Bastille Day Ch. 10

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Anna smiled with a nod and after a moment replied:

“If you don’t mind, I want to sleep with him tonight, … just to talk.”

“If you want to, … even if you don’t just talk,” Marge agreed with a smile.

I nodded, liking that Anna’s nipples were erect, and agreed, smiling at Marge:

“Sounds like a good idea, just don’t wake his neighbors with all your talk.”

We all chuckled with more smiles and then cleaned up the crumbs. Marge washed the glasses, while Anna and I straightened up the bed: “for you two,” she murmured with a smile across the bed as we tucked in the sheet.

It’s unimportant how we spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening. At dinner, we split up, Anna and Marge sitting at a table with Germans. Ron and Willy beckoned for me to join them and their girlfriends.

I had to survive some friendly remarks about our ménage à trois and hear what others had said about us, but it was also a bit flattering. I wondered if Marge and Anna were hearing much the same. I responded by saying that it was all better than last year and – with grins at their girlfriends – that I hoped it was for them all too. The men agreed, of course, and then we talked about the flash mob. They had heard about the meeting the next day. Their friends admitted that it was the first time they had been to a nude resort and that they could never have imagined that naturism was so popular, even families with children of all ages, especially teenagers. We all agreed that we would have had a problem with it at that age, sharing smirks.

After dinner, I joined Anna and Marge again and heard that they also had heard somewhat veiled remarks about the three of us. We joined in the evening entertainment. Anna was looking around to see if Sans was there. I chuckled and said that he was probably still reading his emails.

“Or waiting to be surprised,” Marge added with a smile.

Before the program ended, Marge whispered to her that it was a good time to beat the crowd. She nodded and asked again if we didn’t mind. I urged her to stand up, sliding my hand down to pat her bottom, when she did. She slipped away, and Marge moved closer to me, murmuring with a snort:

“Just one-on-one, … if you don’t mind?”

“”Hm-hmm! I think I can, maybe better than …”

Someone behind us shushed, and we watched the rest of the program in silence. Back in our room, we used the bathroom and went to bed, agreeing that we didn’t have to do anything, and didn’t, falling asleep, hardly touching each other in the double bed.

Towards dawn, however, we had gravitated together, still sleeping soundly; it’s just so comfortable to have one’s arm around a woman in bed, and by then it was so familiar that I didn’t need a dream to make sense of the sensation of a warm body close to mine. That, however, didn’t keep my cock from appreciating that it was there, as I discovered, when I was awakened by hearing the door open.

Anna, of course, I immediately recalled, confirmed when she murmured:

“Oh, hope I didn’t wake you, … or disturb anything, if you were already.”

“Yes and no,” Marge replied, and then chuckled and added:

“Didn’t disturb us yet, but it could have, if we had woken up sooner.”

“Um-hmm,” I agreed, rocking my hips.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed, rocking hers back against me.

“Oh, that’s good. Hm-hmm! But since I didn’t, and if you want to, I could help; … we didn’t do anything this morning.”

“Not even talk?” Marge replied with a chuckle as she held up the covers on her side of the bed.

“Tell you later,” Anna murmured as her head disappeared under the covers in the direction of Marge’s pussy. She raised her thigh and head. Anna’s thigh slid under her head, and then her hand found my cock, not as stiff as it had been, but she knew what to do about that. As I moved down the bed a little, her lips slipped around its head.

“Mmmm!” I moaned softly, as Marge dropped the covers and drew Anna’s hips closer and buried her face between her thighs. Anna had to suck and lick for only a few moments to bring my cock back to full erection – very pleasant moments, but only a prelude to how it was going to feel in Marge’s pussy. I wondered if Anna preferred to suck it or to arouse Marge’s pussy. But she also loved to do that, sharing the sensations that only two women can enjoy together.

My cock slipped from her mouth, and her tongue guided it to Marge’s opening. I rocked my hips forward, and it slid in. Marge and I both moaned, and I moved to press it deeper in her pussy, and we moaned again, as she contracted on it. My cock twitched, but I held still, knowing that Anna was going to arouse Marge, that her pussy was going to respond to what she was beginning to do on her clitoris. They both moaned, and I did, my cock twitching again in another contraction.

Did men in societies that allowed two or more wives enjoy having sex like this?! Not from anything I had read. If not, their bad luck.

