Babysitter’s Discovery Pt. 09

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It was 7:30 PM Friday night, and Emma was almost trembling as she rang Anna’s doorbell. They had seen each other earlier in the day, to visit the salon to make sure that they had matching Brazilians, all nice and waxed smooth. Knowing what was going to happen this evening, the feel of her smooth, sensitive entrance again exposed, had kept Emma in a constant state of arousal all day. Anna opened the door, smiled, invited Emma inside, and they came together in a heated clinch, kissing wildly, tongue-filled swirls of passion.

Leading the way into the bedroom, clothes were quickly discarded. They had enough time, and they were quickly in a loving 69. Emma adored licking at Anna’s smoothly waxed heat, while Anna reveled in the taste and textures of Emma’s 18-year-old tight, sweet pussy. With the excitement of what lay ahead, both of them reached a juicy, noisy, very satisfying climax within a few minutes. When they lifted apart, Anna swung around, and they shared long, tongue-swirling kisses of passion, the juices of each other’s climax mingling and creating a sexually charged taste sensation. They finally broke the kiss, both of them aware that Rick would be arriving soon, as it was now 10 minutes to 8 PM.

As they got dressed, Anna said, “Are you sure he won’t want to peek in on the baby?”

Emma giggled, “No way, Rick and babies don’t mix! When he sees my tattoo and my freshly waxed pussy, that should keep him far too interested, to want to see sweet Monica.”

Right at 8 PM, the doorbell rang. Emma and Anna shared one more kiss, then Anna scampered down the hallway, and into Monica’s nursery. Emma hurried to the door, and there he was. Emma felt the warm flutters deep down, this night was going to be something else.

Rick barely got in the door before Emma was all over him, bodies pressed tightly together, she could feel the stiff prod of his quickly growing cock pressing through his trousers, and against her skirt. She led him into the bedroom, Rick was naked in moments, and Emma smiled.

“Lay back baby, and watch me strip for you,” she cooed.

Rick did so, watching as Emma played with the hem of her short skirt, turning slowly, flipping it up and down, letting him play peek-a-boo with her fire-engine red panties. His cock was stiff and hard, 7 inches of pussy pleasing satisfaction, and Emma loved the teasing, knowing that Rick was getting hotter and hotter. She slipped her fingers through the buttons on her blouse, until it was just slightly parted. She swayed side to side, the blouse still covering her breasts, and letting Rick see by the clear skin from collarbone to the top of her skirt, that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She grinned as she saw his cock, that 7 inches hard and stiff, oh, she wanted that so much, it was testing her resolve. She wanted to just jump and hump him, but Anna and she had other plans for Rick, she resisted the urge. She slipped her blouse off, letting it slide off her shoulders, drifting to the floor. Her skirt quickly joined it, and she turned slowly, sliding her panties down, bit by bit until she was as naked as he was.

“Hey baby, how do you like my tattoo?” Emma cooed, turning her back to him, letting him see her heart tramp stamp.

Rick’s eyes stared at the red heart, the white banner draped across it and the word “SEXY” in black lettering across the banner, positioned just above the sexy cleavage of her ass cheeks, and he felt his pulse pound.

“Oh fuck, that’s so hot baby!” Rick enthused.

Facing him, she said, “And just for you, I got a Brazilian, I’m waxed all nice and smooth, and so wet for your cock baby!”

She reached down, ran her fingers caressingly over the smooth swell of her mons, feeling tingles racing along her skin.

“Umm, it makes it so sensitive, so horny, oh fuck, it feels beyond spectacular,” she cooed huskily.

Rick was breathing hard, his eyes locked on the expanse of smooth skin, watching Emma’s fingers sliding over her mound, his cock was so swollen, so hard, she’d never seen his prick so big and hard before.

He grunted, “Holy fuck, I’ve never seen anything sexier!”

“Baby, how’d you like to try something wild?” balıkesir escort she cooed.

