Barbarian at Sea

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The merchant in Tyrins said that I would need some protection if I planned on taking my goods to the island of Cythera. There had been reports of pirates around the south and western islands, sea folk showing off their power at sea. Tantalos was an old friend, and though I was reluctant to incur any more costs for my journey I knew he was reliable and that his advice had always been good in the past.

“I am handy with a sword myself,” I reminded him, hoping he’d not press me to hire anyone. “I am also young, and strong and always keep my merchandise near me,” I added. “I have travelled this way before and have learned to look after myself.”

“I tell you Mydon, you would be wise to hire a guard. And there is one such here now, whom I can highly recommend. He accompanied my son Akamos on his journey back from the north.”

I shrugged, and sighed, “I trust your advice Tantalos, old friend, so if you really want me to take on this man then I’d look a fool to the Gods if I didn’t. And I leave tomorrow on Iros’s ship so. . . ..”

“So, I will have him here to met you Mydon, and make the bargain, in the morning.”

“Yes,” I said, wearily already thinking that my profit on this trip was looking very thin already and wondering if I might be better selling what I had in Tyrins and returning home. But no. What I brought back from Cythera would be where my profit lay, and if I needed to keep this man Tantalos recommended with me till I returned, then, so be it.

I made my way to the dock and finding Iros’s boat I made sure our arrangements were still good and told him of my new companion. Then I returned to Tantalos’s warehouse and spread my blankets on the floor near my merchandise and slept well that night. At dawn I wakened to find my friend calling my name and joined him in his warehouse and found my new companion already there.

I stared at him as he lounged on a bale of wool in front of Tantalos.

“He is a barbarian. From the north. How do you know I can trust him?” I whispered in my friend’s ear.

Tantalos shrugged. “I have trusted Konan twice this summer and he has not failed me. Now he wishes to travel to the west and the stories coming out of the western part of the ocean tell me you may need someone to help protect your merchandise.”

I had been staring helplessly at Konan all through this talk. He was a tall solid young man, whose bronzed body rippled with muscles as he reclined there with his legs spread, and my eyes were drawn to the mound pressing up against his soft leather loincloth, the only clothing he wore. My knees were going weak, and I was feeling hot.

“Um. I will take him,” I said, “I will take him. He seems to be very, . um strong.”

“He is. In all ways,” Tantalos said looking at me knowingly. “But you will have to make arrangements with him.”

“So, Konan, you are agreeable to protecting me and my cargo on the voyage to Cythera?” I asked him,

“I would not be here if I wasn’t,” he replied, and immediately demanded a fee I was surprised at, as it was almost exactly what I was willing to pay. I offered him less.

“If you do not want me,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders and rising off the wool bale to his full height, “Then I may as well go.”

“No, no,” I said. “But. . . .”

I wanted to haggle more. It was in my nature to do so, and I was always known for my ability to make a good bargain. But.., “You have a bargain,” I said, and he reached out his huge hand for me to shake. A strange way to seal a bargain I thought.

After this Tantalos’s servants served us breakfast, Konan eating mightily and saying little, even when directly questioned. When we had eaten I made my farewells, and asking Konan to take up my chest we left the merchant’s house.

Konan followed me to the boat, as a servant should, carrying my chest full of merchandise. It had rested securely at Tantalos’s house overnight, but I was glad of Konan’s strength now, as it was some distance to the dock.

“And what do you trade in?” he asked , “This is very weighty.”

I was glad of an excuse to walk closer to him, and to look at him. “Amulets,” I said, “And images of the gods, worked in bronze.” güvenilir bahis

“So you are a smith,” he stated .

“I can work metal,” I informed him, “But I follow the life of a trader.”

He said nothing more and I had no excuse not to walk ahead of him as a master should, and wished I was walking behind him instead. I wanted badly to watch him moving before me, see his thighs work and his butt roll, watch his back and shoulders and . . . Yes, I already ached for the huge barbarian.

That evening on the boat as we sailed past the islands near Tyrins, I said to him, quietly, so no one else heard. “You may sleep here,” indicating the portion of the deck where my sleeping mat lay.

As a patron of the trip I had a place set aside for me to unroll my mat and sleep in some privacy away from the crew, who were a smelly and rough lot.

He looked at me innocently, and replied, “While you sleep master, I will guard you and your goods. But when you are awake I shall perhaps close my eyes for a few moments during the day, if you will guard what is yours and wake me if I am needed.”

“Of course,” I said, blushing foolishly.

Once the boat was moored for the night I lay down dejectedly, unable to think of anything but the great barbarian’s magnificent body and what lay beneath his loincloth. And pulling my manhood from under my tunic I stroked it until my seed sprouted from its tiny mouth, not just once, but three times. I sighed then and was instantly asleep, but I confess I woke in the night and did the same again, as I looked across at Konan, my barbarian guardian, seated nearby and just visible in the pale moonlight.

