Back To The Club

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It had been a week since my friend Emily and I had experienced one of the most exciting nights of our lives, a night when we visited a local swinger’s club. The week finally passed but it felt more like a month because all I could think about, every minute of each day was going back. Emily had told me that night, when I dropped her off at her apartment that I was to call her the following weekend so we could go back for more. The entire week, flashbacks of Emily having sex with a couple we met that night ran through my mind continuously. I found I was now consumed to discover what she wanted to do for an encore.

Unfortunately, we both had to work Friday night making Saturday the day I nervously called her. My palms were sweating as I held the phone waiting for her to pick up the phone. I was concerned that she might have had a change of heart as the week passed with thoughts of regret about what she had done that night at the club. My heart raced when I heard her soft voice answer the phone.

“So, are you ready for another adventure?” I asked, fighting to keep my voice from cracking with anxiety.

“I was wondering when you were going to call. I’ve been thinking about what happened last weekend all week. I was afraid you might have felt guilty and decide not to call” She said this with a tone that was expecting me to say I couldn’t go.

She couldn’t be more wrong.

“Are you kidding? All I can think about is seeing you lying on your back with your legs around Jim as he was fucking you! You have no idea how exciting that was to watch!! That and thinking about you playing with a woman for the first time that night, too. You have no idea how much that meant to me, you letting me watch you.” Saying this was an understatement.

“I don’t know if I would ever have done what happened that night without you being there. It was incredible what happened and I have you to thank for that. It was such a rush!” I could hear the excitement in her voice; I sensed that visions of that pleasurable night were going through her head.

“So, I guess you are ready to go back?” I asked, excitedly.

“Yes!” This was all she said, all she needed to say. My heart raced faster.

“I was hoping you would say that!” I paused a brief moment than said, “I’m curious though, I know a lot of things happened that night but is there anything that stands out for you?”

She paused a minute, thinking. Then said, “I think when I came while being on top of him. Feeling Sasha touch me while fucking her husband was too much. I haven’t got off that hard in a long time.”

If I had been touching myself when she said that, I could have cum right then and there.

She continued, “But, even though it was stupid of me not to wear a condom, as we drove home that night I loved feeling his cum running out of me. I was so turned-on when he fucked me that last time; I wanted to feel him get off inside me. I shouldn’t have done it, but I don’t regret it either. I loved feeling that!!”

“Humph!!” I groaned loudly. I loved hearing that she enjoyed feeling it as much as I enjoyed watching.

“So, have you had any fantasies or desires that you’ve thought about this week? Things you would want to happen for real?” I asked anxiously.

“Yeah!” She paused a few second, then said, “I want more!”

She never elaborated specifically on what ‘more’ was. As had happened last week, my curiosity heightened. However, before I could explore the issue any further, she abruptly said, “Pick me up at eleven tonight! Okay?”

“I’ll see you at eleven!”

As I hung up the phone, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I stood in the middle of my living room, shaking my fists in the air as if my favorite team had just made the winning score in the Super Bowl.

The hours passing until 11:00 PM hit felt like an eternity. It was a sense of relief when I finally knocked on Emily’s door to pick her up. She smiled warmly when she answered and as usual she looked lovely, her shoulder length, sandy blond hair falling to the side of her face. She had soft, lightly tanned skin wearing just a slight touch of make-up; not much needed because she had that type of attractiveness where little was needed in the first place.

As she did last weekend, she dressed conservatively wearing nice forming slacks that highlighted her perfect, tight little bottom. But, unlike last week when she wore a loose shirt that hid her features, tonight she wore a tightly fitting shirt that fully enhanced the subtle curvature of her natural breasts. A breast size that I knew from experience fit perfectly into the palms of a lucky person’s hands. She had that ‘girl next door’ look, but unlike most 26-year-old women, she had a sexual appetite that could match or surpass any man she would ever meet.