“Mmmm!” Anna’s hand was sliding over my ataköy escort hip; she wanted to do that too. “Oooh!” My asshole tightened, and my cock surged. I tried to relax, just enjoying the arousing sensations they were both giving me, but my cock and asshole were responding. And they each responded with a pleased-sounding “um-hmm,” finger and pussy also responding. Why couldn’t sex always be like this?!

I fondled one’s and the other’s breast, encouraging them to arouse each other, passively delighting in how I was also being aroused.

I could have waited forever to have my orgasm, but too soon their moans and twitching hips indicated that they wanted theirs, especially the repeating clutches of Marge’s pussy on my cock. She wanted hers, and now my throbbing cock wanted mine, my hips also having to twitch. Fuck! I did.

“Uhn-un-un!” Marge groaned, as her hips and pussy responded more strongly. I could only hope that it was also being as good as it could be for Anna – Marge’s responsibility. But Anna was doing what she could to help make it good for us; her hand encouraging my hips to move, and her finger doing all it could.

“Uhnnn!” I groaned, feeling my arousal pass the point of no return. Another thrust, and another, and with a grunt I spurted, and again. Could Marge feel it in the pulsing contractions of her pussy? It seemed like it; she gave a shivering moan, and her body jerked, as I spurted again and again, feeling her warm pussy juice wet my balls and heard Anna moan in appreciation. Then she moaned differently, a pure reflex, as her body quivered, and I heard very wet noises from what Marge’s tongue was doing, whose pussy was still contracting, although my hips were now still, but not my still twitching cock. Anna gasped and moaned, again and again, as Marge continued, moaning herself, now sounding pleased with what she must be tasting.

Anna gasped and gave a final, pulsing moan and rolled back. The covers has long since slipped down off us. I rolled back, my cock slipping out, and move away so that Marge could also lie on her back. She rolled back and wiped her face. We all sighed with satisfied moans. They fondled each other’s breasts. After a few moments, Marge murmured:

“Nice that you came back when you did.”

“Very!” I agreed.

“Hm-hmm! Sort of his idea, suggesting that you might need me.”

I snorted and remarked:

“Oh, it would have been good, but it was better with you.”

“Um-hmm! Especially for me,” Marge agreed, and we all chuckled.

“Oh, I didn’t want to be the one to suggest it again.”

“But you have to go?” I suggested.

We all chuckled again and trouped into the bathroom – toilet, shower, sink – and washed. When we returned to the bed, I was in the middle, my thighs spread and one of theirs resting on them, their hands on my chest. Anna remarked:

“I like that he has hair on his chest, … like my Dad.”

“Sorry that I can’t compete.”

“Still nice.”

“Um-hmm,” Marge agreed, then asking:

“And you just talked? You said you would tell.”

“Hm-umm! Of course not, but we did talk. When I knocked, he opened the door with a big smile, saying that he had hoped I would come. Made me feel good; I was a little worried about how he would respond.

“His laptop was on, and he showed me that he had been watching a video of the Tour, wanting to see what was shown at the ten kilometers mark. He showed me: an inflated arch over the road and a few people watching, cheering when the leaders passed. Then we went to the bathroom and went to bed, just lying like this with my head on his shoulder, my fingers enjoying feeling the hair on his chest.

“Well, then they were somewhere else, just holding his balls. Oh, that’s something I like about older men: they don’t immediately think you want to do something when you hold them like that. It’s just so nice and familiar. Maybe he is sort of father figure, … more than you are.”

“He’s a little older,” I remarked.

“But not too much,” Marge responded.

We chuckled and Anna continued:

“Maybe he was feeling a little like one. I was a little surprised when he asked if I had thought about sleeping with my father before last summer. I told him that I hadn’t, that until last summer it hadn’t occurred to me that I would want to, that he would want to, telling him that my parents were separated before I was thinking about sleeping with anyone, and then he wasn’t around.

“He nodded, silent for a moment. I was gently fondling his balls, like I do his – my father’s …”

“And mine,” I interjected.

“Um-hmm. ‘Nice,’ he murmured, and then surprised me again, admitting that it had started with Daphne – his daughter – before she was at university. He hadn’t wanted to shock us before. She was still in school, but already eighteen, and he knew that she had already slept with boys. It was like he told us, just that she younger: their bantering about her figure; then his wife in ataşehir escort the clinic; and Daphne’s asking if he wanted to sleep with her. Oh, she didn’t go away to university, studied at the Sorbonne, he admitted. I guess before he didn’t want us to think they did it so much. But they did. ‘Better than my honeymoon,’ he said. When his wife returned, he thought it was over, but after a couple of nights, she came to his room. He and his wife already had separate bedroom, so it was easy, more often in Daphne’s room, further down the hall.”

