Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 04

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Bad-ass Editor: Macart

Quick and efficient, what you really want in an Editor! Highly recommended.


“Will you pay attention?!”

My sister throws a piece of popcorn at me to make sure I heard her. I look up quickly from my phone, hiding it on my now shirt covered chest. As I look her over It is plain to see that she is both a tiny bit tipsy, and a lot a bit annoyed with me. I had been discovered hiding on the porch which was “off limits” for the hiding game we had just been playing. I was also getting glances from every other girl in this room. Erica’s beautiful full lips kept being sucked into her mouth as she made eyes at me, her dark eyes trying to send messages to me as she sits relaxing on the far end of the couch. Amy is sitting in the middle of the couch, legs criss-crossed, her blue eyes glancing quickly at me before she blushes brightly and looks down, understandable after what we just did. And Kelly, playful as always, with her feet up on the rest in front of her on the closer part of the couch. One of her green eyes subtly winks at me as I look her over. I am sitting on the lone recliner to the right of the couch, a glass of vodka and cranberry in my hand. All the girls have a glass and are sipping slowly. I had been looking at some very graphic pictures taken by Kelly about twenty minutes ago, causing me have to sit with my legs crossed to hide a weak boner.

It’s hard to really believe it but all three of the girls on the couch have gone down on me tonight, and my sister is still oblivious to this fact. I know this because I am still alive. I can’t stop looking at the evidence I have on my phone of both Amy and Kelly sucking me off, and I even have a few great shots of Amy’s feet around my shaft most of which is inside Kelly’s greedy mouth. Not to mention the ones of Kelly sucking on Amy’s toes. If I didn’t have this phone with these pictures, I would honestly doubt it any of it had ever happened. Especially Amy! I glance over at her and blush. She looks right back and we lock eyes and smile, both thinking about what just took place. I glance at my sister and she gives me an frustrated look, so I sigh and put my phone next to me on the seat.

“Ok Madz fine, phone down now whats the plan?” I say, playing a bad mood even though that is not even close to the case. My answer seems to calm the little demon. She looks to her friends and shrugs, “You guys done with hiding?” she asks and they girls all nod and give signs of being drunk and wanting to just chill out. I smile and start thinking about dragging myself to my bed, it’s definitely almost time. “How about a movie?” Kelly pipes in. “You know, just relax and probably pass out in here?” She says and looks around at the other girls for their opinions. “Sure, as long as I don’t have to move,” Amy says sliding lower into the couch. Erica pokes her side and she jumps. “You only have to move a little. I’m down for a movie as long as Mac sits in the middle of the couch.” The girls all giggle and Kelly chimes in, “Yeah we could have a little cuddle party.” This elicits more laughter. I am probably sweating at this conversation, but I smile and try to play it cool. I had no problem with the idea at all, I was so relaxed at his point being cuddled up to by three hotties…yeah I could get behind that idea.

“Well ok, but don’t get mad at me if I fall asleep, that sounds like a very comfortable place to be,” I say slowly. The girls laugh and I hear Madison make a tutting sound.

“Whatever,” she says, standing and walking to where I’m sitting “you all do what you want but I am not cuddling with my brother so I’ll take the recliner.” I jump up, not wanting to be in queen bitch’s way right now, I hope she was not mad that her friends are being nice to me.

“Hey Mac, throw on something scary!” Kelly says, and the girls start moving things around on the couch to get ready for the movie. My sister pulls out her phone and starts texting like mad as she pulls her feet quickly under her and sits on the recliner. I blink and start thinking about her, she had been on her phone quite a few times tonight I just hadn’t really paid it any mind. Was that what she was mad about? Was one of her friends pissing her off on Facebook or something? I put it out of my mind and start browsing our DVDs, we could just watch one of the many programs on out TV but I pull out a few of the scary ones we have in the collection. My dad is a DVD madman so we have tons to choose from. I pull out a few select favorites and turn to the group…and I blush quickly at what I see: Kelly and Erica are coming back into the room having left when I was looking through the movies. They are dragging my blanket and pillows into the room. It shouldn’t have surprised me that those two would just go in my room, but still it is embarrassing. They pay me no mind as they start laying out my bedspread all over the couch. After the couch is ready and the movie selected, Erica looks to the group.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting changed for bed if we are going to be getting this comfy.” I can’t help but think to myself how she was part of team ‘let’s make the couch super comfy’ in the first place. Kelly agrees, but Amy admits to not having brought sleepwear. After a little talk, and dragging Madison off her phone, the four girls head off to Madison’s kaçak iddaa room to get changed.

