Bear Women: Judie the Next Day

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This is a series of stories about the women of a company that uses a paw print as its logo. I make no representation as to the truth of these stories or who they may or may not represent. In this case, this is part two of a story simply called “Judie”

I awoke next to Judie the next morning and looked at her. Remembering the incredible sex we had last night made me want more but a look at the clock was enough to kill that idea.

“Judie,” I said loudly as a nudged her. “We need to get moving. The show floor opens in an hour.” She opened her eyes and looked lovingly at me until my words penetrated.

“Oh no!” She said as she jumped out of the bed. “I can’t be ready fast enough!” I started to grab my clothes that were all over the room and throw myself into them.

“I can shower and get there in time,” I told her breathlessly. “Get there when you can and bring me something to eat.” She stopped and looked at me with a smile. “I mean real breakfast food.” I clarified with a return grin. Then I raced out the door and went to my room in the hotel. I showered, shaved, dressed and speed walked to the show site and got to our booth just at 9:00 when the doors opened.

Judie walked into the booth about 10:00 with two bagel breakfast sandwiches for me and a large cappuccino for herself. Her business suit consisted of skin tight black pants, a see-through lace blouse that was covered with a black jacket that buttoned tight enough you could not see anything you shouldn’t under the blouse. I finished talking to the one guest in the booth and walked over to her. She was careful to keep the stool between us, but the look in her eyes did not match her actions.

“I know last night was incredible,” she whispered. “But today, we have to work and be professional. I NEED you to be strong and not tempt me today.”

“I understand,” I whispered back. “There will be no problems.” I went to the back corner to eat my breakfast while she dealt with the next guest. We continued on throughout the day, dealing with customers and ignoring the horny elephant in the booth. It was so hard to work with Judie and not be affectionate after our incredible sex last night. Many times during the day I caught myself looking at her beautiful ass in those black pants and wanting to press up against her. And a few times I think I caught her looking at my crotch, probably thinking the same kind of thoughts.

Finally 5:00 came around and we shut down the booth. I looked at her to see what was next, to find her looking at me the same way.

“Let’s go to the car,” I said in a neutral tone. She agreed and we walked to where she had parked the car. I held the door so she could get in, then walked around and got in on the passenger side. She waited until I was in and closed the door, then reached over and grabbed my shirt and pulled me into a deep French kiss. Her tongue pressed into my mouth and communicated the urgency she felt in her body. Her hand released my shirt and reach down to feel my hard cock inside my pants. Then she broke away.

“We need to get to the hotel,” was all she said as she slid back over to her side and started the car. The only reason she did not get a speeding ticket was that the distance to the hotel was just a few blocks. She tossed the keys to the valet and went straight to the elevator as I struggled to keep up with her. It was in the elevator that she took my hand, in spite of the other vendors sharing the elevator. She opened her room door and walked in while I closed and locked it behind us. I watched as she unbuttoned and took off the jacket, exposing not a full bra but a shelf bra. All day her breasts had been exposed under that jacket! Judie braced her hand on the dresser and leaned over to unfasten the strap of her left shoe.

“I’ve been wanting to get these shoes off all day. They’re killing my feet,” she said. I watched as her breasts swayed and shifted inside her lace blouse as she bent over, tugging at her shoe. I found it incredible to watch how large and firm they were, but without the firmness of the implants I had seen on other women. As she pulled her shoe off she noticed my gaze.

“Do you like what you see,” she said with a boastful smile. She was feeling her clit start to throb as she saw her new lover run his eyes over her. Her thong panties were on their way to being soaked now and she knew it was time to satisfy the itch.

“You still have to take your other shoe off,” I reminded her, pointing down to her right foot. Judie gave me a sexy smile, knowing that I was anticipating more breast movement. Slowly, she leaned over and unfastened the strap of her shoe and I watched her breasts shift and sway inside poker oyna her blouse. She tugged the shoe off and smiled at me as she straightened her back.

