Banging Billie

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When I was 7 years old, my mom left me and my dad and my 2 brothers. He remarried 3 years later and I then had 4 stepbrothers. Kevin was the oldest at 14, Don was 13 and the twins Pete and Paul were 12. My real brothers were Chris who was 9 and Trevor who was 11. I was now 10 and my stepmother was not interested in me or my real brothers at all. My dad had gotten me a dog shortly after my mom left. I loved my dog very much. His name was Buddy. He was a big golden retriever. When I was 8, my best frieand Cindy and I started to get curious about our bodies. Cindy had an older sister who was 13 and had breasts that were very big.Cindy said she also had hair down around her privates. We didn’t really know what they were. But Cindy found a magazine from her brothers room that had naked women in it. We figured that we would look like that some day also. After looking and reading the sex magazines for a while, Cindy and I learned a lot about sex. We were the most surprised to see a girl with a boys penis in her mouth. We just giggled at the thought. The next year, Cindy moved away, and I really missed her. So I looked to Buddy to be my friend. I was very sad on my 9th birthday that my dad had to work. My stepmom Carol, took her boys to a movie. I didn’t want to go with her at all, so I stayed home. Kevin went to his friends house to play football with a group of boys. Chris and Trevor went to baseball practice. So here I was all alone on my birthday. I didnt care really, my stepbrothers hated me anyway, so I was glad they left. My real brothers were jerks too, they were jealous that Dad favored me.
So I sat in my room with Buddy, and noticed his penis was sticking out. It made me feel weird to see it. I had seen the ones in the magazines, but they were men. I didnt know what made it come out, but I wanted to touch it to see what it felt like. I laid down next to him and gently rubbed his penis. It was very warm and he started to pant. I knew he liked it a lot. I was very curious as to what it tasted like. I didnt know how dirty it might be or not. I went to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth. I went to my room and began to gently wipe his penis. It seemed his penis was very sensitive. I was only 10, but I felt horny down between my legs. I could feel my pussy lips getting wet. I tossed the washcloth aside and lay next to Buddy. I lifted his leg and licked his penis. It didn’t taste like anything. I stuck my tongue out and under the head. It felt velvety and warm. I finally got the whole penis in my mouth and sucked on it real light. It got much harder and bigger. Buddy started thrusting foward and I had to hold him still.I sucked his penis for about 10 minutes when he shot his cum into my mouth. It startled me and I pulled away. I still had a mouthful of cum and it tasted almost sweet yet salty. I spit it out into my poker oyna hand and saw how creamy it looked. For the first time, my pussy begged to be touched. I fell back on my bed and frantically rubbed at my slick pussy. I was really hot and needed to bust free. I rubbed for a long time, but nothing really happened. I couldn’t cum. I read in the magazines about rubbing your clit,but I just did’t know what I was doing. In the course of the next year or so, I sucked on Buddy many times. I learned to swallow his cum too. But by the time I was 12, I didn’t care for it anymore. I really wondered what Kevins cock looked like. I used to fantisize about touching his cock all the time.
One day, Don and Pete were wrestling around in the living room. I was trying to watch WoodyWoodPecker. They kept getting in my way, so I got on the floor right in front of the TV. Soon they rolled up to me and grabbed me. They were just playing around, but I wasnt interested. I tried to wiggle my way out, and in the process, ran my PJs up past my panties. With Pete laying across my chest, I couldnt see past him, but I felt a hand push up against my pussy. It sent a surge right through me. I knew I had to get out quick before I started getting wet. But over and over in the course of rolling around, one or the other kept felling my pussy through my panties. I yelled for them to stop or I would tell on them. I didn’t let on about them feeling my sex, I didnt want to encourage them at all. Then I felt a hand slide up my thigh right up into my panties. I didnt know who, but one of them got a good feel before they both shot up and left the room. I went to my room and waited for everyone to leave. My dad and Carol were already out at work, my two brothers were fishing and the rest of the boys were going to play baseball with friends. As soon as they all left, I ripped my clothes off and fingered myself into a frenzy. At 12 and a half I needed to cum very badly. Being so turned on, I went and got Buddy. After washing him off, I sucked his red cock for a long while.I went and got a carrot from the fridge and used it to fuck myself. I ran the carrot in and out of my drenched pussy while I sucked on Buddies dick.