He grinned, asking, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, Anna seems to have a bit of a kinky side. I went snooping the other night, and I found these.”

So saying, she opened the private drawer and lifted out the velcro restraints and the blindfold. He looked at them, blinked, and took a second, longer look.

“I want to put your wrists in the restraints, tie you to the headboard, and blindfold you,” she said, quickly.

She pressed ahead, “Come on baby, give it a try. I won’t do anything that you wouldn’t love, and then, you can do the same to me. How does that sound? Do it for me, and I’ll do it for you! Think about my bare, waxed pussy at your command! And maybe you’d like to fuck me from behind, and get a good look at my heart tattoo, as you drive your cock into me, over and over! “

He started to think about it, the idea of having Emma tied down and blindfolded really started his mind going. With his cock so swollen, so eager for relief, he was ready to do anything to make that happen.

“Ok baby, it sounds like it might be fun, tie me up!”

Emma squealed, “Oh baby, you are the best, the best!”

She slipped the cuffs over his wrists, secured the velcro closures, and his arms were tied up to the headboard. She leaned over him, her tits dangling just an inch above his lips, and slid the blindfold over his eyes.

“I’ll be back in a minute baby, I’m just going to check on sweet baby Monica,” she cooed.

Emma slipped out the door, took the few steps down the hall to the nursery, and quietly stepped inside. She smiled as she saw Anna, completely naked, seated in the rocker with Monica wrapped in a blanket in her arms, sleeping peacefully as Anna gently rocked. The scene of mother and daughter, joined as nature intended, made a lump grow in Emma’s throat. So innocent, so peaceful, so full of love, she felt her eyes brim with tears at the heart-warming sight.

Anna said, very softly, “So, is Rick all ready?”

Emma whispered, “Yes, he’s so ready and so hard, let’s go and rock his world!”

Anna placed Monica very gently in the crib. Emma and Anna left the nursery and walked in unison down the hallway. She opened the bedroom door, and they both stepped inside. The bedroom had thick, wall-to-wall carpeting, which hid the fact that two people were walking across it.

Emma said, “Now that sweet baby Monica is asleep, now we can have our fun!”

Emma and Anna approached the bed, and Emma growled, “Ooh baby, your cock looks so stiff, so hard, I’m gonna suck that big stiff cock of yours!”

Rick growled, “Oh yeah baby, let me feel those sweet tight lips of yours wrapped around my prick!”

Anna and Emma gave each other a most wicked smile, as Anna crawled up on the bed, and started to stroke Rick’s cock. She wasted no time, licking up and down his cock, painting designs over his shaft as Rick groaned. Licking her way back up to the head, she opened her mouth and swallowed him right down to the balls. Rick growled as she felt Anna’s hot wet mouth wrap around his prick. Emma could feel her pussy tingling, she bit down on the growl of lust she wanted to make, as she watched Anna eagerly gobble her boyfriend’s cock.

Anna drew her mouth up, then plunged down the stiff shaft again, getting into a sucking rhythm, eager to give him the best head she could. She starting making an “mmm-mmmmm-mmm” sound around his cock, as she took him in, again and again.

Rick growled, “Oh yeah baby, mmm, so good, suck my cock baby, make me cum!”

Anna motioned Emma to come close, and she pointed at Rick’s balls, then make a squeezing motion with her fist. Emma grinned, and she wrapped her hand around his balls, squeezing gently, coaxing the spunk to fill his cock. She could feel his balls throbbing, and knew he was about to lose it.

“Fuck, oh yeah, fuck, gonna do it, cumming, oh fuck YEAH!”

