reached over and grabbed the towel and put it over her mouth so that she could scream out loud with out waking anyone. Lily loved seeing and hearing Tessa enjoying her efforts. Tessa’s orgasm over came her suddenly with overwhelming intensity, she started twitching uncontrollably as she screamed into the towel. Lily unrelentusly drove the Keith copy into her as she rubbed her clitoris. Tessa just kept cuming and cuming as she moaned into the towel with ecstasy.
Keith was delighted to have been able to witness Tessa coming as Lily pleasured her. He was on the edge of coming without touching himself. His cock was so hard it felt like it would burst. After many orgasms Tessa was egsostid and reached down to stop Lily. Tessa took Lily’s hand and pulled her on top of herself, embracing Lily with a loving hug as they began to kiss. With the dildo still inside of Tessa and Lily now laying in-between Tessa’s legs Lily kept pushing the dildo into her with her pubic bone; filling Tessa’s wet vagina to its max.
Keith not wanting to scare them let out a “pss, pss” sound to try and get their attention. They both looked to see Keith standing beside the tent naked with his erection.
Lily got up and walked over to Keith with a brave look in her eyes. When she reached him she suddenly felt anxious not really knowing this naked man standing so close to her, but she felt a connection with him every since Keith expressed his interest in her in front of her father.

Keith handed her the note and gave Lily a passionate kiss pressing his hard cock against her belly then left out the back gate. Lily still dizzy from the kiss sat down next to Tessa to read the note.:
“To my naughty peeping neighbors
I am so glad you loved my naughtiness and my gifts.
I feel it would be much safer for you two to come to my home than risk us getting caught together there. I will show you around and how to get in when you get here. For you two clothes are optional; wearing just a towel preferred. As for me you will just have to find out.
Your naughty friend
P.S. The extra gifts you requested are on my patio table, I hope we will enjoy them together.”
They put down the note and Tessa said, “He’s rite; we should go to his house; we can be much naughtier there.”

They both got up and started to get dressed for the walk over to Keith’s house.

Chapter 5
3 dreams come true

Back in their bikinis and net tunics, Lily and Tessa enter through Keith’s back gate and notice him naked waiting for them at the patio table.

He asks them, “Would you sexy ladies like something to drink?”

Tessa said, “I would love a Margarita if you got one.” as she started to undress.

“Me too.” Lily said, as she fallowed suit and undressed so she wouldn’t be the only one wearing clothes.

Keith said, “Your in luck I just happen to have a batch in the freezer. Come on in, I will show you around.”

Keith got them all a Margarita and showed them most of the house.

As they all headed back down stairs Tessa asked, “So you see anything interesting with your telescope?”

“Just the two hottest chicks in America.” Keith said with a smile looking back at them as he looked them over.
Keith stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned around stopping Lily and Tessa before they could step down off the last step leaving them more at the same height as him. He wrapped his arms around them and pulled them all together feeling both of their naked bodies pressed against his for the first time.

Tessa wrapped her arms around Keith’s waist and pulled their hips together as she looked him in the eyes, and said, “My I explore your body? I have never been with a naked man before.”

Keith replied, “You have know idea how much I would like that. I really would love to explore both of your bodies too.”

They all hugged and headed out to the back porch. Keith got all 4 of the chase lounge cushions and laid them side by side next to the pool and laid down in the middle of them. Lily set her drink down on the table she noticed the joint and dildo Keith had set out for them. She picked up the joint and fired it up and joined Keith and Tessa. They all took a few hits of the joint as Tessa began running her hands over Keith’s body. Tessa was captivated with exploring Keith’s body as Lily snuggled next to Keith and began to touch herself, excited by watching Tessa’s fascination with the male body. Tessa smiled as she felt his cock harden in her hands and watched with amazement as Keith’s testicles constricted up tight against his stiffening shaft in the cool night air. Keith laid there with one arm around Lily and his other hand exploring Tessa’s back side as Tessa knelt beside him.

Lily said with a broken voice on the edge of another orgasm, “Take her Keith; I want to see you fuck her.”

“Not so fast big guy, I’m enjoying this.” Tessa said as she lightly ran her finger tips over Keith’s crotch and shaved scrotum watching with fascination as his cock responded to her touch.

“You have a beautiful cock.” Tessa said as she scooped up a drop of pre-come with her finger tip from the tip of his penis and used it as lip gloss.

Lily scooted up on one elbow, leaned over Keith and began kissing him passionately as her firm small breasts pressed against his chest. He could now reach her foxy little ass and wet pussy from behind her. He began to lightly working his middle finger in-between Lily’s inter labia and over her swollen clit. It was not long at all before she started to have an orgasm.

Lily looked at Keith as she came and said, “I’m sorry, I’m cuming, oh, I’m cuming, I’m so sorry.”

Keith felt bad that she seemed to feel guilty for enjoying this pleasure and said as he continued to rub her clit, “It is OK Lily, it’s OK, I want you enjoy my touch, I love that you are cuming.”

This just made her come more and harder as she began saying, “It’s too good, I’m cuming, It’s too good, I’m sorry.”

She rolled over onto her back trapping Keith’s hand under her to stop the pleasure as she squeezed her own breasts into her hands.

“Take me, I want you to take me.” Lily said as she rolled onto her side into a fetal position with her back facing Keith and Tessa.

Keith looked at Tessa hoping for some guidance feeling a bit uncertain about what to do because of the way she was apologizing. Lily seemed to have internalized in an erotic state of mind.

“Please fuck me.” Lily said, as she pushed her ass closer to him.

Tessa said, “Fuck her Keith, fuck her hard.”
Keith got up on his knees and positioned himself behind Lily as she laid on her side still in the fetal position. Tessa not wanting to be left out followed Keith over to Lily knelt behind Keith with one hand cupping his balls in-between his legs and reaching around him with her other hand to help guide his cock into Lily. Tessa’s rubbed her nice round breast against Keith’s back as they worked together to get his cock started into Lily.

Lily looked back at Keith with a wanting look in her eyes and said, “Do it, take Me.” as she pushed her virgin pussy against his hard cock.

The head of his cock slipped into her wet vaginal opening as she scooted closer to him. Tessa reached around Keith with both arms getting a good grip on Lily’s pelvis and rammed her hip into Keith’s butt driving his hard cock deep inside of Lily’s tight virgin pussy as they both almost fell on top of Lily. Lily’s hymen broke with very little pain and she only pulled away for a moment then she seemed to internalize even farther into a state of sexual bliss. Keith began to work his cock slowly in and out of her working his cock into her a little deeper with each stroke.

Lily kept whispering over and over, “It’s too big; it’s too big.”

Keith asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

Lily replied, “Oh don’t stop; I love your cock in me; don’t stop.”

Tessa knelt over Lily and pushed Lily’s shoulder back rolling her onto her back and held her down as she began kissing her. Keith then pulled Lily’s leg over so he was in-between her legs and filled her pussy with his cock. Lily started moaning loudly as Keith drove his cock in and out of her.

Tessa shouted, “Ya you stud, fuck her with that big dick!”

“It’s too good; I’m cuming; I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Lily whispered as she started to have her first orgasm with a man inside her.

Keith loved how Lily was able to cum so easily. Seeing and hearing Lily cuming so soon after just having a orgasm excited Keith so much that he had to freeze in place to keep from coming.

Keith gasped, “Don’t move!”

Lily said, “I can feel your heart beat inside of me.”

Keith fought off his orgasm methodically taking in deep breaths and exhaling slowly.

Keith said 5 deep breaths later, “God that was close.”

He slowly slid his cock deep inside of her finding her cervix with the head of his cock.

“It’s too big, it’s too big.” Lily chanted as Keith gently tested how much further he could penetrate her.

When he felt her limit he stopped and gently remained there as he laid down on top of her and began to lovingly kiss her. Lily began to cry as they kissed. Keith thought that he was hurting her and quickly pulled out of her as he push himself up to his knees.

Keith asked, “Are you OK, why are you crying?”

Lily replied, “I don’t know.”

Keith asked, “Did I hurt you?”

Lily said as she sobbed, “No, it’s so beautiful. I have never felt so good.”

Keith said, “You’re beautiful.”

He slid his middle finger into her vagina and hooked her g-spot. Lily gasped as he pressed his finger tip firmly against it and began to massage her g-spot as he finger fucked her. Tessa crawled beside them and started to rub Lily’s wet clit.

Lily shouted as her abs clinched tight, “Oh fuck! What the hell are you doing to me!”

Keith with short fast strokes finger fucked her vigorously rubbing her g-spot as Tessa attentively rubbed Lilys extremely sensitive clit.

“I’m sorry; I’m so sorry.” Lily said seeming to apologize for it feeling so good.

Lily’s first gushing orgasm came on strong as her fluids squirted out of her Skenes glands onto Keith’s palm splashing everyone.

“Shit! what the fuck!” Lily shouted as she jumped up horrified and surprised by her gushing orgasm.

Keith grabbed her arm as she leaped to a stand keeping her from falling into the pool.

“Fuck! Oh my god!” Lily said with a scared look on her face.

Keith could see that she was distort he stood up and held her in his arms.

“It’s OK Lily; It’s called a gushing orgasm or a female ejaculation; the fluid is much like the males semen, just a lot more of it. You should not be embarrassed by it; your lucky most women never experience one.”

Lily started to laugh and said as her legs shook, “That felt so fucking good!”

Keith asked, “Want another one?”

Lily said, “Nope, I’m good; it’s Tessa’s turn.”

Keith swept Lily off of her feet and held her close as they began to kiss. He laid her back down on the cushion and took her breast into his mouth as he cuddled up to her. Lily began to fall back into a relaxed blissful state as Keith relished this moment with her. Tessa crawled to the other side of Lily and snuggled up to her wrapping her arm around her in a loving embrace. They all laid there together kissing and touching each other in a loving celebration of Lily no longer being a virgin.

The intimate moment with Lily began to pass as Keith and Tessa found themselves drawn together and started to passionately kiss one another as they leaned over Lily. Their lust for each other over took them as Tessa crawled over Lily and laid on top of Keith locked in a passionate kiss. Keith really liked Tessa’s spunk and appreciated her wit and could already tell that she was the smarter one of the two. Tessa has a love for life that made her shine and Keith found himself drawn to her. Keith’s passion for her was not just based on his physical attraction for her any more; he really liked her and was looking forward to getting to know her on many levels.
Tessa’s full breast pressed against Keith’s chest as the length of his hard cock pressed against her belly.

Tessa sat up, looking playfully into Keith’s eyes Tessa said, “I was not finished exploring you yet.”

She slid down and took Keith’s penis into her mouth. Tessa’s warm mouth, in contrast to the cool night air felt amazing on Keith’s cock. Tessa could feel the blood pulsing through the veins that were now bulging on his erection. She couldn’t believe how hard he was. She leaned her head back to take it all in visually.

