Ben’s Party Ch. 03

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After the party which his mother attended, and in which he was tricked into a bizarre initiation of her, leaving her face and hair covered with his cum, Ben had taken Jean, his mother, home, and they had ended up in bed, Jean desperate after being on her own so long. They had also taken the opportunity for Ben to have sex with Barbara, who had introduced Jean to the ladies group.

The truth was, however, that after that weekend, for the next few weeks, Ben had felt rather shut out from both of them as he returned to live at his flat. He knew that Barbara and his mother had bonded in a special way through him, and they were discovering the joy of lesbian sex, a newly discovered joy, with Jean still having a corner of her mind which said that sex with her son wasn’t really right. Ben was happy for his mother – for the first time in years she did seem full of joy. He hadn’t seen it since well before his parents’ relationship had broken up. He knew that weekend had broken a dam for his mother, and for Barbara. It had broken a taboo for them, and to Ben they always seemed to be in bed together.

For Ben, it was back to the routine of work and friends – he would be described as “between girlfriends.”

As the next party approached both Ben and Jean became more nervous, wondering how they would handle it. The truth was, it wasn’t a real problem. There was no doubt for Ben that it was more embarrassing to be naked in front of his mother, but it was already pretty embarrassing, what he did at the parties. It was even more embarrassing when Ben and Tony were made to rub their cocks against each other until they both came, but Ben found with his mother there he was as aroused as he had ever been. For Jean, there was an embarrassment, but she actually felt some pride. Her son, there, doing what he did. Proud that he was such a good looking lad, proud that he was as “virile” as he was. Jean also noticed the glint in the eyes of many of the women there as they watched him – all these women hot for her son.

Little changed for the next party. For Ben, his mother was just becoming one of the women he was serving. Even when he had to suck Tony off and swallow, he didn’t feel particularly embarrassed by her presence – he was already pretty embarrassed by the presence of all the others! For Jean, there was a sort of suspended moment as she watch this lad who could have been any lad performing for these women.

The remarkable thing was that no-one at work had any inkling of what was happening, that Ben was part of the parties, or really had any idea that the parties even existed. It was a real surprise for Ben when his boss Margaret Bryant who was host and organiser of the parties called him into her office, the Monday after the party. At work she was in charge, Ben got on with his work, and rarely did he need to relate to Mrs Bryant – as everyone called her – no-one dared use her first name. This was different.

Margaret Bryant invited Ben to take a seat by her desk. She sat the other side, as handsome and aloof as she ever looked. Even as she sat there Ben felt the “power” she exuded. He was surprised at her hesitancy – she was never hesitant………………

“Ben, you are fantastic at our parties. Hope you enjoy them as well.” Ben knew it wasn’t a question he should answer. Margaret Bryant continued. “Ben, I love what we do at those parties, but I can’t help it – there is part of me psychologically that wants something darker. Wants to behave much worse.”

Ben was quiet – he didn’t know what to say. Margaret Bryant continued. “And I love Tony so much, and he is so gentle that I couldn’t be horrible to him. And believe it or not, even Tony has a dark corner in his heart as well.” Still Ben had nothing to say – the truth was he was stunned by what he was hearing, and had no idea where it was going. “Ben I want to ask you a favour. Feel free to say no…………”

Ben was even more confused. No-one said no to Margaret Bryant. She told you what to do, she didn’t ask for favours. “Ben, myself and Tony and some special friends – none that you know, although some come to the parties – have talked about this and booked a, um, special chalet in the country this weekend. For what we call a ‘dark’ weekend. Going Friday, coming back Sunday. We need a victim. We want you to come and be our victim.”

Ben stuttered. “Victim?”

Somehow there was a feeling Margaret Bryant was back in charge. “For a dark weekend we need someone we can do, um, dark things to. We want you to come and be the victim.”

There was a pause. Ben wondered if he should speak, but Margaret filled the silence. “I’m not prepared to give you any reward for coming with us. If you come, we will take that as a sign you want to be with us, and agree with whatever we want to do. There will be no safe words. No way out for you. A weekend when you are simply the victim of whatever our dark minds can conjure up. And even worse – Tony will be on our side, and not yours, this weekend – I said anadolu yakası escort he has a dark corner in his mind!”

