Bad Penny Ch. 01

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Her neck and hair smelled spicy and warm, and I moved my nose up over her ear to whisper to her, “I am getting a little buzz, are you?”

She nodded and her body for a moment melted against mine as she sat on my lap, and her face came round to let her lips meet mine. The kiss was slow and almost timid, as she took on board the new sensations that the hash laced cake had opened up to her.

It was her first time. She had never been able to smoke, and had always been scared of drugs, but tonight she had eaten the dessert before she knew what was in it. I had been furious to start with, since I had also taken a slice, and was supposed to be driving us home, but I realised it was a genuine mistake. Mike had been given the cake for the party that was to be held the following night, and Tara had not known about it when she gave us supper after we had finished helping her with the decorations. It was only when Mike came in and found Penny and Tara half way through their second slice each that we found out.

Penny had been a bit freaked, but I talked her round, and calmed her down, and cradled her in my arms and told her what to expect. I told her it would be warm and feel like floating, and that there was nothing to be scared of, and did my best to be positive, since I know what fear and a bad atmosphere can do. Of course Mike had apologised and said we should stay over, and then decided he might as well join us, since everyone else was clearly starting to get mellow. He dimmed the lights and put on some gentle music, sat down beside Tara, and took a huge bite from the remains of her second helping. Penny had passed him the remains of hers, and started to relax, since there was no obvious sign that anyone was about to go mad with an axe.

Although I had been an occasional user, along with Mike, since school days, my girlfriend Penny was brought up pretty strictly in a religious family (half French, half Irish, all Catholic). So she was dead against drugs, although she would take a glass of wine or beer. In fact she was pretty much against everything fun, at least to start with, as sin was always to be avoided. When we started dating in our teens holding hands and fairly tame kissing was really pushing the envelope. It took a very long time before we finally ‘made love’ as she coyly put it. I hadn’t minded too much. Sure I was horny as any boy, but she was my first real girlfriend, and I didn’t know what to expect. I had a sister, and was brought up respect women and that anything other than “yes” meant “no”. So it took months of increasing excitement and daring to be allowed to put hands inside her blouse, and then weeks more to loosen her bra, and months more to actually get her buttons undone so that I could see what I was doing. Even though she was cautious about trying new things, each new experience was eagerly adopted once she found out that it was enjoyable, and that lightning did not strike. I got to suck her nipples the second time I unbuttoned her blouse. The next time we got a chance to have some privacy she pulled off her top to reveal that she had no bra on, and instantly pressed her left breast to my mouth. That was the first time she came, rubbing herself against my thigh as I worked on her breasts and neck and earlobes with my tongue and fingers. After that she started to wear jeans a lot more, and after a while of riding my thigh, she began to let me use my hand to rub her cloth covered crotch until she quivered.

Six months later spring arrived and she was wearing a skirt and tights. With summer the tights went, and only thin cotton was between my fingers and her soft wet flesh. Later in June I had her in a bikini, (or rather only half of one) which barely covered anything, but it was September before I slipped a finger inside the soft cotton of her sensible underwear to stroke her clit, and another month until she allowed me to slip them off altogether.

She had gradually become more daring with my body as well. The day when she had worn the bikini I had been in skimpy swim shorts, and as she rocked on top of me I had my first orgasm with her. Before that she had always backed off when I started to get too excited – worried that I might get carried away, and that she might get pregnant (Ignorance and fear from lack of sex education goes a long way). She was so surprised and shocked when I came that she wouldn’t even kiss me again for the rest of the day. But then she said to me that it was only fair, since I had been making her come for a year, that she should do the same for me. It all sounds ridiculous now, but we were pretty innocent, and the long slow discovery of our bodies and the pleasures of the flesh was wonderfully exciting. It made us both appreciate the erotic potential of earlobes, and fingers, and clothing and teasing, and as we went on we became more adventurous without thinking about it being adventurous.