I walk into my room with a puzzled look on my face. Kelly had ushered the girls out of the den and waited for me to come out last, she slinked over to me and put her lips to my ear. “Wear something with a button in the front, no boxers,” and after nipping at my ear and a quick grab of my crotch, she bounded out of the den. Something with a button in the front? No boxers? What did Kelly have planned now? I mean, all the girls would be there including my sister. Then again Kelly had been running the show for a while now, I should probably just go with it. I pull out a pair of my sleep pants, an older pair so they are super baggy, but as requested they have a button in front. I keep the same shirt on and look in the mirror trying to give myself a pep talk, calm myself down and all that, but it’s not so easy. Even after everything that had happened I was still intimidated by the room of giggling girls. I do throw on some deodorant and a quick spritz of the cologne I never use [a gift from Madison last holiday], and head back into the den. I am the first one done of course, the girls take forever. I get the movie ready and try drinking my vodka…still gross. I am pretty tired and the girls seem to take forever to change so I flip through the special features of the movies to kill time. After a good 25 minutes the sound of many padding feet announce the return of the girls. I look over, ready with a sarcastic comment about how long girls take getting ready, but my voice sticks in my throat when they come in. Erica comes in first, followed by Kelly and Amy. All three of the girls have on overly large shirts and I as far as I can tell…nothing else. I can’t help but look down as three sets of beautiful bare feet come trooping in. Erica’s large tan set with her red nails, stepping toe to heel with louder pads. Kelly walking on the balls of her feet almost bouncing as she walks, her blue toes a little more chipped, possibly from being in my mouth. Then Amy’s purple capped set, small and pale as she comes in, one foot comes over the other just as before, still very shy. As I drag my eyes up at Amy my eyes widen in shock. Amy has on the shirt I was wearing when I first got home, the one Erica had been holding for me, that little thief! But…Well…I look Amy up and down, she is blushing like crazy under my gaze but I just can’t stop, she looks so good in my shirt. I widen my gaze to look at them all, each looking at me as if waiting for approval! When I realize this I stumble to give a complement, but the problem is my filter seems to be broken and my thought simply becomes what I say.

“Holy fuck you girls are sexy,” comes out of my mouth, and the three girls each respond differently. Amy turns bright red and tugs on my shirt wrapped around her body, Erica winks, giggles and pulls her shirt up slightly to expose more of her legs, and Kelly giggles hard, blushing slightly. Kelly walks over to me. “You’re damn right we are!” she exclaims loudly. “Now take this off,” she demands tugging on my shirt and walking by me to sit on the couches right side. I am already red from my verbal slip but I probably go even redder at that. I look at her for confirmation when Erica walks up to me and I feel her hands on my waist as she grabs my shirt.

“I’ll keep taking them off every time you put one on ya know, if I have to hide your shirt drawer too I will! Men with hot bods should never wear shirts,” she says bluntly, and starts to tug my shirt over my head. I struggle mostly out of embarrassed confusion, but she manages to tussle me and get it over my head anyways. I stumble forward a bit after the interaction and almost walk right into Amy. Amy smiles at me, not moving as I lock my focus on her. I look into her eyes as she brushes her hair off her face and we just kind of look at each other for a moment before the other two speak.

“Man that Tattoo is sexy”

“How is it feeling Mac Attack?”

I calm myself down for a second and turn to the girls as a whole right as my sister comes in.

“Oh yeah my tat is ok, still stings a bit but no problem…” I stutter as I look over at my sister…oh man…

Madison is also wearing one of my old shirts, one that she took from me a long time ago…but…well…I had never really noticed her as ‘all grown up’ so to speak. Until now. Her long red hair is in a ponytail that is tied to the side of her head and is trailing down the side of her face. Her brown eyes, much like mine, are pointed downwards still looking at her phone. The shirt is my old fan shirt from a video game, black with a faded symbol from the game on the front. But the shirt is older meaning it is even shorter than the shirts the other girls are wearing. I still can’t see her shorts, or whatever she must have on under there, but I can see way more of her legs then a brother should. And I was certainly enjoying trailing my eyes down her pale legs more then a brother should. Her small ankles end in a huge disappointment on my part, she had put on a pair of socks that were very old and almost worn because I can still tell her toes are painted black.

The embarrassment of what I just did hits quickly, I just checked out my sister big time and I had really liked what I had seen.