Ben was amazed that he agreed. He had realised it could be painful, humiliating. Truth be told he didn’t know what would happen, but felt the real menace in what was talked about. But he said yes. Why had he said yes? Ben didn’t know, but he said yes. They would pick him up on Friday at 5.00pm, to be at the “special” lodge for 6.00pm. He was going! Part of his mind said he was going because he had a free weekend. Part of his mind said he was going because it could be a bit of a laugh. Deep down, Ben knew the weekend could be…………………………

It was in the car that the reality of what he might be going to struck Ben. Margaret and Tony were in the front, he was in the back. His mind was racing – he didn’t know who else would be there. How many. What the place was like. What he would do. Where he would sleep. Margaret had given a few hints – the lodge was luxurious, and fitted out for this type of event. There would be a couple of people employed to act as cooks and general helpers. Still Ben had no picture of what was going to happen, and when they insisted, as they approached the lodge, that he be blindfold so he couldn’t find it again, his level of anxiety rose even higher, allayed only slightly when Margaret had told him – it would be a tough weekend, but he would return changed. His anxiety returned when she told him not to forget it was going to be a “dark” weekend, when they and their friends were going use the weekend to “express” the darkest parts of the minds. Put aside the decent parts of their minds.

At last the car turned into a gate, and drove along a gravel drive, so Ben guessed, before pulling up, the engine turned off, Ben helped out of the car by Tony. His eyes took a few moments to adjust when they removed the blindfold, but it gave Ben a chance to look around. He could see the lodge was well hidden from the world outside in the trees, the lodge itself surrounded by lawns. He also took in that it really was a lodge, built of pine. It was a lodge, but much bigger and more luxurious than the average log cabin. He saw the two women in white dresses, looking very much like some sort of healthcare workers, waiting to greet them. Both were in their forties, short hair, could even be two sisters. They were introduced to Ben as Maria and Martha. Ben also noticed another three cars already in front of the Lodge, and heard Margaret say that everyone else seemed to have arrived – he guessed perhaps another three couples were there as well as the Bryants.

After they had entered the Lodge, one of the women – Martha – who worked there pointed at Ben and asked: “I assume this is the young man you have chosen for the weekend?”

When Margaret nodded Martha asked Ben, in a friendly voice, to follow her, and led him through a door, then down a corridor, then into a small room with a bed, with shower room and toilet off. It was at that moment Ben realised that although he had a weekend bag, it was still in the car. When he said he should fetch it he was told firmly he would not need it.

The next hour at the Lodge seemed perfectly normal. He was led to the sitting room, met the other three couples – the women he recognised from the parties, but the men – their husbands – were strangers to him, but friendly to him. The food was out-standing as they ate and chatted together. Ben, being the youngest by quite a way, felt a bit on the outside, but the others made a good effort to include him

At last the meal was over – Martha cleared the dishes, while the other helper – Maria – said she would prepare things for the evening’s entertainment, leading Ben back to his room. Ben was aware that he would be the entertainment. He knew it was going to be difficult………….

Again he found Maria friendly, but when she ordered him to strip Ben was suddenly embarrassed and wary. He slowly removed his clothes – it wasn’t as if he hadn’t done things in front of an audience before……..

Maria made him stand still, and put a leather belt around his waist – it was lined with felt to be comfortable, but he wondered why there were three or four metal rings attached to it. He was about to ask but she ordered him out of the door, along the corridor, across the lobby to a room he hadn’t been in before.

Maria stopped at the door. She turned to Ben: “This is where it begins. This is going to be the worst weekend you’ve ever had. You are here to be humiliated, tortured and punished for their enjoyment. You will suffer more than you have ever experienced. You are nothing until Sunday. This evening is only just the starter……….” Maria reached up, put a leather collar around Ben’s neck which she padlocked. “……………….and there will be no escape.”

The lady opened the door, and led Ben into the room. Ben had time to look around – It wasn’t a large room. Around the edge there were comfortable avrupa yakası escort settees and armchairs, which the others were already occupying, chattering to each other, drinking coffee. The room was tastefully decorated in burgundy, but well lit. In the middle of the room the floor was covered by wooden flooring rather than carpets. Fixed to the wooden floor were some hoops. Ben didn’t have the chance to take in the rest of the room…….

