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I’m lying in bed, just stirring, feeling the cool wash of predawn air from the open window over my bare skin. My brow furrows a little as I realize the sheet has been removed. I then relax and smile to myself…I hear your gentle footfall and the tiniest little creak from the doorframe. I know where the sheet has gone now…

I remain where I am, half curled on my stomach and side, pretending to still sleep. The blue light that fills the room is a reflection of the slowly lightening sky, translucent violet light, dark yet revealing. I can feel it on my eyelids, along with the chill air. My skin tightens in anticipation as much as from the cool breeze. I feel the mattress give behind and beside me as you kneel on the bed, leaning over me. The heat from your bare chest is palpable. You lean so close that the hair there just brushes my skin, causing it to tingle and my nipples to tighten at the subtly erotic sensation. I shift, tucking my hand under my chin, still trying to maintain my sleeping presence. Your small, quiet laugh, almost a breath, lets me know that you don’t believe it. You know very well that I’m awake, but you’re willing to play along.

You tuck my hair behind my ear from where it has fallen across my cheek and eye, and your fingers slide downward with the motion, trailing along the edge of my neck, over my shoulder and down across my ribs. Small waves of gooseflesh move outward from your touch and it’s all I can do not to twitch suddenly. You lean even closer and I can feel your warm, gentle breath stirring the short hair at my nape, and the touch of your lips there is almost imperceptible. But my nerves are stretched taut and I feel it, and my entire scalp tightens in response to your kiss.

Your finger has wandered over my hip even as your lips nibble over and down the side of my neck, and you bury your mouth against the pulse hammering slowly along my throat. I suddenly feel a rush of arousal as well as a drop into sensuous dreaminess. I feel drowsy and surreally aware of what is happening, almost disconnected. I wait in suspended silence and stillness for your next touch.

Your mouth brushes across my ear, exhaling slowly and gently. Your wandering hand has gone down the length of my thigh, pausing before beginning the slow journey back up, poker oyna dipping forward to slide over my abdomen, and swirling gently around my navel in an slowly shrinking spiral. Your tongue delicately traces the outermost edge of my ear, pausing on the lobe to pull it into your mouth and suck on it gently. When your finger touches my navel, you place your palm flat against it, sliding your strong hand up my belly, nestling it for a moment beneath my full breasts where they are gathered up against my chest.

I sigh, now no longer really pretending my dreamy state. I lean back toward you, my shoulder pressing against your chest, my delectable breasts with their stiff nipples offered up, ripe for your caresses. You don’t let the offer pass, dropping delicate little kisses like snowflakes on my eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead as your hand cups my breast, squeezing slightly. I exhale softly, my breathing deeper and slower, and turn my head even more slightly, hoping your rain of kisses will quench the drought at my mouth. You studiously avoid my lips, which are full and moist, tempting you. You pinch my nipple between thumb and forefinger, slowly applying increasing pressure. After a moment I can maintain my stately distance no longer…

I frown slightly in frustration, gasping, turning my head so that my mouth catches yours. Your tongue immediately plunges into my mouth, all pretense at delicate kisses shattered. Your other hand comes from the mattress beneath you where you were leaning on it to tangle in my hair, pulling my mouth closer as you plunder it’s depths. Your fingers on my breast are becoming slightly cruel, but my arousal is increasing in direct proportion to the fierce pressure of your touch.