So it was half a year more before she put her hand inside my underwear, and another month after that before she saw me naked. I ‘accidentally’ was poker oyna still in the shower when she arrived at my house one afternoon, and when horsing around my towel ‘accidentally’ became undone. She had frozen for a moment as I held her, me naked, she still fully clothed, and then she kissed me deeply as she ran her hands over my back and bottom, and down my thighs, and round to take me in her hand. We had no names for those parts then. Of course we knew what they were called, but the words so commonly used seemed too harsh and crude, or too silly, to use. They were simply “me” or “there” or “it”.

Of course once she had seen me undressed there was no problem in the future about her stripping me off, fully or partially, and she had been fully unclothed on a number of occasions before then. She kept her underwear on that afternoon, but the following week we spent a glorious couple of hours lying next to each other, and on top and underneath and entwined in full nakedness, revelling in the touch of skin. It was then that I first slipped a finger inside her, and a week later I first kissed her ‘there’. That was a revelation. I had kissed her stomach and thighs, and even as far as the soft hair on her generous pubic mound (the Mount of Venus as the Victorians called it, which we adopted as our own coy terminology) but she had always subtly moved away from me getting any closer, but in the midst of orgasm with my finger inside her and another on her clitoris, she was too distracted to stop me from swapping my fingers for lips, and she came again in delighted horror as she realised what I was doing. Turned out she was worried that she would taste bad. I told her she tasted wonderful, like buttered lobster. She laughed, eventually. After that it became part of our language again, and she would shyly ask me if I would like some butter. Once it became clear that I was more than happy and had no fear of dairy products, it also became a regular thing for us. In a spirit of fairness about a month later she “got me back”. I remember that when she first kissed me ‘there’ it was like someone putting a shard of flaming ice through my brain, and I came in moments. Of course she stopped short of letting me come in her mouth for a long time, but practically every time we met for years after she made time to do suck me to orgasm if we could not do anything more.

In time she got used to letting me kiss ‘her’ (more than that, she demanded it) and when she had got used to kissing ‘me’ we naturally got into a 69 position. Sometimes she was on top, sometimes me. It was once when I was on her, and she was near orgasm as I licked and fingered her (two fingers by then) that I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was going to come. Normally I would have pulled away or called to her that I was ‘near’ so that she could move her mouth and I would come over her stomach or breasts, but this time I just pushed deeper into her mouth and sucked her clitoris. She responded by sucking me even harder, and I my orgasm was immense. She made some protesting noises, for a moment, as it had shocked her a little, but not much. Afterwards she said that it was alright, that she had been thinking about doing it for some time, and that she liked the taste. The next time she was sucking me I tried to warn her that I was about to come, and she looked up at me and nodded, as she sucked me deeper and kept her hand pumping me into her mouth.

All of that had been unthinkable when we first met, as unthinkable as full intercourse. Of course by the time we were regularly getting undressed in bed together (or in the car, on the beach, in the living room, the shower, the kitchen…) we were both thinking about that next move as well. It had been close on a few occasions, me naked on top of her, or her riding on me, sliding herself back and forward along my shaft. It would have been easy for me to “accidentally” push inside her, but I wanted her to make the decision, and her to be comfortable with it. I wanted her to want to do it, and never to feel that she had been forced or pressured into it. Her fear of pregnancy was now uppermost as a reason not to, although fear of God was still in there, and of course contraception was a sin to be avoided even more than fornication. Medical science intervened in a sort of fortuitous way. Penny began having migraines associated with hormonal changes and severe PMS. Her doctor recommended she go on the pill for a couple of months to see if it evened out her mood swings and stopped the headaches, which were crippling her for a week in every month. The change was miraculous. And suddenly the fears of pregnancy could be discounted, and it was only a matter of time before passion overcame superstition.

It was the day after my 20th birthday, a Saturday. We had the whole day together, a wonderful lunch, a walk in park and the museum, a late afternoon trip to the cinema, dinner, and then back to her place. That was when I got my present. It was wrapped in pearl and silver silk suspenders, bra and French knickers with black canlı poker oyna stockings and was carrying a bottle of champagne.