“Do you like seeing a little boob every now and then?” she asked me. She was trying hard to draw out the uncertainty, and I would play her game because I knew from last night that it would be worth almost anything to have sex with her again.

“That is not a little look,” I retorted with a smile. “And what you have there cannot be classified as little.”

“Oh… am I bigger than your other dates?” she asked with feigned innocence, knowing that she was teasing me. I thought for a moment to frame my answer properly.

“Bigger is nice, but not always better,” I postulated. “But yours are the perfect balance of large, natural breasts that are firm enough, yet supple. The slight sag tells a man that you are a fertile woman that would be able to suckle children well. The curve of your hips tells me that you could bear larger children easier than skinny women. Men are genetically wired to find you attractive.”

“Wow,” she said. “All that about me? With that kind of complement, you should be rewarded.” She ripped the blouse open, sending buttons flying. “I always wanted to do that. Tonight I am all yours.” I walked to her and placed my hands on her breasts. She looked down and watched as I caressed and kneaded her breasts, pressing them as I lifted them up from the black satin shelf.

After well over a minute had passed Judie asked “Do I feel okay?”

My eyes met hers and I answered in a voice full of arousal, “You feel wonderful…You’re so beautiful.” I leaned close and kissed her neck.

“You make me feel beautiful,” Judie said in her husky whisper. She reached around for the side zipper in her pants and pulled it down. I was focused on her large areolas and stiff nipples as she did this. She cupped the back of my head in her hand and drew my head down closer.

“Suck on them,” she urged.

I wrapped my lips around her right nipple and begin to suck gently, causing Judie shuddered and moan again. I reached down grabbed the bottom of her ass and lifted her up so her breasts were at mouth level. She wrapped her legs around me as she ran her fingers through my hair, keeping my head on her breast. He licked around her breast, marveling at the size of her areola before moving his lips to the other breast. The teasing just made her moan louder in pleasure. She began moving her hips slowly up and down over the thick, hard shaft in my pants. I lifted my head enough to speak.

“You are delicious and beautiful,” I told her. Judie laughed as she lowered her eyes to look at me.

“You’re only saying that because my tits are in your mouth and I am rubbing my pussy all over your pants,” she retorted. But as she looked down, all I could see was arousal in her face. I know she had had other men before me, and I wondered if they had ever seen this in her. Professionally she was always in control, but now I had her in a state where she was so wet that her pants were becoming damp and her tingling clit made it impossible for her to think rationally about anything other than how my cock would feel inside her.

I eased her down until our mouths were inches apart. I felt her hot breath as I parted my lips and pressed them to hers. I heard a sound from her throat like a purr as her moist lips parted. She responded to me as my tongue met hers and she moaned into my mouth. Seconds later she moaned again as I pulled away and letting her slide down the rest of my body. Then I continued my downward motion and I reached down to slide her pants down.

Or at least I thought I would. They were so tight that I could not pull them off easily. Judie whimper in frustration as I tugged to try and get them over her hips.

“Fuck it,” she moaned. “Rip them off me.” I grabbed each side of the zipper and pulled as hard as I could, blowing the pants open halfway down the leg and releasing the tension on her skin. She shrugged them the rest of the way off and pulled me back to my feet. I slipped off my shoes as she reached down and undid my belt and pants. She grabbed my underwear and pants and slid them down until she was on her knees in front of me.

Seemingly without thinking, she opened her mouth and sucked my prick in. I had to reach out to the dresser as the suddenness of it made my knees week. One of her hands came up and reached between my legs to caress my scrotum, adding more sensations to my brain. I opened my eyes to look down at her and saw a scene out of the best porn movie: A beautiful mature blond sucking on my cock while her other hand is busy playing with her canlı poker oyna own pussy. Now she was moaning and so was I. She backed off and I helped her stand up.

“Sit on the couch, I want to ride you baby” She said breathing heavily.

