Bent Double

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“This is one hot summer,” Tim sighed rolling down the car window.

The summer days had been getting steadily warmer as the month progressed. Such warm weather was quite unseasonable for the normally cool Britain. Tim was driving to his best friend Nurah’s house to hang out. They’d hung out a lot this summer, like most summers, despite only knowing each other for a few years. They’d met at university a few years earlier and had been inseparable friends ever since.

Tim was white, but Nurah’s family originated in Pakistan. He was always surprised as to how easily her family had welcomed him, despite the cultural differences. Nurah had often said her parents were more progressive than many Pakistani families. At this point, Tim had almost become part of the family, to a point where he would no longer knock before entering the house, and where a space was left for his car on the drive.

Tim pulled up, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow. He grabbed his bad and stepped out of the car. Without the cool breeze through the windows as he drove cooling him the sun was oppressive, beating down on his head and neck. Thankfully it was only a short distance to the inviting shelter of Nurah’s home.

As he stepped in he immediately felt the cool, with a breeze blowing through the house. As his eyes tried to adjust to the far darker environment they suddenly found themselves in he could barely make out a large fan in the kitchen down the hall as the source of the heavenly breeze. Unfortunately he also felt something else, a small potato, hit him square in the chest.

“Ha!” shouted Nurah from down the hall.

She ran out from the kitchen throwing potato after potato at him, and he grabbed any ammunition he could to return fire. Thankfully he was a far better shot than Nurah, with almost none of her post-ambush projectiles coming close to him, especially now he could see them coming at him.

“Ok! Ok! I give up!” Nurah giggled as a potato hit her in her lower back as she tried to run into the living room.

He followed her, dropping his bag on the stairs as he passed them, and sat heavily down on the sofa.

“I think we can both agree I won…” Tim smirked.

“Yeah ok ok, you win as usual” Nurah laughed pretending to roll her eyes.

She walked over and sat beside him, grabbing the TV remote from his hands before he had chance to choose anything to watch. Nurah sat beside him, not so close as that they were touching, but as close as her customs and culture feasibly allowed.

“Oh, do you want anything? A drink maybe?” She said as she started to get up.

“You know I’ll get one if I want one, but thank you!” Tim smiled.

It had always made Tim laugh that no matter how much he was practically part of the family now, Nurah still treated him like a guest that needed looking after.

“So, where is everyone today?” Tim asked, laying back into the sofa.

“Errr, Mum and dad are at work, Haifah is down country with her uni friends, and Raameen is staying at a friend’s house tonight so she’s there all day no doubt up to no good,” Nurah replied.

“I see, so home alone then are we,” he replied, “what do you fancy doing?”

“It’s far too hot to go outside, I need to shower anyway. I’d rather not go outside again and get sweaty again!” Nurah laughed.

“Good point, I was sweating so much in the car on the way over!” Tim sighed.

“Well I know that, you stink!” Nurah smiled, sticking her tongue out.

Tim laughed and stuck his tongue out right back at her.

“You can shower after me Tim, you have spare clothes here right?” Nurah asked, although he was fairly sure the question was rhetorical.

“Yeah, don’t use all the hot water!” Tim chuckled, “Although I doubt HOT water is what we need!”

Nurah laughed before heading up the stairs to shower. A few seconds later he heard the shower turn on.

Tim entertained himself watching the TV until Nurah shouted down, “Tim! You can come shower now!”

Tim began to head upstairs towards the bathroom. Nurah’s house was on three floors, with Raameen and Haifah’s rooms on the top floor. Nurah and her parents each had a room on the first floor, where the family bathroom was. Nurah’s room was adjacent yet opposite the bathroom. As Tim approached the top of the stairs he saw Nurah’s door open. She appeared wearing only a plum dressing gown with a bag in one hand containing Tim’s clothes and a fresh towel in the other.

“There you go!” Nurah smiled, before heading back into her room.

Tim went into the bathroom, and took off his shirt as it clung to him in the heat. Turning around he realized the door was slightly ajar, with Nurah averting her eyes in embarrassment before darting into her room. Tim was relatively athletic, he didn’t work out much but his stomach was flat and well defined. He’d always been naturally slim, a fact Nurah loved to remind him of when they ate cake or anything else that would make a normal person gain weight. He smiled to himself then bayan kartal escort closed the door. The shower was cold, a welcome relief from the heat. He showered relatively quickly though, because although the water was refreshing it began to make him shiver.

