Becoming His Bitch

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I had only enjoyed sucking my first cock a few weeks earlier, and now I found myself hunting for someone to get closer to, someone who would want to explore my burgeoning sexual appetite. I already knew I enjoyed cocksucking. I wanted to suck more cocks, but I also felt like I wanted to know what it felt like to have a man fuck me…

I knew my method for finding my first cock to suck was not a good idea. It had been foolish, even dangerous. I needed a better way to meet a man who wanted to have my virgin ass, without the inherent risks of meeting a stranger.

It took several weeks before I found someone who seemed interested in getting to know me. As it turned out, we had actually known each other for years, it’s just that I never knew he was interested in men. If we hadn’t ran into each other, seemingly at random, at a bar and shared a couple of drinks I probably would have never known. His name was Jack, he was a couple years younger than me, fit, and always so well-groomed. I had actually seen him once, naked, in a locker room when we were both in college. I knew he had an absolutely perfect cock.

When we met at the bar, after several rounds of beer and a couple shots of expensive whiskey, Jack finally told me what I had hoped to hear from someone.

“I don’t know if you knew this, but I am gay, and I broke up with my boyfriend several weeks ago, and I have been really lonely lately.”

I have to admit, hearing Jack come out to me was a relief. As soon as I saw him, I remembered what he looked like without clothes, and I had felt a twinge of arousal. Now, to have him tell me he was gay, and single, was a dream come true. I just wanted to be mindful of his feelings, which might still be raw from his breakup.

“I’m sorry to hear about the breakup, Jack, and I am honored that you would trust me, telling me that you’re gay. That can’t be easy…”

Jack’s eyes looked down, then back up at me, sipping his beer and then sitting it down.

“I think you might be, also. Or at least, I think you might be very curious, and even looking for someone to do some playing with…”

I smiled, shrugging my shoulders, and then putting my own beer aside I said quietly, “I have to be honest, I had my first time with a man just a few weeks ago, but we only engaged in oral pleasure with each other. I am looking for more, I think.”

Jack reached over, putting a hand on my thigh. I admit, I flinched lightly at his touch, but them placed my hand over his. He looked into my eyes, a hunger clearly displayed in his gaze.

“How much more?”

I took a deep breath, my hand bahis şirketleri covering his, the warmth on my thigh spreading; I could feel my cock stiffening as I whispered three words to him, “All the way.”

Jack leaned in, whispering into my ear softly, “All the way? You want to be my bottom bitch? You want me to fuck you?”

I pulled back, nodding my head, my hand pulling his up to my crotch, letting him feel my hardness, the bar hiding it from curious onlookers.

“Are you interested in a virgin? In breaking in a bottom bitch?”

Jack smiled as he felt my cock through my pants, his fingers rubbing along the stiff shaft.

“We just need to set a time and date…”

With that, we started planning for a time when we cold be alone with each other, agreeing on his place, and setting the date. Jack gave me some instructions, letting me know how to properly prepare for my first time enjoying anal sex. Before we parted, he asked me, “Would you mind if we kissed, before parting…”

I didn’t hesitate, while my first encounter had not included kissing, I knew that going this route was probably not going to play out without some true affection. I leaned in, and kissed Jack. His lips parted eagerly for me, my tongue playing against his as my hand pressed his hand tighter against my throbbing cock.


Two weeks passed, and then the day arrived. I followed all of Jack;s instructions and prepped myself for our encounter. As the time approached, I showered, dressed in sweats, and drove over to his apartment. Riding up in the elevator I went over all that Jack had told me. I could feel my cock, semi-hard already. My mouth was dry, my nerves running rampant…what if I wasn’t good? I sort of chuckled at myself, muttering to no one, “How hard can it be letting a stud fuck you?”

As I stepped off the elevator, I saw the door to Jack’s apartment standing open, Jack in the doorway, leaning against the jamb, a smile on his face.

“I wasn’t sure you’d actually come over…”

I walked to his door, slipping past him, shoving my sweat pants off, my naked ass displayed for Jack as he shut the door. I slipped off my t-shirt and turned to face him, naked, cock semi-rigid, so nervous I could feel myself shaking. Jack closed the door, locking it, and then slid off his t-shirt and shorts. Once again, I saw what had to be one of the most perfect cocks I had ever seen! It was semi-hard, like mine, but much thicker. As I looked at his manhood, I saw it twitch, growing stiffer by the second, and realized not only was his uncut cock thicker, but at least 2 inches longer than me. bahis firmaları I am a solid seven inches, he had to be at least eight, more like nine inches long. Jack saw my eyes grow large…

“It’ll be fine, trust me, we’re going to take our time, and you aren’t the first bottom I have popped”

Jack took my hand, leading me into his bedroom. He pulled me down onto his bed, his hands grabbing for my cock and balls as he pulled me into his arms, kissing me with a passion that was so different from a woman’s. I could feel my cock rubbing against his, the feeling as our hands explored each other, kissing deeply, was so intense. I felt like I was ready, but Jack had other ideas.