I stepped out of my clothes and moved over to the couch. Looking down as I sat, I was amazed at how very slick and wet my cock looked from blowjob. Judie was just as wet also and I could smell the nectar from her cunt as she stood in front of me. She climbed on to the sofa with one knee to each side of me facing me, which placed her tits in my face. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth, but that did not distract her from reaching down to grab my cock and position it at the entrance of her pussy. Once the head of my cock was just inside her, she lowered herself down, sinking onto me.

“Mmmm, that fits me so well.” Judie moaned and closed her eyes. She started slowly, not moving up and down, but more back and forth, rubbing my cock all around inside her hot fuck hole. I leaned back and rested, watching her use me for her own pleasure. Her large breasts were the most fun to watch, as they were supported by her shelf bra so they jiggled more than bounced. She was already so wet that her juice started to leak past het labia and I could feel the first drop or two run down under my balls and into the sofa. I felt her grind harder into my pelvis and reached out to grab her breasts with both hands. That was enough to send her over the first time. She inhaled deeply and pressed down on me until it hurt my pelvis, then shuttered and moaned loudly as her first orgasm of the night hit her. I froze, just short of exploding in her, hoping she wouldn’t move until I could settle down but she saw that in my face.

“Cum in me,” she hissed. She started to grind again and it set me off; I exploded the whole load I built up all day watching her. She came again too, like a second wave that hits the beach before the first has washed away.

“Oh God yes yes yes,” murmured as she wiggled on my cock. When the orgasm passed, she collapsed in my arms and we rested for a bit. As she rested against me, my head was nestled between her breasts so I turned and started to lick one. She lifted up and fed me the breast like a baby suckling on him mommy.

I could feel our juices flowing down over the base of my cock and into the sofa under me. I also felt my cock starting to lose its rigidity. But Judie was not done with me yet. She rose up and gently started to move up and down, careful not to rise up too much and let my cock fall out. She looked me in the eyes as she did this, letting me see all the fire inside her.

It was that as much as her movement that brought my cock back to full staff. As it got firmer, she moved up and down with more abandon. She would bounce up and down hard and fast and then grind her clit against my pelvis. I grabbed her ass as she rode me, trying to steady the ride, and that seemed to excite her more. I kneaded her butt, moving my hands around to caress and squeeze all of flesh. As I pawed her ass, one of my fingers found its way near her ass hole. I got bold and decided to apply a little pressure, sinking my finger up to the first knuckle into her little brown hole.

“What are you doing?” She asked, slowing down just a bit.

“I’m fingering your hot ass,” I answered. “Do you like it?”

“It feels so hot and kinky,” she moaned. “I like it.” She paused for a moment. “Maybe I like other things in my ass too.” A sly smile came across Judie’s face. “Do you want my ass baby?” I just smiled.

Judie stopped moving and slowly lifted herself off my cock. As it fell out of her it slapped wetly on my stomach. Then she climbed off me and bent over the arm of the couch, her ass sticking up in the air at me. As I moved towards her, I could not help admiring the sweep of her long, sensual backside.

“So beautiful . . .” I murmured as I moved closer to her and leaned forward to gently place a single kiss on each of the cheeks of her sumptuous ass. I reached out and clutched her butt in my hands, digging my thumbs down into the soft, pliant flesh. Then I slowly spread the firm cheeks of her ass apart and ran my tongue up the crack of her ass and across the pucker of her tiny, pink asshole.

“No Baby,” she said suddenly, trying to move away from my insistent tongue. “That is too gross!” I did not stop but kept the tip of my tongue probing the intimate secrecy of her puckered asshole, maintaining a firm grip on her so she could not get away.

“Please no,” she pleaded with much less conviction as she wriggled and writhed trying to escape my hold on her ass. Then she relaxed internet casino and moaned. I relaxed my grip on her and pull my tongue out of her to again bath the surrounding area with my spit. I herd a soft “no” from Judie but I think this time it was because I stopped. I spread my hand and touched the bottom of her pussy with my pinky and she jerked suddenly.