Rick grunted loudly as he arched up, Anna pulled her head back so it wouldn’t just fly down her throat, and Emma could see Rick’s body shaking as he unloaded. balıkesir escort bayan Emma thought about the torrent of thick, rich cream filling Anna’s mouth, oh she wished it was her mouth. When Rick’s body relaxed, Anna lifted her head off his cock, her cheeks bulging, sperm ready to fall from her smiling lips. She grabbed Emma’s head, pulled her against her lips, their mouths joined in a wet, open gush as Rick’s fresh load filled Emma’s mouth. Emma felt a bolt of pleasure as their tongues, slick and slippery with Rick’s cum, swirled through the thick, creamy mass, Emma and Anna shared a juicy portion of his load, then both eagerly swallowed the tasty treat.

Emma cooed, “Ooh, so tasty, so delicious! Now, I’m going to sit on your face baby, I want you to lick my pussy the best that you can!”

Emma grinned, and felt her lust pitch up higher, as she watched Anna straddling Rick’s face, her pussy hovering inches above his mouth.

Emma growled, “Can you smell my lust, baby?”

“Yeah, oh yeah, let me lick it!”

Anna lowered herself down, and let out a growl of lust as Rick’s tongue slid along her lips, and slid inside her pink seam. Anna felt his tongue eagerly slipping and sliding along her pink walls, eagerly lapping at her juices. Fuck, her cunt was so fucking hot, it almost hurt. This was so fucking hot, using Emma’s boyfriend for sexual pleasure, without him knowing it. Anna looked over, saw Emma’s face shining, alight with lust.

Emma moaned, “Oh fuck baby, keep licking my hot cunt, I’m gonna cum baby, I wanna cum all over your face!”

Emma hoped that Anna was as close as she had said, she was, and Anna went over, squealing and crying out, her pussy flooding Rick’s face with a gush of girl cum.

Rick was rock hard again, and Emma took Rick’s cock, holding it up for Anna as she poised it against her pink entrance.

Emma growled, “Now baby, I’m gonna ride your cock, and I want every drop you got, fuck my pussy full, fuck, I’m so horny!”

Anna pushed down hard, impaling her burning core on Rick’s hard cock. She took him in, right to the balls.

Rick growled, “Oh fuck, we haven’t been fucking enough, god, you’re so tight, baby! I love the almost virgin tightness!”

Emma cooed, “Well, we’ll take care of that, starting tonight! Now, kiss me, baby, I love kissing when I’m fucking!”

She gave Anna a sexy grin, and Anna leaned forward, and their mouths came together, hot, tongue swirling passion, making Emma’s pussy pound, and her clit throb, fuck, watching Anna kissing and fucking her boyfriend was driving her to a whole new plane of horniness.

Anna broke the kiss, and lifted up, starting to hump Rick’s cock faster. She rode him, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on Rick’s cock again and again. Anna tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed.

Rick was in a world of sensation, the exquisite tightness was amazing, Emma’s pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist, and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had. He was amazed at how tight Emma could get when they hadn’t been able to fuck for 2 weeks.

Emma smiled, she cautiously approached the pair, seeing Anna grin. She slipped two fingers into her mouth, making them slippery and shiny wet with her spit, then slipped them down. Anna’s clit was rock hard, swollen, deep pink, and Emma’s fingers started to polish that bulging pleasure bud, eager to make Anna cum as hard as Rick was going to.

Anna could feel her orgasm gathering speed, Emma knew just how to stroke her throbbing clit, oh fuck, she was gonna feel another orgasm slam her very quickly.

Rick was quickly reaching his peak, just as he felt his cock jerk, swelling with a massive urgency, he felt the tight clamp grab his cock.

Anna let out a full-throated shriek of pleasure, her orgasm grabbed her, a wrenching wave of pleasure that made her inner pussy ripple with spasms, her body shaking, letting out wordless squeals and grunts of pleasure as she rode that glorious wave.

As Anna shuddered in climax above Rick, he escort balıkesir groaned from pure pleasure as he reached his peak. Anna’s pussy was clamped tightly around his throbbing prick, spasming wildly, demanding his load. He yelled, “Oh fuck, YEAH!” as he exploded, letting out growls of pleasure, his cock squirting wildly inside Anna’s tunnel. Her spasming tightness was superb, and milked his throbbing cock greedily, draining his balls deep into her inner depths, sucking every last drop out of him.