Tessa said passionately, “I love your cock!”

She took the base of it in her hand and squeezed slightly, running her tongue around the rim of its head. To her delight, pre-cum emerged from the tip and she tasted him again.

“You and Lily taste good together.” Tessa said as she noticed Lily rubbing her clit againe.

The rush of excitement made her face flush as vaginal wetness ran out her. Keith groaned in ecstasy as Tessa felt blood swelling her clit as she ran her tongue along Keith’s shaft. Keith moved up on to his knees and he took her head in his hands and gently pushed his cock into her mouth.
Tessa wrapped her hands around Keith’s cock making her hands an extension of her mouth and started pleasuring him with her hands and mouth. Tessa could feel his every heart beat in her mouth and hands as Keith tried to hold back his seed from filling her mouth.

Lily, watching, felt a surge of wetness in her pussy. To her surprise, she was again aroused at the sight of the two of them. She moved quietly and knelt down behind Keith. Lily, admiringly started sliding her hands between Keith’s butt cheeks and over his crotch and gently massaging his tight smooth balls as Tessa sucked him ravenously.

Keith called out passionately, “Stop I’m going to come! I’m going to come!”

Tessa moaned and Lily whispered, “Give it to her. Take him Tessa!”
No amount of breathing was going to stop this orgasm. Keith let out a deep groan an exploded with an intense orgasm, filling Tessa’s mouth with his cum. She sucked and went down more intensely on his cock. His knees quivering, he threw his head back and shouted “don’t stop, God, don’t stop!” Lily moved around to watch Tessa take Keith’s load erupting into her mouth. Keith in ecstasy pulls Tessa’s head into his throbbing cock driving his erection deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Keith says to Tessa, “I want to make love to you.” As he releases her head form his hands.

Tessa’s eyes watered as her mouth slowly slid off of his pulsating erection. She gasped for air and said, “I would love for you to be the first man inside me.”

Keith stood up and pulled Tessa to her feet. Tessa wrapped her arms around Keith’s neck as Keith lifted her off of her feet by her sexy ass. Tessa’s wet pussy was pressed tight against Keith’s erection as Tessa wrapped her legs around Keith’s waist she kissed Keith as she reach down and pushed his pulsating cock into her wanting wet opening. Tessa lunged herself over his cock filling her virgin pussy as fare as she could with out hurting herself.

Locked in this embrace Keith carried her into the pool where they made love. Lily fallowed them into the pool and swam around them watching and reaching out and touching them as they made love. Tessa slipped into a primal sex mode and fucked Keith aggressively lounging and grinding herself on his hard cock taking more and more of his long cock inside of her. Orgasms flowed over her again and again as he banged away at her wanting to get even more of his cock inside her. Suddenly her eyes rolled back into her head as she started twitching in orgasmic pleasure. She relaxed her legs still wrapped around him and letting Keith push his long shaft fill the rest of the way inside her. Tessa gasped as she took his penis. Lily seeing this swam over behind Tessa and held her head up out of the water as she relaxed and let Keith take her pussy completely. Keith grabbed her hips and pounded into Tessa as she twitched and jerked.

Tessa pushed away from Keith’s grip and said, “I need a break!”

Now hanging on to the side of the pool trying to catch her breath she gasped, “I love your fucking dick!”

Keith then grabbed Lily’s arm, turned her around and pulled her butt first to his still hard cock he bent her over in the shallow water and shoved his cock into her.

Lily said, “take me.”

Keith grabbed her hips and fucked her tight pussy with loving long strokes. When Tessa caught her breath she joined them and they embraced in a kiss with Lily as Lily pressed her cervix against the head of Keith’s cock. Keith pulled his cock out of Lily suddenly realizing that he was about to shoot what was left of his seed into her. He pulled it out just in time and shot his small load on to her back and ass as he moaned loudly.

They all laughed looking exhausted from the very eventful day. As they got out of the pool the cooler night air sent them running for there towels and into the house. They all dried each other off in the warmth of the house as sun began to rise.

Keith said, “Looks like the sun is coming up.”

Tessa replies, “We better get back before my mom and dad wake up.”

Keith said, “There is a key to the house under the naked fairy statue by the pool; Come in when ever you would like.

Lily asks, “Can we really come back when ever we want?”

Keith replies, “Ya, please do, but seriously, this has to be a secret until we figure out something that will work with your parents. Come together or alone just try not to be seen when you come in until we are sure that your parents are going to be cool with you coming here. All that I ask in return is that we will always be sincere with each other, do we have a deal?”

Lily replies as Keith slid his hands down to their butt cheeks, “Tessa and I make promises like this; we lock pinkies like this” as the two of them locked pinkies, “We call it a pinkie swear.”

They all locked pinkies and Lily started saying the promise, Tessa joined in and Keith fallowed saying, “I pinkie swear to always be sincere with each other for ever and ever.”

Tessa says, “I love your cock! I’ll be back to do very naughty things with you.”

Lily says “I came instantly when you took me. I really like being taken by you.”

Keith says, “We have had such an erotic day. You both are so incredibly sexy. I will never forget this day.”

Lily and Tessa now back in their bikinis and net tunics and Keith naked with his cock still swollen from all the erotic sex.

Tessa says, “We got to go so we can sneak in before they wakeup.”

Keith opens the door and walks them to the gate. He then takes Lily into his arms gives her a kiss. Lily submits to his touch as he looks into her ayes. Tessa grabs Keith’s arm and pulls him to face her. She grabs his ass with both hands and pulls his naked body up to hers.

Tessa says, “I had a really naughty and nice time. Wish I could put you in my pocket and take you with me.”

Keith replies, “You can come take me any time you want.”
Tessa grabs Keith’s cock and leads him to open the gate. She slaps him on the ass as they all smile enjoying Tessa’s dominate side. Keith submits and opens the gate for them realizing that Tessa may have a wild side.

Tessa takes Lily’s hand as she peeks up and down the alley then they run down the alley to Tessa’s gate.

Chapter 6
Kate’s discovery

Lily and Tessa gathered their things from the tent and went to sleep in Tessa’s bedroom in a loving embrace. Kate walked into Tessa’s bedroom not expecting to find them there to gather laundry about 8:30am. She stood there for a moment a little shocked because she could tell that they were asleep cuddling each other under the covers.

Kate thought, “Hmm wonder if they realize that they’re cuddling.” .

She snuck over and peeled the covers back to see if they were naked.

Kate said to her self, “Hmmm you are naked.”

Kate stood there looking at how beautiful and sexy the two young ladies looked laying there in a naked embrace. Tessa was spooning Lily and had her hand cupping one of Lily’s breast as they slept. Kate covered them back up and left the room with the laundry wondering if her daughter’s friendship with Lily had become sexual.

Kate doing the laundry found the dildos that they had rolled up in the towel.

Kate Thought to her self, “Holly shit, I guess that answers that question.”

Kate became aroused by the two dildos pressed against each other in the towel. It has always been a fantasy of Kate’s to be fucked by two guys at the same time with their cocks pressed tight against each other deep in her vagina. She felt herself getting wet as she thought about what it would feel like to have such a beautiful cock inside herself. Jim would not let her buy sex toys because of his political spotlight. Kate loves cock and decided to use this opportunity to have a fantasy with the two beautiful shafts.

Kate rinsed them off and went into her bedroom and started fantasizing about herself, with her husband and Keith having a threesome together. Kate’s wanting pussy was getting very wet as she slid the entire length of the dildo over her wet opening and against her clit. As she teased herself this way she then slid the other one into her mouth sucking it as she slipped deeper into her fantasy. Kate loves cock and pushed it deep into her mouth wanting every bit of it that she could stand with out gagging her self as she imagined Keith fucking yahya kaptan escort her mouth forcefully.

She had teased her vagina long enough and could not wait any longer to feel that big cock inside of her. She rolled over and got on her knees strataling a stiff boaster placing the base of the dildo on it and pushed her pussy down deep inside her vagina.

“Oh fuck!” she said out loud loving how good the dildo felt inside of her.

“Oh my god this cock feels so good!” she said to herself as she slowly started fucking Keith’s cock in her fantasy, imagining her husband was watching. She pushed down onto it deeper with each stroke wanting to get all of it inside of her. Kate was loving how good the Keith replica felt deep inside her welcoming vagina. She rolled over onto her back and started pounding away at her vagina vigorously. Adding her husband to the fantasy she grabbed the other dildo and slipped it into her pussy with the other.

“Fuck yes!” she yells out loud as she pushes them both in and out of her self.

Kate’s pussy was stretched tight around the two shafts and she wanted more. Wanting to get deeper penetration she went over to a wood chair and put the dildos side by side on the seat and slip them both in her vagina. Slowly she went up and down on them as she rubbed her clit with her fingers and working the dildos deeper and deeper inside of herself as fantasized about being fucked by two men at the same time.

She said out loud, “Oh fuck yes, fuck me.”

She started to have an orgasm as she buried the two cocks deep inside herself by planting her butt on the wood seat. Kate’s mind was deep into her fantasy while she had one of the best orgasms of her life. She kept rubbing her clit and grinding the two cocks deep inside her self as she moaned with pleasure moving from one orgasm to the next.

Kate finely relaxes over the back of the chair panting and laughing happily.

She thought to herself, “I love the way two cocks feel inside me. I better thank the girls for this in some way.”

She cleaned up the toys and put them back into the towel and snuck it back into Tessa’s bedroom. Later Tessa and Lily woke up around noon. They laid in bed together smiling, kissing and talking. When Kate herd them giggling she knocked on the door then quickly let her self in hoping to catch the two of them naked but Tessa and Lily were still under the covers.

Kate asked, “You girls hungry?”

Tessa replied quickly, “Yes I’m starving!”

Lily replied with a mischievous grin, “Yes thank you, I am starving too.”

Kate said, “I’ll go make the prettiest two girls I’ve ever seen some breakfast.”

Tessa replied, “Wow, thanks mom.”

Lily and Tessa got up and went to help Kate cook breakfast. Jim had left early that morning for a meeting. So the girls had the house to them selves. Kate enjoyed seeing Tessa and Lily so happy and hungry.

Chapter 7

Later on Lily was walking home wondering if her parents would be able to tell that she was not a virgin any more. She felt different, more sexy, more confident and she felt good about finding her sexuality in the way she did.

Lily thought to her self, “I must be bisexual, because I love and desire both. I would love for them to just take me at the same time.”

Tessa goes to her room and opens her blinds so she could see Keith’s office. She takes her clothes off in front of the window so he could see her if he was watching. She then goes and admires herself in front of the mirror lightly running her hands over her sexy body.

Tessa thought to her self, “I think I will go pay Keith a visit. Hmm, what shall I wear, I know.”