“I have been thinking about this all day,” she said “I want you inside me.” The emphasis on the “you” and “me” made it clear what she meant. Long months of playing with fingers and tongue, and a week or so before, a banana, had gently opened her up, and she was more wet and turned on by her own day long fantasy than I had ever seen her before. I was so pleased that her first time was not like the horror stories that so many girls seem to live through. We both came, and I rested for a moment still inside her, and then my hips started to move of their own accord, and we did it again.

After a longer rest while we talked gently and played together and she curled up with her leg over mine, I started to get hard again, and she slid over me to push herself down onto my erection and rode me until she came again. I was well worked up by that time, and I rolled her onto her back again and slipped between her legs, sliding deep into her, raising her knees to allow me to get inside her as far as I could. Something in both of us was released then, and we went for it wildly and uncontrollably, both of us grunting and screaming and clawing at each other with thrashing limbs and gasps and cries, and she came again and again while I gradually rose to my third life draining explosion of the night, and collapsed on her panting and gasping, as I felt myself withering and slipping from inside her. We slept well.

In the morning she woke me with orange juice and coffee and toast, and then sucked me to another erection and climbed on me and rode until she had another and I was close to coming for a forth time in twelve hours. She slowed right down, drawing her body up to rub one nipple and then the other across my mouth, almost letting me slip from inside her, and slid down again to bury me in her flesh. After ten or twenty repetitions of that she suddenly quickened the pace for a few seconds and went back to the slow treatment. I came hard and fast, arching up to press into her, and pulling her down to crush her lips and taste her sweet laughing mouth.

Now six months later she was still on the pill, and sitting on my lap, gently stoned for the first time, and obviously horny as hell.

When she raised her lips from mine she opened her eyes, and said “That was nice. That was…” after a pause full of meaning, she went back to kissing me. It seemed to go on forever, and gradually it became more passionate and fervent. Her hands started to roam over my hair and neck, and back, and to pull her body tighter against me. I responded in kind as she slid down further and twisted to face me. Her legs were over the arm of the chair, and hip was now in my lap. As we kissed I could run my hand down her spine and over her hip, down to her knee and along her calf, then back up all the way to her neck again. Each time my hand passed up her leg I caught a little at the hem of her skirt, pulling it up a little, but after the third pass her hand came down to pull it back over her knee, and she looked up at me with amused scolding as she said “Mike and Tara will see.”

I glanced up at the couple on the sofa opposite us, and smiled as I looked down at Penny. “I don’t think they would notice,” I said softly “or object in any case. Look.”

It was awkward for her to see, so she had to roll over with her back to me for a moment, and she gave a little gasp when she saw what was happening. I slid my right arm under her head to support her, coincidentally cradling her left breast in my hand, as my left had glided onto her left knee, slipping my thumb under her skirt. I bent my head low over her and stroked her neck and ear with my lips and nose. She shivered slightly and closed her eyes with a little sigh, then opened them again to stare at the fascinating scene in front of her.

“Would you like to do that?” I murmured

She gave another little shiver, and said “Here? So they can see us?”

“Well we can see them, and I don’t mind.” I murmured as I slid my hand around the back of her knee and ran my fingertips up the nylon lined furrow made by her thighs beneath the skirt. At the same time I softly squeezed her breast, and let my teeth gently run over earlobe. Her eyes closed again and her body pushed back against me. My hand reached the roundness of her bottom, and I traced my way back down, to do it again. I was a little disappointed for a moment as she wearing tights, not stockings, but she had come straight from work that afternoon, and had no time to change. I was a considerably heartened though when on the third pass of my hand up from her knee she lifted her left leg to allow me to slip my hand all the way across her inner thigh, and come to rest firmly at her crotch. It was then that I felt cotton against my hand, not nylon, and I realised that these were not ordinary tights. The cotton was already warm and damp, and I could feel the softness of her lower lips opening against internet casino my thumb. She made another, deeper sound, and flexed her hips, and then gasped again as she opened her eyes.

