Baking Cookies And Making Babies

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Big Dick

This story was inspired by WithAVengence, from the Literotica boards, and he helped me write it. He has been askingme to write a story about impregnating a woman, so here’s the result………enjoy….

It had been a long day at work, and John was looking forward to being home for the day. As he reached the front door to the home he shared with his partner, he could hear the sounds of a happy family inside. Kids calling to each other, the smells of her Southern US cooking wafting through the door, and the sound of her voice comforting one of the children with a new boo-boo. Since they had moved in together, John had felt more at home than ever before. Between them, there were 5 children, and yet John found himself hungering for one of their own.

Ever since they first met, John had felt a deep, primal urge for Christina. Just talking to her, he was drawn to her. For months he had had a yearning to hold her in his arms, to protect her with his body. Upon meeting her in person, that hunger grew beyond anything he had experienced before. Christina felt their connection deeply, and John was at ease in her company immediately. Seeing her with her children made her all the more appealing to him. She seemed to glow with light whenever her children were around.

As he entered their home, the kids all greeted him with enthusiasm. Christina came from the kitchen, her youngest child on her hip, and gave him a long lingering kiss. As she drew away, the look in her eyes told him that she had something to tell him. The kids went off to play, and John set the table for dinner, eager to be in her company. She wrapped her arms around him, fitting her head neatly under his chin, nuzzling into his chest. John hugged her tightly, loving the feel of her body in his arms. Standing on her tip-toes, she whispered in his ear, “Johnny, I started ovulating yesterday. Can we make a baby of our own?” John felt his cock throb in response.

All through dinner, despite the children’s chatter, and canlı bahis other household family things, John’s mind was on Christina’s body. He really should have known what was happening. He had noticed that her breasts were a bit more sensitive to his touch, the nipples gone a darker shade. Her skin glowed a bit, too. The idea of impregnating her with their child made him growl unconsciously, making his arousal more, knowing that she was fertile, and just a few feet away from him.

After dinner, the kids were put to bed, and John found Christina in the kitchen. She was dressed in only her favorite apron, mixing cookie batter for the kids to take to the bake sale the next day. The ties of her apron followed the curves of her hips, widened from giving birth to three children. As she stirred the batter, her full breasts swayed with the motion, straining against the apron. Wrapping his arms around her from behind, he slipped his hands under the apron, cupping her breasts in his hands. They were full, and slightly heavier than usual. His fingers grazed her nipples, and she gasped in reaction, the sensation being stronger since she was ovulating. He kept toying with her nipples, as she stirred the batter, making them stand up, and getting a gasp from her. She leaned back into his chest, arching her back for more attention to her nipples. He felt his cock start to harden as he fondled and kneaded her breasts.

She pulled away from his arms for a moment, bending over to get a cookie sheet out of the cabinet. While she was bent over, her ass was displayed to him, and he couldn’t resist the urge to pull her hips against his. She rubbed her butt against his crotch, feeling his cock get harder. Looking at him over her shoulder, she winked, knowing what he was thinking.

She went to the counter, and started spooning batter onto the pan, when John ran his hands over her hips. One hand toyed with her long hair, dark and shining across her shoulders. His other hand went to her lower abdomen, bahis siteleri between her hips, stroking softly across the scar from her C-sections. He inhaled her scent deeply, pulling her back from the counter. He bent his head to her neck, planting soft kisses on it as she plopped cookies onto the pan. The hand that had been on her belly slipped lower, til his fingers were exploring her clit and the lips of her pussy. Suddenly, she pulled away from him to put the pans in the oven.

After sliding the pans onto the racks, John grabbed her hips and thrust his cock against her, rubbing against her wet slit. She closed the oven, but stayed bent over to feel the tip of his cock rub her lips. Christina felt herself get wetter with every stroke, knowing John wanted to be inside her. She let him rub against her lips, and pushed her hips back so the tip of his cock rubbed her clit.  He thrust against her time after time, til he was moaning with the need to fill her pussy with his cock.

“Baby, I have to be inside you.” John said in her ear, and she moaned in response. Rocking his hips back, he put the tip of his cock against the opening to her pussy. The desire to mate with her made his senses swim, and he thrust his long cock into her pussy, halfway. Christina cried out at the intrusion, her pussy contracting and relaxing, trying to get used to his cock inside her. He let her pussy adjust to him, his 9 inches stretching her every time they made love.

“Johnny, please! Give it all to me!” she cried. It was all the encouragement he needed, and he thrust his cock to the base, balls deep in her pussy. He thrust in and out, slow delicious strokes, so she could feel every vein on his cock. She opened her legs more, so he could penetrate her deeper, and he felt her get wetter with every stroke. He went slow, to tease her, wanting her to get maximum satisfaction out of their joining.

After a few minutes, the oven timer went off, and Christina turned it off as John thrust in her. canlı bahis siteleri He stopped, withdrawing from her long enough to let her take the freshly baked cookies out of the oven, and to turn the oven off. Once she put the cookies to cool, she turned her full attention to John. He took her hands and wrapped them around his hard cock.

She began stroking his cock with long strokes, as though her hands were her pussy sliding down his shaft. Quickly John began groaning at her touch, eager to be one with her again. He picked her up and put her on the counter, his mouth claiming hers as he took her again.

“Johnny, please, I can’t take being teased anymore!” she pleaded. He wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her to their room, and deposited her on the bed, collapsing with her on top of him. Seconds later, he was inside her again, thrusting with wild abandon, driving her to orgasm. He held onto her hips hard as he fucked her harder and harder, til she was wimpering for release. She could feel him bottoming out against her cervix, spurring her on towards orgasm. With every stroke, she could feel him throb, and her pussy tighten around him.

“You’ll orgasm before I do, baby”, he said. Christina moaned in response, and John thrust into her until her orgasm flooded his cock, and ran to the sheets under him. She lost all control, calling out his name in ecstasy, as wave after wave racked her body with pleasure. She took long moments to calm down, and she fell against his chest, putty in his hands.

He cradled her against him, knowing that she was most vunerable to him after orgasm. He rolled her onto her back, kissing her mouth deeply as he went. Her legs opened for him, and he slid easily into her still throbbing pussy. “You want our baby, sweetheart? You want to be the mother of my child?” She could only nod in response. John growled, and primal instinct took over. Long deep strokes brought his seed flooding out into her womb, flooding her. The kept thrusting, unable to stop until his cock went soft. He wrapped his arms around her protectively, and she started to fall asleep, warm in his arms. She whispered her love for him as he began dreaming about the baby he was hoping they’d just made.

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