Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 02 – The New Batch Ch. 02

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*The teen character appearing in this story is eighteen years of age. *

Authors Notes: This story is a direct sequel to the BAD M.I.L.F series; perhaps you should read that set of stories before this entry. I’d like to thank all my fans and others who have read and commented on my stories.


Catherine Brennan mother of Carry Anne McIntyre and grandmother of Chrystal McIntyre, was forced to crawl on all fours beside me into the corridor leading to my bedroom. It was weird seeing the haughty matriarch of the McIntyre clan crawling down the narrow hallway with an ass so huge that it nearly touched both sides of the walls. We’d started something in my kitchen that I was intent on finishing. I shoved the door open leading her into the room which still partially smelled of nasty sex and other bodily fluids. She reared up supporting her weight on one hand possibly affected by the unclean nature of my bombed-out bedroom covering her nose with her right forearm. I pivoted pulling her arm away from her face pushing inside her mouth. Her thin lips were stretched wide around my cock, her head motionless as her tongue caressed the underside of my glans. It was different, inexperienced, and stiff as Catherine pursed her lips sucking hard in little puffing motions.

It was good for a start, but I needed more, growing impatient enough to cup her chin in tandem with the back of her skull giving a labored forward motion until she gagged. She gasped and coughed taking in life giving air as some frothy spittle dribbled down her chin. I stroked my cock inches away from her face tapping it on her rounded cheek in brief intervals until she took it inside again. Her timid technique irritated me again as I palmed her head like a basketball plunging further into her mouth than I had before. Catherine pushed back against my thighs dislodging my erection as she coughed up more saliva and phlegm earning more slaps to the cheek from my cock. She put her hand up to her cheek attempting to block my offending member and I relented. Neither one of us spoke for moments as I observed Catherine internally processing the situation. I stood motionless with my hands interlocked behind my back waiting to see what she would do next. I guess I was mentally preparing myself for what could come next. There was no doubt I was out of line, my behavior criminally suspect. I’d probably have years to reclaim my masculinity behind bars.

Catherine didn’t keep me waiting hesitantly cupping the underside of my balls, squeezing lightly while her other enclosed softly around my girth tugging on the taunt, vein skin of my shaft. She picked up the pace in moments eliciting a low moan from me for her efforts. She added a slight screwing motion to her movements causing a torrent of precum to bubble from the head of my cock. A wet, sticky sound permeated the bedroom as she moved closer with considerable effort. Her head dipped low staring at the underside of my endowment in mute fascination as she went to three fingers encircled on my shaft working them a little harder. Catherine looked like some innocent sidling closer to my crotch examining everything. My cock pulsed and throbbed under her pumping fingers as her eyes widened and her mouth hung agape. My stomach knotted up and my thighs tightened as she straightened back making her face level with my abdomen. My breathing became labored and erratic as she used her left arm to mash her huge, pendulous breasts together into an abomination of cleavage. Catherine dipped in taking her established third of my cock into her mouth sucking hard. She knew what she wanted and was going to have it at any cost.

My thighs began tightening up as her head bobbed leaving a thick, dripping glaze of saliva on my tumescence. All her fingers were brought into play as she held my cock between them like a sandwich, pulling and stroking with mounting intensity. Catherine pushed further trying and failing to take more of my length as wet, slurping sounds filled the bedroom amplifying the atmosphere. She was doing her best to suck me off and it was working as I faltered, dipping on one knee as my hands became unclasped to hover in the air afraid to interfere with her progress. Catherine’s massive cleavage became drenched in a sticky mixture of sweat, saliva and precum as she dropped her hands to my thighs digging her nails into the flesh there. The entitled, haughty grandmother had withdrawn into the darkness leaving behind this creature born of lust and sexual desire. I could take it no longer gathering up some of her thick, grey streaked blonde hair in my fist as my hips bucked taking her face. Her hands crept up cupping my butt cheeks as she attempted to push forward again. I hit the back of her throat making the large woman gag and cough profusely before pulling out and beating the tip against her lips.