The drive to the social club took us about 30 minutes. Once again, despite my being married and her being single, we played the loyal couple by holdings hands as we walked into the club. After paying the cashier, we immediately discovered that there were a poker oyna lot more patrons present tonight compared to last week. We soon discovered why when we learned that this night happened to be the third anniversary of the club’s existence. I was immediately intrigued when I heard this, hoping that this would mean more variable activities for Emily to choose from.

We walked to the juice bar for some drinks then sat down at an open table next to a large wooden floor, occupied by a number of people dancing. It was obvious as we moved that many sets of eyes had locked-in on Emily. Once again, she was one of the more attractive women in the club. Also, as we had found last week, the clientele consisted mostly of people in their late 40’s and early 50’s, causing her youth to obviously stand out as well. Although nobody stood out for us, we both agreed that there appeared to be more attractive people at the club tonight, which meant, perhaps, more favorable prospects for the night ahead.

We sat at the table working on our drinks for about thirty minutes, occasionally conversing with people who came by to exchange pleasantries. Just as she had the week earlier, Emily had a wonderful way of being charming but tactfully show disinterest if someone hitting on her wasn’t very attractive. I knew Emily wasn’t looking for Mr. GQ but she did have some limits, she wasn’t going play with just anybody.

“Have you seen anybody that has got your eye?” I asked as I leaned into her so she could hear me over the music.

“There are a few cute people here and there.” She said, leaning into me as well.

“A lot of these people look twenty or more years older then you, is that a turn-off?” I asked, curious.

She smiled and thought a moment. “No! If I thought they were attractive and nice I would consider it. As long as they didn’t tell me I look like their daughter!”

I laughed. However, before I could ask her anything further, the song playing overhead ended and a man started to speak through a microphone. The man talking was an older gentleman and quickly introduced himself to the crowd as the owner of the social club, speaking for several minutes about the clubs history and how happy he was to have met such nice people over the years. He then expressed his gratitude to everyone for coming tonight, announcing that he had a special thank you for all of us.

Moving from the social area at the back of the club, I could see a man walking towards the dance floor. He was completely nude except for a safari hat on his head. I could see that he had a leather chain in his hand that was being pulled but I couldn’t immediately see what was at the end of the leash, a table full of people obstructed my view. But soon, a surge of adrenaline shot through me when I saw what was attached to the end of that leash.

Attached at the end by a collar around her neck was a young woman, walking seductively on her hands and knees like a cat towards the dance floor. But, what made the scene exceedingly erotic was the fact that she was not only completely naked, her body and face had been artistically sprayed with body paint to make her look like a leopard. She wore fake ears in her hair; the only thing missing was a tail. Seeing her, the club soon fell completely silent.

With everyone’s full attention, the man guided the woman to the center of the dance floor, luckily, directly in front of Emily and myself. He then stopped and we watched as the woman started rubbing her succulent body back and forth against the man’s muscular legs, much like a house cat would display affection to it’s master. While watching this incredible scene, there was no doubt that every penis in the club was becoming hard, every pussy becoming wet. I quickly looked over at Emily and saw that she was anxiously biting down on her lower lip as she watched.

As the women displayed her playful affection, I noticed her breasts were enhanced but beautifully done, her body toned as that of a dancer. I could also softly hear her pretend to purr as she continued to move her body against him. Feeling her, his penis was slowly starting to rise. When this sexy woman turned away from us, we could easily see her full, vaginal lips exposed between her legs. I had to fight the urge to reach out and pet her like I would a cat.

After rubbing her beautiful body against the man for minute or two, the woman turned herself so that she was now facing him. The man was now fully erect, his 7-inch cock standing out from his body. Everyone in the room then watched as the woman started running her tongue up his thighs, taking turns licking slowly over each one. As she did this, she would seductively move her body side-to-side, still moving like the cat she now was.

Then, as she sat up on her knees, she braced herself by placing a hand on each thigh and started to rub her face against his erect penis. She did this for several seconds, an occasional sigh being heard from the audience. I myself fell into a trance when the woman started to slide her tongue up and down the length canlı poker oyna of the man’s cock, his erection pushed lightly aside as she licked her way up and down the shaft of his penis.

