BB’s ‘Groupie’ (Oh, Canada)

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Hey, Kids! It’s me, your roving writer, BB! I’m staying an extra week in Canada’s beautiful Vancouver, BC! (BC= Before Cable!) HeeHee!!

I got picked up last night by a new fan!

Now before you ask, I’ll tell you— Yes, we DID have sex!

But it wasn’t conventional… for HER, anyway!!!

Let me explain: She was very young and inexperienced, not to mention beautiful and sweet! Anyhow, we got back to her place and started kissing. And I mean, KISSING!!! She and I, both, have strong lips from playing brass instruments (me, the French Horn and she, the trumpet) and we promptly tried to suck the others face, clean off! Well, after twenty minutes of that mind-blowing battle, we started to strip each others clothes off!

Ohhh, baby! She has the most gorgeous body I’ve seen in a long time! Perfect sized breasts (not too big or small,) and an ass to-die-for! That ass! So round, so firm… and tight!!

I started to kiss and lick her whole body, after we’d gotten on her bed! I started at her feet (guys, take note of this– Girls LOVE having there feet made love to!) I started to lick up the insides of her thighs, running my tongue, lips and hairy chin (I have a little goatee) across her whole body! My beard always tickles a girl’s soft, sensitive skin, as does my walrus-like mustash’!

Anyway, she was starting to giggle, which let me know she was ready and willing to go further! I looked down at her smooth pussy (I love it when a woman shaves her pubic area) and saw that her inner lips were bursa escort starting to protrude from her moist slit! I asked her if she had a condom. She said that her boyfriend had used them all! I grabbed my pants off the floor and found that I didn’t have one either! “This could be a problem,” I said, as my cock throbbed in anticipation!

Y’see, my friends, she was between her cycles, which meant she was very fertile! And, since neither of us wanted to get knocked-up, that meant that vaginal sex was off limits!

Of all the motherfucking times to run out of laytex!

I looked down at my friend, as he throbbed in disappointment, and then at my other friend on the bed and said I’d eat her out anyway! As I was licking and slurping her copious fluids, I got the idea to stick my thumb in her anus! She’d never had this done to her before and really liked the sensations!

Of course, you guessed it!

I was back in business! (This was my plan, all along!) I suggested that there was something else I could put in her back door and she just screamed at me with an animal cry, “God, yes! Do it! I’ve never had it there but at this point I don’t give a fuck! Just put it IN me! NOW!!!!” (Never argue with a woman when they’re in that state of mind! They’ll kill ya’!!)

As I’d said earlier, her juices were rather abundantly flowing from her vagina and they soaked her whole crack, as well! So I flipped her on her stomach, pulled her backwards onto her knees, and told her to spread her cheeks apart! I rubbed my dick bursa escort bayan between her pussy lips and stroked it in and out of her grasping, tight cunt (it was an Herculean effort to NOT cum in her twat, believe me) and proceeded to push my hard-on into her anus!

It was a very tight fit, to say the least! I kept telling her to, “Relax, you’ll enjoy it! I don’t know you well enough to lie to you!” She started to laugh at that point, which caused her to relax enough to slowly push the rest of the way into her ass hole!!! I reached around and diddled her clit a little! This got her mind off the 7 inch invader in her rectum! It apparently did the trick because she started cumming again! I started singing, “Put your dick up in her ass– and don’t you feel dumb! Just give her clit a little diddle– and make your baby cum!” I don’t know why I did that. Or why I even remember it. I guess it was just a spur-of-the-moment, improvisational comedic thing, but she started to giggle and said I should make a tape of it and send it to a record company. “Yeah,” I said, “the ‘Sounds Of BB Fucking’! It’ll climb the charts from number 100 to 99 in ten weeks!” We both started laughing hysterically (when you’re having sex you’ll laff at really weird stuff) until my cock popped out of her ass when she fell forward on the bed! This shocked us both back to reality!

“See what happens when you play around?” I kidded. “It’s always fun until someone loses an eye!”

I pulled her back up onto her knees and shoved my cock back escort bursa into her anus and THIS time she was open and relaxed enuff for some serious pounding! “Oh, God, BB! Slam it into me, PLEASE! Don’t stop fucking my ass! I want to feel you cum in my ass hole!”

As I’ve said before, I never argue with a lady!

So I kept banging into her ass hole!

After she had cum at least a half-dozen times, it was time for me to cum! I pulled her toward me and told her to keep very still! She stopped moving and the only sound in the room was coming from our panting! I slammed my cock into her body two more times and screamed out as my balls emptied out into her rectum, filling her full of my seed!!!

We both cried out as she started having another orgasm!!!

Ohhh, God, dear reader! Our bodies just couldn’t take any more abuse! Or pleasure! All we could do was sleep!

So, we did! We rolled over onto our side, with my softening cock still implanted firmly in her anal orifice, and drifted off to a glorious dream-filled sleep!

When we woke up, the next morning, she wanted to taste herself on my wilted cock. I, of course, let her and lay back to receive a truly wonderful blowjob! She licked and sucked all the dried cum from my cock balls! I offered to suck the cum from where I’d left it but she said that she liked the squishy feeling from within her ass!

A very odd girl, this one! But a truly memorable lay, I must say! And that ASS! Oh, Canada!

And That’s all there is to say about my last night in the Great White North!

This is your jokester, BB, returning you now to your own wonderful lives!

Have a great day, kids! I’m on my way back home!

Until then— Have FUN!!!

xoxox, -BB

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