Aunt Suzanne’s Return Ch. 02

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This is the follow-up to part 1 where I continued the tale of my aunt Suzanne who had once seduced me and had now come back to renew her own sexual confidence.


One day not long ago I was sitting at one of my favourite bistros, a little out of the way place with spectacular Central American food. I hadn’t been there for months but a meeting in the area finished just in time for lunch so I easily made the call.

I had already ordered but not yet received my food when I saw a guy across the restaurant (not that far) looking at me quizzically. We made eye contact after which he headed over to my table. I thought he looked a bit familiar but it was he who figured it out. “Are you Paul from Finance 350”?

“Yes, and you look familiar,” I couldn’t place him even with the course name hint.

“I’m Thomas. I sat in front of you all that year.”

And indeed, this was someone I knew well enough to have had beers with on occasion. We did not mingle much as he lived off-campus and I spent my whole time in campus residence.

After a few facile comments about ‘how’s it going?’ and ‘what are you doing now,’ and the like I realized I had enjoyed his friendship even if it was occasional had lapsed after graduation. I invited him to join me to reconnect. We had a good time discussing the ‘old days’ of school and brought each other up to date on our lives as they had evolved. I’m not sure how we got onto the topic, but at one point he mentioned that we was ‘almost’ dating two women: a hot blonde dance instructor and her mother!

“AND her mother?” I gasped. “No shit!”

Thomas then made it even stranger, or maybe more impressive: “The daughter is my dad’s trophy girlfriend.”

He went on to talk about how he’d met Adrianna, the daughter, when his dad was not fulfilling all her expectations, “but she really does love him,” he emphasized.

Not only that, but at some point Thomas had met Adrianna’s mother who was much older but almost as trim and hot as the daughter. It seems that Alexa had seduced him easily enough even as he failed to anticipate the complications. Now, he was apparently dating the mother as his dad dated the much younger daughter. “What a mash-up,” I said.

Naturally, his scoring the hot older woman had me considering what I might tell him about my current houseguest. Should I tell him about Suzanne? And if I did, should I tell him she was my aunt? Since we were both obvious fans of older women I wanted to go ahead and tell him about her, but to reserve the little family secret for later, if it ever mattered.

Once we were each aware of the other’s appreciation for mature women I felt more comfortable telling him about Suzanne. We did not so much compare notes as tell each other about how much fun our respective MILFs were. He told me that he was going to tell Alexa about me, and asked if he could talk about Suzanne as well. I figured, ‘go for it’ but did not expect it to go any further.

We exchanged phone numbers and emails and agreed we should reconnect ‘in the future.’

By the time I got home that afternoon, I already had a message on my answering machine. It was from Thomas and he asked me to call him back, making it sound rather urgent. When I called, I had to leave a message of my own so we didn’t connect until much later that evening when he got back to me.

“I told Alexa all about you and a little bit about Suzanne and she was all over the idea that we should get together. Soon,” he told me.

I was taken aback as I had not mentioned a thing to my aunt yet, but he was enthusiastic to the point of convincing me to ask Suzanne if she wanted to meet he and Alexa. I really wasn’t sure how to proceed, especially as this was so quick to happen. I admit to fobbing him off right then and offered to call him the next day.

“Who was on the phone?” asked my aunt. “It sounded like you knew them but didn’t want to talk. I hope nothing’s wrong.”

By this time we were in bed for the night and I was looking forward to some hot family action; and I realized this would be a good time to bring her into the story. I took a moment to gather my thoughts and then started telling her about how I had reconnected with Thomas and that we had something in common, he and I.

“Well, yea, you went to school together,” she seemed disinterested with the apparent lack of ‘news’ in this story.

“True, but that’s not it. Do you want to guess?” I didn’t feel like just throwing it out there and hoped she would figure at least a bit of it out. She didn’t, even after several guesses. And she was getting bored.

“He wants us to meet one of the women in his life,” I offered.

“Oh? That seems like a pretty fast re-acquaintance.”

“There’s more. He wants us to meet Alexa, and she’s a bit older.”

“Older?” Suzanne wasn’t keeping up so I gave her the punchline: “He is my age and Alexa is roughly the same age as you are,” I said.