Tessa liked to buy different pieces of sexy clothing to make her own clothing designs out of them. She made one outfit that was too sexy to weir in public and the only person that she had ever worn it for was Lily to show off her work and to see if would turn her on.

She starts getting dressed in her sexyest creation that has black fishnet sleeves and shoulders that are sown to a 3” wide black leather strap that wraps around her back and over her breasts leaving a sexy gap inbetween her tits where it is laced together. Sown to the bottom of the 3″ leather strap was more fishnet that she sowed a black leather guarder belt to hold up her black fishnet stockings. After getting the one piece and her fishnet stockings on she slips on her black leather short shorts and packs her black lacey 9” elevator shoes into her backpack. She puts her makeup on extra sexy and then puts on some loose fitting plane clothes to hide her sexy outfit until she gets to Keith’s house. She tells her mom that she going for a walk and heads over to Keith’s house.

Dudly woke up Keith barking Saturday around 1:30 in the afternoon wanting to go out. Keith got up and started his usual morning routine, walking around the house nude and thinking about sex as usual.

Keith was used to living with risk because of the nature of his sex furniture business. Keith was smart though and set his business up in a way that made him practically invisible from opposing activist that thought that it should not be legal to sell sexual aid products that they considered to be perverted.

Lily and Tessa worried him though and thought that he should get them to sign the same legally binding document that he has all his venders, employee’s and customers sign. Signing the document prevented them from sharing any secrets about the products being manufactured. Even the nature of the business is considered secret with the exception that they make furniture and furniture accessories. Keith then decides that he should not let them know about his business or let them enjoy anymore of his products unless they are willing to sign the document.

Tessa walks to Keith’s house feeling sexy, knowing how hot she looks underneath the plain clothes. She gets the key and opens the back door and lets her self in.

She yell’s out as she puts her things down, “Keith, you home?”

Keith answers, “Tessa?”

Tessa replies, “Yep, are you here alone?”

Keith replies’ “Ya, how about you?”

She starts taking off the plain clothes so she can surprise Keith with her sexy outfit.

She replies, “Yep, it’s just me.”

Keith puts on black running shorts and a black T-shirt real quick and goes down stairs to greet her. As Keith walks into the closed in patio where Tessa was standing there lighting up a half smoked joint she found in the ashtray. Keith sees her and stops.

Keith has a kinky side of him that he fantasizes about. He has always hoped that he would find a partner that had a kinky side too. Seeing Tessa in her outfit made him wonder if he had met his match.

Keith says, “Wow Tessa, you look so incredibly….”

Tessa interrupts him and says confidently, “I designed it and made it.”

Keith replies, “Wow, you have some serious skills.”

Tessa asks, “Really, you like?”

Keith says, “I love it; it looks perfect on you; it’s so sexy and naughty at the same time.”

Tessa could see through his thin running shorts that he was starting to get an erection as he stood there looking her over.

Keith said, “Tessa you are a stunningly sexy lady.”

Tessa walks over to him slow and sexy. She is 6’-1” tall in her platform high heels making her only 2” shorter then him and the perfect height for them to have standing sex together.

She grabs his cock through his thin shorts and says, “I love your cock; sometimes I wish I had one,” She laughs and says, “I can’t believe I just told you that.”

Keith kisses her and says, “I guess all that outfit needs now then is a black leather strap-on harness with a dildo.”

Tessa looks at Keith and says, “Fuck ya! That would be so hot?”

Keith says, “Ya, lesbians buy them mostly but women buy them to fuck their boyfriends and husbands too.”

“Fuck that is so hot; I want one.” Tessa says as she imagined herself wearing a strap-on and dominating Keith and Lily.

Keith gets them mixed drinks and leads Tessa up to his office as they talked.

Tessa says, “I’v all ways been curious what is that men like about getting fucked in the butt.”

Keith says, “This my sound a little weird but from my research I have learned that a man can have an orgasm from just stimulating the prostate anally, they don’t even have to have an erection.”

Tessa said, “Really, the prostate, can you have both kinds of orgasms at the same time?”

Keith replies, “Yes and they can be mind blowingly intense.”

Tessa asks as they get to the office, “So you have had orgasms like that before?”

Keith grabs her and pulls her up against him and says, “Yes I have, but I really can’t tell you any more unless you will sign a document.”

She asks Keith, “What? Really? What document?”

Keith prints the document for her and she sits down and reads it to her.

Tessa demands, “What the hell does this have to do with a prostate orgasm?”

He replies, “nothing really but I can explain truthfully if you sign that.”

She gets up and walks around the desk and says, “If I sign this will you let me give you a prostate orgasm?”

He smiles and says, “Gladly.”

She sits down on Keith’s lap and signs the document.

She turns around and says, “Now my man toy, tell me more.”

Keith says, “It’s much more fun to show you, come on we can start with the toy room. Maybe we can find something that will work with that outfit, not that it needs any thing but I have some thing you may like.”

Keith leads Tessa to a hidden door in his bedroom on the 2nd floor and turns on the display lighting in the room full of sex toys of all sizes, shapes and colors. Tessa walks around the room amazed by of all the different kinds of sex toys.

Keith says, “Would you like to explore that fantasy of yours by strapping on a dildo?”

Tessa replies, “Fuck yes, I would love to strap one of these on to see what it feels like to have a cock.”

Keith hands her a new black leather strap-on harness with the slip-on plug for attaching the dildo.

And says, “Pick out the cock that looks most like the cock you imagine yourself having when you were wishing that you had a penis.”

Tessa says, “This is my dick.” As she picks it up off of the shelf.

Keith explained to her how the harness goes on and how to attach the dildo and told her he would wait for her in bed wile she put it on. Tessa slips her leather short shorts off and steps into the harness, adjusts the straps and slips the dildo on the plug. She checks out her cock in the mirrored walls behind the shelves. She felt In-powered as she imagined herself being able to penetrate Keith and Lily. Tessa walks out to show Keith her cock. Keith greets her with a hard-on and a hug, their dicks cross as Keith kisses her and takes her in his arms.

Keith gets some lube and hands it to her and says, “I would love to see you stroke that new cock of yours.”

She puts some lube on it and starts to stroke it. Keith stands her in front of the full length mirror so she could see herself stroking her dick.

Keith standing behind her whispers in her ear and says, “Wow you look so freaking sexy”

He slips his rock hard cock into her wet vagina as she pushed her sexy butt against Keith to take in more of his cock. Tessa and Keith admired themselves making love in the mirror. She looked so sexy in her outfit stroking her strap-on that she was turning her self on. He reaches down whith her ether hand and started rubbing her clit as he pushed his cock in an out of her in rhythm with her strokes to her strapped on cock. It was not long before Tessa started to have an orgasm as she fantasized about cuming with her new dick.

Tessa with wobbly legs turns around and wraps her arms around his neck and says, “Why do you have a hidden room full of sex toys?”

Keith replies, “Well, it’s a really long story so the quick answer is that I have a bit of a sex toy fetish.”

She sarcastically replies, “No Really?!”

She grabs him by his penis and leads him to the bed. “I’m going to need a little more information about that.”

She pushes him down on the bed, climes on top of him and slips his cock deep into her vagina and says, “Do you feel like your being taken advantaged of.”

Keith laughs, as she lightly raked her fingernails over his chest and says, “You are such a naughty girl Tessa.”

She replies, “I’m naughty?! You’re the guy that stuck his dick through a hole in the fence and has a hidden room full of sex toys.”

Keith starts fucking her hard and fast wishing he could keep Tessa as his personal sex toy.

Tessa says, “Fuck yes, I love your cock!” as she goes primal.

He says jokingly, “Thanks I like yours too.” As it slapped his belly as they fucked.

Tessa says, “Sex toy perv is what you are; now tell me about your research you naughty man.”

Keith sits up as he crossed his lags pulling her close to him as he embraces her.

Keith says, “Can I keep you.” As he grabs her little ass and buries his cock a little deeper into her.

Tessa says, “Easy big boy, your just a little too big for me.”

Keith says, “I don’t want to share you. I want you to be my naughty girl.”

Tessa says, “What about Lily?”

Keith says, “Tessa you are hotter then hell, your smart, your fun. I really like you. Lily is really fucking supper hot and all but I think we could have something most people never could.”

Tessa says, “You’re the only man I have eyes for, I am so into you too Keith. I would love for you to be my lucky man.”

Tessa fills her vagina with his cock as she kisses him then says, “How would you feel about us having Lily as our sex toy.”

Keith says, “She doe’s seem submissive.”

Tessa says, “We don’t even need to tell her, she will just take her place.”

Keith says, “I’m cool with it. Lets have some fun.”

Tessa says, “She’s going to love it; we may have to keep her for ever.”

Keith says, “I’m keeping you. Your parents are just going to have to get over it.”

Tessa says, “Are you going to tell me why I had to sign that document? You keep changing the subject; and what about the prostrate? What’s up with the toy room? Now that we are in a relationship, I want some answers!”

Keith says, “OK, lay your back down on the bed I want to show you where your g-spot is.”

He slips 2 fingers into her vagina and hooks his fingers up behind her pelvic bone.

Keith asks, “Can you feel that?”

Tessa says, “Ya! Fuck that feels really good right there.”

Keith says as he starts bang away on her g-spot sending her into a new kind of vaginal pleasure, “OK here is the scoop on the g-spot. In a woman’s vagina the g-spot is in the same place as a mans prostrate but is beside our rectum, when you press against it with your fingers it the prostrate will feel like a lump about the size of a walnut. The prostrate seems to the best kept secret among heterosexuals. It is a shame though because my guess is that most straight men and there wives have no idea how good a prostrate massage can feel.”

Tessa says, “Lucky for you I know now. How did you find out?”

Keith says, “One of my customers told me about it. Come down stairs with me and I will give you some more answers.”

Tessa seductively walked in front of Keith with a big smile on her face. She looks really sexy in her outfit she made and she knew it. The strap-on she’s wearing gave her a kinky, naughty look that she was enjoying and Keith was aroused by. When they reached the living room Tessa sat down on the couch expecting some answers.

Keith said, “So you want some answers, what’s your first question?”

Tessa says, “What’s the document about?”

Keith says, “Is about that couch you sitting on.”

Tessa says sarcastically, “Would you please elaborate the suspense is killing me.”

Keith says, “OK; All those sex toy’s in that room upstairs are the accessories for that couch your sitting on.”

Tessa says, “Seriously dude… Really?”

Keith says, “That couch can fuck you in oh-so many ways.”

Tessa says, as she jumped up to take a better look at the couch. “No fucking way, you have got to be kidding me!”

Keith says, “That couch is top secret, only those who seek it because they want one and people who work for me are supposed to know about it. You’re the exception to the role and maybe our pet Lilly will be too. But even the exceptions to the rule must sign the document. So basically I make people sign that so that they more or less get that I don’t want to have a bunch of bible thumpers picketing out in my front yard because I make and sell high end sex aid furniture.”

