Badger; A Voyage of Discovery

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Badgers pal, Jasper phoned me on his cell phone on Sunday. Heavens knows how he got my number, but then, thinking about it, when he interrupted us in Badger’s allotment hut and just before we fucked,

I remembered how surprised I was when Badger agreed to let Jasper share me.

He apologised for taking me so abruptly and felt quite horrible about having blackmailed Badger by telling him that he would tell his wife about us.

“I don’t know what came over me, Alex I really don’t. But just seeing you like that, taking it so easily from Badger, my lust took control and I just had to have you.”

It was not as bad as it sounds because he and Badger were old buddies and with my consent, he was willing to let Jasper fuck me. And in turn I didn’t want to get Badger in trouble with his wife or lose him altogether if she had of found out about us.

I knew the situation well that Badger was still in love with his wife but there was no longer any sexual stimulus between them. In fact I thought the world of Badger and would say my feelings about him went even further than that. At first I thought of him as a father figure, but when we started to feel sexual tendencies with each other I was more than happy to take it all the way. We spent so many wonderful sessions in the confines of his allotment shed. It was then all about exploration, both of mind and body, something that never stops even now.

As mentioned before in my other stories about Badger and I, he went to great lengths to make his hut comfortable for us, even to the extent of making up what he called a shagging bench, with an ingenious curve sculptured in the right place so that when I laid on it my butt was presented to him how he wanted. And with the addition of a cushion or two he could fix it so that it was perked up even higher. It was sheer delight to just let him enjoy me however he wanted. I felt I was doing this lovely old guy a real service and anyway, I was getting an awful lot of pleasure encountering his various sexual innovations.

He had a whale of a time, all his inhibitions gone, and mine too, because in the complete privacy inside his hut we could enjoy each other to the full and we certainly did that.

But yesterday (Saturday) our secret was uncovered when, unannounced, Jasper came knocking at the door demanding entry.

It all happened because, on this occasion, I arranged to see Badger on the Saturday instead of my usual Wednesday which was my day off. I had to attend a relative’s wedding on out usual day so opted for Saturday instead. I knew neither Badger nor I would want to miss a eek not seeing each other.

But, maybe it is his age or something, Badger forgot that is the day his allotment pal Jasper calls and the rest is history.

But it was no big deal as it turned out. I really noted Badger enjoyed watching Jasper kaçak iddaa fuck me and as it turned out, it enhanced our relationship even more than I imagined.. Jaspers fuck was nice, I was well primed after Badger’s fuck and he got into me easily. It was rough and quick but that was fine. If it was okay with Badger then it was fine with me. Jasper had his fill and was off with the wind, I think he felt a trifle embarrassed. He quickly apologised to Badger and to me and was away.

That is what he was phoning about the day after. He said he wanted to be sure he had not spoilt anything between Badger and me, that he had already spoken with Badger who had forgiven him.

When I said there was no need for an apology because it was all mutually consented between the three of us, he calmed himself. I heard him sigh and he muttered something about how nice it was and he had wanked himself several times since thinking about it.

We got talking. He seemed a nice guy. I was thinking if Badger liked him he must be. He was a little younger than Badger, I reckoned about ten years his junior but I liked him. He smelt clean too else I would have not let him have me.

When he asked if we could become more acquainted I knew immediately exactly what he meant.

He said he would give me time to think about it and of course, would talk to Badger about it first.

“No need Jasper” I said. Let it be just between us, I would prefer it that way.

“You don’t fancy threesomes then, I just wondered after yesterday in Badger’s potting shed?”

“I like to concentrate on a one on one if you don’t mind. Perhaps we might later, if all goes well, if we are compatible, Jasper.”

“Ah! Yes there is that. But after yesterday, well you did seem to enjoy it.”

I smiled and asked him where and when.

“I live in a mobile home in Greenways, not far from you. I am on my own so we could have some fun, say Monday evening, if all goes well you can stay over if you want?”

I went for it. I didn’t feel I was heating on Jasper. He always gave me a free hand. And anyway; perhaps we could arrange a threesome later. I am fantasising how good that would be, the things we could do together. Wow! Say no more.

Like Badger Jasper made me very welcome but was soon into my jeans. That’s where he was different from Badger; he wanted the real thing before foreplay. The play would come afterwards. And he was all of chatter, chatter when inside me:

“How does this feel Alex?”

“It feels fine. Why do you stop though?”

“I am thinking that yesterday I took you so quick. I just wanted to show you how I can fuck you properly.”

I said it was fine.

“I can see why Badger fancies you. You look so good, especially in tight jeans. You have an ass like a woman, Has anyone ever told you that Alex?”

I felt him quiver kaçak bahis inside me. I squeezed it with my rectal muscles and heard him moan.