He turned off the shower and dried himself with the towel, before putting on the clothes in the bag. Fresh boxers, socks, and joggers. They were a little thick for the weather but thankfully didn’t cling to his skin like his jeans. He pulled the tshirt over his head, threw his other clothes in the bag and left the bathroom.

He was about to head downstairs to find Nurah when he heard a faint “ohhh ohhhh” from Nurah’s room. Her door was slightly ajar, but it opened towards a wall so he couldn’t see anything. He listened for a second, wondering what the source of the noise was.

Again he heard “ohhh ohhh” followed by what sounded like a “ssssss” noise that people make when they’re in pain. Wondering whether perhaps Nurah had fallen in her room he placed the bag and towel on the floor and carefully opened her door to look around to check if she was ok.

Tim hadn’t been in Nurah’s room much, they generally kept to the living room or kitchen. Her room was neat and relatively tidy. A desk was his first sight, and had a neat stack of what Tim presumed to be research papers for Nurah’s upcoming thesis. He glanced further around to see a shelf with a few books and trinkets on.

Finally his eyes strayed to her bed. He didn’t get much of a chance to deduce anything from it before letting out a silent gasp.

Face down, naked as the day she was born, was Nurah. On her knees she was facing away from the door, her ass in the air. Tim looked away but couldn’t resist looking back. He’d never looked at Nurah as anything other than a friend but for a moment he looked at her with lust. Her ass was round, and quite large, with relatively thick thighs, spread apart, holding it in the air. He couldn’t see much else of her body, except a sliver of her dark hair.

His eyes glanced back to her ass, unable to break his gaze. Fighting every urge in his body he started to turn to leave. Just before he did he saw a hand move. It was Nurah’s hand, moving gently between her legs, rubbing her pussy! As he looked again he noticed another hand move around the side of her thigh and bring a small purple device to her pussy. Instinctively he knew it from the noise it made, a gentle buzz. Nurah began to moan gently, just as he had heard before entering. Had she noticed him?

He stood for a few seconds, amazed by what he saw. It felt so wrong to look at his best friend like that, but he was entranced by the sight. He wanted so hard to touch every inch of her. He carefully, silently, moved towards her, careful not to alert her to his presence. He knew he should, but he wanted so desperately to get a better look.

Tim had been in relationships before, he’d lost his virginity very young, and like most guys he’d watched his fair share of porn. But there was something alluring about Nurah, a forbidden fruit.

As he moved silently closer he could see her fingers rubbing over her wet pussy. It’s skin was darker, as was the skin in the crease of her ass. Overall she was quite light compared to most girls Tim had met from Pakistan, but this skin was different from the rest of her body. At this point he was close enough to see the sweat clinging to the crease of her ass, and look down over the top of her to see her back arched. Her head was buried in a pillow, a crude attempt to stop the noise from her moans arousing suspicion, but also muffling any sound from around her.

And arousing she certainly was, Tim could feel an erection trying to force itself from his joggers. He was so close to her now, being careful not to accidentally touch her feet and alert her. She placed the vibrator over her clit and started moaning again, a finger sliding inside her pussy. Her pussy glistened as her juices ran down it.

Tim was incredibly horny, and decided to make a move as her vibrator hand moved away to reposition. He slid the fingers of his left hand gently between her labia, gliding on her juices. Time stood still.

Nurah froze, not sure what to do. Tim could tell she’d become immediately aware that she was not alone, tensing her ass and beginning to move.

But Tim anticipated her movement, and gently laid his free hand on top of her ass, pushing it carefully back down to the bed.

“Shhhhhh…” Tim said softly, caressing her clit with his fingers.

For a moment Nurah fought, before the sensation from her pussy overwhelmed her. Tim began rubbing it a little harder, to make sure she was overcome.

“Ti…Tim… We…We…shouldn’t…ohhhhh…” Nurah moaned between breaths.

Tim smiled to himself, before sliding the hand that was holding her down up her back up towards her shoulders. Leaning over her from behind he started to massage her shoulders, making her moan only kartal eve gelen escort more. His joggers, supported by his erection underneath, were at this point getting covered in her juices, not that he cared. He could feel the faint vibration from her vibrator that was now running over the opening of her pussy vibrating his erection, separating it and her pussy, sending sensation down his cock.