It was as if Suzanne had not been keeping track of our relationship. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She didn’t make the connection right away so I wrapped it up for her: “we are both dating really hot and sexy older women, Suzanne.”

My aunt actually squealed in surprise. “Oh! I get it!”

“What would you think of the four of us getting together in a few days? He’s offered to meet us anywhere we want, and at any time. And apparently Alexa is also excited to meet us.”

My aunt could be such a tease. Her reply was a non-committal “let me think about it,” but I saw a glint in her eye. And then she disappeared under the covers to rev up my cock for some action. When I was hard and ready, she all but ravaged me. There was nothing subtle about her fucking. She rode me for a while then fell to the side and presented her ass to me for rear entry. Before we finished, I had enjoyed three awesome orgasms and I had lost count of how many she enjoyed.

We were just recovering our breath. She was lying there next to me, a finger playing with my now-softened cock. I watched her breasts still heaving slightly, nipples staying puckered despite a warm room.

“Sure. We could do it,” she said to me.

“I need a rest before I’m ready to go again. Do what?”

“Meet with Thomas and Alexa.”

It was my turn to feel slightly anxious. I’m not sure why but this potential foursome had me nervous in a way that I had not experienced before. Ever. Maybe I just wanted to show Suzanne off but I was a bit worried about Thomas’ description of Alexa. Would my aunt feel at ease? Would she feel compared? And how would I compare to Thomas? Would we even get along?

I called Thomas first thing in the morning to give him the news. His response was almost casual but I could tell there was an underlying excitement in his voice. I then heard him through the cupped handset, “They want to get together with us!” he shouted out.

When he came back on he gave me the reply from Alexa as she’d been at his place all night he told me. “She’s already talking about what to wear!”

I suggested we do it the next evening but he came back with an idea that we should all four go on a picnic. Apparently, Alexa knew ‘the perfect spot’ for us to visit. As it was a bit of a drive, he offered to pick us up in his SUV the next afternoon. It was all set.

I told Suzanne about the plan and she seemed excited as well but retained some anxiety I thought. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” I offered.

“Oh, no. I definitely do want to meet them…” she trailed off.


“To be honest, I am feeling very uncertain about this. What if she is really good looking, I mean, she’s a dancer for God’s sake!”

“Are you kidding me?” I asked. “You’re as hot a woman as any I have ever… been with… I would put you up against any woman, let alone one your age. Have you ever doubted how much you turn me on?”

“Of course not, but you’re special, Paul.”

We discussed her worries and I even showed her photos of a few of my younger conquests. Because I had some softcore pics I was able to put her looks up against younger women and she started to understand what I was telling her.

“I do look pretty good, don’t I?” she finally admitted.

I said nothing. I just unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out — it was already hard what with all the photos and nearly nude presence of Suzanne. I pushed her back into the easy chair and set myself up directly in front of her. She was reaching for me but I nudged her back.

“I just want to show you what you do to me, aunt Suzanne.”

And with that, I started to stroke my erection, talking to Suzanne as I did so. “Watch the knob get more and more purple as I get harder… see how I hold my balls in my other hand? That gives me even more feeling coursing through my body… I just love how tight my ballsack gets, pulling my testicles closer to my body as they anticipate making love to you.”

Suzanne was wide-eyed, her stare never leaving my crotch. I was loving it as much as she was.

I spat on my palm to give me some lubrication, then she sat up and spat directly onto my cockhead, blending her juice with mine to produce an even better glide. My hand kept up its motion and each time the head poked out I added a subtle thrust towards her face. She was watching my every little motion intently. Her eyes locked on my familiar meat as if she’d never seen it before. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips glistening, her tongue occasionally sliding past them in a licking motion.

I kept talking to my aunt: “Can you tell that I am as hard as ever now? I think I need more juice… spit on the head again… please.”

Instead, she surrounded my glans with her mouth and left it soaking with her saliva, but she did no more than that.”

“You tease! I exclaimed.”

“I could let you fuck my mouth if you want to,” she offered. Then she added, “but I am so enjoying this that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I think I won’t let you… yet.”

I had now built up a good, steady rhythm that was getting me ever closer to an orgasm, but I was not ready to let it go yet. I was having too much fun. “I know you realize that this is all about you, Suzanne. My desire is for you. My cock is like iron right now, all because I am looking at my amazing and beautiful lover. Can you show me a little cleavage?”