The first time she had looked Tara’s hand had been down Mike’s trousers, and he had been stripped to the waist. One of his hands was underneath her tee-shirt, the other clearly grasping and rubbing at the front of Tara’s jeans. They had been kissing passionately. Now things had moved on. Tara was now also semi naked, tee-shirt and bra both lying across the back of the sofa. Mike’s trousers were now down to his knees. Tara was kneeling beside Mike, exposing the profile of her quite full right breast and just about to take Mike’s impressive erection in her mouth.

“Oh my goodness,” Penny whispered “it is enormous.”

It was. Mike was nearly six foot eight inches tall, and built in proportion. His feet were huge, his hands were huge, his fingers long and thick and strong. He could span over an octave on the piano, which he played with surprising delicacy. His cock was nine inches when erect, pale and very pointed, rising out of a thick bush of blond hair. This was not a surprise to me.

When I was leaving high school to go to University I got offered a scholarship to a college in England. It was too good an offer to turn down, but since Penny was still in school (she was a year younger than me) it would mean that I would be away from her for months at a time. We had a row, and she decided that since I was about to run off to England and get another girlfriend at Uni, she might as well get it over with and dump me now. So she told me it was over, and went to France to stay with relatives for the whole summer.

I spent a lot of time with Mike that summer, getting drunk, or stoned, and weeping about Penny. Of course we were all still living with our parents at that time, but his folks had taken a two month trip to Australia to see their relatives, so we had the house to ourselves, and I stayed over with him, drinking and playing music all night. Except when Tara stayed over at weekends, and I went back to my parent’s. Until one Friday night when I had stayed late with them watching a video, and missed the last bus, and Mike said I was welcome to the sofa. In the end I didn’t get much sleep, and I stopped going home for the weekends. When Penny got back in September we made up, and I dropped out of the English college and transferred to the local Uni. By mutual agreement I stopped staying over with Mike and Tara, and we never mentioned it to Penny.

It wasn’t that I felt that I had cheated on her. We had broken up for good, it seemed, and I had shed genuine tears. In France Penny had “gone with” another boy, as she put it when we met up and reconciled, although she said she had gone no further than she had with me, and I was ok with that. I told her I had played around a bit with another girl, and we didn’t go into details. I was a bit sorry though that Penny was not my ‘first’, but in a way she was. We made love, that first time and every time. With Tara and Mike I fucked. They talked of cocks and pussies, dicks and asses, cunts and pricks, balls and tits. They spoke openly about and shagging and screwing and swinging and blowjobs and finger fucking, tonguing and riding, and they discussed plans and fantasies, many of which I know they later fulfilled. It was very different from the way Penny and I thought and acted, and while it was exciting and weird, it was unreal. When I went back to Penny it was as if Tara had not happened. When she gave me herself for my birthday it was unique and special in a way that nothing else had ever been.

However now, almost one year on, I was once again gazing at Tara’s large pale tits, with her large pink nipples, as she slid her mouth down over Mike’s shaft. I had seen her do that before, but this time she went down much further than I was expecting. Further indeed than I thought possible: she took it all in her mouth. Penny’s shocked gasp echoed my own surprise, and I had to agree with her when she whispered again, “My goodness, how does she do that?”

“Good question,” I murmured, noting that Penny was gazing fixedly at what Tara was doing, a hungry fascination on her face. “Maybe you could try it on me?” I added after a few moments. I had been moving my hand back and forth along Penny’s cotton knickers in time with Tara’s bobbing head, and had slipped my other hand down a little and inside Penny’s blouse, into her bra, to take her left nipple between my fingers. She turned her head upwards to kiss me again, and said “Here? Now?”

I smiled “Why not?”

For a moment she hesitated, and then glanced at the couple opposite. She seemed to make up her mind, and twisted round her knees now on the arm of the chair, and pulled herself up. Her hand went to my belt, as I brushed her right nipple with my mouth through her blouse and bra.

“Well if Tara doesn’t mind me seeing Mike like that, I shouldn’t mind her seeing you.” she said, pulling down my zip. I lifted myself in the seat so she could pull down my trousers and underpants. And her hand went to my already throbbing erection. She was just about to bend down to suck it, when I stopped her by pulling up on her blouse.

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