He moved back, not only to get a good look at her, but also to stop the sensation on his cock from her vibrator making him orgasm. Moving his hand back to her ass her squeezed her ass cheeks in turn as his other hand circled her pussy opening. Slowly he slide a finger into her. She was tight, the position helped, but she was so wet she offered almost no resistance. He fucked her slowly with his finger for a minute, before sliding his fingers out to taste her juices.

She tasted divine, a mixture between sweet and musky, with a hint of glorious passion. He took a chance, got on his knees beside her bed, and began gently lapping at her clit with his tongue. She moaned loudly, burying her face again in her pillow. The hand holding her vibrator went limp, the vibrator still on. Tim’s nose sat rested just above her asshole, which at this point was almost dripping. He used a free hand to rub her asshole with his thumb, building more in the intensity of her moaning.

After only a few seconds Nurah’s legs began to shake, he could feel her orgasm coming. With a final, long, intense moan she came, her juices sliding at an increasing rate from her pussy. Tim lapped at them, cleaning her with his mouth, a dribble of them running down his chin.

“Oh… my… Tim that was incredible!” Nurah gasped, slowly raising her head from the pillow, “where did you learn all that?”

“I just went with the flow,” Tim smiled.

“You’re so hot!” He added.

Nurah smiled, it was hard to see her blush, what with the natural color of her skin, but also the fact her face was red already.

“You’re just talking from your penis!” Nurah smirked, looking towards his erection.

Tim’s cock wasn’t huge, decidedly average in fact, but it was fairly obvious through the loose joggers. Tim blushed, not sure whether to cover himself.

“How about we fix that?” Nurah smiled.

Tim had never seen Nurah smile like that. It wasn’t her normal sweet innocent smile, it was raunchy, seductive. She waved her ass around, back towards his cock, and pushed back, covering his joggers once again with her juices.

“Errr…” Tim started.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill” Nurah smiled.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

Tim was fairly certain Nurah was a virgin, she’d never even had a boyfriend.

“Tim, fuck me please, I want it. Show me what you can do…!” Nurah snapped, before winking at him.

Tim hesitated, before dropping his joggers and boxers. His cock spring to attention, grazing against Nurah’s leg, leaving a trail of precum. Tim stepped out of his boxers and stood behind Nurah. She was at the perfect height, but he wasn’t sure how easily he could enter her. He considered asking her to lay flat, but decided to give it at least one try. He swept his hand over her pussy, feeling how wet she was. To his surprise she was still dripping, from the anticipation he assumed.

He took his now pussy-juice-covered hand and used what was left to lubricate his cock a little, giving it a tug or two to make sure it was ready. He was careful not to get carried away, as he was already close to cumming. He took off his shirt and then gently spread her pussy lips and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“Tell me if you want to stop,” Tim told Nurah.

She nodded, giving him the go ahead to enter her. He could already feel her warmth, and with one gentle push he entered her by half an inch. She was tight, very tight. He pulled out a little, before pushing gently again, entering another half an inch. She was so warm, and her insides seemed to grip him as he pulled out. Again he slid out a little, and began to push in again. This time Nurah met him, pushing back, moaning loudly. This time he went all the way in, until his balls almost touched her clit. A rush of hormones flooded Tim as he started to pull out. He slid straight back in, her insides pulsing against his cock.

He knew he couldn’t carry on long, he was close. Nurah’s moans became more and more frequent as she pushed against him. He ran a hand down her back as he fucked her, until his hand met her shoulder. He pulled her back, driving hard into her. He started to pull her chest up off the bed, arching her back as he did it.

Her chest was less than a foot off the bed when he first saw her breasts. They were relatively large, and round, hanging down like ripe fruit. He wrapped his free right hand around and across her chest, gripping her left breast, rubbing her nipple gently in his hand. Nurah moaned, and pushed hard down and back towards his cock. He leant in towards escort bayanlar her exposed neck, kissing her shoulder and neck. Each kiss felt like electricity running through him. He moved to her cheek, kissing it as he continued to slide in and out of her.

