Best Birthday Ever!

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Hi everyone, thanks for reading! I really enjoyed writing this, it was fun to relive one of my hottest nights ever. It’s the one I always think back to as some of the best uninhibited sex of my life. College was great for that. The story is kind of long and takes a bit to really heat up, but there was a lot to cover. I did my best create some steamy and vivid imagery for everybody. Thanks to ashleycooper for editing. All characters are at least 18 years old.


“Meet me in the shower in ten minutes,” the text message from Abby read. There were some kissy face and birthday emojis too. My heart sped up and I smiled. Abby lived down the hall a bit in our dorm and lately had been my favorite sexual partner. Today was my 20th birthday, near the end of my second year in college, and she had been hinting that she had plans for us tonight.

“This is exciting!” I thought to myself as I began to wonder what she had planned. Abby was the kind of girl who knew what she wanted, and even better, knew how to get it, and tonight she wanted me! We met one night as I was walking into the building; she grabbed me, barely introduced herself, and then asked me to come get naked with her in her room. Someone must have told her I was into girls, or maybe she just made it happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m into guys too, but in more of a physical way. Not emotionally at all. I love the raw passion in a man’s body. I love a strong chest and fit body, and of course, I love their cocks. Nothing satisfies a burning sexual desire like the feeling of a large cock sliding into your pussy; a large guy behind it wanting nothing more than to give you all the pleasure you can handle. But I don’t really enjoy kissing guys, and I really don’t bother trying to connect with them.

Over that second year of college, I’d slept with a handful of guys, and probably a half dozen girls. I’d really started to embrace my sexuality and live out whatever made me feel good. I’d get really excited over girls; my mind went squishy when I’d realize I was into them, and I loved the depth of the relationships we had. There’s a whole other language that women have that men do not. And don’t get me started about a girl’s mesmerizing body. Girls get to wear the most outrageously sexy outfits, and can wield sexual power to great effect. So, of course I’m into girls, right?

As I pondered my sexual lifestyles, a knock sounded on the door. “Ten minutes Sweet Cheeks!” Abby called from the hallway on her way to the showers.

“Okay!” I tried to call after her, pretty sure she just kept walking and didn’t really hear me. Ten minutes was going to feel like a lifetime. Abby and I had fooled around a bit in the shower before, there was a bigger stall in every bathroom. She never held anything back either, unashamed to let loud moans out that told the world there were two girls having sex in there. I admired that about her, but sometimes wished everybody didn’t know what was going on. We were great together though, she was almost my height and full of energy. I played soccer and was of average build, fit with long brunette hair. Abby is a tad shorter than me, also very fit with blond hair cut into a bob. Super sexy and full of energy with a great sense of humor.

The last time we were in the shower, she got me really excited by sliding her soapy body all over mine until I couldn’t take it anymore. She started playing with my clit and reached her other hand around me to put her finger in my ass. The feeling of being penetrated from both sides was amazing. The shower is a magical place where any reservations you may have about your body are literally washed away.

I could feel my pussy starting to get wet thinking about our past encounters so I started to shed my clothes. Short shorts and a tank top hit the floor, followed by some cheeky panties. I grabbed my robe and shower kit from the back of the door and headed out. A robe is an essential piece of dorm clothing. Mine had long sleeves, but was cut pretty short, definitely showing more thigh than not.

It was one of those three-day holiday weekends and half the students had gone home, so it felt pretty empty. I passed a few people before heading into the showers. It felt great not to have it mobbed with noisy people. A quick glance revealed two girls at the sinks.

“Yoo-hoo,” I said as walked towards the stalls.

“In here pumpkin,” Abby said from the largest stall, followed by some giggling and shushing. The two other girls both turned to watch as I entered the stall. I was immediately a little apprehensive at these sounds as I entered the outer stall area and hung up my belongings.

“Abby, what’s going on in there? Is this some sort of birthday surprise where everybody jumps out and sings Happy Birthday?”