For four days we travelled thus, my mind full of unsatisfied dreams of lying with the giant, and with no sign of any pirates. Often we sighted and hailed other boats that passed us, or that we passed, going in both directions, and word of murderous pirates to the west was on all lips. On the fifth day we crossed a large tract of open sea that lay between Greece and the large island of Cythera. Our destination was near and as there had been no trouble I began to regret having the barbarian with me, as so far he had done nothing but cause me to have restless nights.

That evening as we ate on the deck the steersman, who was lookout then, cried out, “Ships, sea folk ships,” and all hands dropped their food and ran to the railing to look out, and to gather their oars. I ran with them and saw that two boats were approaching us from the west. And I knew the helmsman was right, as I had seen a sea folk boat before, when I had visited Rhodes.

I grabbed hold of Konan’s arm, “Now is when you should earn your money barbarian. And how do you plan to fight two boat loads of men,” I asked him angrily, as the crew set up the planks of their benches and sent their oars out through the ports and began to row to increase the speed of the ship, and attempt to escape the pirates.

Konan seemed unconcerned, but walked back to the hatch leading to the cargo area and climbed down. I followed him into the hull, having no idea what he intended and having no ideas of my own. The crew of Iros’s boat was tough, but we had no chance against two ships bent on stealing our cargo, and we were unlikely to escape with our lives.

Konan grasped the handles of my chest and lifted it up and carried it to the hatch way, then pushed it up on deck

“What are you doing? You cannot give them my chest,” I said angrily. “What sort of guard are you?”

He smiled at me, and moved to the rail; away from the approaching boats and out of sight of the rest of the crew who were now on their makeshift benches, rowing as hard as they could but with their weapons ready at their feet.

Konan had a long rope and tied it cleverly about my chest, and lowered it over the side of the boat. And when it was hidden below the surface of the sea he walked along the boat to the steering oar and bending over tied the rope off among the others that held the oar to the boat. Even I, who knew what he had done, would not have known that my chest was lashed to the oar. I gaped open mouthed at his cunning.

“So barbarian, you have my goods safe. Now what about us?” türkçe bahis I asked, wondering what other clever tricks he knew. “Shall we hide under the water too?”

“The sharks might find us too tempting,” he replied, and I laughed at the barbarian’s poor knowledge of the sea, as there were no sharks in our sea.

“Come,” he said, “I have more rope to use.” He now guided me towards the mast. “Now stand against it,” he told me, and I did, curious as to what he would do.

But in moments he had me tied to the mast with the rope he held and I shouted, “Let me loose, you. . . .” but before I could finish he had stuffed his loincloth into my mouth, and silenced me.

All I could do then was whimper in fear, terrified the pirates might torch the ship, and me with it if he left me tied there. But I was also looking down to the barbarian’s manhood, and my whimpering was as much for the size and thickness of what I saw there, rising up from between his thighs, as for the danger I was in from any approaching pirates.

I could do no more than grunt as he finished tying me to the mast, finally having me strung up with my arms raised and spread, and my wrists tied to the cross piece that the sail was attached too, and another rope wound firmly about my chest binding me tightly to the mast.

Once he was done he gripped my linen tunic by the hem and tore it from me so I stood there naked. And I looked down and saw my own manhood rising up to greet me, and if I could have I would have gasped in ecstasy as Konan wrapped his huge hand about it and fisted it, as I writhed, and tried to breath.

“I will clear your mouth,” he said, “If you convince me that you are enjoying this,” he said, smiling at me broadly.

I nodded and opened my eyes wide and tried by all means available to let him know that I was willing to appear to be enjoying whatever he was going to do to me, if only he would remove that soft leather from my mouth so I could breath easily again.

He moved his hand to my sac and rolled my nuts about, and I rolled my eyes and moaned as best I could, not having to pretend at all. Then his fingers ran back behind my sac and I parted my legs involuntarily as those long fingers found my rear entrance. I was looking down and panting as well as I could through my nose. The sight of his huge organ bouncing against my belly and hitting at the tip of my own cock, had me hard and dripping. And the sight of his hand disappearing between my thighs as I felt his fingers run over my rim was even more arousing.

He reached his free hand to my face and suddenly I could breath and I gasped for air as his mouth found mine, and his tongue entered it just as one of his fingers pushed up into my channel.

I moaned as I never could have with his loincloth in my mouth, then he was kneeling between my thighs and had lifted my legs up, having a hand behind each knee, holding them high up so that my arse was pulled up, my cheeks parted and my hole exposed to him. I whimpered and rolled my head as his mouth found my puckered hole and his tongue took up playing with it.