I quickly turn and kaçak bahis walk over to the couch where the girls are sort of getting ready, I need to get under the blanket before my tent gives me away, and there will be no hiding it in these pants! As I sit Erica sidles up to me on my left side, her breasts brush against me and I can immediately tell she is not wearing a bra. I can feel her pillowy, soft chest squishing against my arm. I feel like a swarm of lover bee’s are just buzzing in this small room. But with my sister here I need to act as natural as possible, this movie idea might not have been so hot after all.

“Well, ready to get started huh?” Erica says, pointedly looking at me very close. Her breath smells like toothpaste, the girls must have freshened up. I think to myself that I should have done the same as I nod at her.

“Yeah, sure, ready to start.” I say with a grin. Erica suddenly mocks shock.

“Oh yeah the movie, I almost forgot,” she says with a slight bite of sarcasm, she looks back toward the TV. “What?!” my mind barks, “What did she mean by that?!” I feel Kelly slide over toward me and her hand rests on my leg as she leans in to whisper in my ear.

“Oh I forgot to mention, Erica told me that you let her suck your dick under your sister’s bed earlier.” My chest suddenly swells with fear as she she pinches my leg and continues. “You ass! You could have told me I wasn’t the first to get to you tonight!” She sounds like she is just teasing, not truly angry. “If you can just get Madz to do it you will have gotten blowies from all four of us tonight!” she says ultra-quite in my ear. I can tell from her tone that it was definitely meant as a joke, but damn the visuals it provides are incredible! I look over at my sister and almost on cue she puts one of her fingers to her mouth, I can just see those brown eyes looking into mine while my shaft disappears into her mouth! I give what must be a super nervous laugh.

“Pshh yeah ok, real funny!” I say and give her a poke in the side for good measure. She laughs and jumps at my poke, then lays over my arm saying for me to start the movie. I look at Amy who for some reason looks even more nervous than when we were under the table. Amy’s red face shocks me out of the dream world of the two hotties pressing their breasts against my arms. She seems to be crazy nervous about something, but Kelly and Erica tell her to hurry and sit down. I look around and start to wonder: sit where? Amy pulls the blanket with her as she moves, I panic slightly as she sits right between my legs, I have a major hard on and there will be no padding between us. I am saved for a moment when she just sits in front of me, leaning forward and reaching for the remote just out of her reach.

I sit trying to figure out what to do when both Erica on my left and Kelly on my right wiggle themselves under my arms, cuddling their heads onto my shoulders. I’m now out of options. I mean Amy was 69ing with me not too long ago, so it’s not as if she would not know what it was. I stop worrying about it when Kelly’s hand, hidden from my sisters eyes, reaches down gives a firm squeeze to the tip of my hard on. I try very hard not to jump, but I can’t stop myself when I feel Erica’s hand reach down to do the same. I don’t know where this is going but It both horrifies and wakes me up. Oh man what do these girls have planed for me now?

Kelly gives Amy a nudge and she jumps; she does not look at me but she glances at Erica and Kelly.

“Yeah you’re all good Amy, settle on back,” Erica says matter of factly. Amy nods and she leans back. They had been planning this! I can’t believe it, they had been talking about this! They are all in on whatever is about to happen! I feel Kelly undo the button to my pants, with my arms over the girls I can’t do anything about this! Amy pulls back the blanket and then plants her hands on my legs, the other two girls use their hands that are not at my crotch to pull her, well my shirt that she is wearing, slightly up as she pushes herself back and hovers over me. I feel Erica reach into my pants through the button and pull my cock out…this can’t be happening

“Lights out guys,” Madison says suddenly. My head bolts over to look at her as she leans over to hit the lights, right as I feel something very warm and very wet brush across the head of my cock. Something very soft that instantly calls to mind when I was going down on Amy. Just before the lights fade I get one last clear glimpse of the girls around me: Erica holding my pulsing member steady in one hand while holding up Amy’s shirt with the other, Kelly is helping hold the shirt while also holding the blanket to keep it from slipping down, and Amy’s hands are planted on my thighs. Amy rests her head next to Kelly’s and looks over at me with those beautiful blue eyes, they would normally look so innocent but here she was doing all of this right in right in front of her friends, hell right in front of my sister!!

Amy must have started the movie before she sat down because the opening music suddenly swells, and right then I feel Amy lower herself down onto my shaft. As the thunder claps in the opening scene I can feel the head of my dick push about 3 inches into Amy’s throbbing pussy. I can’t believe it, Amy was going to fuck me under a blanket…in my den…with my sister and illegal bahis her friends in the same room! As Amy impales herself a few more inches on my dick I feel waves of lust wash over my body once again. My virginity was being absolutely stolen right here and now. And quite honestly even I wanted to there wasn’t anything I could do about it! Amy has a vice grip on my legs, and I can feel her suppressing moans in her throat as her tiny pussy tries to make room for it’s very large invader.

