Best Anal Sex Ever Ch. 02

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Well, I thought I was just going to write one story about an amazing anal experience but I really enjoyed the process and we’ve had a few more fun times since so I thought I’d share them. You could read chapter one to get a little background but it’s not essential. This isn’t a fictional story. It’s a series of actual events which I’ve tried to recall as accurately as possible so apologies if it seems a little disjointed at times. Many thanks to AirSearch1 for some helpful editing and suggestions. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.


A few months after our totally amazing ass fuck we tried having sex one morning. The kids were quiet on the monitor and we didn’t have to get up too early so we got all amorous. After some kissing and fondling, Tanya decided she’d like to climb on top of me and take it in the ass. I was lying on my back and she lay on her back, on top of me, and eased her bum down onto my cock. We hadn’t used any lube, which always makes me uncomfortable, and I could hear the kids stirring too – which further distracted me. Tanya was playing with her clit, as she likes to do when she has a cock in her bum. My cock was starting to lose a bit of hardness and I was worried it would come out so I started to thrust it upwards in an attempt to try and keep it in.

“Ooh! Don’t push.” Moaned Tanya as she frigged herself. “Just keep it in.”

“I’m trying.” I retorted, “But it’s hard to keep it in.”

Tanya was bouncing up and down and I was trying to keep my shrinking cock in her ass and the kids started crying and it all just…stopped. A bit of a disaster really. Tanya got up and got dressed for work in a huff. I was no longer horny but annoyed at our joint failure.

However, a couple of nights we talked about what had gone wrong and we started talking about anal in general. At length. For two evenings! Tanya fell asleep both times but we covered a lot. Even if there was no actual butt fucking involved. One problem was that we have different approaches. I usually have a plan as to how I’d like sex to go. Probably because I’ve been thinking about it all day. Tanya never knows how sex is going to go. She just goes with what feels right at the time.

She said it was the same with anal. Sometimes she feels it’s more for me than for her. Other times she really wants it and gets totally turned on doing it. I told her how exciting I always found anal. Partly because it was a little different and the feeling of being in her arse was so tight, partly because it always seemed a bit “naughty”. I also said that I got the most turned on when she was also turned on and obviously wanted it a lot at that particular time. I asked her about the amazing anal that I wrote about in the first chapter.

“Oh yeah. I really wanted it then.” She said. “You’d massaged me and rubbed me all over and it was exactly what I wanted to happen next.”

“But how do I know what you’re gonna want next if you don’t – until it actually happens?”

“You don’t.” She smiled. “But have I ever actually said no to anything?”

I thought about that one for a while. It was true, she’d never actually turned down any type of sexual request. I just had trouble articulating some of the suggestions. I told her that her pulling me deep into her while I was fucking her had really blown my mind because I knew she really wanted it right up her ass at that point..

A few nights later we’d had sex but no more anal. We were both asleep. It must have been about 4am. I was lying on my side behind Tanya who was also on her side. I love that position because I can cup her big, heavy boobs with my hands and feel her big, round bottom pushed against my groin. I woke up as I became aware of Tanya reaching round for my cock. She was pushing her bum against me and trying to pull my cock into life. I began to harden which drew an appreciative “mmmmmn” from Tanya. She pulled her pyjamas down and pushed her, now naked, bum against my cock. Tanya took hold of my erect cock and started rubbing it in between her ass cheeks whilst pushing back against me. She used one hand to spread her ass open and the other to guide my prick into the entrance of her tight little hole. The precum dribbling out had made everything a little bit slippery.

“Is this what you want?” I asked. “Because if it is, I’ll need to get the stuff.”

Tanya murmured in the affirmative. The “stuff” was our jar of Golden Girl Anal Jelly that Tanya had discovered me buying on eBay and joked that we’d better do more anal as a result.

I was massaging Tanya’s big titties with my right hand but managed to reach round behind my back with my left hand and locate the jar in my bedside cabinet. I also managed to open it with one hand and liberally smear a big gloop of it onto my throbbing cock.

“Wow!” Said Tanya, “You never know where your keys or your phone are but you found that pretty quick.”

“It’s a question of priorities.” I laughed. Partly at my own humour but more in anticipation of what was about to come.

My cock was now prodding against Tanya’s rear end. She reached around and pulled her left ass cheek up a bit whilst also pushing güvenilir bahis back against me. I guided the head of my cock into her tight little hole. Tanya gasped slightly as the tip penetrated her slowly, sliding past her sphincter. Once it was in, I pushed more of my cock into her arse. Tanya grunted as it filled her a bit more. I stopped pushing for a moment.