Then to my horror, Kevin walked into my room. I choked for a moment as I saw Kevin stare in disbelief. He grabbed me by my arm and shoved me on the bed. He pulled his pants down and snaked out a pretty big cock. I began to cry and he slapped me hard and told me to keep quiet. He pulled my shirt up and off and took my nipple in his mouth. I had small breasts, but very big nipples.He sucked on my tits for a while and I was now soaked . As horrible as this was going to be, I couldn’t wait for Kevin to get his cock in me. He sat up and put his knees on either side of my head. “Suck my cock you whore” he said. He told me he would tell everyone canlı poker oyna about what I was doing if I didn’t do as he said from now on. I had no choice. He fed his cock to me and I sucked on it just like I had the dogs. He pistoned in and out of my face and his cock got rock hard. He got up and turned me on the bed so my head was just hanging on off the bed. He came up above me and bent over. His cock was at my lips, and I opened wide. He slid his cock in my mouth and didnt stop. With one shove, he pushed his cock all the way into my throat. It made me choke and gag, but he held there tightly. Tears were streaming down my face as Kevin held his cock in my throat. I finally calmed down and tried to breath. It was very hard to do. I felt I might pass out. He finally pulled out a little, but shoved it back in again. Over and over, he was fucking just my throat. It was hard to do, but I began to learn to breath and not gag so much. My throat was hurting from being stretched out so much. He began to go faster and faster when I felt him tense up and dump his cum straight down my throat. He rammed his cock hard into my mouth . After he came, he pulled his cock out of my throat, but kept it in my mouth. I then felt his tongue on my pussy. It felt fantastic. Slowly he licked at my pink tight pussy.All I could think about was having my first orgasm. After Pete and Don had stole repeated feels of my virgin pussy this morning, I have been on fire. Kevin started sucking on my lips and clit. I was in heaven. I begged him not to stop. As soon as I said that, his cock got hard again in my mouth. He started to fuck my face again. I relaxed and let him slide his cock back into my throat. As long as he licked my twat, I would let him do anything he wanted.
Just as I was nearing my impending orgasm, I heard Don yell up to Kevin asking him what the hell is taking so long. Kevin didnt stop at all, he kept licking and sucking his 12 year old sisters pussy.
I finally knew the end was near and I began to moan loudly. Kevin kept pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I heard the door open and knew Don must be standing there. Holy Shit was all I heard. Don took off his clothes and climbed onto my bed. Kevin got up and I nearly died. I was so close so very close. I begged Kevin not to stop. He just grinned at me. He went over and whipered to Don. They both said they would make me cum if I keep my mouth shut about what we were doing. I promised them and agreed to let them do as they wish whenever they want.
Don came over and spun me and pressed my knees back up over my head past my ears. My pussy and asshole were wide open. He dove his tongue straight to my gash and licked it like an expert- if I knew what that was. He slid his tongue down my twat and into my asshole. It was so wonderfull. I never imagined so much feeling could internet casino be had from my ass. It felt great as Kevin knelt over me and sucked on my tits. I was in heaven. Both my brothers had solid erections. I was surprised to see Don at a year younger had a longer cock. But Kevins was much fatter. Don stopped his assault on my asscrack and lay down on his back. At 5’3″ and about 104 lbs., Kevin had no trouble picking me up and placing me over Dons hardon. I was scared to put his penis in me, because it was supposed to hurt. I knelt down and Don pulled on me to get his cock up into my tight hole. I felt the head at the entrance and knew this was it. I lowered myself slowly onto his shaft. It was hard and hot. Inch by inch he filled me till I felt it pressing inside of me. It hurt and I didn’t know if it would go anymore, when Don thrust upward and buried his cock deep into my womb. I cried out and began to sob as the boys laughed at me. Don wasted no time and started moving his cock in and out of my now deflowered slit. It hurt like hell and began to burn. But little by little, the pain went away and it felt good. Kevin got on the bed behind me and pushed me all the way foward. I wasn’t sure sure what he was doing at first till I felt his wet finger press up and into my asshole. He pulled his finger out and pressed his cock up to it. Don wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. Kevin pressed hard up to my asshole and I felt my rectum trying to stretch. He pushed harder and harder, but it wouldnt go. He stopped and wiped more spit on my hole. He pressed against it again. Very hard he pushed when it finally broke through and slipped nearly all the way in at once
I screamed in agony as his fat cock filled my rectum to the hilt. Kevein wasted no time and began fucking me hard. Don let me go, and he too was pounding away. Both boys worked their tools in and out of their little sister. The agony subsidded and was replaced by pleasure I never knew exsisted. Kevin stretched out my asshole good and it felt great. Soon I felt my orgasm take over. I began slamming my ass back into Kevin, trying to get evey inch of his cock into my asshole. Don pounded away fast and strong deep into my womb. I could feel my outer lips grab hold of Dons cock every time he pulled out. I was finally there, on top of the world as my orgasm took hold of me. I shook and moaned as the fire swept through my pussy up into my asshole and out my nipples. It was like a wave of energy. So grea it felt that I collapsed after it was over. Though I was spent, Kevin pumped my asshole hard until he tensed up and emptied his cum deep into my rectum. I felt his cock shoot its load and it was wonderful. Don had too much and unloaded a huge wad of cum far up into my womb. The feeling of hot cum squirting into my pussy was fantastic. Both boys rolled off the bed and were gone. I was light headed at the least. Kevin came back in and told me to remember what I agreed upon. I didn’t realize he had plans for his little 12 year old sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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