Marge and I nodded, I thinking that it was very nice when fathers and daughters could share something so good with each other – or siblings, like Marge and her brother. Anna also nodded and continued again:

“I told him that I thought that was nice, and then …, well, I wasn’t just fondling his balls, and we did, like we did on the other bed, like we did after our picnic. He loves it like that, what they do, too. She had showed him that girls also like to touch themselves, … and where it also feels good. Oh, it was good!”

Marge and I snorted at her enthusiastic remark, nodding with smiles. Marge commented:

“Not much of a father figure then.”

“Hm-umm! Oh, she likes to do that to him, too. His wife did, but never really liking it.”

“That’s a pity,” I remarked: “… but all the nicer that Daphne did, … does.”

“‘Not often enough now,’ he remarked when I said something like that. He said something nice about now not just having to think about her in his fantasies. So, we went to sleep, and this morning he almost apologized for suggesting that I come back before his neighbors knew I was there. I told him it wouldn’t be the last time, … if you don’t mind?”

“Of course not,” Marge replied, then snickering and adding:

“If I can too.”

“Both of you, if you want,” I suggested with a snort: “… and I can finally get an undisturbed night’s sleep.”

“You really want one?” Marge asked with a grin.

“Well, just maybe; last night was pretty good.”

We all chuckled, and they both fondled my cock and balls. I snorted and remarked:

“Just an older man, not expecting that you want to do anything, … hoping that it was good enough before.”

“Oh, it was,” they replied in unison, chuckling as they continued to fondle.

After a while, we got up and went to the bathroom. After a feigned argument about which of them would shower with me, I insisted on showering alone, as they watched. Then they showered together, while I shaved at the wash basin. Since I didn’t need to use the mirror, I could watch them, enjoy watching their enjoying washing each other. They did, so much. that I suggested that they could go back to bed, while I went to breakfast. They snickered and agreed that that was a good suggestion, but they didn’t, and we went to breakfast together.

Sans greeted us with just a slight smirk as he said that it was nice to see us again. During breakfast together with him, he explained that he wouldn’t be at the meeting to organized the flash mob. When more people were in the restaurant, the meeting was announced. Without him, we spent a quiet forenoon sunning. After the way we had spent the early hours, I didn’t have to play volleyball and watch girls’ breasts jiggling and feel my cock and balls flopping – as delightful as that is. They seemed now to be longer and floppier that at home.

On our way to lunch, Marge glanced over at Anna’s well-tanned breasts and suggested with a chuckle that she could use lipstick to make her pale nipples more apparent for the flash mob. I chuckled and suggested strawberry-flavored lipstick to make it more fun to suck them. We snickered and joined the line at the buffet.

At the meeting, we only learned the details to what Sans had already told us. Apparently, he had passed on my suggestion that non-participants watch both TV and the live stream on the Tour de France website. Ron and Willy showed us all their banners again. During the afternoon, Sans found us and said that he felt that he had to spend the evening with French people who knew who he was, mentioning that some guests would be leaving the next day, Sunday. We nodded. Marge smirked slightly and thanked him for his suggestion that Anna rejoin us. He smiled and replied that he hoped she had told us what she had replied. We nodded again with grins, and he left us.

At dinner and that evening, we spent the time with other Americans from our group. Some were enthusiastic about the project. A few, who had never been to a nudist resort before, were a little apprehensive about possibly appearing naked on TV. We told them that they could stand in the background.

We went to the Saturday night dance, all wearing something around our hips. On the way back to our room, we chuckled about the strange sensation of dancing half naked with virtual strangers. A couple of women had held me closer and not minded when my hand or arm brushed their nipples when fındıkzade escort we were jitterbugging.

“Just by accident?” Marge asked with a grin.

“Hmm! Not quite, … after they had been brushing them on my chest. And you two looked like you were enjoying letting your partners feel yours.”

“Um-hmm, why not, since you were. Maybe we shouldn’t have danced so close with you at the start – giving them the idea.”