The room, which has been full of the scent of rain-washed streets from the open window, and rich vanilla from the cold candles arranged on the windowsill is now beginning to fill with another scent entirely. A sweet, musky aroma, vaguely salty. It is my pussy, slowly swelling and filling with nectar, responding instinctively to the mastery in your touch. I reach up to slide a hand into your hair, my hips rising slightly from the mattress in an entirely involuntary response. Your hand strokes down my belly, brushing past the downy hair of my mound, teasing as you trail your canlı poker oyna fingers over my parted thighs. Dreamy images are passing before my eyes, surreal glyphs of light and colour. My mind is focusing sharply on each touch, each stroke, translating each sensation into an image. I imagine that the glyphs are slowly forming into the pads of your fingers, each swirling whorl a line in the complex pattern of your fingerprint, as clear as crystal, as large as hills rolling away toward the horizon. For some reason the smell of my arousal reminds me of the sea, and I think of the ocean, teeming with life. You finger slips in between my thighs, delicately tracing the swollen lips of my pussy, gathering the moisture that has collected on the fine hair there like dew. The long, slow strokes bring you closer and closer to the delicate heart of my flower, slowly parting the petal like folds of flesh that hide that warm fleshy diamond. The moisture drenching me makes it easy to slide my lips apart, to stroke the hood of my clitoris until it slowly slides back, the engorged little jewel standing flush and rosy in the cool air.

Your mouth leaves mine, fastening on my breast and my tightly puckered nipple. You pull it into your mouth, tugging hard on it, sucking deeply with each careful stroke of your fingertip over my hard little clit. I gasp, hands clutching your hair, hips shoving against your hand, wanting more, wanting to be filled. My juices are pouring out of my pussy, creamy and sweet, and the smell is spreading around us like clouds of insence. It’s like a dam has cracked, and the first trickle has become a strong and steady stream. It’s only a matter of time before the dam breaks…I can see my pussy like a weir or a gate, and through it is flowing this amazing river caused by your touch. It’s like a fertile flood…I can see all the forms of creation there in that flood, all the forms of possibility contained in that river. And there you are, swimming in it, luxuriating in it. Your hand slips down, your middle finger sliding along just inside my slit, and you gently slip it into my tight hole, and I gasp and shove against you. Your press your finger all the way in, your thumb coming to rest with unerring precision on my clit.

I moan softly, pulling you back up by the hair internet casino to press my hungry lips to yours. You growl a laugh deep in your throat, rolling me backwards so that you can slide over across me, pressing me down into the mattress. My legs are spread wide, and you tuck one of yours over my knee so I can’t close them again. You slip a second finger into my pussy, your lips kissing a trail down my neck. You press your mouth to the thundering pulse at the side of my neck, and sink your teeth into my throat as you suddenly pull your fingers back and thrust them into my pussy with erotic force. I give a short, sharp cry, my voice rising briefly in the cool dark of the morning. My nails sink into your shoulders, and they unclench as you pull your teeth back, soothing the spot with a soft kiss. I’m panting, a slight film of perspiration gleaming all over my body, making my pale flesh milky in the light that is slowly turning from blue to rose-edged violet.

I can feel your erection pressing into my hip. Your turgid length rubs against me as you grind your hips agaist me briefly. I want desperately to feel it inside me, but I know to demand it now is futile. You will take me, give it to me, when you’re ready, and only then.

You are fucking me with your hand, slow hard strokes, just the way you know I like it, and I’m surging against you, mad with desire. You break off from kissing me, and kneel up above me, pulling your hand out of my cunt. I look up at you, lips swollen and bruised, eyes wide and dark, hungry and desperate. You take your sticky fingers and stroke my cum over my parted lips like a gloss. Your other hand is slowly stroking your thick cock, rubbing the tiny silver drop of precum over the head. You push my legs further apart, kneeling between them. You lean down, and take my mouth with yours, licking at my lips, tasting my cum. Your tongue weaves slowly in and out of my mouth, waltzing with mine, sending me dizzy with desire.

You pull away and lean down, sliding your hands under me, gripping my ass in your palms. You pull me up toward you, kissing my mound, then slowly opening your mouth, closing it over me completely, breathing hotly on the wet flesh. Then your tongue comes out and gives me a broad, flat stroke, from the bottom of my hole all the way to my painfully swollen clit. I moan, clutching the tangled sheets. You shake your head a little, left to right, burying your mouth deep inside my pussy, your lips closing tightly over my hard clit.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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