When she had got every drop, Anna lifted up and pointed at his cock.

Emma cooed, “Time to clean your cock, baby.”

She licked up and down his shaft, tasting the hot mixture of their passionate coupling, then swallowed him down right to the balls, eager to get every little bit. Anna grinned at her, then motioned her to follow, keeping her hand against her pussy. Emma got the idea.

“Hey baby, I’ll be back in a few minutes, going to make sure that sweet Monica is okay, then, it’s my turn in the restraints!” Emma cooed.

“Oh yeah, don’t be long baby!” Rick growled.

She quickly followed Anna, and she knew what to do. Emma did indeed make sure sweet Monica was okay, then she lay back on the carpet, watching Anna straddle her, watching her swing into position, and her crimson sex was hovering just above her. Emma felt the heat, as Anna pulled her hand away, Anna’s bare, sexy lips were slightly parted. Emma could see a big glob of the thick white cum Rick had just pumped into her. It started to drip out, just as she opened her mouth, and let it drip onto her tongue. Anna lowered herself onto Emma’s wide-open mouth, and Emma felt a huge glob of Rick’s cum slide out of her, and into her eager mouth. Anna moaned as Emma swabbed her lips, sucking and licking. The taste of Rick’s cum mingled with Anna’s juices was intoxicating, and Emma licked her wildly, sliding two fingers up her, wanting a juicy spray. Anna didn’t disappoint, she felt herself cresting to another gushing release, giving Emma’s face a rich juicy spray of her girl cum, Anna stifling her cries of passion so as not to disturb Monica.

Emma went to get up, but Anna stopped her.

“Oh no, not yet! I can smell how turned on you are, you must be on fire with need!”

Anna ran her hand over Emma’s mound, feeling the soaked heat that Emma had become.

“Oh my sexy little snooper, you are absolutely drenched! You need to cum, now. Sit on my face Emma, and squirt your girl cum all over me! You are apt to be somewhat noisy when you cum, it’s gonna be a big one! Fortunately, I brought along a little something to help.

Emma saw Anna hold up a ball gag, the very same one that she had in her mouth when Anna had “disciplined” her. This time, she was eager to take it, Emma opened her mouth to take the ball as she felt her lips forming a tight “O” around the ball, which would keep her silent. Anna buckled it shut behind her head.

Anna lay back, inviting Emma to climb aboard, and Emma swung into position, ready for Anna’s pussy licking skill.

“Mmmm, yes, oh so wet, your pretty pussy is so wet Emma. I’m gonna lick that pretty, horny pussy, and I want your juices all over me!” Anna cooed.

Emma lowered herself, she felt 2 fingers slide up her, polishing her G spot, and Anna started to lick wildly at Emma’s swollen, bulging clit. Emma lasted 30 seconds, then she felt the big locking up, her whole body seemed to freeze for a split second, then the dam broke. Emma felt her body explode, the gag kept her loud scream from being heard. Her pussy started to squirt crazily, gushing streams spraying out, Anna was getting the wettest facial ever, Emma felt like she was cumming in every cell, almost delirious with pleasure as she felt that wave carry her. She finally slumped down, breathless, and saw Anna’s face, totally dripping wet, grinning at her.

“You just gave me the wettest, juiciest facial ever, and I enjoyed every bit of it!” Anna giggled.

Emma climbed off Anna’s face, helped her up, and they shared several tongue-filled swirls of passion before she let her go.

“Now baby, go back to Rick, let him fuck your sweet ass off, and leave the door partly open, I wanna watch and stroke myself as Rick gives you a glorious fucking!” Anna cooed.

Emma felt her whole body tingling as she made her way back, and released Rick from the restraints, and lifted the blindfold. His hazel eyes were alight with heated lust, and Emma giggled as she said, “My turn!”

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