“More,” she said huskily. She reached back with one hand to pull her ass cheek to the side and her other hand drove between her legs. I could not see clearly what she was doing but her fingers must have been playing with her pussy and clit. “Put your tongue in my nasty ass, you pervert.” I complied and stuck my face as deep into her crack as I could, sliding my tongue as deep into her ass as I could force it. I fucked her ass as long as I could hold my breath, then eased back and licked her whole crack while I took two breathes before diving back in. I could feel her fingers pumping her pussy.

“Eat my dirt ass,” she told me. “I want…oh God….I’m cumming…aaahhhh!” she howled. I knew now was the time, while she was still in her orgasm, I moved up and pressed my rock hard cock against her asshole. In her orgasmic spasm she relaxed and it went right in.

“Oh GOD!!” she said, this time in pain. “You are…fucking huge…in my ass!” I stopped and let her catch her breath and get used to it. I was dying to fuck her ass until I exploded but knew I needed to wait until she was ready. The pause also helped me slow my orgasm down so I could last longer.

“Oh God baby, go slow. It is starting to feel good, but it’s been a while since I’ve had anything up there. And I don’t think anything has been that big so just be gentle at first.” I needed to distract my self from the incredible tightness of her ass so I started to talk to her.

“Who was first in your ass?”

“My husband.” She panted.

“Did you like it?” I asked her as I started slowly working my cock into her ass and then slowly out.

“No,” she grunted. “He did not get me super excited like you.”

“Was he as…”

“Would you shut up and fuck my ass?” she groaned. I could feel that she had relaxed and her ass was opening up. Judie began to move back against me, matching my thrusts. It was really amazing to see her firm little ass sliding up and down my cock every time I looked down. She started moaning and grunting, telling me to fuck her hard now. She also jammed fingers into her pussy and I could feel them with my prick. It was almost like she was jerking me off while I fucked her dirty little ass. How far would she go? I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Are you an anal slut?”

“No,” she groaned. “I’m YOUR anal slut. Now fuck my horny little asshole!” she pleaded, almost screaming out the words. “

Then I came down very hard, suddenly ramming every inch of my prick into tight, gripping warmth of her shit channel. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this woman would be like this in bed. Judie bucked violently, like she could not bear the pleasure I was giving her bowels. I pulled out slowly one more time, withdrawing until only the tip of my cock pulled at her sphincter. Then I pushed my prick all the way in again as Judie finger-fucked herself wildly. I picked up a hard, bowel- shaking rhythm, relentlessly ramming my swollen cock in and out of her ass.

“Ahhh, yesss,” Judie hissed. She humped rapidly to meet my strokes, her asshole sucking and throbbing around the length of my prick. The pleasure in her stretched asshole must have been spreading through her whole body, and she was totally out of control. I could tell that her next orgasm was going to be so intense that she would find it painful in its pleasure, just like last night. There was nothing she could do to control the intensity of her passion.

“Unngggh! Oh, shit, so ready! Fuck my ass…I’m coming now! Unggh, ungggh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

I fucked her tender little asshole as hard as I could, thinking only about my own pleasure now. Judie’s orgasm washed over her in repeated waves and it was that feeling that caused my prick to start spraying any cum left in my body into asshole, basting the rubbery walls of her rectum with a tide of cum. Even when her body spasms subsided, Judie lay under me gasping submissively beneath him while her asshole flexed around my cock, like it was sucking all the jizz out of his prick.


Another day at the show and another night of sex, and we had to return to our normal lives. It was difficult for both of us to ignore the other when we were at work together. And when she traveled out of town with for another show two weeks later, I felt very jealous. But one week later, her entire department was eliminated and she left very suddenly. I got up the guts to call her home that night, but there was no answer. A few days later, I saw a press release that she was hired by a competitor three states away.

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