She didn’t seem to mind when my thick member tapped against her rounded cheek as she flushed red. Her tongue flicked up teasing poker oyna the tip before she pursed her lips peppering my cock head with light rabbit kisses. I pushed against her lips as Catherine opened them partially to create some friction on my mushroom tip as it breached her mouth before her cheeks vacuumed inward with an intense suction. Catherine Brennan had found her technique in dramatic fashion as I erupted inside her mouth with several thick ropes that caught her off guard. She gasped and gurgled coughing up a deluge of cum that ran down her chin onto her sunbaked, freckled bosom. More bursts hit her square in the face covering her nose and a right eyelid as she pumped and twisted her fist around my girth. She managed to coax out another thick rope of semen aiming my cock at her open mouth getting a straight shot that made the matriarch gag and blow some of the milky concoction into her open palms. She stared down into her hands before looking up into my face breathing hard enough to worry me. Her head went back and forth between looking at my face to her cupped hands before she slurped the pooled mess up swallowing it. I’d left her a mess with Catherine looking like she’d been in a train wreck.

She cupped the undersides of her huge breasts taking silent stock of the sticky webbed mess there oozing down her slightly sloped stomach to the carpet. Catherine mashed and rubbed her mams together pushing her cleavage tight to massage the spunk into her skin. She looked up at me with an unreadable expression which prompted me to rub my member on her face again. Her tongue traced a light pattern on my balls as her right hand stroked the back of my calf. She looked up again appearing on the verge of finding words to address the situation between us when my hand cupped the underside of her jaw desperate to keep things going. I offered her my hands finding it a bit difficult to pull her to her feet to face me. Her hair was all over the place giving this woman a wild, untamed appearance. She opened her mouth again but found my finger inside it quickly fellating the offending digit. My hands covered her shoulders gently directing her to sit on the edge of the bed, face level with my crotch. Catherine must’ve believed I wanted head again, lurching forward before I pushed her onto her back, spread eagle. She clutched her hands to her chest unsure of what would happen next. I admired Catherine’s extreme Rubenesque figure for what it was as her thick legs hung over the edge of the bed.

She bellowed sounding like a wounded animal the moment my tongue touched her prominent clit. She wriggled and squirmed almost taking my mattress off the box spring as I wrote the letters of the alphabet in her virtue. Catherine’s slit was visibly drenched and puffy lending a dewy wetness to her cunt as I had my way with her button. The large matron howled and trembled, shivering as my pointer finger entered her confines curving upward into her g-spot. I’d learned to find this particular spot from her granddaughter early on during our duplicitous relationship. The tip of my finger caressed the bumpy ridge inside while I slurped on her clit sending Catherine over the edge. I was unnerved when her thick, oversized thighs rose up on either side of my head looking to lock it into place. My palms pushed into the meaty, pliant flesh of her inner thighs leaving little reddened bruises there as Catherine attempted to lock them around me which could’ve possibly decapitated me considering her size and strength. Her grunts and unintelligible mutterings took on a more guttural quality as I dug in further. Her right hand clawed at my scalp while the other hand snagged a fistful of bedding yanking it from the corners of the mattress in a quick swipe. Her back arched off the bed when three fingers entered working her tunnel in a scooping motion that left them undated with oily evidence of her mounting lust.

When her struggling became too much, I pulled away focusing on putting as many hickeys on her inner thighs as humanly possible. I marveled at the size of her legs, while massive, they retained a womanly shape that appealed to my personal aesthetic. The brief seconds I’d disengaged were too much for Catherine who whimpered and whined like a spoiled child until my tongue traced her elongated slit in an upward motion that ended at her furred mound. The fingers of both of her hands parted her flower allowing a glimpse at the vibrant pink confines awaiting my attention. I got close inhaling her pungent scent, closer even with less than an inch between my full lips and her clit. She shuddered when I simply blew on it, shaking and jiggling all over. Catherine humped up meeting my face with surprising speed as her legs locked around my head trapping it against her cunt. I rolled with the motion licking, slurping, and sucking on her labia making it nasty and sloppy. I wrenched my face back and forth using my chin as a wedge on her taint. My nails dug into the massive, canlı poker oyna dimply meat of her enormous butt groping, squeezing, and pinching to my delight. Catherine Brennan was certified, the biggest ass I’d ever had in my life including her girls.