“Wow!” Tessa says, “This is turning me on! My man is so naughty.” With her eyes open wide and a big smile on her face.

Tessa turns and seductively walks over to Keith as she grabs her strapped on cock and says in a domineering way, “I want you to demonstrate how to use the couch to have a prostrate orgasm.”
Keith summits to her demand saying, “As you wish my love. Then my I give you a ride on the couch?”

He gets up, pulls Tessa into his arms and says, “Come with me, I’ll show you how I prepare myself and the sex machine for anal penetration.”

Keith starts to explain how to prepare the sex machine for use saying, “First you use the remote to enter the password to wake it then start the attachment and lube warmer. This one warms and self lubricates the attachments.”

Keith hands her the remote and says, “The pass word is (sex).”

Tessa types it in and the couch starts to come alive. Tessa watches and listens to the couch as it starts to transform. First she sees the seat cousins part then the thrust arm moves over into the new opening ready for attaching the toy.

Keith says, “Lets let that warm up the toys for a wile I go prepare myself for a prostrate massage.”

Keith then shows Tessa his quick rectum cleaning and pre lube techniques and they head back down stairs. Keith opens the hidden attachment warmer drawer and shows Tessa the 5 attachments he likes to use on himself and explains how the g-spot stimulator works perfectly for massaging the males prostrate and a woman’s g-spot. He slips it on the arm and sits down on the couch over the toy. He pushes the (start g-spot massage) button, lube starts slowly flowing out of the tip of the toy then the machine starts the slow initial movements of the start penetration phase.

Tessa kneels down in between Keith’s legs watches the toy push gently against his anis. She lubes up her strapped on cock and starts stroking it as she watched the g-spot toy begin to enter him. Keith moaned as he felt the machine go into penetrate mode pushing the g-spot stimulator past his sphincter muscles and starting the g-spot/ prostrate stimulation movement. Keith stroked his big hard cock as shock waves of pleasure radiated from his prostrate and through out his body. He moaned the pressure from the probe pressed against his prostrate causing pre-cum to ooz from his hard cock.

Tessa watched with amazement as she grabbed her strapped on cock. She wanted his cock inside her and and wanted to feel him cuming in side of her this time. She climbed on top of him straddling him pushing his semen covered cock into her wanting vagina. Luckily Tessa’s menstrual period was about to start so she was not concerned about getting pregnant. She let Him know so he could fully enjoy the moment and that she wanted him to come inside of her this time. Keith’s throbbing cock felt so good in side her and she felt no shame in using his hard cock for her enjoyment as she fucked him like he had never been fucked before.

Waves of pleasure radiating from his prostate and Tessa’s tight wet vagina relentlessly pounding his cock putting him on the edge of a explosive orgasm. Keith moaned out loud in ecstasy as Tessa went primal on his erection sending him into the best orgasm of his life. Tessa was completely focused on the feeling of his cock pumping his load of sperm into her as he jerked from shock wave after shock wave of orgasmic pleasure. Overwhelmed by the sensations Keith begs Tessa to stop but she silently refused and the remote was out of Keith’s reach so he could not stop the machine from massaging his prostate sending Keith into another round of orgasmic pleasure. His cock was throbbing inside of Tessa with heart beat.

Tessa stopped moving and she reached over and got the remote and handed to Keith to turn off the machine. The machine arm slowly pulls the anal probe out of Keith’s rectum and shut its self down. Tessa still focused on the feeling of Keith’s rock hard penis still throbbing inside her. Keith fell into a relaxed state motionless now and Tessa felt safe to slowly slip her wet come filled vagina down taking as much of Keith’s manhood into herself as she could.

Tessa gasps as she says, “I love your cock Keith, you feel so good inside me.”

Keith’s penis showed no sign of softening as his body felt like it was melting into the couch in his relaxed state.

Keith says, “that was the most earth quaking orgasm I have ever had and then I had an even more awesome orgasm. Thank you for climbing on you felt amazing; You are such an awesome lover.”

Tessa says, “Oh, I am going to fuck you.”

She climbs off of Keith and stands in front of him lubing up her strapped on cock and says, “Do you like my big cock?”

Keith replies, “I must say that strap-on looks really hot on you.”

Keith gets up to change the attachment on the sex machine for Tessa to enjoy. He puts on a g-spot rubbing nub with clit vibrator that work independently. Tessa watches Keith as he was bent over in front of her making the changes to the machine. She really wants to penetrate him and push her strapped on cock into his anus and started to gently fucking him. Keith moaned as she watched herself fuck Keith’s ass.

Tessa says, “I like this!!! How do you like my big dick now?”

Keith moans and says, “Fuck, that feels good Tessa!”

Keith starts pushing his ass against her strokes, moaning loudly as he stood there bent over with his hands on the couch as she fucked him. Tessa was turned on by how much Keith was loving getting fucked by her as she fantasize that she had a real cock. Feeling dominate she grabbed his pelvis and started to fuck him deep and hard. Keith moaned with each breath as Tessa lived this fantasy of hers for the first time.

When Tessa said that she had fantasized about having a cock in the past she was not kidding. She not only fantasized about what it would be like if she had one sometimes she liked to fantasize about fucking men and women with it. She also liked to fantasize about having a three sum with bisexual men and women, some times just watching them and other times participating.

Tessa finally pulls it out and starts slapping Keith’s ass with it and says, “the next time I fuck you like that you might have your cock in Lily.”

Keith says, “I’m not so sure Lily would go for that. Come sit down, your going to like this ride.”

Tessa slipped off the strap-on harness and sat down and positioned her self over the machines probe. Keith gave her a quick lesson on how she could make adjustments to sensation she receives by the machine with the remote thinking she my want to use it on herself someday or that she may want to use it on Lily. He turns on the machine as he watches the machine go into action.

Tessa says, “Ooh! it is warm.” as the probe entered her vagina and started working its magic on her g-spot and clit.

Keith takes the remote and sits down in the lounge chair across the room from the couch to watch Tessa as he controlled the machine with the remote.

Tessa instantly responded to the sensations the machine was delivering to her g-spot. She began shouting out profanity in ecstasy as waves of pleasure engulfed her. Keith’s hard-on was still there and he could not help but stroke himself as he watched Tessa’s first time with his invention. She looked so sexy with her petite perfect body and her beautiful face was showing him how much she was enjoying how the machine was making her feel.

He then activated the clitoral stimulator and watched as it moved up into position to start vibrating against her clit. Tessa’s eyes opened wide when Keith switch the g-spot probe into hyper mode. That with clitoral vibrator at the same time was sure to give almost any woman an extremely powerful orgasm if not an extremely powerful gushing orgasm and Tessa proved to be no exception. She started to have her first g-spot orgasm. Tessa’s body jerked and twitched as she moaned loudly going from orgasm to orgasm. Keith loved seeing his invention giving her such extreme pleasure and wondered how much longer she could take the intense orgasmic sensations.

Soon the machines stimulation had become to intense for her to take. Tessa fell to her side on the couch exhausted. She laid there panting, trying to catch her breath as she started to burst out with laughter.

Keith felt himself falling in love with her as she said, “Oh my god, who knew sex could be so good.”

Keith asks her, “Would you like to go lay in the sun and smoke a joint?”

Tessa replies with love in her eyes, “I would love that.”

They make there way out side by the pool. Keith undresses Tessa in the afternoon sun and they laid together naked in the suns warmth smoking the joint and enjoying each other’s company. Keith’s hard-on finely went down as they laid there gazing into each other’s eyes.

Keith says,” Tessa you should keep the strap-on harness as a gift. I think that Lily would love to see you in that outfit of yours with your strapped on cock.”

Tessa gratefully excepted the strap-on and harness as a gift from Keith.

A little latter Tessa had to leave for her family Saturday evening dinner.

Tessa says as she is about to leave, “Keith, remember your my naughty man now.”

Keith just kissed her and looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Looks like I have found my match, bye for now my equally naughty girl.”

Tessa said, “Equally naughty? Are you bisexual too?”

Keith said, “No, I really have never felt any desire or attraction toward men.

Tessa said, “That’s a bummer, I have always thought it would be hot to watch two men together.”

Keith knew that women are generally much more comfortable with bisexuality then men but it surprised him to find out that she is turned on by the thought of two men having sex together.

Keith said, “Wow; ok; That’s thou me for a loop; Hmm I have some gay and bisexual customers that might be excited by the opportunity of being watched having sex by you.

Tessa could sense that Keith was a little surprised by her openness and thought it was funny. She enjoyed being able to shock him after all the times he had surprised her this weekend.

She said, “Well that’s not fair, you get to enjoy two women together.”

Keith squirmed, and said, “Ahhh… Would it have to be me having sex?”

She said, “Hmmm.. Let me think about that.”

Tessa loved leaving him on this note as she walked out of the gate laughing.


Chapter 8
Lily fallows submissively

Lily spent the afternoon catching up on sleep and thinking about her newly found sexuality and her sexual desire for Tessa and Keith. Lily was raised for the most part by her drunken hostel mother wile her father was away serving in the Army. After her father retired two years ago he started working locally selling life insurance. Life got a little better for Lily when her father started working locally but he was not a loving man either. Lily’s friendship with Tessa and her exposure to Tessa’s loving family environment has been beneficial in Lily’s development. The concept of a loving relationship still did not come easily for Lily. She spent most of the afternoon drifting in and out of sleep, trying to work out in her mind how to be in a loving and sexual friendships.

Lily’s parents never showed any affection for each other. When her mother talked about sex with her she led Lily to believe that sex was not something that women enjoyed and that women just had sex to please there husband. At a very young age Lily got a mind set that women played a submissive role sexually. Because of this when Lily dreamed about sex and fantasizes about having sex she was most aroused by being dominated by her partner. Lily has known for quite some time that most women enjoy sex and now she knew she was one of them. Because of earlier in her life she developed mind sets that Lily would be most aroused and at ease with a more submissive role sexually.

Tessa’s view of her sexuality was much different then Lily’s. Tessa being raised in a loving family environment and the way her mother had always enthusiastically spoke about the joys of sex with Tessa made Tessa very open and uninhibited sexually. So much so that in the past when dating most guys found her eagerness to explore sexuality intimidating and ended up scaring them off. Keith loved that about her though and hoped that her uninhibited desire to enjoy and explore her sexually would never change. He could feel himself falling in love with her and just hoped that he would not end up loosing her. He feared that if he ever lost her he would probably never be lucky enough to find another woman like her.