“As if they needed inspiration,” I replied, then snickered and added:

“Even if they could only recognize Anna’s nipples in profile.”

She chuckled and replied:

“Of course, they popped out, isn’t that what they wanted to see?”

“And feel; sure looked like it with that younger man.”

“Hm-hmm! And he wanted me to feel something else; good thing he wasn’t naked.”

We all snickered and then were back in our room, hurrying to the bathroom. In bed, between them, there was the obvious but unspoken question: would we do anything? I murmured:

“I’m just going to lie here.”

“Hmm? Not like that younger man; he asked if I was here with anyone,” Anna remarked, then chuckling and adding:

“I said I was here with Marge, but rubbed up against him. Surprised him, both ways, I think.”

Marge snorted and replied:

“Hope he found a girl who was alone.”

“Me too, but it still felt good.”

“And if you had been alone?” I asked.

“Hmmm? Maybe, felt good!”

“Uh-oh! I think she still does,” Marge replied with a snort.

“Wouldn’t you?”

“I didn’t dance with him.”

Anna’s hand slid down and found my cock and balls, then just my cock, and it wasn’t just enjoying that it was “nice and familiar” for it to be held, the way she had described fondling Sans’. She murmured:

“But I did.”

“Anything you want,” Marge remarked softly in a resigned sounding tone, but then chuckled.

My cock was beginning to respond to Anna’s purposeful fondling. I snorted and murmured:

“I can’t remember the last time I tasted a pussy, … or whose.”

“Mine,” Anna responded immediately.

We chuckled. I wasn’t sure she was right, but it didn’t matter; if she wanted to do something with my cock, then I was happy to suck and lick Marge’s pussy. She was too, chuckling again as she began to move up to straddle my face. Anna immediately began to move down the bed, my cock in her mouth before she was crouching between my legs.

“Mmmm!” I hummed and then was guiding Marge’s hips down on my face. Her pussy was still closed, and my tongue lapped down her slit, then pointed, it forced its way back up between them. Still just tasted freshly washed, but not after it had slid back down and up and then back down to her opening and probed in it – that delightful, tangy taste! Somewhere I had read that it was like licking the poles of a nine volt battery. Where?

It gave me a charge – my cock in Anna’s mouth – who was arousing it as though that was all she wanted to do. But, of course, she wanted more, maybe glancing up and seeing what I was doing for Marge, my tongue now rubbing back and forth over the hood of her aroused clitoris. It found more moisture – nine volts – at her hole and returned.

Anna hummed, buzzing on my cock, making it twitch, and then released it. I felt her move up, her knees straddling my thighs and then moving further, Her hand pressed my cock back and found her opening. It must have been already wet; my cock slipped easily into the tight grip of her pussy, eliciting a moan from us both, and Marge also moaned. Of course, she could see what Anna was doing, if only as a shadowy figure in the dark. She couldn’t have a cock in her pussy, but a finger arousing her other hole, and wanted me to try to arouse her as much as my cock was in Anna’s pussy – and was being aroused.

Then I felt fingers finding Anna’s clitoris. Whose? Anna’s voice murmured:

“Oh yes! Like that!”

Marge’s fingers, but it could only be Anna’s that then found and held my balls, still able to move them. She moaned, and her pussy contracted, and my cock surged. A twitch of Marge’s hips reminded me not to forget to arouse her.

I did, trying to ignore the arousing sensations in Anna’s pussy – just trying to! When they became even more arousing, I recognized that she was no long holding my balls, but her deeper moan and then the feeling of something else moving in her confirmed that a finger was in her asshole. Could I arouse Marge to come with her, with me?! Make Marge’s pussy flood my face?! That tasted so good!

It did, but not before Anna’s twitching hips and quivering thighs and her gasps and groans gave us our orgasms. Then – in response – Marge’s hips twitched, as she gasped and almost whimpered, and her pussy satisfied me – and her – with a strong shot of pussy juice – better than a shot of whiskey! And another one! Success! Total satisfaction! Exhausting satisfaction. Maybe those men who can have two wives shouldn’t try to satisfy them both at once.

As I relaxed, I felt both of them lean forward and then heard a very moist kiss, one that continued. Nice, that they wanted to confirm to each other that it had been good. I reached up to fondle their breasts, but found a hand on them, on the other ones too. Their kiss stopped, and they chuckled as they let me slide their hands aside and squeeze their breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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