“Mmmmmmn. Put it in more.” She whispered.

I thrusted into her a little more. Then paused. Then a bit more. And so on. With each further insertion, Tanya gasped quietly and pushed gently back with her buttocks. My cock isn’t huge but is certainly bigger than average. Tanya usually manages to take most of it up her lovely arse. Eventually, it was right up her, as far as it would go. There then followed a delicious, long, slow ass fuck. Tanya was half asleep, moaning with each gentle thrust. I was lying behind her, on my side, cupping one large, heavy breast in each hand and marvelling at the fact that she had just woken me up for anal sex in the middle of the night.

Eventually, I started thrusting a bit quicker and harder. Tanya responded by pushing back against each stroke and moaning a little more loudly each time. I felt the spunk begin to rise in my balls and then I started to come. You get that amazing feeling of the cum trying to force its way up the middle of your cock as it’s being squeezed tightly by a nice, tight ass. I pumped several spurts of hot, thick semen deep into Tanya’s bum.

“Ooooh! That’s nice!” Murmured Tanya. She always says she can feel me coming in her bum.

After a few minutes cuddling in a dreamy haze I went to pull out but Tanya whispered, “No. Leave it there. I want it in me.”

She was soon fast asleep. Happy with her bum full of cum and my cock still right in her arse. In the morning, I asked her about it, “That was great, but didn’t you mind not coming?”

“No.” She replied. “I just woke up and really wanted it there.”

“Well any other time you feel the same, don’t hesitate to wake me up.” I laughed.

Soon after that, we were off on Holiday. To Portugal. We stayed in a lovely House on the coast. With a great pool. We went with friends of ours who also had two little kids similar in age to our two. Most days we were on the beach or in the pool. Or both. Tanya loves the sun. Her curvy, athletic body turns a lovely hue of golden honey. Her hair turns from red to blonde. Tanya decided that, seeing as we were on holiday, we should have sex every night. I didn’t argue.

On the fourth night of the holiday, we’d gone to bed quite early after a very active day with the kids. Tanya needed a massage so she was lying face down, her beautiful golden body and sun bleached blonde hair contrasting with the pristine white bedsheets. I rubbed and kneaded her tired muscles and she sighed appreciatively. I worked my way down to her lovely round bottom and rubbed some oil into her cheeks. Then I let my fingers drift down into the crack.

“Mmmmmn. We haven’t done anything down there yet.” Said Tanya. “Did you bring your stuff?”

“Possibly.” I smiled. My cock stiffening rapidly.

Tanya rolled over towards me. Her big tits were very white against her tanned chest. I groped them and took one long, hard nipple in my mouth. Tanya moaned with pleasure and reached for my cock. Grabbing it firmly. I slid a finger into her pussy, which was very wet and she moaned again. Tanya shuffled towards me, presenting her rear end towards my cock.

“Hang on. ” I said, “I’ll just put some lube on and then I’d like you to get on top of me, lying on your back.”

I quickly coated my cock with the thick gel and lay there with a monstrous hardon sticking up, waiting.

“Oh my!” Tanya exclaimed. She unfurled her lovely, long legs and sat beside me. Then she lifted herself up on her hands and sat on me. Next, she lay back on to me, using her feet on the bed to lift herself onto position. Tanya wiggled her bottom around until her rear entrance was right on my cock. It’s actually quite hard to get a big girl like Tanya lying entirely on you, on her back but we managed it quite smoothly. Tanya lifted her hips and lowered her ass on to my cock. The rock solid end of my cock slowly slid into Tanya’s arse as she lowered herself onto me.

“Uggh!” She moaned. “Wait a minute.”

I held steady as Tanya composed herself then began lowering her stretched asshole onto my big, swollen cock again.

“Mmmmn. That’s better.” She said quietly.

Soon, after some gentle upward thrusting, Tanya was firmly impaled on my cock.

“Ooh! That feels so big!” She moaned. ” It feels like it’s right up me as far as it can go.”

I reached round and took one of Tanya’s breasts in each hand. When she lies on her back, they’re so big and heavy that they flop out to the side. When you hold them from underneath, they feel absolutely massive. I began tweaking her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Tanya started rubbing her clit and lifting herself off then lowering herself back onto my cock as I thrust upwards gently.

“Pull my nipples harder!” She implored.

I grasped her big, hard nipples more firmly türkçe bahis and pulled them upwards, stretching them a little.

