Before He Goes Once More

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My 21 year old son Caleb had arrived back home after his semester at college had ended. I happened to see him on his bed stroking his cock. He also saw me looking into his room. Caleb came onto me and I let him fuck me. For the time he was home we practically had sex every day. Caleb did leave and go back for his next semester. My pussy has been aching for him to return home.

Caleb did arrive back for a holiday break. Thankfully my husband Ted was busy with his workload. That gave Caleb plenty of time to make love to me. That first day I went down on my son. His cock is so long and thick, I just had to taste him. Caleb slid his prick into my mouth. I was actually gagging as he pushed as deep as he could down my throat. I had forgotten what it was like to suck a large dick like that.

Caleb finally pulled away. He got onto his back and he motioned for me to mount him. Caleb had his hands on my hips as he guided me to his fat member. I lowered myself and his mushroom pierced my pussy folds. I screamed out loud as he stretched me for the first time in many weeks.

I rode his huge dick as Caleb brought mersin escort his ass up from the bed. He gave me the fucking I craved. I had been thinking about how my son would use me when he got home. I was being stretched by the biggest cock I had ever taken. My husband Ted has a small pecker. I had to pretend sometimes that I was having an orgasm. There was no pretending with Caleb.

He flipped me over onto my back. Caleb took hold of my legs and pushed them back towards my chest. As Caleb began to pound me my tits were shaking all over my chest. Yes I did scream as I took my son’s cock. He was circling his rod all around to arouse me. It was working. I was having these orgasms. They were small at first and then built up to larger ones.

Luckily my husband wasn’t around. I was screaming for Caleb to use my pussy. I hadn’t told Caleb this but I was having fantasies when he was at school. I wished that Caleb would spray me with his seed and impregnate my ripe eggs. Little did I know that Caleb had similar thoughts.

“I want you to get off your birth control Mom,” he told me. “I want to see you with escort mersin a big belly.”

Chills went up and down my spine when Caleb told me this. I knew I was probably too old to be thinking of having more children. Caleb was changing my mind. I was looking down my body. I saw Caleb sliding his hard rod into my body. His balls were hitting hard against my ass. The nerve endings in my pussy were being stimulated. I wanted my son to breed me.

Caleb took me for a good hour that first time. My pussy was getting sore by the time my son unloaded inside me. His cream entered my body and I received some intense orgasms. I could feel his baby sauce filling my belly. I wanted his batter in the worst way. Caleb fucked me until he became soft. His dick got soft and he removed his cock from my pussy.

His warm cream began to pour out of me and down my slit. My body was shaking as I tried to get control of myself. I did reach down with my fingers and taste some of my son’s love offering. Afterwards Caleb told me he had the same thoughts as I did. He wanted to give me his baby. I knew how crazy it was to have mersin escort bayan such thoughts. Caleb didn’t care. He said I should leave my husband. When he finished school we could live together as husband and wife.

My head was spinning while thinking of such thoughts. I said I needed to think about these things. In the meanwhile, Caleb continued to fuck me daily. He got me so wound up in bed. He told me I was his cock whore. He would use me any way he wanted. He was right about that part. I let Caleb break in my ass. I never let me husband take me that way. One time Caleb took some lotion and coated his mushroom and my asshole.

He had me get on all fours. He eased his thick meat into my bottom. God it hurt that first time. Thankfully he went slow. He took me deep. Caleb would pull his cock out and then slide it completely inside my hole. It was so intense. My ass muscles had Caleb’s cock in a death grip. He ended up shooting a mighty load of his semen into my bowels. I would feel his cum in me for some days afterward.

Caleb’s time home was so short. Right as he was leaving he told me to stop taking my birth control pills. The next time he was home he planned on giving me a big belly. Caleb is back at school now. I am getting shivers thinking about taking a load of his baby cream the next time. I know he will seed me with his child.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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