Then, bending her neck backwards, her tongue danced over his hairless scrotum until she slowly moved her head back as she slid her tongue up the underside of his cock. Then, while looking up into his face she opened her mouth, his penis soon disappearing as she slowly moved her head forward.

Everyone watched enraptured as the women engulfed the man’s cock, letting it slide in and out of her mouth, seductively moving her head side-to-side. As she moved back, the saliva on his penis reflected light; never at anytime did she use her hands, only her tongue, lips and mouth to please him. I could see in the background people nervously shifting side-to-side from their arousal, the occasional hand removing a bead of sweat from one’s forehead.

In time, the man let out an occasional moan. Hearing this, the woman would briefly stop moving so she could focus on stimulating the base of his cock with her tongue. Eventually, after a few minutes of feeling her please him, the man held the back of her head and started to hungrily fuck her mouth with his penis. Soon, his moans were continuous, his thrusts into her mouth quicker. She never stopped enthusiastically moving her body as he held her, fully enhancing the beauty and eroticism of her performance.

Everyone watched this scene for several minutes until the man started moaning louder. Suddenly, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and everyone watch enraptured as he started to quickly stroke himself. The woman looked up at him, her mouth fully open, her tongue outstretched from it. Soon, the man started grunting heavily as the orgasm hit his body, a huge load of cum shooting out of his penis, landing on her tongue and face.

Her tongue quickly became coated white as she waited for him to finish, then every man in the room sighed heavily when they saw her bring in her tongue and swallow. She then moved forward to take him into her mouth once again, lovingly sucking on his penis just a few moments longer, her performance sadly ending when she sucked on the head of his penis as if attempting to suck out every last drop, then releasing him.

When his penis fell away from her mouth a loud applause filled the room, an occasional shout of approval yelled out, Emily and I both adding to the enthused appreciation. The woman stood and the couple bowed to continued applause as they left the room. It was definitely a show that lit a fire for everyone in the room.

As the applause slowly quieted, I looked over at Emily. All I could say was an exacerbated, “Damn!!”

She laughed.

Before anything else could be said, the club owner once again started to address the crowd.

“I hope you all enjoyed the show!” His statement was met by another enthusiastic applause, and then he continued, “I want to thank all of you again for coming to our anniversary. For those of you who are new, most of our more intimate activities are upstairs. There are three large public rooms mixed among some smaller, more private areas. The three public rooms will be divided into three separate areas of interest. For those who would like to have fun with anyone and everyone, there’s the orgy room. There is a room for women only, and a room for couples involved in intimate activities that would just like to watch other couples involved in the same thing as well.

“Now, we hope you all have an exquisite time tonight! Safe sex is strongly encouraged, but as always, it is optional. Also, if you want to play with somebody…. ask nice!! Remember… you just might get what you ask for!! So, enjoy!!”

When everyone saw that the owner was through speaking, couples started heading to their destination of choice. Emily and I stayed seated at the table, watching the crowd disperse. As the majority of them moved upstairs I studied Emily for a few seconds, she was staring off into space, thinking.

“What are you deep in thought about?” I asked.

“After seeing that performance, I’m wondering if I should be as risky and wild as I want to be.” She looked like she was getting excited just thinking about the possibilities that lay ahead for her as she spoke.

The excitement was contagious, “Well, think about it like this. Is there anything you would regret happening, or regret if it didn’t happen?”

She sat silent for a moment, thinking again. After a couple seconds of thought she said, “I’m so horny right now, I don’t think I would regret anything!”

She paused a second, then continued “I just know I want to do something as intense, if not more intense, than what I did last week. I would regret that if that didn’t happen! I know one thing right now though, after watching that performance just a few minutes ago, all I can think about right now is giving some guy head!”