Tanya moaned in response and started bouncing up and down more quickly on me. I felt my cock being squeezed by her tight ass as it plunged in and out. The bed was now creaking and Tanya was beginning to make a lot of noise. Fortunately, the house was on two levels and our friends were downstairs where no sound seemed to carry from upstairs.

Tanya was now playing with herself furiously as my cock was being repeatedly hammered into her bum. I was yanking her nipples upwards and lifting her big boobs up with them but it wasn’t enough for Tanya.

“PULL THEM HARDER!” She yelled.

This time, I couldn’t really pull her nipples any harder between thumb and forefinger so I made both my hands into fists and trapped her swollen nipples between the ends of my fingers and the palms of my hands. This gave me a really firm, vise-like grip and I was able to really pull her lovely big nipples incredibly hard, stretching them further than I thought possible and lifting her stupendous tits up with them. I was worried this would hurt Tanya but she was moaning loudly and thrusting her ass back onto my cock.

“Harder! Harder! Oooh that feels good!” she cried.

I began thrusting my hips upward, lifting us both off the bed and ramming my cock right up Tanya as far as it would go. She was responding by frigging herself even faster and shrieking with pleasure as I fucked her arse as hard as possible. I started to think that our friends downstairs might eventually hear the cacophony but I was beyond caring by this point.

Finally, Tanya started to come. I was still absolutely tugging on her nipples and ramming my cock deep into her arse.

“Aaargh! PULL MY NIPPLES! Yes! That’s it!” She screamed.

“Aaaah! YES! Oh God! Oh-oh-oh! I’m coming…”

She let out a wail that I can’t really reproduce here with mere letters but, suffice to say, it was very long and very loud. Tanya spasmed and bounced up and down as she came. I released my iron grip on her poor nipples, instead just cupping her boobs a bit more gently. I could feel myself reaching the point of no return and continued ramming my cock into Tanya with wild abandon. Tanya whimpered slightly as I lifted her off the bed with each thrust. I felt the cum rising in my balls and grabbed two big handfuls of tit as I arched my back and shot several huge spurts of semen deep into Tanya’s anal canal. Once again, the feeling of the spunk forcing its way up my tightly squeezed cock and out into Tanya’s bottom was totally mind blowing.

We had plenty more sex that week, including another bout of anal.

A few months after we got home we had a real treat. Our first night away, on our own, for four years! Tanya’s parents had been persuaded to take the kids and we were off to stay in a lovely, swanky hotel about an hour’s drive from our house. We arrived and checked in, then went for a swim in the salubrious pool. Tanya has a beautifully cut swimsuit that shows off her lovely long legs and emphasizes the size of her boobs too. I always get excited seeing her in a pool. We went back to the room and opened some wine. We had booked quite an early dinner so, despite my inclinations, we had to get dressed.

Now, Tanya doesn’t usually go in for really sexy or slutty underwear but she’d packed an expensive black basque with stockings and suspenders. Although she only had some cheap nylon panties to go with it. She also doesn’t often wear high heels (being 5’11”) but she did this time. She pulled on a short, black dress. Did her hair and makeup and looked fabulous. We had finished the wine so we cracked open a bottle of champagne and had a couple of glasses before heading down to dinner. We had more wine with dinner and Tanya was getting pretty drunk. She had a tower of thick-cut chips one her plate and began dipping them in mayonnaise and then suggestively licking off the creamy white dressing. By the end of the meal I couldn’t wait to get back to the room.

In the lift, we kissed passionately and then virtually ran to the room. Tanya had her dress off in a flash. She looked amazing in the basque. It pinched her middle in tightly, highlighting her curves and her big boobs. We kissed hard, tongues exploring. Tanya sat back down onto a padded leather spinny chair that was next to the desk. She leant back and opened her long legs wide, revealing the outline of her pussy under the stretched nylon of her cheap panties. Next, she pulled the cups of her basque downwards, allowing her big breasts to flop out. Tanya began playing with her nipples, smiling at me. I knelt down in front of her and began rubbing my tongue across her labia. Feeling it through the sheer fabric. Tanya moaned with anticipation and went to pull her panties down.

“Schoolgirl error!” I laughed. “You’re supposed to put your knickers on OVER your suspenders. Not under them. Unless you’re wearing crotchless panties.”

Tanya let go of her tits. Put both hands on the gusset and ripped her panties up the middle. “They’re crotchless now.” She grinned.