She turned her head to meet him, her lips ungracefully locking against his as she struggled to keep her balance as he fucked her. He released her, letting her lay back forward on the bed. She stopped pushing back, and instead let him fuck her as he pleased. It didn’t take long before her pussy brought him to the edge.

“Nu…Nurah…baby…I’m…go…going…to…cum!” he moaned.

“Cum for me then baby!” she replied.

That’s all he needed, he thrust one more time into her, and released a stream of cum inside her. She moaned as she felt him release, gently riding him as he stood almost unable to move.

He slowly pulled out, a dribble of cum following his cock, and laid down on the bed beside Nurah. She fell sideways, to face Tim, brushing her hair aside. She looked at him again, flustered, but with the same smile she’d given him earlier. She placed her hands around his head and planted a long, lingering kiss on his lips.

Tim kissed back, he wanted to fuck her all over again. This was the kiss he wanted as he’d fucked her the first time. After a second her tongue entered his mouth. He could tell she’d never really done that before to anyone, and guided he tongue with his own, taking her head into his hands like she had done with his. Finally she released him from her gentle grip, laying back. His eyes followed her, to see her breasts in full view for the first time.

Her nipples sprawled across the front of her breasts, still aroused and upright. His eyes wandered to her stomach, which she immediately covered with the duvet in embarrassment. He smiled, pulling it away, running his hand over it. She had gentle rolls, not that she was fat by any means, but just from being hunched over holding his cum in.

Tim’s hand wandered down, and she parted her legs to let him touch her pussy again.

“That was amazing Tim, I want to go again!” She smiled.

Tim knew he wasn’t ready to cum again, and smiled. He pulled himself closer to Nurah, taking on of her nipples in his mouth, sucking gently. She laid back in pleasure, moaning out loud, only inches from his ear.

“Make me cum again Tim!” She begged, “please!”

How could he resist. He started rubbing her pussy, mixing her juices in with his cum which was now slowly seeping out of her. He slid his finger in and out of her, placing his ring finger a knuckle deep in her ass. She wailed with pleasure, and began rocking in motion with his hand.

“Let me taste it Tim, I want to taste your cum!” Nurah begged, grabbing his cock with her hand.

Tim got on his knees, sitting just beside her head, his partially erect cock only inches from her face, as he continued to fuck her with his finger. His ring finger slipped out of her asshole but that didn’t matter, she was moaning hard. She took his cock in her hand, and began gently lapping up and down his shaft, stifling her moans. She took the tip of his penis and placed it just outside her mouth, sliding his foreskin up and down his shaft. Slowly she worked a bead of cum to the tip of his cock and gratefully lapped it up, taking his cock further and further in with each gently suck.

He was getting harder now, and it became increasingly difficult to keep his cock in her mouth because of the position he was in. But he was fairly confident that his cock was hard enough to enter her again. He pulled away from her, much to her dismay, and took his finger out of her pussy. Confused, she began to sit up. But Tim pushed her back down, kissing her passionately.

He aligned himself between her legs, with her laid on her back. Lifting her legs, Tim slid his cock in. In one motion he entered her the whole way, as she moaned hard. He bent down, sucking her nipple as he slid in and out slowly. She was surprisingly wet considering his cum wasn’t exactly lubricating her any more.

Slowly the pair got into a rhythm, her gyrating against him as he thrust in and out of her. Occasionally he’d lean down to kiss her, or suck her nipple, each time she would moan louder and louder. He knew it would be some time before he came, so focused on what she enjoyed, pushing her legs back to put more pressure on her insides, or sliding a hand around under her ass and sliding a knuckle into her asshole.

She grabbed her vibrator, and started pleasuring her clit as he fucked her. He could feel her getting closer to climax as her insides began to tighten and pulse. Moments later, her juices sprayed towards his stomach as she came, writhing, with him barely able to keep his cock inside her.

“You are amazing you know that!” She gasped, calming down, barely able to breathe.

“You’re pretty great too you know,” Tim started, “better than I’d have thought.”

“Really? This is my first time.” She said shyly.

“You did great baby!” Tim smiled, kissing her squarely on the lips.

Tim started to pull out, her insides gripping him hard. He was still hard, and getting close to cumming himself. He’d never had such hot sex before, usually opting to go to sleep after sex. She smiled at him, reaching for his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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