As I rolled my head I saw the pirate ships hardly 30 ship lengths from us now, and our crew frantically pulling on the oars, to speed us away from them. Unfortunately I was sure the pirates were gaining on us. Our crew sat on the benches with their javelins, knives and swords at their feet, each man ready for battle, but I also noticed that several had their eyes dreamily fixed on me and the barbarian as he worked my ass with his tongue.

When he had soaked my entrance, and softened me up, he pushed his tongue into my channel and I moaned and writhed in pleasure at this. Then he lowered on of my legs and that hand went to my entrance, and it was no longer his tongue I felt widening me, but his fingers. They were so long as to reach my spot easily and so thick as to be stretching my channel when he had only two of them pushed inside me, and I was bucking and crying out at the stretching I was getting, and I cried out louder as he worked three fingers into me.

I noticed vaguely that the crew were rowing in a frenzy as the pirates gained on us, their ships taking the wind better, and travelling güvenilir bahis siteleri faster across the sea between us, even without oars.

Konan fucked me with his fingers until I was loose and those three fingers slid in and out, and were able to twist and rub inside me and I had shot my seed over my chest and belly several times. Then as the pirate ship came within hail of us he rose up and lifted my other leg high again and finding my gaping hole with the head of his huge sword of hard manflesh, he rammed it deep inside me.

I screamed. Screaming at the pain of his forceful entry, and nearly fainting on that first rough thrust. Then he withdrew some inches, but immediately rammed his huge cock into me again, his pubic hair rubbing my ass as he bottomed to his limit in my ravaged passage. I screamed again and meant it, I was sure he was splitting me and I screamed when he did it again. My cries were so loud I had no doubt that not only our crew, but the crew of the approaching ships could hear. And they could also see me and knew exactly what was happening. Konan bottomed again, but this time my scream turned into a moan before he had drawn back, and when he rammed home again I howled in anticipation of the pain turning to pleasure and with three more thrusts it was pleasure more than pain, and I cried out, “Yes, yes.”

And as I rolled my head about in my abandonment to his fucking I felt a boat jarring thud, and saw that the leading pirate boat had joined us. Her crew leapt across the rails with ropes, planning to tie them to us.

As the sea folk pirates boarded us and began to fight our crew Konan continued to plow me deep, and shouted loudly, “If you want a treasure, I have it here.”

And he leant back and withdrew his sword almost completely from my sheathing channel, so all could see his huge length and thickness, and then he drove back into me, to my loud cry.

“Ah, few men can take me as he is,” he shouted then, showing them again almost the full length of what I was taking, and burying it deep inside me again.

“I have made him ready, and if you spare the lives of our crew you may have him for your own pleasure while you are on this boat, and you may take all the cargo we have if you leave us undamaged.”

I could not believe what I was hearing, but I was unable to do more than cry out and moan at my complete possession, as Konan plowed me deeply and steadily.

Our crew drew back unexpectedly, dropping their weapons as the sea folk captain came over and pulled his own good sized tool out and began to stroke it to hardness as he watched Konan plowing me.

When he was satisfied with what he saw the pirate captain threw his head back and laughed, “Your cargo and this man’s magic ass are mine, with not a drop of my crews blood shed. I am more than happy with this bargain. Now finish your taking of him so I may have a turn.”

Konan bowed his head to the pirate, and with a flurry of fast and hard strokes he came deep inside me, throwing his head back and letting loose a mighty roar as his seed spouted out of him.

I felt his seed flooding me and sighed, then his tool pulled out with a huge noise and his man-juice dribbled out of me as he lowered my legs. The pirate captain called over two of his men, instructed each to take hold of one of my legs and raise it up high and wide, and then he slid his own cock into my well prepared channel easily, and plowed me deeply until his seed also spouted inside me. Then the pirate next highest came and took his turn. I was swimming in their seed and it was running out of me as the third one filled me.

Then I was untied and laid across the rail and taken that way from behind, by several more pirates, as I drifted into oblivion.

I awoke to find the ship quiet and gentle hands wiping my sore bruised ass with some soothing oil, and I groaned at the pain and opened my eyes.

“Konan,” I moaned.

“He is gone,” a voice said.

“My chest, my merchandise,” I gasped fearfully.

“In front of you,” the voice replied, and I looked up and there it was not feet away form me, and I sighed and asked, “And Konan, where is he?”

“Gone. When the pirates left we discovered he was nowhere to be seen, but you’re chest was on the deck, dripping water.”

After that I drifted off into a deep sleep. And I dreamt of Konan riding me again, his mighty weapon filling me as no other man’s ever had.

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