Erica and Kelly cuddle up against me after letting go of both my cock and Amy’s shirt. Kelly keeps rubbing both mine and Amy’s legs to soothe us and keep us from bursting out loud with noise. Erica is licking her lips next to me, clearly loving the fact that I am so helpless. As Amy lowers herself down a few more inches I glance over at my sister, how can she not be noticing this?! Madison looks up from her phone at TV as it prattles on about how the town is involved in some murder, and just as Amy’s ass comes to rest on my lap both the character on screen and Amy let out a sigh of relief. The soft walls of her pussy are pulsing in time with my own heartbeat as I feel myself settle in to a female body for the first time. It had not at all happened the way I would have ever guessed, but it was easily better than all the times I had been in any girls mouth tonight. It was so warm and so wet I just wanted to stay like this forever!

Kelly leans forward to whisper to Amy but I can clearly hear it.”Biggest you have ever had?” she breathes. And Amy nods quickly. “Oh yeah,” she says and I am made aware of the fact that I was the only one losing their virginity.

“Quiet down over there! Or turn the volume up!” My sister bitches. ‘Seriously, how can she not know?’ I think to myself, as I focus on the feeling of my member pulsing inside Amy. She is almost motionless, most likely fighting back sounds of pleasure like I am. God she feels incredible! I can feel her wetness dripping down me and onto the couch; honestly this is not really intimate the way I feel it should be, I want so badly to hold Amy around the middle or something and keep her close, but the girls on either side of me are keeping me from doing so. Kelly is sneaking kisses onto my neck and Erica is running a hand over my abs and purring in my ear. I can feel a need building inside of me, I know what my body wants and my cock is being tortured not being allowed to move inside of Amy. I gently push my hips and flex my cock a bit, it sends huge waves of lust pulsing through my body but it’s just not enough. It is absolute torture to just have to sit inside of her, it is a great feeling but I’m mere moments away from just picking her up and bringing her to my room. I mean there’s no way she weighs more than Madison, and I can lift Maddie easily. I feel Amy’s hands clench again on my legs, I know what’s coming and I break myself with my hands ending up grabbing Kelly’s shoulder and around the back of Erica’s neck.

Amy lifts herself into the air again and I can feel her pussy clench and drag achingly slowly up my full length to my head. I bury my face in her back to let a small sound out between her shoulder blades. The feeling was making my head spin with ecstasy. She descends again slowly and my cock pushes its way back inside her. The process is slow and loving… maybe one full pump up and down in one of the longest 60 seconds of my life. I feel Erica slowly move my hand down as she keeps getting closer and I feel something soft as my wrist passes her neckline. She pulls my hand down into her cleavage and I respond by diving my hand lower, I can sense what she wants. I completely forget my sister is even in the room as my fingers bush past Erica’s nipple and my hand takes as much of her breast into my palm as I can. They are much bigger then I thought! She moans lightly when I give it a squeeze, right as Amy descends again. At this point Kelly loses restraint as I thought she might. She takes my hand from around her and places it in her lap as surreptitiously as possible, I glance past Amy’s back to quickly peek at my sister as this happens, worried this is where we would be caught. I am being pulled apart by these beautiful girls and even though the room is dark if she looks right over at us…but I am relieved to see that she is still engrossed in her phone, texting away at high speed, her hand coming down briefly to scratch her socked foot. I vaguely wonder what could have her so focused, but the tits in my one hand and Amy’s pussy gripping my shaft have me locked behind a wall of ecstasy. And it’s about time I repay Kelly for teasing me and then stopping under the table earlier! I slide under her shirt as Amy is coming back up my shaft with a quiver, as my fingers slip under her shirt I see her soft and dripping lips right out in the open, and I’m hit with the realization that all three girls on this couch must not be wearing anything under their shirts. I briefly wonder whether my sister bothered to put on any panties under her shirt. I reach down and start rubbing around Kelly’s soft pussy and darting the tip of one of my fingers inside her. She presses her legs together and squishes my hand; I look over and she is blushing and biting her lip. Amy descends again and my body is really starting to feel the vibes from all three of these beauties around me, the desire emanating from all three of them. I steal a glance over at my sister again to make sure she is not watching me fuck her friend and fondle the other two, and my timing could not have been better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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