Keith was spending his evening tending to his hemp, cloning six new plants from his mother plant and preparing dried buds for storage in glass jars. He found himself becoming aroused many times thinking about Lily and Tessa. He loved how Lily could cum so easily and the image of her tall naked slender body was burned into his mind. He was thinking a lot about his growing love for Tessa and her desire to keep Lily in there newly founded relationship. His imagination kept running off into all kinds of erotic scenarios of the three of them.

After dinner Tessa had a deep desire to fuck Lily with her new strap-on. Tessa knew that Lily acted tuff but she was emotionally fragile and was not sure how Lily would react to finding out that she had spent the afternoon with Keith With out her. She wanted to surprise her by going to pay her a unexpected visit then decided to call Keith to get his opinion on what she should say to Lily about there afternoon together.

After about a 30 minute flirty conversation they came to the conclusion that Lily should know that they spent the afternoon together but that she should wait until Keith was there to before telling her about a prostrate orgasm. He also reminded her not to say anything about his sex furniture business until Lily signs the document. He made sure that she knew that he would love to see them both tonight if they could come over and told her to be careful not to hurt Lily’s pussy with her strapped on cock.

Tessa changed into a loosely fitting summer dress that she hoped would hide the strap-on so she could wear it on her way to Lily’s house but the dildo was poking out against her dress so she put on a garter-belt and slipped the dildo under it strapping it against her thigh. The air was still, hot and damp as she walked over to Lily’s house her dress began to cling to her sexy sweaty body as she walked. Normally she would have liked that people could see the shape of her stunningly attractive naked body but she really did not want anyone to see that she was wearing a strap-on or have people think she had a huge cock so she kept having to pull her dress away from her body fanning it to try to dry her sweat.

When she got to Lily’s house Lily’s twin brother Bill answered the door. Bill has been attracted to Tessa every since he was 10 years old when he and Tessa a bunch of other neighborhood kids including Lily got together and played spin the bottle and truth or dare together. Tessa was fanning her dress when he opened the door but the elastic strip just below her breasts that wrapped her chest in her dress did not let any air flow over her beautiful breasts. Her dress clung tightly against them and his eyes became fixed on them as he tried to greet her but he was too stunned by her beauty and could not speak. Feeling embarrassed he awkwardly moved out of her way and let her in.

Tessa went to Lily’s room feeling empowered by her strapped on cock and wanted to take Lily by surprise. When she walked into her room Lily was in the shared bathroom in between Lily and Bills bedrooms getting ready to head over to Tessa’s house. Tessa then pulled she strapped on cock out from under the garter belt and pushed it in between her thighs to hold there until she was ready to let it pop out at her. Lily had just got out of the shower and was standing in front of the mirror naked with her hair wrapped in a bath towel putting on some makeup when Tessa surprised her by opening the door. Lily was startled and grabbed an other towel to cover her naked body, relieved it that it was Tessa she was still a little startled.

Tessa just stood their for a moment admiring Lily’s sexy naked body and then signaled with her index finger for Lily to come to her. Lily pulled the towel from her hair and slowly walked over to her. Tessa held arms up over her head as Lily stopped in front of her suggestively implying that she wanted her to pull her dress off. Lily smiled and submissively pulled Tessa’s dress off up over her head.

Tessa whispered to her, “I am going to fuck you hard.” As she let her strapped on cock pop free from her thighs.

Lily was inundated with emotions and thoughts realizing that Tessa must have gone to see Keith without her when she saw the strap-on. She could feel herself getting wet as Tessa dominated her forcefully leading her to her bed. Seeing her sexy body wearing the black leather harness with the big life like dildo was overwhelming her with excitement anticipating being taken by her. Lily’s hands and legs began to tremble as her wetness started running down her legs.

“Turn around and put your hands on the bed.” Tessa said forcefully as she grabbed her and forced her to comply.

Lily fell over the edge of the bed face first arching her hip up wanting to be taken but too week at the knees to stand. Tessa could see her vaginal fluids soaking her and running down her legs and knew she was ready to be fucked. Tessa forcefully pulled Lily’s pelvis off the edge of the bed as she demanded Lily to stand bending over the bed with her legs spread. Tessa was loving that she could finely dominate Lily after all of the years of secretly wanting her sexually. She was extremely turned on by imagining that her strapped on cock was part of her anatomy. Lily’s legs were shaking as she tried to submissively hold herself up as demanded by Tessa. Tessa had one hand on Lily’s pelvis keeping Lily on her feet and with her other hand she guided her strapped on cock into Lily’s wet pussy.

Tessa watched excitedly as the dildo begin to enter Lily enjoying her fantasy of having a cock. She slowly slid it in and out for her letting it go in a little deeper as Lily’s wetness worked its way up the length of the dildo. Lily’s very sensitive vagina was sending extreme waves of pleasure radiating from the dildo throughout her body giving her goosebumps on her butt, back and arms.

Lily softly chanted, “It’s too good… It’s too good…” As her legs shook.

Tessa took a handful of Lily’s hair in her hand and pulled her head back as she realized Lily’s vagina could not safely take anymore of the length of her strapped on cock. Lily started to have a vaginal orgasm and collapsed over the edge of the bed. Lily gushed spraying fluids on Tessa’s legs as the dildo slipped out. Lily moaned loudly as she buried her face into the bedspread trying not to be heard by everyone in the house. This reminded Tessa about what Keith had told her about gushing g-spot orgasms so she slipped two fingers into Lily and started finger fucking Lily hooking her fingertips firmly over her g-spot. Lily trying not to make to much noise shrieked into the bedspread overwhelmed by how good Tessa was making her feel.

Lily gushed again instantly when Tessa’s fingers slipped out of her as Lily squirmed. Making Tessa realize that when she quickly pulled out of her vagina Lily gushed instantly. Tessa wanted to see if she could make her gush again so she quickly started finger fucking her again aggressively and then pulling out of her. Lily would gush almost every time she pulled her fingers out of her and Lily would scream with ecstasy. Tessa was getting soaked by Lily’s gushing as she kneeled on the floor behind Lily face down half on the bed. Lily’s gushing orgasms were becoming to overwhelming and she slid herself off of the bed curling up into ball on the wet floor with her hands over her crotch trembling as she looked up at Tessa with amazement of how good she could make her feel.

Tessa proudly smiled at her as she got up and sexily slipped off the strap-on harness. She went and got some towels dried herself off an lovingly helped Lily up from the floor. Lily stood there in awe of the power Tessa had over her as Tessa gently dried her off.

Tessa says enthusiastically, “I loved that! Do you know how long I have wanted to take you like that!

Lily loved submitting to Tessa’s desire and the anticipation that she could be sexually dominated by her again when ever Tessa wanted to take her really turned her on. Lily was also feeling a little sad knowing that Tessa and Keith were together with out her. As much as she would love to submit to there sexual desires she felt jealous that she was not with them this afternoon. Lily plopped down on the bed trying to hold back her tears. Tessa could see she was about to start crying.

Tessa says jokingly, “Do you feel like I took advantage of you.”

Lily pouted and says, “No not really, I really liked being taken by you that way.”

Tessa asks, “Then why do you seem so sad all of a sudden?”

Lily says, “I’m not like you Tessa; I don’t know how to handle this; Everything has changed so fast.”

Tessa knew that Lily must know that she was with Keith earlier without her because of the strap-on harness and dildo that Lily kept starring at laying on the floor and that she did not want to admit that she felt left out. Tessa thought for a moment trying to think of a way to ease her mind and make her feel better but could not think of any quick fixes and decided to just be straight with her about it hoping they could work it out.

Tessa says, “I went to see Keith this afternoon.”

Lily trying not to cry says, “I kind of figured that one out.”

Tessa says, “Do you know that I love you Lily.”

Lily snivels and says, “Really? I’m not sure I know how to love.”

Tessa asks, “Why?”

Lily starts to cry and says, “I don’t know why!”

Tessa gets pissed off and says, “It’s because your mother is such a hateful bitch. You need to move out of here. Come on let’s go to Keith’s house I can’t stand being near that drunken bitch mother of yours.

Lily went to finish getting ready in the bathroom while Tessa started stuffing Lily’s backpack with Lily’s school books and some of her clothes hoping Lily would not have to come back there until she was ready to move out for good. Tessa found Lily’s gym bag she used in high school in the closet and went into the bathroom with Lily and started stuffing some of Lily’s things she might need if she did not come back for a wile into the bag. Lily just smiled feeling more loved and cared for by Tessa then anyone else in her life.

Lily said, “Your even sexy when your mad.”

Tessa says, “I’m so sick of that bitch hurting you, come on let’s get out of here.”

They are on their way out of the house when Deranged demands, “Where you think your going this time of night”

Tessa hatefully replies, “It’s evening you stupid bitch!”

As they walked to Keith’s house Tessa could sense that Lily was scared of having to deal with the repercussions of her comment that she made to her mother but was hopeful that Lily would not have to deal her again until she went back to get the rest of her things to move out. When they got to Keith’s house Tessa could tell that Lily was really shook up by everything that was going on and asked Lily to wait in the kitchen while she explained to Keith what was going on.

Tessa took Keith up to his office and told him what Lily had said about not thinking that she could love and how bad her life at home has been her hole life. Keith could see how worried Tessa was about her and wanted to help. Tessa explained how fragile Lily was and how she thought that if Lily could move in with him that Lily might be able to learn how to love. Tessa expressed to Keith that although it might make it harder for her and him to have some alone time that she loved Lily and wanted this love triangle to be as stress gebze escort free for Lily as possible.

Meanwhile Lily noticed the jars of sensimillia buds on the kitchen counter that Keith had not put away yet wile she nervously waited for them to come back and got her pipe from her purse and helped herself to some while she waited. It helped her to relax and she began to realize Tessa was rite about needing to move out of her parents home.

Keith and Tessa talked about pros and cons of Lily moving in with him and decided it might work if Lily was up to the life change. They went down stairs to see how Lily would feel about moving in with Keith. Lily was shocked by Keith’s offer to move in with him and thrilled to except it. After all three of them talked about it for a while and they all felt like they could make it work.

Keith went over to let her father Tony know that Lily was going to be living with him. Tony handled it better then Keith thought he would but Keith could tell that he was not at all comfortable with it. Keith felt sorry for the guy after just finding out what a mess his wife is but was glad that Lily would not have to put up with her anymore. Keith told him that Lily hoped that she could get her things out of the house tomorrow while they were at church if possible to avoid her mother. He agreed that that would probably be best.

Shortly after Keith got home Jim, and Zed were knocking at Keith’s door. Jim insisted that Tessa go home. But Tessa stood her ground trying to get him to trust her judgment. While Tessa and Jim were having a battle of the wits Zed was questioning Lily about why she was there and making sure she was ok. Lily confidently insisted that she was fine and old enough to make her own decisions about where she lived. Lily told Zed what it has been like for her being raised by her mother and that she really needed to move out so she could heal. Keith was standing at his front door watching this all happening in his front yard. Kate and Tony were out in the street talking to the neighbors that were gathering to see what was going on. Keith knew that Tessa has a good family and was hoping that they would not let this damage their love family relationship.