Catherine bellowed like a wounded animal going into convulsions as she squirted drenching me in a torrential wave of her lust. It seemed to go on forever only to abruptly end with the loud, thump of her heels as her legs lost their strength slamming on either side of me. More of the moisture poured freely from her honeypot soaking the ruffled bedding under her massive ass. Catherine was completely flushed, breathing hard as I used her knees to pull myself into a standing position. One of her hands clutched at her chest while the other had become entangled in her weathered blonde locks. Her mouth was agape in an unflattering display working hard to supply the large woman with excess air to breathe as she looked up into my stoic face. Standing over her prone body one could really appreciate the exaggerated hourglass nature and shape of this older woman’s body. Catherine Brennan’s wealth of curves was positively intoxicating. Her age never crossed my mind or the disturbing fact that I was essentially ravishing what could be arguably called a senior citizen.

Catherine lay there clutching both hands over her chest in clasped fists still working through her climax wheezing and gasping for air. She looked somewhat out of it as her eyes met mine gauging the intent in them and coming to a horrific realization when her gaze dipped down to my cock. I stood there hand on hip while my other stroked my length back to complete hardness as Catherine began shaking her head in denial of my virility. The panic on her face contrasted with her own brand of aged beauty. I could see a little bit of Carry Anne’s beauty in features left untouched despite her age. Precum was bubbling to the head of my penis just from watching her attempts to gain her bearings. She yelped when my hands grasped the back of her knees draping her giant, shapely legs over my shoulders. I pushed the head of my member against her steaming slit piercing it minutely. The top of my cockhead was hidden by the puffy walls of her cunt as I lurched forward taking her legs with me until we were face to face.

“Look at me.” She’d adverted her eyes as I pushed forward up her abdomen and chest afraid to see what was coming. Catherine’s own blue eyes narrowed and looked everywhere but my face, but her hands remained motionless fanned out at her sides.

“Look-at-me!” I demanded once more. She was breathing hard through her mouth as her eyes met mine looking deep.

My pelvis came slamming down on her burying my cock to the hilt with a resounding, wet smack that echoed throughout the bedroom walls accompanied by her guttural screams of pleasure. I kept up the pace pulling almost all the way out before jamming it in to the base of my crotch in continuous rough poundings as her arms locked behind my back. She squirted and sprayed every time our bodies smashed together jiggling and trembling uncontrollably under my muscular frame. I kept up the frenetic pace fucking her with severe deviant intent. Catherine spasmed and pulsed around my length putting an exquisite pressure on all the right places. My crotch and inner thighs were drenched in oily wetness as we loudly copulated nearly flattening the bed under our sweaty bodies. The repeated smack of our bodies merging furiously was nearly deafening. My face was lost in the steaming heated passage between her huge breasts. Even though she probably dwarfed my weight, Catherine was being manhandled in a manner I’m sure she never experienced before in her life. I pushed myself up into a pushup position using my inner forearms to mash her tits together.

Her mountainous mammalian mounds jiggled and bounced about presenting two chewy treats atop saucer sized plates shades darker than her sun baked skin. I was easily able to suckle both rolling and plucking with my tongue and lips. Her cunt seized up on me in a vice-like grip as she went over the edge climaxing hard. I could barely work my cock inside her zaftig frame but continued trying anyway. The savagery of our uncoordinated moves added to the sensation on my embattled pike. Her thick, womanly arms locked in place as she undulated and shook nearly taking us off the bed. Her virtue relented allowing me to bottom out again; however, this time I just let it rest inside. I remained propped up on my palms in a pushup position looking down into her face. There were tears streaking her chin and a clear stream of saliva ran from the corner of her mouth. I let my hips sway side to side feeling her palms pressed into my back. The heat emanating from her touch was tantalizing. My hips continued swaying as she began to move with me back and forth. We swayed for a few minutes in cinque with one another as my member dipped inside Catherine internet casino in a steady tempo.