Suzanne undid a button at the top of her blouse, then a second, but that was it. Instead, she tugged gently at the fabric so that the top of her soft breast flesh came into view, but not enough. “More?”

She opened a third button which gave me a perfect view of her luscious cleavage. She helped by pulling her shoulders slightly together, enhancing the crush between her breasts, and she leaned in towards me slightly to make sure I got it all.

“I love that,” I told her. “If I have not told you this, I should have: you have the cleavage of a goddess… I could live on this visual memory,” I added.

Suzanne was starting to react to the situation. She had been staring at my hand as it worked along my shaft but now she looked up into my eyes just to let me know she was feeling good about herself. That lasted all of five seconds before her look dropped back to my naked meat. But this time I saw her move a hand along her thigh over the fabric of her peasant skirt. She slid her full palm along the firmness of her leg, then back towards the meeting place between her legs.

“That’s so hot,” I told her as I moved slightly closer to give her a real close-up of my cock and hand. I continued, “I am staring at your breasts and thinking about how wonderful it feels when my cock is gliding between them. I really like when you stick your tongue out to lick the head each time it’s presented to you…”

She was squeezing her thighs together with a hand pressed between them now. I motioned that she should lift her skirt now. Taking the fabric in both hands from the top she pulled it slowly along her legs until her thighs came into the open. I could see her hips pressing up slightly as she did this, no doubt in response to her own developing urges.

When she had pulled the fabric all the way up to her panties Suzanne grasped their fabric and slid them off in one smooth motion. For a moment I saw her delicious pussy peeking at me, but the skirt fell back over her flesh and I lost the view. Looking into my aunt’s face I could see that she had intended exactly that… a peak but no more.

“I am going to have to have an orgasm soon,” I told her. She replied rather huskily, “and how do you want to handle it?”

I may have been cock-hard dumb but I was still able to reply, “any way you want me to, my lover.”

Suzanne slid her right hand under her skirt and with little preliminary motion, was fucking herself with her hand in no time. “I have three fingers in my pussy, Paul, because you’re so big and I want to feel as if you’re inside me.”

I was now holding off my orgasm, gripping my cock hard to discourage the inevitable, but it was not easy. “Where do you want me to come?” I asked again.

“Hold off just a bit… just a second… that’s it… almost ready…” her hand was dancing at her cunt and now she was pinching her breast with one hand while the other fucked her cunt hard. “Come between my tits,” she finally told me, her breath now coming so fast I knew she was about to have her own orgasm.

“I’ll tell you when I am going to shoot,” I mumbled but it was too late. I pointed my cock directly at my aunt’s boobs aiming for the crevice between them. She knew as well because with her free hand he yanked back the fabric to give me more ample flesh onto which I could deposit my splashes of come juice.

I felt the most amazing release as I came. Not only did I hit her cleavage, but I also got her throat and her collarbone before I was done. I was into the final dribble when she used both her hands to pull me into her mouth. Suzanne took half of my pumping cock into her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly against my still hard manhood and I just pumped my hips to satisfy my final urge, that final tingle of an orgasm.

Suzanne kept sucking on my cock for a few minutes, only breaking off to lick my length with her talented tongue. I wasn’t quite ready for another round, but watching her slide a finger into my cum on her tits then lick it off her finger was the right way to get me interested again.

I admit to being disappointed when Suzanne slid from under me and headed off calling back to me, “I’m going to have a shower, then you’re taking me out for a new outfit for tomorrow.” And that was it. I was alone with a semi-hard cock dangling out of my jeans.

Getting ready for our date with Thomas and Alexa proved more complicated than I expected. I had no problem, but Suzanne was more challenging. We’d both showered long before the 2 güvenilir bahis şirketleri pm time Thomas was to pick us up, but my aunt started choosing her outfit barely after noon. I kept ‘approving’ her choices, telling her that she looked great. And I meant it. But it was never quite enough. I saw a bikini top, a tube top, a silk blouse, then a second silk blouse (more see-through) but it was never quite right in her eyes. Then it was the shoes. Sandals? Nope. Heels? Nope. Espadrilles? Maybe! Nope. She finally had her outfit selected and went to get dressed.