“If you want to be a good bottom, you start by sucking your top’s cock.”

I chuckled softly as I disentangled myself, slipping down so I could reach Jack’s cock. I took it into my hands, looking at the pulsing veins, seeing them snaking over the length of his shaft. I lifted my head enough to take the head of his cock into my mouth, my tongue slipping over the crown slowly, sucking gently as I held his cock with one hand, my other hand sliding down to cup his heavy balls carefully. I could hear Jack moaning as I slowly slipped his cock deeper into my mouth, knowing I could never take all of his length as I did my first cock.

I continued to work as much of his cock into my mouth, my hand gently stroking his shaft, some of my spittle running down over his balls as I sucked hungrily, the first drops of precum coating my tongue and making me moan even louder. Suddenly, Jack pulled back, his cock slipping from my mouth with a wet plop; he rolled off the bed and picked up a bottle of lube, holding it out for me to see.

“I think someone is ready to be broken in. Are you ready to become my bottom bitch?”

I rolled onto my back, spreading and lifting me legs, exposing my tiny, puckered hole to Jack. I nodded my head, biting my lower lip as I held myself in position. Jack poured some lube onto his fingers, moving between my legs and gently beginning to massage the lube into my ass, his fingers slowly adding pressure, until one slipped into my tight ass. He smiled, wiggling it inside me, my cock jerking and twitching as he did. He slipped the finger out, adding a second one, and pressed them both into my puckered hole, my groan of pleasure making him stop, smiling, pulling his fingers from my ass and pouring some lube over his thick cock.

“You’re ready, aren’t you, bitch?”

I nodded, holding my legs apart and lifted, my eyes filling with lust, looking at Jack’s thick cock, my mind whirling as kaçak bahis siteleri I imagined that cock buried in my ass.

“Yes, please, fuck me like a bitch.”

Without waiting for another word from me, Jack moved in, pressing his cock tightly against my hole, looking at me, reminding me of his previous instructions, telling me to take a deep breath and force myself to relax. Once he had reminded me, he began pushing harder, the head of his cock grinding against my tight ass. I closed my eyes, pulling in a slow, deep breath, shivering slightly as I told my body to relax, feeling his cock open my ass suddenly, at least three or four inches sliding into my virgin ass. The pain washed through me, my ass stretched as it never had been before, my eyes opened wide, the gasp of pain turning into a moan as my sphincter relaxed.

“Oh fuck, yes, Jack! I can take it, make me your bitch!!!”

Jack groaned as he pushed forward, more of his cock sliding into my ass. My body trembled as I felt his manhood claiming me, opening me, stretching me, filling me. One of my hands slid off my leg, slowly stroking my cock as I moaned in pleasure, my hips pushing back against Jack, letting him have my ass.

Jack was already beginning to thrust, his cock slipping almost all the way out before sliding back in. I looked into his eyes, watching his face, seeing the pleasure rolling over his face as he fucked my once virgin ass, his pace quickening, his hands holding my legs up as he plunged deep with each stroke.

“So fucking tight! I won’t last long…are you doing okay?”

Jack’s words floated into my mind, my head nodding as my hand stroked my own cock, precum dripping down my shaft as I started rolling my hips with his rhythm, my head lifting to watch his manhood disappearing into my ass, quivering as I felt myself on the edge of cumming.

“Me either, fuck!!! I’m going to cum!! Fuck me, Jack, cum in my ass, make me your bitch!!”

My body begin to shake as Jack continued fucking me, my ass was on fire, but my muscles were starting to grip his cock as he used me, my own cock slippery in my hand, my head still lifted, watching as I felt my balls contracting, my cum splashing over my belly and up my chest as my orgasm hit. My grunts of lustful pleasure turned to cries of ecstasy as I looked up into Jack’s face in time to see his orgasm claim him, I could feel his massive cock jerking inside my ass, then a sudden warmth spread inside me…I knew what was happening…Jack was filling my ass with his cum! His thrusts had stopped, his hips were grinding and shaking as I felt his cock pulsing in my ass.

“Now, you’re my bitch, my bottom, and next time, I am going to invite over a couple of friends to use you, too!”

My hand stopped, fingers dripping with my cum, lifting to my mouth and sucking them clean, “I can’t wait!”

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