“It IS!” She blurted out. “Surprise!… No it’s not, just get in here.” I could hear the excitement in her voice. I disrobed and stood fully naked in front of the curtain for a second and took a deep breath. Her face suddenly bahis şirketleri appeared at the edge as she held the curtain tight to her. She grinned and pouted her lips for a kiss. Seeing her face, I grinned back and kissed her warm lips. “Happy birthday Callie,” she said. “I did bring something for you in here, come and take a look.” She pulled the curtain aside to reveal an incredibly fit naked man standing in the steamy water. He was tall and had a darker, South American complexion. My mouth must have hung open as I stared at him and then looked at Abby’s wet naked body in front of me. Quite the sight to take in. I was a bit speechless, but Abby pulled me into the warm shower and closed the curtain behind me.

“This is Alejandro,” she said slapping her hand on his broad, wet chest, “and I’ve been trying him and his man meat out for the past few days just to make sure he’s enough for you.” I was still taken aback a bit, but started to check out his body, taking in his fit muscular form. My heart sped up a bit when I laid eyes on his large, semi-erect cock. It looked like quite the handful, and I noticed to my delight that he was completely shaved. Right as I was staring at his handsome cock, Abby said, “So tonight he and I are going to fuck your brains out!”

My eyes flew up to meet hers and all apprehension left my body as I realized what she was saying. “Oh my god, you mean tonight we get to have a threesome!?” I squealed. “I’ve always wanted to do that. And you set this up for me? This is the best birthday present ever!”

Abby grinned at my enthusiasm, “Oh ya baby, tonight it’s all about you. I’ve instructed Alejandro here to keep it to himself unless you or I tell him otherwise. He is ours to do what we want with.” I looked up at him and met his eyes. He smiled calmly at me through the falling water and I could tell instantly that he was going to be the perfect boy toy. Lustful energy was starting to coarse through my body, and after a glance back at Abby, I reached out and took his cock in my hand. It wasn’t too hard yet and it felt quite heavy as I wrapped my fingers around it and started to push and pull slowly. Seeing this, Abby pulled herself up to me and kissed my neck, “I knew you would like this,” she said, “I’ve got a couple things planned too. This is just the teaser.”

I could feel his shaft swelling even bigger and stiffening up. Abby pulled away from me a bit and put her hand around the tip of his cock, moving it in and out with mine. She looked at me and giggled; I probably had a look of disbelief on my face. “This guy can go all night, and his cock can really satisfy,” Abby said to me. She knelt down, and right before my eyes, she slid the tip of that big beautiful cock into her mouth until her lips hit my hand. It was so incredibly hot to watch her smoothly do this and see his member pushing her mouth open right in front of me.

Alejandro let out a deep “Ohhhhhh.” She kept moving her mouth around his cock in rhythm with my hand, then she reached up and pulled me down until my face was right next to hers. Alejandro turned so that he was shielding us from the shower water and Abby pulled his cock out of her mouth. Smiling slyly, she pointed it at me.

“Here you go baby, just a teaser,” Abby said. This was super-hot and I kept my eyes locked on hers as I moved forward and let the huge head into my mouth. It was big, and filled my mouth. I loved the feeling of cock in my mouth, knowing that at some point later on, that same cock was going to be inside me. I slid my mouth around it slowly, still with both our hands around the shaft. Moving my head back and forth slowly, I savored the feeling of it sliding in and out. “You look so fucking hot right now,” Abby whispered to me. “Don’t get too excited, we have to save some for later.” I pumped his cock a few more times and then pulled it out of my mouth and stood up grinning.

“Alright, I can tell you’re into this,” Abby said. “Here’s the plan. We’ve already washed up, so come meet us in my room in an exactly an hour. My roommate is away for the weekend so we get to take our time.”

“This sounds amazing,” I said slowly, looking at both of them. “I am super excited right now.”

“Perfect,” she said. “Ali, let’s go get ready for our guest of honor.” She gave me a little pat on the butt and kissed me before she turned and walked through the curtain, with Alejandro close at her heels. I pulled the shower curtain closed behind them in disbelief, then reveled in pure excitement. I had always fantasized about a threesome and now it was going to happen with my favorite person ever and her handsome fuck buddy. Suddenly Abby stuck her head back through the curtain. “One more thing, you have to show up at my door completely naked. And no getting undressed in the hall, just leave your cloths in your room.” She smiled wickedly, and with that she was gone, leaving me a bit taken aback again.

