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As tiring this day was, I got some extra time to rest before the dinner he planned for us. Eion O’Connor, my big man, chiseled face and body, heavy and commanding voice, only heir to Conchobhar industries. I finished my studying in the Trinity College Dublin and that’s when we met. I had completed my course in History of European painting. Before taking a further step, I took 6 months off just to enjoy my time and travel a few places. I hadn’t even gotten time to explore Ireland fully. I was at the Kilmainham Gaol museum, the witness in relation to the narrative of the struggle for Irish independence. As I was taking the tour our eyes met. He didn’t smile but didn’t even avert his look. My lips gave a faint smile and I brushed it off.

Later that day walking towards my car, a tap on my shoulder stopped me. I turned around and saw him again, that’s when he said, “I think I need to apologise for making it awkward when I looked at you earlier.”

“It’s alright”, is all that I could manage to say while my brain stopped functioning. He gave me his bright smile and introduced himself, that’s when I recognised who he was.

“I poker oyna am Ava Smith”, I replied.

Today we live together and it couldn’t get any more better. Thinking about how it started a few months ago, being excited, I forgot I was laying naked in the bed after shower, waiting to air dry my hair, I slept. I didn’t hear the door open and shut but as he reached near the bed, my eyes opened. I jumped, my heart pounding in my chest and he was looking at me with the grin.

“You aren’t ready yet. You are going to make us late and for that, I will have to do something about” he said in stern voice walking closer to me. He sat down on the bed with his palms resting behind. He called me closer and as I reached he tugged my arm for me to bend over his lap. My every breath was deeper and heavy. I knew what I had coming. With one handle moved my hair to the side on my shoulder and touched my ass gently with the other. I gasped and he said, “now, you get 20 strokes. 10 with my hand and 10..”, he chuckled. i felt his arm raise, preparing myself but it landed too soon. Every spank was harder than the previous one. I prepared myself before every canlı poker oyna predicted stroke which made Eion laugh and change the pattern of spanks. After my first 10 he told me to count the remaining 10 aloud. I could feel his cock getting hard against my stomach. As much as I was scared, my cunt was wet. The clink of the belt buckle made my head turn. He turned my head forward and said, “count”. After 5 strokes he touched my dripping sex.

“You love this, don’t you my precious?” With this he slipped his finger inside of me and out. “Not so soon baby girl, it’s your punishment time”. I wanted him. I was commanded to touch myself and so I did. Pain and pleasure. By the end of the remaining strokes, I had my cum over my hands. He lifted me, facing him, motioned my hand towards my mouth. I understood that meant for me to lick my hands clean. While at it, he ordered me to go to the wall with my face towards it. He was towering over me, breathing down on my neck. His hand feeling every inch of me, our naked bodies so close, his cock guiding me to spread my legs and he took a vibrator to my inner thigh. I moaned. I could hear myself internet casino so loud. Eion kissed my back and pinned me closer to the wall. He made me orgasm only by rubbing my clit with his cock. He was happy.

Falling down on my knees as I couldn’t stand any longer, my legs were trembling. He smiled and said, “I’m not done with you yet, precious. Crawl to me”. I moved to him where he was standing at the floor to ceiling glass window, opened my mouth and leaned in. As I was starting off he gripped my hair gently and said, “only the head honey”. I sucked him good. I was hungry for him, for his cock. I was stroking his cock with both my hands and licking and sucking the head. If I got deeper, I was pushed back and told to behave. I was allowed to take him deeper in my mouth when I wasn’t greedy. I did, I pleased him.

He lifted me, pointed to the bed, I quickly got on my fours on the bed and he laughed saying, “you want me inside of you so bad, my little precious” and with that he entered in me so quickly. He squeezed my ass as he pounded my cunt hard. Leaning over me, grabbing my breasts, playing with them and fucking me deeper and deeper. The feeling of his hard cock inside of me I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer. He then pushed me on the bed. As I lay with my face down, he entered me again. Sheets in my fists and I moaned, he filled me up after he felt me cum over his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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