She leant back into güvenilir bahis siteleri the chair and raised both her legs outwards. Resting one on the desk and one on the arm of the chair. I didn’t need any more invitation and clamped my mouth over her, sticking my tongue deep inside her vagina. Tanya gasped and pushed herself against my face as her hands went back to her nipples. I licked her for all I was worth. Working my way up to her clit and tonguing it slowly, back and forth over the hood. Tanya was getting very wet and she often expels a fair bit of pussy juice at times like these. Soon I was slurping and licking in equal amounts as Tanya started bucking her hips frantically and grasped my head, pulling my face hard into her wet cunt. A wail started rising deep in her throat and got increasingly louder as she closed her thighs, clamping my ears against my head and smothering me totally as she came wildly and squirted into my mouth.

No sooner had Tanya’s moans subsided when she was up on her feet, pulling me to my feet as well. She then pulled down my zip, yanking my trousers open and grabbed hold of my very stiff cock. She pulled it out roughly and began wanking me off. Then, she squatted down in front of me, her beautiful long legs, clad in the fishnet stockings bent up as she balanced on her high heels. Her huge boobs dangled over the front of her bodice as she leant forward towards my cock. I could have come right there – such were the visual stimuli.

Tanya gripped the base of my cock firmly and began licking the end of the swollen glans. Precum was dripping from the end and she hungrily licked it all off with a murmur of appreciation. Then she opened her mouth wide and took as much of it in as she could, furiously wanking it into her mouth. Her tits swung in time with her as she bobbed back and forth, sucking really hard. Tanya was balanced precariously on her heels as she concentrated on pulling my cock hard into her mouth and sucking it with abandon.

I couldn’t stand this for very long and I began to grunt with pleasure and feel my hips start to thrust involuntarily. Tanya released my cock from her mouth but kept a tight grip on the base of the shaft, still wanking me. She looked up at me with her big, green eyes and smiled. Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, just under my cock. With mouth wide open, still looking up at me she carried on pulling my cock firmly. Tanya knows I like watching the cum shooting into her mouth and she was really giving me a show.

I cried out with relief as the first spurt of spunk blasted into Tanya’s waiting mouth. She yanked my poor cock really strongly causing the second blast to miss her mouth and splatter all over her lovely face. The subsequent spurts went into her mouth or onto her tongue. She then enveloped my cock with her warm mouth, letting some of the cum dribble down her chin. Next, Tanya rubbed her cum splattered face around the end of my cock, spreading it everywhere. She still had her mouth full of the thick, white spunk and she opened wide to show me before swallowing it with a satisfied gulp. I was weak at the knees by now as Tanya proceeded to wipe the spunk off her face with her fingers and then lick them clean before, finally, taking my cock back into her mouth and licking up all the rest of the cum.

She stood up and flopped on to the bed. Exhausted. I joined her, totally spent, and she was soon sound asleep. I dozed for a while but it must have been an hour so later when I came to. Tanya was still wearing her basque, stockings and suspenders although the stilletoes had gone. She was lying face down, legs together and perfectly straight with her feet off the side of the bed. She looked amazing. Tits squashed beneath her and bulging out to the side. Her big, shapely ass framed nicely by the lacey basque and the suspenders. Her long legs accentuated by the fishnets. I had a major hard-on again by now.

I thought to myself – it would be a crying shame not to fuck her up the arse at this point. Still, I had to make sure she was up for it too. I knelt next to Tanya as she slept softly. I began kneading her ass cheeks slowly. There was no reaction. I grabbed the ripped part of her panties and tore it further, exposing the crack of her bum. Still no reaction. More gentle massaging finally elicited a very slight “Mmmmmn”. Encouraged by this, I carried on massaging her bum and intermittently pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her puckered little hole. Tanya didn’t seem to mind any of this so I plucked up courage and ran my tongue up her crack and lightly across the entrance to her butt. She doesn’t always like having her ass licked. Sometimes she doesn’t mind but, more often, she guides me towards doing something different. This time, Tanya didn’t react so I licked again. And again. Eventually I started running my tongue around her asshole and then, gently, put it in. Tanya moaned very quietly and pushed back ever so slightly. Although drunk and half asleep she was encouraging me to put my tongue further up her ass. I pushed it all the way in and gave her a damn good rimming. My cock was now like a steel rod so I thought it was time to give it some use. We’d packed in a bit of a rush and I’d (somehow) overlooked the anal jelly but we did have some massage oil. I dribbled some into Tanya’s asshole and rubbed it in with my fingers before coating my cock with a liberal amount.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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