Badpiggy Gets a Surprise

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I work as a senior sales rep in a large organisation. Sometimes that means travelling away from home for a few days at a time. Sometimes it means staying in hotels with colleagues. These stays are usually fun but lacking in sexual adventure. Most colleagues, like me, are married or in relationships.

I like the company of my women colleagues and, yes, I have had fantasies about some of them. I have never tried it on with any of them, though, in fear that it would all backfire, leaving me red-faced with embarrassment. I’ve always been shy at making the first move.

One of my colleagues – I’ll call her Jane for the purpose of this story – is especially attractive to me. She’s in her thirties and sexually confident, without openly leading men on. Everybody, it seems, likes her.

One night, after a good meal and a few drinks, we are sitting in the hotel bar. There are four of us, talking about various things to do with marriage and relationships. It is interesting, even stimulating, to hear what people think about their partners and how they got together in the first place. I am tired, however, so I excuse myself and head off to my room.

After cleaning my teeth and stripping off, I admire myself in the full length mirror and slide between the sheets and turn out the light for a good night’s rest. Not more than ten minutes later, there is a tapping at the door. I don’t really want to answer it, as I am naked and semi-erect. I put the light on, grab a bath towel and wrap it around my lower half. I look through the spy hole into the corridor and there is Jane. I wonder what she wants at this time but I open the door anyway.

Jane takes a look at my amateurish attempt to conceal my semi hard-on and giggles. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would be in bed already,” she says. “You’re showing under that towel.”

I am a little taken aback but Jane is clearly enjoying the moment, with a few drinks inside her. “I want to come in,” she says. I don’t quite know what’s for the best, but I let her in. She locks the door behind her.

“I don’t know how to put this,” she says, “but there’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I want to take this chance tonight.”

“I want to sexually excite you and güvenilir bahis me, but without fucking.” She giggles again. “I want to be in control and I want to be really pervy.” My cock twitches at the thought of surrendering control to her and finding out what she wants to do.

“Erm, okay,” I stutter, as I do when confronted with an uncertain situation. My mind races with thoughts of her being a married woman and how I should say no, but I can’t.

She tells me to lie back on the bed, with my towel still on. She ties up her hair and undresses slowly and seductively. Jane has a nice body. It is firm and well looked after. Her impromptu striptease act is working nicely and the sight of her globe-like breasts makes me hold my cock and rub my palm over the end of it. She tells me to stop that and she will tell me when I can play with it.

I am sensing that this is a little odd but I am fascinated by being told what to do by Jane and the fact that, as her boss, I am heeding her command. I have to put my hands behind my head to keep them off my manhood. I want to wank wildly as she gently strokes her nipples and smiles at me. She is enjoying this and I think I am too.

Jane puts her hands inside her panties and rubs herself. She moves her fingers down and down, then around in a circular motion. “You want to see this, don’t you?” I certainly do. Watching women masturbate – on their own or together, with each other – is a massive turn on for me and that’s what she’s doing right now – turning me on. My cock is throbbing without me helping it along and I wonder if I am going to cum without any touching at all.

Jane slides her panties down to her ankles and steps out of them. She picks them up and she walks towards the bed. I can see the hair of her bush in the dim light. I like a hairy pussy much more than a clean shaven one. She climbs onto the bed and kneels astride my legs. She has her knickers in her hand. She lightly caresses my balls with her knickers so that it tickles me. She runs her finger along the length of my cock, admiring it. Then she places the panties carefully on my face so that the gusset is on my nose. They feel slightly damp from her juices and the smell is heavenly. I inhale deeply türkçe bahis and I get an immediate rush of excitement. She places a firm hand over my nose and mouth. I am getting high on the glorious scent of Jane’s pants. I poke out my tongue to lick at them. I don’t know which part of them I am licking because I can not see, but I don’t care. My lust for Jane’s body is clear now. I move to hold my cock, to jerk off, but she stops me with a strong arm.

Instead, she rubs it slowly and expertly for me. “Don’t cum yet,” she says, “there is more.” I shudder to think how I can hold back with this excitement. I look up at her in admiration and partly in a kind of daze. I hadn’t expected any of this. I had fantasised about being dominated in this way but this reality is a little too good.

She sits astride my legs again, still slowly rubbing and teasing my cock with her hands. She takes her pants off my face and tosses them to the sofa. “You can have those as a souvenir,” she says. I smile, gratefully. I think she’s pegged me as a knicker fetishist. She rubs her clit, moving up and down on top of my legs. She pulls her self up on to her knees and shows me her pussy, parting her lips so that I can see her clit clearly and then so that I can see into her vagina. I can tell that she is glistening with her juices and I want some of that.

Jane pushes a finger into her vagina, slowly in and slowly out. Then another one, and she speeds up. I am enjoying this immensely. Then she stops, removes her fingers and places them on my lips. “Suck on these,” she orders. I open my mouth to suck on her forefinger, taking the sticky wetness onto my tongue and my lips. She tastes sweet and wonderful. It is like a wine tasting, as my mind compares her taste and her aromas with anything else that is familiar. Her taste is sweet and pungent, a strongly identifiable signature. For the second finger, I run my tongue around it and along it, savouring this opportunity, which may never come along again.

When she is satisfied that I have licked her fingers enough, she sits astride my chest but facing away from me. “Don’t touch me,” she barks. She licks at my throbbing cock, while fingering herself and quietly moaning. I am almost in güvenilir bahis siteleri an orgasmic meltdown and she senses it. She stops playing with me and fingers her arse. She turns around and offers me the finger that she has used. Wow, this woman is getting pervy. I pause for a second to think what I am doing licking a finger that has been ‘there’ but before I know it, the finger is on my lips and I am obediently licking and sucking on it. It is not at all unpleasant. I guess her strong sense of hygiene ensures that. I am getting off on the kinkiness of it, wondering where this is going next.

Jane says “I have drunk a lot, so I need to pee.” I immediately assume that means her slipping off to the bathroom while I am under instruction not to wank. I am wrong. “I am going to pee on you,” she says.

This is something I have seen in pictures and videos but I have never experienced it myself. Without any delay, she is parting her lips and spraying pee over my cock and balls. It is a wonderfully warm sensation.

“You can wank off now,” Jane says, giggling. She spurts her pee in short bursts, climbing over me, wetting my stomach and my chest. I sense she’s got enough in her to make it all the way to my face. I am tugging at my cock, trying to get to the orgasm that has been building. It is wet and warm with her pee. I want to come, but not before I have felt her peeing on my face.

Sure enough, Jane sits astride my face and is raining down on me and into my mouth, some is running into my eyes but I can not close them, as I want to watch this in close up. She is slowing to a trickle now and I am drenched. My orgasm is coming soon. I reach up to her pussy with my tongue, excitedly wanting the direct contact she has denied me so far. Alas, she pushes my head firmly back down onto the bed. But as she does so, I burst my banks and shoot my cum into the air with a torrential rush of relief. Wow, this has been an amazing experience. I am truly spent and she knows it.

Jane gets off the bed and puts her clothes back on, leaving her knickers, as she promised. “I won’t tell anyone if you won’t,” she says, smiling and giggling. I laugh, thinking that the hotel staff will know for sure.

I want to thank her but, before I can say anything, I hear the door close and she is gone.

I don’t really care that my sheets are wet. I am intoxicated by what has just happened and I will sleep well. As for Jane, well, maybe some day we can do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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