Zed felt confident that Lily was there by her own free will and called Tony over to make sure that Lily could get her things with out any conflict. Tony agreed to making sure that he would have Deranged out of the house between 10:00am through 1:00pm and Lily promised to be done moving her things before they got back home. Tessa and Jim worked things out he told her she could come and go as she pleased and as long as she kept her grades up in college he would continue paying for her education.

The show was over and the crowd of neighbors dispersed. Tessa went home with her parents so she could talk to them. She told them that her and Lily had left a note for Keith to find the night he came over to play cards and they when to see him that night and had become friends. She explained making it all sound very innocent that they had told Keith about how hard Lily’s childhood had been and how much she needed to get out of that house. She explained that Keith felt bad for Lily’s situation and offered her his guest room free of rent so she could continue college. Jim and Kate new that Deranged had a drinking problem but did not realize that Lily’s mother was so abusive they wished that they would have known so they could have had child protective service intervene. It was getting late and Tessa was exhausted she thanked her parents for being so understanding and went to bed.

Meanwhile Keith rolled a joint and made them some drinks to relax. Keith tried to put Lily at ease by showing her the guest bedroom with a desk that she could use to study and put her things and gave her permission to take over the guest bathroom. He gave her a key to the house and they sat down in the den and shared the joint. Lily was restless an started walking around the the room looking at Keith’s music and video collection. He had set up the den as his TV room and decorated it with all different kinds of art that was in one way or another was subliminally or obviously sexy or erotic. Lily worked her way around the room admiring the art while Keith was admiring her.

Lily says, “Living here is going to be like living in some other world.”

Keith replies, “I suppose so Lily, just take it one day at a time. I think you will like your new life.”

She sat back down and said, “If it was not for Tessa I would be even more screwed up than I am.”

Keith says, “Tessa told me that you said to her that you did not know how to love, or something like that.” Do you want to know what I think love is?”

Lily replies, “Yeah, ok.”

Keith asks, “Do you want Tessa in your life?”

Lily replies, “Yeah.”

Keith asks, “How would you feel if you would never be able to see her again?”

Lily replies, “Really sad I’m sure.”

Keith says, “Well so it seems you can and do love. Lily that’s all love is, it is the strong desire to have and keep someone in your life. My I tell you what I think you my be struggling with?”

Lily says, “Sure.” As she starts to cry.

Keith says, “I think that because of your unloving parents, how to be a loving person to those you want in your life is where the uncertainty comes in and you can to choose to show your love.”

Lily wipes the tears from her face as Keith got up and picked Lily up and carried her to his bed. They undressed with out saying a word and got under the covers. Keith snuggled up to her spooning her back he held her close in a loving embrace. Keith was exhausted and quickly drifted off to sleep.

About 30 minutes later, She was just laying there still thinking about all kinds of things wile she was enjoying spooning with Keith. Suddenly she could feel Keith starting to get an erection as he fell into a deep sleep. Lily just laid there feeling it getting harder and harder as it pressed against her butt. She could feel herself getting wet as she became turned on by his hard cock pressing against her and wanted to feel his cock inside of her and started to rub her clit as she wondered if she should take advantage of this opportunity and slip his erection into herself.

She decided to see if she could make love with him without waking him and guided his stiff penis into her wet vagina. She slowly worked more and more of his hard shaft inside of herself as she continued to rub her clit softly. She loved the way he felt inside of her as she slid her vagina over his erection. It did not take very long at all for her to have an orgasm and then another as she tried not wake him.

Keith awakened when her fingernail poked his cock while she was rubbing her clit during one of her orgasms. Still half asleep he realized what was happening and that she was in the middle of an orgasm. Not letting her know that she woke him he straitened his legs and move his hand from her breast to her pelvis as he pushed his cock into her as he pulled her hip to his. Lily gasped as she felt his erection lunge into her. He held her hip firmly keeping her from pulling away as he pushed as much of his erection into her as he safely could.

Lily surrendered to his forceful clutch and relaxed letting Keith’s cock take her as he held her hip pressed against him. Keith had know desire to force more of his penis into her then she could safely take but wanted to feel as much of his cock inside of her as she could take. He carefully pressed his shaft into her stretching Lily’s vagina over his pulsing cock as he tried to cense her limit. Lily started rubbing her clit again as he continued to press into her. He released his grip on her letting her have back control over how much of his cock was in her.

She slowly started sliding her wet vagina over his erection making the head of his cock hit her cervix an mashing as much his cock into herself as she could with each stroke. Keith just laid their still letting her take advantage of his erection as she desired. She continued to fuck him pushing even more of shaft into herself then Keith felt safe with as she started to have a vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time. She then became very relaxed and felt very content as they both drifted off to sleep with his erection still pulsing inside her.

Chapter 9
Moving day

The next morning Tessa got up around 7:00 am and opened her text book and got to work on an essay. Later she had breakfast with her parents and then went to Keith’s house 20 minutes before it was time to start moving Lily out of her parents house and into Keith’s House. When she got there Keith was cleaning the back of his truck and Lily was finishing up with cleaning the kitchen after breakfast. Lily and Tessa used Keith’s truck to get her things. Meanwhile Keith used the time while they were away to take down the video cameras that he had set up in the niche and to fill the holes in the fence so he would not have to worry about nosy neighbors peeping in on them. They got Lily things moved out of her parents house in just an hour and a half. Tessa and Lily unloaded and got Lily settled into her new home while Keith took care of the pool and mowed the lawn as he normally did on Sunday mornings. All the while Lily was telling Tessa about her evening with Keith.

It had been a hot and humid morning and it was already 90 degrees out side all of them were dirty and sweaty from their busy morning. After finishing his lawn work he went to cool off in the pool. Lily noticed him undressing at the pools edge from her window and call Tessa over to see. Tessa compulsively and forcefully striped off all of Lily’s clothes then as Tessa pulled her own shorts down she demanded Lily to lick her clit. Lily submissively fell to her knees and let Tessa dominate her actions. Tessa moaned with pleasure as Lily sucked on her clit and she watch Keith swimming naked in the pool. Lily loved being submissive and the more Tessa moaned the wetter Lily became. Tessa forcefully held Lily’s head in her hands as she began to have an orgasm. Drink my wetness she gasped as her orgasm exploded.

Keith has always been easily aroused but with these two he had a hard time not getting an erection when he was around them and as soon they started to undress his cock started to stiffen. They all jumped into the pool naked and Tessa waisted no time taking advantage of Keith’s erection.

Keith was standing shoulder deep in the water as Tessa swam up to him and wrapped her arms and legs around him. She felt weightless to him in the deep water as she slid his cock into herself. Lily was half on a pool float kicking her way over to them, getting turned on by how passionately Tessa used Keith’s hard-on for her enjoyment.

Keith said, “I have an idea.”

He started walking to the waist deep water dragging Lily along on the float.

Keith said, as he grabbed the other float, “Let’s put the floats on top of each other and both of you lay over them together so that I can take turns making love to you.”

They laid themselves over the floats. Keith was behind them and in just the right depth of water for him to effortlessly make love to them switching from one to the other. He teased them with a few slow deep penetrations with his cock while he finger fucked the other ones g-spot. Lily and Tessa were drifting away from Keith as he pushed into them, driving them to the pools side. To keep their heads from being pushed into the pools edge they pushed against the pools side with one arm giving Keith better control and ending his chase. He then dominated them with his cock and fingers sending them both into orgasms.

Lily started to cum first having a vaginal orgasm as he pounded his cock in and out of her. Wanting to see if he could make her have another gushing g-spot orgasm he pulled his cock out of her and slid two fingers into Lily while he continued to finger fuck Tessa now working at giving them both g-spot orgasms. Lily quickly switched from her vaginal orgasm to a g-spot orgasm as she moaned and jerked. Tessa’s orgasm was building while she watched Lily’s outbursts of orgasmic pleasure and then it suddenly overcame her with extreme intensity. Keith relentlessly kept pounding away at their g-pots with his fingers and with each stroke he slid his thumb over their clitorises as they continued to orgasm twitching and moaning simultaneously. Suddenly the floats shot out from under them in both directions as they both slipped off them not able to hold themselves on any longer. Both of them felling a little shaky for their orgasms they hung from the side of the pool catching their breath.

Tessa thought to herself how much she would love to take turns fucking Lily and Keith with her strapped-on cock. Lily felling very satisfied she just admired Keith’s sexy body and erection as he got out of the pool and walk to the covered patio.

Keith asked as he started the grill, “How does some T-bone steaks and a baked potato sound for lunch?”

Lily and Tessa both gave him the ok as they got out of the pool and joined him at the patio table.

Lily said feeling stressed, “You know, I do have to study at some point this weekend.”

Keith replied, “Actually I had had no idea.”

Tessa said, “Me and Keith will get lunch ready while you get some studying done.”

Lily went up stairs slipped on her white fishnet tunic and started studying at her new desk while Keith and Tessa remained naked and prepared the potatoes and put them on the grill to precook before the steaks. They got some drinks and a joint and laid down on the chase lounges at the far end of the pool in the shade of a tree. Lily noticed them relaxing down by the pool thru the window behind her desk and liked being able to see them nude together as she studied.

Tessa said, as the effects of the sensimilla took hold, “I was a little jealous last night.”

“Because of Lily moving in?” Keith asked.

“Ya.” Tessa replied.

“It was your idea.” Keith said with a chuckle.

“So what did you two do after I left?” Tessa asked.

“I just tried to make her feel at home, I think we were both just trying to wrap our heads around the fact that she was moving in with me, thanks to you. I guess you worked things out with your parents.” Keith replied.

“Ya, my parents were pretty cool about it.” Tessa said, then asked already knowing the answer, “So did you fuck her?”

“Well, in a way I fucked her.” Keith said jokingly.

“What do mean in a way?” Tessa insisted.

Keith tried to explain, “Well, we talked a little about what she had said to you about her not knowing if she could love and I tried to define the difference between what love is and knowing how to be a loving person.”

“Oh that’s so sweet!” Tessa sincerely interrupted.

Keith continued to explain, “So anyway I was feeling exhausted and she was getting emotional so I took her to bed with me and was cuddling her. The next thing I knew I woke up and my cock was hard and inside of her and see was having an orgasm.”

“Oh fuck that’s hot!” Tessa said excitedly, then asked, “Then what happened?”

Keith replied, “She seemed like she was trying not to wake me so I just moved a little so I could get more of my cock inside of her and I just let her think I was still asleep. She fucked me for a little while longer and had another orgasm and then she fell asleep with my cock inside of her.” Keith confessed with a big smile on his face.