I was speechless as a surge of adrenaline shot through me after hearing what she said. To snap myself out of internet casino a brief trance, I looked around finding that the crowd downstairs was now scarce, only a small number of couples conversing around us. Nobody was drawing our attention and I was now dying to go exploring. More specifically, I wanted to find somebody that Emily would want to play with. To prod us forward, I half jokingly said to her, “So, do you want to go find a guy so you can give him a blow-job?”

She looked directly at me and without batting an eye said, “Yeah!”

I swallowed heavily as we stood, then followed her upstairs.

When we reached the top floor, we quickly came to a room where, just a week earlier, we stopped to watch a couple have sex. This room was as far as we got on the second floor that night, but tonight the room was empty so we continued down the hallway into what was now unknown territory.

We soon made a left turn into a darkened area and after a few steps we saw to our right a glass wall where a number of people were standing, almost all of them staring intently through the glass. We quickly discovered why when we glanced into the large room ourselves.

Once again, the sight of people having sex right before my very eyes took my breath away. It was obvious from the activity we were witnessing that Emily and I had discovered the orgy room. As we looked in, we could see about twenty people, each of varying age, race and body-type involved in a wide variety of sexual activity.

In the middle of the room was a group of six people chained together in a circle, each person connected as they performed and received oral sex on one another. They were aligned boy-girl, all without any clothing, each person focused on either licking or sucking the person in front of them, legs splayed out in various directions. To the right of them, two couples lay next to each other as they made love, the men laying missionary style over the women. To our left in the back of the room, people were involved in a mixture of other activities—a woman having her pussy licked here, a man getting a blow-job there.

Emily and I stood close together, both of us wide-eyed as we watched these strangers enjoy themselves for all to see. We didn’t move for nearly 15 minutes, the entire time viewing people switch both positions and partners, viewing mouths switch from one penis or pussy to the next. I occasionally looked over at Emily; her face was flushed as she gently moved the fingers of her left hand lightly over her neck, unconsciously caressing herself.

It took some effort for both of us but we eventually pulled ourselves away from the glass window, both of us wanting to explore the second floor a little more. Walking further down the hallway, we made a right turn and discovered the ‘couple only room’ but found with some disappointment that this room had no viewing area for exclusive privacy to those who entered, so we continued down the hall. As we walked, this was the first time in awhile that I wished Emily didn’t have her rule of not having sex with married men when the woman was unaware. But, as always, I respected that and thought once again how lucky I was for her just letting me watch.

We soon took another right and came to a hallway that was mostly full of men. And, once again, we saw that those standing in the hallway were staring through a glass wall. This time, however, when I looked in my jaw dropped from the sight of twenty women or so, all fully involved in heated sex with other women.

Emily grinned as we watched. As in the orgy room, the women were of varying age and body-type and all looked to be fully enjoying each other, oblivious to those of us watching. It was an incredible scene, women lying on their backs with legs fully spread, someone busy licking their pussy, a finger slipping inside someone here and there. Some women were French kissing, as other’s were sucking or fondling on a hardened nipple. A few played with dildos, the dildo continuously moving in and out of someone’s vagina, the recipient sitting back with eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensation. I silently laughed to myself as I watched; I desperately wished I had a hidden camera to record the erotic beauty of it all.

Emily and I had been watching this scene for some time before I noticed that she was receiving a number of stares and pointed fingers. Between the women in the room and the few in the hallway, it was clear that she the youngest by at least 15 years and her attractiveness definitely made her stand out that much more. The youngest looking person in the area we were in appeared to be in their early 40’s at the most. Swinging tonight definitely involved an older crowd compared to us; but with that came experience and boldness, as I soon discovered.

I turned in a manner that allowed me to see the crowd with my peripheral vision and I soon discovered that a group of three men were standing against the wall behind us, each of them involved in quiet chatter, looking at Emily as they spoke which was obvious the focus of their conversation had to do with her. Two of the men looked to be in their late forties and one appeared to be in his early fifties. It was the older man who soon strolled over to Emily as his friends followed close behind.

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