“Yes Badger has said that too.”

“I would love to see you in tights, girl’s tights and a real dinky sexy mini skirt. Alex.”

I was getting the gist of what Jasper was into. He told me he was bisexual and I was thinking that I would like to try that. .

He continued to chat as he shafted me with ease, pressing deep into me allowing me to feel it swell inside and stretch me each time he thrust deeper inside.

“Mmm. That feels so nice!” I whispered. There was something about the way he fucked.

“We will save the climax for later Alex okay? I want to see you in black tights and a mini skirt.”

He jerked his cock out of me. I missed its heat and moaned that I wanted more.

“Later Alex.” he said and he looked quite funny, his cock at half-mast, heading for his chest of drawers.

I guessed what he would bring out.

I felt thrilled to try them on for him

He watched me eager -eyed and I made it as sexy as I could for him, still feeling the heat of his earlier fuck.

The thong was peach red and it fitted snugly. I slipped on the black tights and hear Jasper’s sigh. He squeezed himself watching me and when I put on the min skirt he said I was perfect.

He had me doing a sexy swirl and a turnabout, bending over to reveal my butt in those very skin tight tights..

The atmosphere was electric and I was on yet another learning curve, I had many with Badger but never like this. It was fun pretending I was a girl. I had often thought was it must be like being a girl. Maybe I should have been a girl. But for now I was abiding to his request to let him sniff me beneath my skirt which led to all manner of kinky thinks like he was licking my butt and in-between, with me touching my toes and presenting my ass to him.

He really enjoyed all that and started talking to me like I was a girl. Telling me just how good my quinny felt and when he pressed his face there it was for the whole world I was a girl enjoying his oral, his tongue probing along the line of my crack. When he stripped me down; first my tights, then my thong it was all hanging out and his illusion of me being a girl must have been shattered! But it was like he was pretending my anus was a quinny and the result was quite breath-taking, the feel of his fingertips and tongue probing and rimming me was heaven on earth and I enjoyed being all girly for Jasper.

My life is truly filled with a forever happening learning curve I have discovered elements about myself I may have never imagined possible. They must have remained dormant, locked in the corners my mind.

I remember experimenting as a youth, when I dressed up in girl’s clothes, just in order to imagine how it must feel illegal bahis for a girl. But that soon passed for the experiments otherwise, like when I practiced with anal vibrators on myself. That was much more inspiring and I guess bro0ught about my realisation of being gay.

But now with Jasper, it was a wonderful new experience. He was soon fucking me again, this time with me on top giving me control, I jerked him off first and then guided it into me, moving from side to side for maximum sensitivity. I was giving him the best of my fuck. He still thinking of me as a girl, yelling; ” Baby, Baby, Baby!” each time I saddled him with a hefty lift of my rear and a stimulating drop, letting him enter me to the hilt I heard myself yell with ecstasy.

“I am gonna spunk, I am gonna a cum with up your quinny baby” he yelled

He didn’t make it inside me, he spurted just as I took a high lift and he popped out, his surge was like a volcano spurting all over my balls as I lifted away from him, enjoying the heat of his cream dribble down between my hole.

It was a lovely way to start a new relationship. Between each session he would go shopping and have me try the most expensive feminine gear for his perusal. And Boy! Did he peruse!

He has taken to calling me Alexus when we meet for our constitutional and yes, he still chatters on while he fucks me. It is different, it is nice. He fucks me during the night, I feel his hard pressing into me at the rear and it is a joy to receive his regular morning sucking. I love that. It feels s soothing and wonderful.

As yet, I do don’t sleep with him regularly, just once or twice a week. He fantasises that he sucks me off as a boy, then going down between my ass cheeks, as a girl. Spraying me with scent and don’t know what to satisfy his desires which it always very flattering.

I love it. I love them both. With Jasper it can be really thrilling being girly and a boy for him.

I love it.

But with Jasper it is different again. He wants my ass strictly as a boy.

I feel like I am on a regular voyage of discovery and each voyage has it exclusive merits.

But of course there was something special too about being locked away in Badgers old garden allotment shed. I often heard the sound of rain and wind over the roof as he plunged his stiff cock into me so warm and so stimulating. I felt the feeling of each slap of his rough palm across my ass. Sometimes, when the mood took him;, the back of his hair brush too.

Sometimes Jasper saw the result of Badger’s spanking and queried the marks of a tanning still present.

I wanted to keep that secret that was something exclusively between Badger and me.

With Jasper the thrill was being girly. The excitement of him sniffing beneath my skirt and dressing me up in black stockings, suspender belt and the lot, and really imagining I was a girl. He fucked me at full stride, having him did my winkle picker heels into his back as I wrapped my thighs around him, feeling the deep presence of his stiff caboodle inside.

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