“Paul!” she called to me from the bedroom, “come see how I look in this.”

I went. She looked amazing. I told her so.

“Do you really think I look good? What will Alexa be wearing do you think?”

Although we’d been at it for a long time, I was finally able to convince Suzanne that she really did look amazing and that it was perfect for our date. In the end she had chosen a loose-fitting top made of muslin. The fabric was slightly transparent, a fact made evident by the teasing darkness of her nipples. That she was not wearing a bra was proven when she twirled for me and I saw got to enjoy the swaying movement of her breasts.

Suzanne wore skin-tight shorts that showed off a lot of her legs. The spandex fabric was pulled tight against her thighs and perfectly wrapped over her sweet ass. I could even see it pulled snug against her mound which made me think ‘there’s a cameltoe waiting to happen.’ I must have smiled or something because she jumped in with a doubt “do you think it’s too much?”

I shook my head no as I ogled her outfit. To finish off the look, Suzanne threw a loose, lacy summer shawl over her shoulders, making her outfit just about PG for the public. I knew she’d lose that wrap soon enough.

When we saw Thomas’s SUV pull up we trotted out to the car. Alexa was sitting in the back seat which meant I would ride shotgun while the girls sat together, or so I thought. Instead, as I opened the back door for Suzanne to climb in, Alexa piped up, “No hon. You sit up front with Thomas so I can get to know Paul.

My aunt was nonplussed — a flicker of doubt passed across her face. “Oh!” But she slipped into the front seat and before I had even sat down, was shaking hands with our driver. For my part, I got no handshake. Instead, Alexa leaned across and kissed me right on the lips. Hard. “Oh!”

The four of us chattered away mostly on lightweight topics but I could sense an underlying tension in the car. It was obvious that we all knew what might happen but we were all too polite to say anything, or to act on it I think. That would change.

When I asked Thomas where we were headed, he told us that it was a surprise. And it was. We ended up in a popular regional park but well away from the busiest areas. We all got out, Thomas handed me a cooler and led us out of the parking area towards a narrow trail. It took a while but we eventually arrived at a clearing overlooking a lake and Alexa announced “we’re here.”

After setting up, we kicked back to enjoy a glass of wine. I could tell Suzanne was still nervous, but I was getting comfortable with Alexa. While Thomas got my aunt talking, clearly enjoying her company, to say nothing of her look, I had a better look at Alexa. She was reclining on her elbows with her strong, taut legs stretched towards me. I knew she was watching my eyes do the elevator along her body. Her sunglasses did not hide the fact that she was openly looking me over. We made eye contact, acknowledging that we were on the same wavelength.

Alexa wore what seemed to be raw silk culottes that fit very well and left little to the imagination. My eyes slid along her lovely calves up to her strong thighs. This really was a dancer’s body, I realized. Alexa knew exactly as she followed my eyes as they travelled along her thighs to the area between her legs where the light fabric was pulled tight against her pussy. She smiled and I swear she pulled the fabric tighter somehow.

For her part, Alexa was doing enjoying the same access. I felt her gaze travelling up my body to my tight shorts. They were tight because she was having an effect on me; I felt my penis pulsing slightly as it considered becoming engorged.

When my eyes slid higher up Alexa’s body I found a healthy chest slightly thrust slightly forward for prominence. Again, she was entertaining me. I realized she had unbuttoned most of the blouse and her deep, tanned cleavage was now teasing me.

At almost the same time, Alexa and I happened to glance over to Thomas and Suzanne. They were still sipping wine but were now sitting quite close together and speaking so quietly I could hear nothing. I looked back at Alexa and she indicated that I should move closer, too. I was all too ready. As I made myself comfortable beside her on the blanket, Alexa whispered to me that she had ‘prepared Suzanne’ for Thomas.

“What do you mean, prepared?” I asked.

“We had a chance to compare notes and I gave her some ideas for having fun with Thomas. I also told her he was my daughter’s boyfriend and that he was on loan to me for the day,” she said.

By now I was looking directly between Alexa’s healthy breasts and she nodded, telling me to go ahead and enjoy the view. “Can I see more?” I said.

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