Margaret Bryant – clearly in charge – stood to her feet. She walked over to Ben, pulled his dressing gown off and ordered him to hands and knees. It was a different side Ben hadn’t seen before – she had always been strong, but now she was harsh, demanding. Ben dropped to his hands and knees, and Margaret moved him around prodding him with her foot. At least he seemed to be in position, and he felt her put the hoops over his forearms and ankles.

Ben felt very exposed – naked – except for the leather belt, on hands and knees in front of all these people, his legs slightly spread. There was nothing he was hiding, as they made snide comments about him. They left him there for three or four minutes before he heard a sound – something being wheeled across the floor.

Ben jumped as he felt something pushed to his asshole. He tried to look around, but could only see a metal post on castors. He felt something pushed into his asshole, getting wider as it was pushed, until somehow it was inside him, and held by a narrower neck. Ben was tense – he couldn’t imagine what would happen next……..

It was a nozzle – cold water was entering him through the nozzle. He cried out in shock, but his cry only made the people in the room laugh. More and more water was entering him, filling him. His intestines seemed to be stretching more and more. It felt increasingly uncomfortable, and somehow seemed to be chilling him from inside. He couldn’t guess how much was in him – he couldn’t guess why his cock had gone hard…………..

At last the inflow stopped for a moment, but then Ben realised – they were just re-filling the bag, and more was entering him. Margaret Bryant had decided a litre and a half would be enough, and stopped the water when she felt he was full, and removed the nozzle.

Again Ben wasn’t aware of what was happening, but something was being attached to his belt. Suddenly he had worked it out – he felt the bung inserted into his asshole, and realised it was fixed to the belt so it wouldn’t escape. He felt Margaret Bryant massage his stomach, making the water swirl inside him. But quickly the loops over his wrists and ankles were untied.

Ben fell over on his side. He felt bloated, cold inside, he muscles were trying to expel the water, but the bung wouldn’t allow it to leave him. He squirmed on the floor as the enema worked in him, but couldn’t leave him. He heard the others in the room laughing and joking at his struggling, as he squirmed on the floor.

Suddenly – Ben felt the pain through his lower stomach. Like stitch, but a lot worse. The pain was excruciating, as his muscles cramped. He squirmed, stretched, tried to expel the enema, but none of them seemed to make a difference. He squirmed on the floor, crying out to be helped, moaning in pain, but no help came. He heard voices around him, but no-one moved.

Ben was left to squirm on the floor – he cried and moaned in pain, but it was the dark time for the others. They found it funny, to watch him squirming, they found it a turn on to hear him moaning and crying in pain. Ben was lost in the pain of the cramping, oblivious to the couples in the room begin to enjoy each other, in their dark way finding his suffering a turn-on, enhancing their love making.

For two hours Ben struggled with the pain, oblivious to anything else. He wasn’t even aware of when the others had left the room. He felt himself being lifted, by Maria and Martha, and half helped, half dragged to his room. They took him to the toilet, quickly removed the bung, let him sit and instantly expel all the water inside him. They wiped him clean, then rubbed him gently as the cramping began to disappear. They helped him shower then put him in bed. Even the two women were sorry for this young lad who had been through that, and it was only the beginning. They had seen some harsh things in their time at the lodge, but somehow this lad was going to be tortured worse – normally no-one was given the enema treatment for more than an hour. They knew: the rest of the weekend would be worse…………. When the pain had worn off it took Ben little time to descend to sleep.

When Ben woke the next morning, the sun was already streaming in through the window of his bedroom. He was also aware quite quickly that he had the hardest erection he could remember. He also heard Maria and Martha giggling.

The two assistants were in his room, and he was naked, and the bed clothes had fallen off the bed – it was clear what they were looking at…………….. Ben quickly sat eryaman escort up and tried to hide his modesty. The two ladies gave him shorts and a t-shirt to wear. He was allowed to shower, use the toilet, clean his teeth, then was led to breakfast. On his way he saw one or two of the others, who nodded to him, but they had all had their breakfasts – Ben ate alone. It took him a while to shake off the tiredness, although the previous evening felt a distant memory. The bizarre thing for Ben, when he reflected later, was that he never ever once thought of running away. He was pretty sure he would have not managed it, or would be caught if he tried.