Tessa said, “Now I am jealous! I would love to fall asleep with your cock inside of me.”

“I would like that too.” Keith said sincerely.

Tessa confesses, “I fucked Lily too yesterday after dinner, just before we came over here last night.”

Keith said, “Oh fuck, that’s turning me on. Then asked, “with the strap-on?”

Tessa replied as she noticed his cock starting to fill with blood, “Yep, I fucked her big-time.”

“Where?” Keith asked as he started to touch his swelling cock.

“In her old bedroom.” Tessa replied smiling, seeing how much it was turning him on.

Keith kept a large pottery jar with a rain proof lid over there with lots of paraphernalia inside it so that he did not have run inside all the time for things he seemed to like to have handy out there. He reached over and got out a bottle of lube and said, “I would love it if you would tell me all about it.”

Tessa laughed as she took the lube from him and started stroking his cock.

“Would you like for me to tell you the whole story?” She asked him seductively.

Keith moaned and said, “Yes every detail.”

Lily noticed with erotic excitement that Tessa was stroking Keith’s cock and could not help but watch them. Tessa had already started telling him her story about dominating Lily with her strapped on cock in extreme detail starting with the walk over to her house. Keith’s well lubed cock was now as hard as rock in Tessa hands as she slid them up and down over his cock. Lily was getting turned on spread her legs and started rubbing her clit as she watched her two sexy lovers enjoying each other and them not knowing that she was watching some how made it even more erotic for her.

Tessa was really enjoying how much she was turning him on with her story and every since he told her about how men can have prostrate orgasms she has been really wanting to try giving him a prostrate orgasm with her fingers. She pored more lube in her hands and spread it all over his genitals, crotch and started slipping two of her lubed up fingers over and into his anus as she continued telling him about how Lily submissively let her be dominated by her. She jacked him off with one hand and worked her fingers deeper inside of Keith with the other hand until she found his prostrate with her finger tips.

Tessa pressed and rubbed his prostate with her fingers as she started to finger fuck him enjoying dominating him in this way. Large amounts of pre-cum started oozing from the tip of his cock as he moaned with pleasure. Lily could not believe her eyes as she neared an orgasm feeling overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing a man get finger fucked for the first time. Lily has never herd of a prostrate massage but was so turned on by watching Tessa giving him one she bursted into an orgasm just as Keith exploded into a prostrate and peinial orgasm at the same time.

Tessa joyfully smiled as she watched him shoot his load up into the air. Lily lightly rubbed her extremely sensitive clit as she watched Tessa move him from one orgasm to another. Keith’s mind was in the erotic story that Tessa was telling him as she tried to see how many orgasms she could give him in a row. Keith’s orgasms were intense as the waves of pleasure flowed through his body from the prostate orgasms and the peinial ejaculation orgasms radiated shock waves of extreme pleasure through him each time he shot another load of cum through the air.

Lily got her Keith replica dildo from the desk drawer and slipped it into herself as she watched them. She slowly worked it deeper and deeper into herself slipping into a fantasy that she was with them with his ejaculating cock deep inside of her vagina she imagined Tessa was rubbing her clit as he fucked her. Lily notices that she is able to penetrate more of length of Keith copy into her self than she could the day before. She held the dildo pressed deeply inside of her wanting to feel every bit of it as she could inside of her. Hoping she would be able to take his entire length of him some day. She stretched her vagina over the dildo to the edge of discomfort as she rubbed her clit slipping back into her fantasy. Lily seeing Keith ejaculating again as he bucked and jerked sent her into another powerful orgasm.

Keith begged her to stop as his bulging cock felt like it was going to explode and had become so extremely sensitive to her touch that it felt too good and he had to stop her electrifying touch. Tessa reluctantly stopped with a firm grip with one hand around the base of his cock and two of her finger tips lightly pressed against his prostrate. Tessa looked up at Lily’s window hoping Lily has been watching them as Keith melted into the chase lounge with his throbbing cock showing no signs of coming down. Tessa slowly slipped her fingers out and climbed over him guiding his bulging erection into her menstruating vagina. Keith moaned and grabbed her hip to stop her as Tessa slipped a little more of her tight wet vagina over his overly sensitive throbbing erection.

Keith gasped and said, “Please don’t move!”

She froze in place as he exhaled slowly trying to regain control over the sensations of his extremely sensitive and erect cock.

Tessa asked, as she lightly slipped her breasts over his sweaty cum covered chest, “Do you want to see me fuck Lily like that some time?”

Keith replied, “I would love to watch you dominate her like that.”

He laid perfectly still and began to relax as she slowly worked more and more of his pulsating cock inside of her self until she could stretch no more of her vagina over his shaft.

Tessa moaned with pleasure as she pressed her vagina over his throbbing cock and said, “You know, sometimes I like to fantasize about having sex with bisexual men.”

Feeling a little stressed that she my have that expectation of him in the future, Keith replied, “Ya, you had mentioned that before.”

Tessa could sense that what she had said had made him feel uncomfortable and quickly said, “Anyway, I get why you got so turned on by me telling you about how I dominated Lily.”

Keith’s erection was finally coming down he asked, “Do you feel like it’s unfair that I’m not bisexual.”

Tessa laughed enjoying making him a bit uncomfortable and said, “Ya;! Some day I want to watch you and another man having sex.”

Keith replies, “I have to admit it may seem unfair but you to are attracted to each other its not like I’m asking you to have sex with someone your not attracted to.”

Meanwhile Lily is still watching them and does not realize the Keith’s swollen cock was going flaccid as Tessa took it all into her vagina. The thought of Tessa being able to take all of his erection as she made love to his swollen wimp sent Lily into another orgasm.

Tessa says, “It’s ok Keith we both are attracted to Lily, and we both want to enjoy her sexually, she’s our love toy remember. Your my man now, all I’m saying is that it is erotic for me when I fantasize about men having sex together and maybe some day you could make my fantasy come true.


Chapter 10

After lunch Lily and Tessa went to study in Lily’s room wile Keith acted on making his desire to dominate Lily with Tessa a reality. Really turned on by Lily’s submissiveness Keith has always found himself aroused by his partners sexual turn ons and for him to give his lover what she desires can be deeply erotic and satisfying for him. Keith found it so erotic that Tessa like himself can really get into being dominate sexually so Keith decided to prepare a kinky surprise for them at a secluded spot near the prairies edge.

Lily and Tessa are now sitting out by the pool naked enjoying the view of the pink clouds as the sun sets wondering where Keith went. Tessa was supper excited about all the things she had learned about Keith, the prostrate orgasm and his sex furniture business. Tessa really wished her best friend knew about it and how erotic it was for her to give Keith a prostrate massage and to fuck him with the strap-on. She knew she should not say anything about his sex furniture business yet but she thought Lily must have seen her giving him a prostrate massage earlier.

Tessa says, ”Lily, I was so turned on earlier thinking you might be watching us have sex. Did you see us?”

Lily says, “Oh my god yes,! that was hot Tessa, I didn’t know how many times I orgasmed.”

Tessa says, “Really! That’s awesome, How good can you see form your study room?”

Lily says, “Well enough to see you finger fucking him in the ass.”

Tessa could not help herself she had to tell her about the the sex toy room and everything she learned about the prostrate orgasm and how she had fucked Keith in the ass with the same strap-on that she fucker her with later that day. Tessa shares with her what a turn on it is for her when straps on a cock and how hot she thought it would be to enjoy a threesome with lots of sex toys and every one is fucking everyone.

Lily could not help but touch her wet vagina as she listened to to Tessa tell her what she had learned about Keith. Tessa could see Lily likes an erotic story too, she moved her chair so they could watch each other touch themselves. As Tessa erotically told the story [without the sex furniture parts] about what happened that afternoon. Lily was so turned on and her clit was so extremely sensitive she came many times as she listened to their extremely erotic and intimate afternoon. Tessa watching her sexy lover twitch from her own touch she could hardly tell her the story as she found herself enjoying riding on the edge of her own orgasm.

Keith’s truck pulls into the driveway as Lily and Tessa started to make some plans for tonight themselves. The dog and Keith walk through gate finding his lovers smoking a joint at the pools edge.

Keith says, “I have a little surprise for you both that I think you will both enjoy. Their is only one thing you my not like about it.”

“Whats that?” They both said simultaneously

“You will have to get dressed to walk in the praire.” Keith said

Tessa put her fingers on Lilys lips to stop her from saying anything and they went to get dressed.

Keith said as they went inside, “You can ware whatever you want when we get there.”

Keiths cock started to fill with blood as he watched their naked bodies walking into the house. Tessa thought that they would bring a surprise of their own and Tessa led Lily to the toy room and filled a bag with sex toys and two strap-ons wile Lily stood there a bit overwhelmed by all the rows of shelves lined with sex toys.

Tessa asks, “If you could have a real dick for a day to fuck any one you wanted to with witch one of those dildos looks most like what you would yours to?”

Lily grabs a dildo from the shelf and presses it to her pubic bone to see how she looks in the mirrors that line the walls at the back of the shelves.

Tessa says, “that’s is sexy one! You would make sexiest hermaphrodite ever! Lets get this crotchless harnesses on you we are both going to have a surprise for Keith when we get to the prairie. They both put on strap-ons and long summer dresses with a guarder belt holding their strapped on cock down against their thigh. They grabbed the bag of sex toys that Tessa had filled with prostrate toys, butt plugs and dongs she has been wanting to try on them.

It was a silent drive to the prairie and a quiet walk to the spot Keith had prepared for their kinky pleasure. His cock swelling as he imagined with anticipation Lily’s naked body submissively standing in the fire light with her wrists and ankles restrained so that her arms and legs were spread like an X as he and Tessa dominate her into orgasm after orgasm.

The spot Keith chose was in the woods was close to the prairie edge in a little opening with a big oak tree growing in the center. It was very privet there and the fire could not be seen from the prairies edge. When they got there Keith lit the two small camp fires he had prepared earlier on each side for the tree that he intended to tie Lily up to.

The woman sat down on the sleeping bags and started to looking through the baskets full of goodies he had left their earlier. Lily opened the food and drink basket and Tessa opened the basket with the strap-on, lube, wrist and ankle cuffs in it. They all eat had some wine and smoked a joint as they talked about what a awesome weekend it has been together.

Tessa sees the leg chains anchored into the ground below the arm restraints chains hanging from the trees limb above and leans over to Keiths ear.

She whispers, “I would love to have you chained to that tree with some of those bisexual and gay men costumers of yours you were telling me about.” as she ran her fingers up the crack of his ass wanting to see his reaction.

The thought of it made her really horny and as always Keith was getting turned by things that turn on his sex partner and for the first time was aroused by the suggestion of having sex with men.

