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After not being in college in about 12 years, I decide to pursue another degree, this time in law. I returned to a nearby junior college to get the basic classes out of the way : fundamentals of law, torts, contracts, etc. Hey, with the rates that my attorney charges me at times, it’s time I started making the “BIG” money!!

Tonight was the first class in the Summer semester and at first, I was dreading the boredom of the classes. That was until I saw my classmates: Donna (about 45, 5’7”, blonde, blue eyes, small figure); Shannon (about 19, 5’2”, blonde, green eyes, tiny figure); Kate (about 18, 5’2”, strawberry blonde, tiny figure), Summer (about 21, 5’4”, black hair, blue eyes); Cara (about 19, 5’9”, red hair, blue eyes, slender) and Ashley (about 19, 5’10”, brown hair, blue eyes. Let me tell ya about Ashley.

Class was to last a couple of hours, and all of us seemed interested in the subject. When we took our first break, I headed to the Men’s room and then went out the front door of the complex, where some of the girls were smoking. They were chatting about their futures when Ashley asked me to sit on the bench with her. We talked about things in class and then she asked where the college was in reference to her side of town. I asked her if she had driven to school, surely she would know where it was. She told me that her Dad had brought her to school on his way to the airport and that she had slept the entire way. I asked her how she was going to get home and she said her Dad had told her to catch a bus. I asked what side of town she lived in, and she told me. Break time was over and we went back to class.

When class was over, I headed out the back door to go where my pickup truck was parked and someone behind me asked why I was in such a hurry? I turned to see that Ashley was following me, so I told her I wanted to get to a nearby hill so I could make photo’s of the lunar eclipse tonight. She asked me if it was ok if she came along casino siteleri with me to see it and then afterwards I could take her home. I told her sure, she was welcome to tag along. I mean I would’ve been a fool not to wish to spend time with Ashley, as she is very beautiful. We walked to my truck and I opened the door so Ashley could get in the truck. Ashley was wearing a tshirt and tight blue jeans.

It was a short trip to a nearby hill near the power lines towers, where it would be dark so I could make some good photo’s of the eclipse. I parked the truck, then opened the back window on the camper and let the tailgate down. Ashley perched her butt on the tailgate as I setup my tripod and camera. It would be about an hour or so before the eclipse would start, so we sat on the tailgate talking. After awhile, Ashley was leaning on my shoulder, her hand on my leg moving around. I lay back in the truck bed, and Ashley laid down beside me.

She placed her head on my chest and began to softly caress around on my stomach, and even moving her hands down on my thighs. I was waiting for her hand to finally bump into my hard cock, but she kept rubbing closer each time. I sat up and told her to turn around in and lay with out heads near the tailgate so we could watch the sky.

We lay side by side and I leaned on my elbow so that I could see the reflections of the stars in her blue eyes, when she reached up putting her hand on my head pulling me closer. I softly kissed her lips at first, until I felt her tongue probing my lips. I opened my mouth letting her tongue in to play with my own.

As we were kissing, I was pulling her to me, moving my leg in between her legs, grasping her butt with my hands. I was pulling her hard against me, so I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing into her crotch. She was actually pushing her crotch into my hardness. I began to kiss and lick my way around her neck to her ears, biting her earlobes and licking them. Ashley slot oyna was hugging me tight as I began to tug her tshirt up from her belly, exposing her navel. I moved down to kiss and slide my tongue into her belly button, as I pushed her tshirt even higher. I slid my hands under the shirt to grasp her breasts, tickling, tweaking and pulling on her nipples. As I kissed lower on her tummy towards the waistband of her jeans, she pushed her mound up towards me.

I was kissing my way lower and Ashley unsnapped her jeans, pushing her zipper down, before raising her hips to slide her jeans down. I helped her to remove them, her panties coming off with them. I took off my shirt and jeans, before crawling between her legs, to lick, and caress her inner thighs. I caressed and kissed my way down one leg, licking at the spot behind her knee, licking down her calf, to slowly caress and lick her toes, sucking each one into my mouth. I moved to the other leg, kissing it the same way as I licked my way back up her leg to finally coming to the spot of my desires.

When I reached Ashley’s pussy, I noticed that she was clean shaven, not a bit of hair nowhere around her pussy. I kissed my way to the juncture of thigh and torso, sliding my tongue slowly up her skin, as my fingers caressed her pussy. I could feel her wetness coating my fingers, so I moved so I could finally taste her. I licked up her crease, tasting her as I went. I licked up to her clit, taking it between my lips and teeth to nibble on it. I would suck it into my lips, before biting it with my teeth. Each time I did this, Ashley would raise her hips up to me. I began to push a finger in and out of her pussy, as I licked her clit. She was moaning and telling me to bite her clit some more, so I was more than glad to do so. I was finger fucking her at a rapid pace, when all of a sudden she raised her hips up high and screamed, her orgasm overtaking her. I moved my mouth down so that I could suck her flowing juices canlı casino siteleri right from her pussy. Oh, how sweet she tasted!!

I began to kiss my way upwards when she began to calm down, just lying there softly whimpering. I kissed her lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth, when I felt her hand grabbing my cock, leading it to her pussy. When I felt her hole open up for my cock and I pushed into her, I could not believe how hot and wet she was. I mean it felt like my cock was in hot water! I no more got my cock all the way in her, when she grabbed my ass and told me to fuck her and fuck her hard. Hey, no problem., I began to fuck her slow at first, before speeding my thrusts up, fucking her hard and fast. Ashley’s pussy was grabbing and clutching at my cock as it slid in and out of her. Damn, she felt so tight, so hot. Teenage pussy…mmmmmm.

Ashley was begging me. “Please fuck me harder!” Fuck me!” “Richard, fuck me hard”. I gladly obliged her, as we began to fuck even harder if at all possible. The truck was rocking and we were fucking, harder, faster. She all of a sudden grabbed my ass in her hands, shoving her pussy tight against me, her legs wrapped around my ass, pulling me deeper as she began to cum. I was close, but I was able to keep moving somewhat and her pussy muscles were milking me, so I began to cum deep inside of her. As we began to slow down, Ashley told me that I fucked her better than her daddy did.

We uncoupled and I walked nude to the camera to check on the eclipse, which had already started. I began to take photos and felt Ashley standing next to me. She had taken her tshirt off, naked as I was. We watched until the moon was totally covered by the earth’s shadow, when Ashley kneeled to take my soft cock into her mouth, cleaning our juices off of it. But, then I noticed that approaching storm clouds had covered the moon, so we walked back to climb into the camper. We fucked one more time before finally leaving. I drove Ashley home and we kissed goodbye. She asked if she could begin to ride into school each week with me and of course I agreed. It seems like this semester is turning out better than I thought it would.

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