Ben ate his breakfast slowly and by the end felt revived. As he finished Margaret Bryant appeared, and sat on a chair opposite him. She looked at him, spoke. “Ben, we enjoyed yesterday evening. But today it will be worse. But don’t worry because we will enjoy it more.” Ben knew it was still the cold harsh Margaret Bryant – somewhere in her psyche the switch had still been turned. “Come with me. This morning is simply humiliation.”

Margaret led Ben to a set of stairs which seemed to descend to a cellar, down the stairs, into a room lit with spot lights. The room was covered with white ceramic tiles, both floor and walls, and again there were hoops in the floor. Ben thought it looked a bit like a “wet room” sloping to the centre with a small drain at the lowest point. Ben now knew why there were hoops. “Remove your shirt and shorts” she ordered him. Ben did as he was told. “Lie down, on your back.” Ben did. Margaret spoke to him again: “this morning is going to be about total humiliation. Yours. No pain – that’s later – just humiliation.”

Margaret stretched his hands above his head, his feet to the sides, and tied him with the metal hoops to the floor by his ankles and wrists. “This is what this morning is about,” she whispered to him.

Ben watched amazed, as Margaret pulled her skirt to her waist, took off her panties and stood astride his face. For a moment Ben was rock hard as he saw her pussy above him. Then the warm gush of urine poured straight onto his face, splashing, running off through his hair. The smell of urine filled his nose, the warmth of the urine felt okay. In seconds Margaret was gone, Ben left lying on the floor, feeling utterly humiliated.

A few minutes later one of the men came to the cellar. Ben watched as he walked over to Ben, undid his flies, pointed his penis, the liquid pouring onto Ben’s face, smelling more pungeant. He was gone….. Ben knew that it was pouring off his head, through his hair into the drain.

Through the morning it was repeated several times. Both the men and the women coming into the room, emptying their bladders over him, the urine getting in his nose, having to taste it when he opened his mouth. When it was the women he sometimes caught sight of their pussies, but he quickly closed his eyes. Was this treatment even worse than the enema……?

“Hi Ben”. It was Tony’s voice, Margaret’s husband. Tony was crouching beside him, speaking. “Normally it’s me and you, but now it is me, in charge of you. You know, I’m nice, and I like you, and enjoy being with you, but just occasionally I’m as bad as my wife.” Ben felt there was a menace in his Tony’s voice he had never heard before. “I’m the last one – we’re going to have lunch in a minute. I’m going to have my fun.”

There was a pause. “Okay Ben,” Tony said softly. “Open your mouth.” Ben paused, not sure he had heard right. Suddenly he cried out as a hand had grabbed his balls and squeezed. As he cried out he felt something metallic put in his mouth: he realised he couldn’t close his mouth – some sort of device was holding it open.

Tony stood above Ben, took out his penis and pointed it straight at Ben’s mouth. Bent felt the urine pouring into his mouth. Ben managed to close his throat initially, but couldn’t hold out. He had to swallow. Swallow hard. Ben found himself having to drink down Tony’s pee. The taste was bitter, unpleasant but there was no escape, and there seemed like gallons. At last Tony’s stream eased, then stopped. Tony was gone.

Ben felt terrible, and felt sick, but within seconds Maria and Martha were there. They undid his loops, gave him some lemon juice to take away the taste, then helped Ben to his feet. One of the women spoke. “This is wrong. They shouldn’t be doing this to a good lad like this.”

Ben struggled, feeling full, and gasping at the lemon. But he managed to speak. “I agreed to this. Don’t worry, I’ll take anything they can do.”

The two women helped Ben into a shower, and let him bathe in the warm water for several minutes, allowing him to rid himself of the pee. They wiped him, then gave him the t-shirt and shorts, then led him back to his bedroom. In his bedroom there was a spread of fruit, meat and pastries, and a cup with tablets in. Beside the cup there was a notice which said “These tablets must be taken at 1.30pm.” Ben picked at the food, enjoyed some of the fruit, refusing everything else – he felt bloated from before, and relaxed – his clock said 12.30pm. He dozed for the next hour then did as ordered – he took the tablets. He had no idea what the tablets were, but he wasn’t frightened to take them.

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