My cock pounded down into her bottoming out in punishing fashion causing her legs to spring up like a jack-in-the-box locking heels at the small of my back. I continued unimpeded slapping up against her sopping wet insides while her hands moved to my pecks. Her movements were exploratory caressing and rubbing my chest and abdomen. A finger pressed against my erect left nipple poking and flicking it a little while her other hand squeezed my bicep. Her hands drifted to my rib cage softly tracing the contours while she did her best to endure the pointed thrusts of my hips. Catherine began slowly rolling her all-encompassing hips around on my battered mattress. It caught me off guard for a second as her immense butt came slamming up into my balls from the bottom. I found myself working to match her cadence until we merged in unison. Catherine Brennan was fucking me back locking her fingers behind my neck. I was close to exploding and could tell she was nearly there with me when I realized she’d been pulling on my neck for a bit of time. There was a sense of desperation in her jerky movements, some want and need motivating her actions. I understood her need, her wants and immediate desires but something in me didn’t know if I wanted to give in.

Over the past few days, I’d been put through a sexual wringer by this woman’s daughter and granddaughter which left me reeling from misdirection, manipulation, and sexual debauchery. I wondered how I was still able to function giving all the sex I’d been having. Even my home was invaded affording me the opportunity to sleep with two more members of this family of thick, BBW P.A.W.G.S. It was a wealth of riches I’d never thought to have; a gift I wasn’t sure any man should have. Catherine rocked her calves into my spine desperately trying to pull me in for…more.

“I-I beg of you; come closer.” She moaned as her huge breasts pushed back floating free against my chest.


“Please, just give me this; you’ve already taken so much, young man.” Catherine tugged at my neck urging me downward.

“Why?” Catherine became agitated ramping up her actions tightening her calves around me in constricting fashion.

“NEED IT!!” She was silenced as my tongue entered her mouth to wrestle with her own while her body constricted around me in a fleshy cocoon as Catherine began to climax. My shaft was ground raw between her dueling walls as the matron screamed out her orgasm directly into my mouth. I began shooting rope after rope into her snapping cunt until I was spent. The extreme charms of Catherine Brennan left me drained and pliant as I nuzzled into the soft spot under her chin sucking at her throat. Her sweat and scent was everywhere masking the lingering familial odor of her own granddaughter. She stroked the back of my head lazily while her other arm lay lifeless on the mattress.

I managed to lay on my back staring up at the ceiling fan as my senses returned along with an acute sense of dread. I just stared at the rotations listening to the plastic blades cut the air and trying not to think. It felt surprisingly like the first night I’d spent in Chrystal’s parents home after all was done with her mother. I’d been used as a sex toy by her mother, apparently doing such a good job that she wanted more resulting in a weekend of never ending trysts that left me addled probably beyond repair. Courtney had taken up residence in my home refusing to leave ultimately ending up in my bed as well, albeit under totally different circumstances.

“I haven’t had sex in ten years.” Catherine admitted out of nowhere.

She seemed to have some bit of shame as well facing the opposite wall still partially clothed in her denim blouse and twisted brassiere. I stole a quick glance in her direction before turning towards my side of the bed staring at the mess left by her granddaughter.

“My husband refused to touch me citing my expanding waist line and other negative aspects of our thirty year marriage before running off with a much younger rival of mine. You know, in all those years after he left, I did nothing. I just watched myself get older and “believed everything” he said about me.”

“I don’t want to hear it.” I admitted honestly.

“But I want to tell you anyway; I don’t really get to be honest most of the time, duty and all.”

“I’m not sorry for fucking you Catherine, don’t make me sorry.”

No words followed for long stretches of time as I noticed the room was darker than when we entered. She rolled over taking up more than half the bed beside me. Catherine studied my face, searching for some common ground.

“Was it like this with my daughter?”

“Kind of.”

“My granddaughter, Chrystal?”

“No, I loved her.” My words faltered a bit at the thought of the phony relationship. A wave of emotion washed over me as Catherine placed a hand on my chest gauging my heartbeat.

“I’m sorry about my daughter Carry Anne; she has a problem which I have to admit knowing before we met. It’s been with her since her teen years and uh, seems she never found a solution for it.”

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