Keith bent down to whisper in Tessa ear and says , “ What you just a said was strangely erotic for me. I was thinking we could let Lily live her submission fantasy though.”

Tessa replies, “Hmm that does sound fun but can I fuck your ass in front of our sex toy yet? Lily told me she saw me finger fucking you earlier and it made her cum.”

Keith replies, “Fuck that is hot! This not going the way I imagined it would but it never does when your around, thats one of the things I love about you. Hay if you would like to dominate both of us, I bet you could have some fun with that dominant side of yours.”

Tessa looks up at him and says loudly so Lily will hear too, “Will you both submit to my sexual desires?”

Keith replies, “ I would love to”

Tessa looks over at Lily excepting a reply.

Lily replies in a seductive and submissive voice, “Take me Master I am yours.”

Tessa says,” Good you will be my sex slaves tonight and will submit to my every wish, now first I want you to undress me.”

They both submit and lovingly and removed Tessa dress. Keith was excited when he saw Tessa was wearing a strap-on. Naked she slipped her strapped on cock out from under her guarder belt letting big cock stand up the way she liked it. Keith then pulled off Lilys dress exposing her naked body and strapped on cock of choice. Keith reached down and set her new cock free from her guarder belt. Keith feeling really turned on by how sexy they looked in the fire light. They both began to undressed Keith and then led him to the sleeping bags where they had laid and out all the sex toys they brought.

Tessa says,”My love slaves you are going to role play for me so I can share a naughty fantasy of mine with you. Lily, you will take the role of a really sexy feminine hermaphrodite with a beautiful cock and Keith you will take the role of a bi-curious man that has agreed to submit to my demands.”

Keith and Lily smile at each other in joyful anticipation of what she would make them do.

Tessa says, “Come over here and suck my cock.”

Tessa stood there stroking her strapped on cock as they both went to their knees and started to take turns sucking her dong into their mouths. Keith slid two of his fingers into both of their vaginas and started to aggressively banging their g-spot as she humped his mouth. Lily got up pushed her strapped on cock into his mouth with Tessas and both grabbed his head started taking turns fucking his mouth.

Tessa says,“in this role play game I’m a man and you bi-curious man are sucking man cock and a hermaphrodite cock for the first time.”

Tessa then demands Keith to stand under limb were the restraints are. She got the cuffs out of the basket and told Lily to put them on him and restrain him to the chains as walked over to Keith.

Tassa demanded Lily, “stoke your cock for us to watch.”

Lily starts to stroke the large beautiful lifelike dildo.

Then Tessa says,“Look how hard you are making him come over here and bend over in font of him so he can fuck you.”

Tessa guides his hard long cock into her wet pussy demanding Lily to ask him to hurt you. Keith starts slipping his rock hard cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Lily chants “hurt my hermaphrodite pussy.”

Tessa gets in front of Lily pushes her back onto Keiths hard cock, telling her to take all of his cock into her hermaphrodite pussy. Keith at the end of his restraints could not back up his rock hard cock any more and Tessa still kept pushing Lilies tight pussy over his shaft stretching it even more.

Tassa says, “I said to take all of it!”

As she walked over to get a better view of Keith’s penetration.

“Take it!” she demanded.

Lily submits fucking him so hard it was starting to hurt as she abused her pussy with his cock. Tessa reaches down and starts to rub Lilies clit sending waves of pleasure through out her body. Keith pounded her pussy with his cock as she jerked and twitched with pleasure and pain.

Lily fell to her knees gasping for air, her pussy sore as Tessa quickly took her place fucking his rock had cock like she could not wait to take it all and then demanded Lily to suck her dick.

Tessa smiled at Keath as Lily sucked her big dick and asked, “How do you like fucking man pussy Keith? You know Keith someday you will let me watch you fuck a man in the ass.”

Keith started to fuck her hard and fast as Lily relentlessly sucked and licked her big dong. Tessa started to cum yelling out loud in ecstasy as her sex slaves worshiped her body.

Tessa felt energized by the power they trustingly gave her. She took Lily by the hair and leading her to the sleeping bag and lube. Tessa started to lube up Lilies massive strapped on cock as she told Keith to watch and see what this big cock would look like going in and out of his ass because soon it will be. Tessa positioned Lily so Keith would have a good view of this massive cock penetrating her tiny puss. She positioned herself over it and began to work the huge head of the dildo into her vagina. All Keith could do was watch as Lily started to hump Tessas tight puss.

Tessas eyes rolled back into her head as Lily used her cock to punish her pussy.

Tessa says, “You like seeing me get fucked? You want this big dick in your ass don’t you my sex slave? Look at it, it will be fucking you soon.”

Lily started to fuck her cunt hard as Tessa pushed her wanting puss over the huge dildo starring constantly into Keith eyes.

Tessa looked into Lily eyes and said, “ I want you to lube that up that beautiful cock of yours and go fuck him in the ass.”

Tessa and Lily walk over to Keiths restrained body and begin to touch him.

Lily says,“We will never get this in there.” as she slid the head of it between his ass cheeks.

Tessa says, “Watch and learn my sex slave.” as she took the lube and poured it into her hand and started to lube up his anus.

Tessa hands felt good sliding over his anus as Keith arched his back showing his enjoyment. Tessa slipped in one finger into his tight ass as he moaned with pleasure and began to push his ass against her hand.

Tessa began to explain how to give Keith a prostate orgasm as she slipped her finger in and out of his ass.

Tessa says,“Now you put a couple fingers in him and I will show where to find his prostrate.”

Lily slid two of her fingers into Keith’s ass as Tessa directed Lilies fingers to his prostrate. Keith moaned with ecstasy as Lilies finger tips fond his prostrate. Lily laughed excitedly seeing how good it was making him feel when she touched it.

“Good put three fingers into him now.” Tessa demands.

Keith moaned, “fuck me, fuck me with that big dick of yours Lily.”

Tessa lubed up the dildo and helped Lily get it started into his ready ass. Lily very gently work her strapped on cock a little deeper into his ass with each stroke as Tessa kept adding more lube to the shaft. Soon Lily was filling his ass with the huge dildo and Keith did not mind if they knew he was loving it.

Keith was oozing seamen with each stroke of the massive dildo rubbing his prostrate sending him filled orgasmic pleasure radiating throughout his body. Tessa took Keiths cock into her mouth and started to suck and stroke his long hard cock as he exploded into an orgasm yelling loudly with ecstasy and shooting his load into her mouth and on her face.

Tessa stood up and told Keith, “I want you to eat the cum off of my face.”

Keith bent down and licked and sucked his cum from her face as Tessa stroked his balls.

Whispering into his ear she says, “I want to see suck real cock and I want you eat another mans cum from my pussy.”

She releases his arms from the restraints and he quickly picks her up by her ass and slips his cock into her puss and starts driving it into her had and fast.

Tessa wraps her arms around neck as he thrusted his cock into her and says, “You like sloppy seconds when his cock is up your ass don’t you.”

Keith found Tessa’s dirty talk really erotic and started to have an orgasm at the thought of letting her have her fantasy. Keith moaned loudly as waves of pleasure took over his body again and again that made him collapse to his knees. Lily quickly started rubbing her strapped on cock on Keith’s cheek as Tessa still hanging on ground her still wanting puss over his long hard cock.

Tessa instructed him, “Suck her cock.”

Lily moved around so she could fuck his face for Tessa as Tessa continued abusing her puss with his cock and was enjoying imagining he was sucking a real cock for her. Watching him suck cock was so hot for them both and Lily was getting into this and hoped it would not be the last time that she would able to dominate Kieth like this. She grabed his head and tying to force more of the huge dong into his mouth.

Tessa started cum again arosed by the sight of her man sucking cock and says, “Someday you will suck real cock with me.”

Keith turns his head says, “ Yes my master I will suck cock with you.”

Keith reached over and picked up the 16” double ended dildo Tessa packed and slipped the head of it into his mouth to get it wet and ready for her hermaphrodite pussy. He slips it into her vagina synching his strokes of the dildo in her vagina with the strokes of his mouth on her hermaphrodite cock hoping to help enhance Lily imagining she has a real cock.

Lily synchs right in as she watches him suck her strapped on cock. Tessa takes hold of Lily’s cock and sucks it into her mouth as Keith keeps in sync with the dildo matching Tessa movements.

Tessa stops and says, “You like watching me suck another mans cock don’t you, bet you wish you had some cock in you don’t you.”

She then gets up off his erection and stands in front of him stroking her strapped on cock in front of his face as remained on his knees still restrained at his ankles.

Tessa says, “On your feet slave and Lily restrain his arms again.”

Tessa gets the lube and starts lube up Keiths anus an her strapped on cock and start to works it into his ass. Lily stands in front of him rubbing her strapped on dick against Keiths cock.

Lily says,”Hurt my pussy with your big dick.”

She turns around and guides his hard cock into her wet vagina as Tessa humped his ass. Keith in ecstasy as a cool night breeze whipped through the little clearing covering Lily with goosebumps. Tessa reaches around him and pulls Lilys hips into him as she drove her cock deep into him.

“Hurt my pussy.” Lily chanted.

Tessa says, “The next time I get you in restraints I might have a man hiding near by ready to fuck you.”

Keith became overwhelmed with the sensations of how good Tessas cock feels as she lustfully and passionately thrusted her strapped on cock in and out of his ass. The feeling of Lily abusing her vagina ramming it over his throbbing erection had Keith in a state of physical sensory overload and the erotic begging of Lily for him to hurt her with his cock and with Tessa relentlessly and erotically suggesting how erotic it would be for her to be able to see him with being sexual with a man sent him into the most explosive and intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

Keiths knees gave out and was hanging from his wrists as he twitched and jerked in ecstasy as they both relentlessly fucked him never seeming to want his orgasmic pleasure to stop. The orgasms gust kept coming and coming as jerked and screamed out in ecstasy.

Keiths orgasmic pleasure finally came to an end with his body hanging lifelessly from his wrists panting for air with his heart beating rapidly. Lily and Tessa both laughed happily amazed by how intense of an orgasm they had given him as left him hanging there and walked over to the sleeping bags and helped each other removed their strapon harnesses.

Tessa saw his cum running out of Lilys opening and want down on her sucking her swollen clit into she mouth and covered her face with her wetness and Keiths cum. She gets up and purposely walks over to Keith wraps her hands around his head lustfully kisses him. Keith was instantly consumed with lust for her and lustfully kissed her back.

Tessa says,” That was awesome! Thank you both letting me have that power over you.

Keith says,”That was awesome!” As Lily and Tessa let Keith free from the restraints.

Lily says laughing, “My pussy has never felt so fucked.”

Keith laughed and said, “Really, I’v never had sex with a hermaphrodite and a man before.”

Tessa says, “You know you liked it.”

They all went home together planing to spend their first night all together sleeping in Keiths bed.


The end.

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