As they left, I realized how turned on I was. I had just put a cock in my mouth as Abby watched and that really bahis firmaları made me hot. My hand found its way down to my pussy to find it slippery with anticipation. I slid my fingers over my clit a few times, my knees buckling and my ass pushing out with the pleasure. I pictured his large member inside me, Abby’s beautiful pussy spread in front of me. A threesome sounded so hot! It was a short moment, and I came back to reality quickly realizing that I had to get cleaned up and get ready. Although how much getting ready did I need to do if I was supposed to show up naked?

I soaped up, giving myself the kind of thorough cleaning you give yourself when you know you’re going to be having sex later. I grabbed my razor and made sure my legs and pussy were nothing but smooth soft skin.

Back in my robe, I walked down the hall thinking what it was going to be like walking here naked. “I can do it,” I said to myself, “there aren’t that many people around, and anyone who sees me will probably get a kick out of it.”

I shut the door behind me, finding the room empty, as my roommate Liz must have been out. I hung my robe up and stood there naked, looking around my dorm room. “I’m ready right now,” I thought. But, I had an hour to kill, so I went over to the mirror and started doing my hair. It’s a lot of work keeping long hair looking good. As I blow dried my hair, I critiqued my naked body, wishing my boobs were a bit bigger, and my waist a bit thinner. I was pretty hot though, and my biggest assets were my legs and ass. Turning from side to side now and then, I admired my hips and legs.

Not as hot as Liz though. She was a bombshell. Long blond hair. Thin physique, tall. I had definitely wished I could fuck her, but she was into guys, and played hard to get. After my hair was ready and my skin lotioned, there wasn’t much else to do, certainly not get dressed, so I decided to paint my nails. Choosing a cream color, I sat back down at the desk and mirror. Twenty minutes later, as I was just finishing up, I heard a key in the door and it flew open as Liz walked in.

“Callie!” She said accusingly seeing me there, completely naked.

“Oops!” I said, even though it did not bother me in the least. Liz had turned to the side so that I could get dressed, so I grabbed my robe and threw it on, but just as I said “Alright,” and she turned around, I made sure to pull it open again to give her an eye full of nakedness. I was always teasing her about nudity and sex, trying to loosen her up.

“Callie!” She said again, but a smile came over her face. “Come on, I’ve seen you naked so many times now, I’m starting to think it’s not an accident.”

“Obviously not,” I said with a smile. I turned back to put the finishing touches on my nails. “It’s my birthday today, and I’m heading over to Abby’s in a bit. She’s got a super sexy night planned for me.

“Abby huh? She’s a real firecracker.”

“Ya, and she’s amazing in bed. She found some boy toy for us to share tonight, and I’m practically dripping over here just thinking about it!” I loved talking dirty to her too. “So you can’t say I’m just into the girls lately,” I added. Liz looked a bit shocked, but quickly recovered.

“Holy shit Callie, that does sound super-hot.” She went over and sat on her bed behind me busying herself with her belongings. We chatted about school stuff for a bit and the latest guys she was into. She seemed a little disheartened with them lately as it sounded like some dub didn’t turn out to be the guy she thought he was. After a bit, I realized it was pretty much time to get going. With that thought, the excitement and nervousness started to build. How was I supposed to get there naked??

Liz was standing by the door as I got up from the desk, “Alright” I said to her, “I think it’s time to go try out my birthday present,” as I started to walk towards the door.

“Oh my god, is that really what’s going on right now? I thought you might be kidding, but I guess I can see Abby setting that up.”

“You sure you don’t want to come?,” I teased.

“Well, maybe a little bit,” Liz said quietly with a slight smile.

“What?! No, you’re full of shit, right?,” I said surprised.

“Well, ya, I’m not coming, don’t get your hopes up Callie, I’m not gay just yet. But actually, part of me does want to try out the ladies one of these days.” I could tell she was serious now. “Seeing you have all this fun with girls makes me want to give it a try. You know that other night when what’s-her-name slept over with you? You two kept it pretty quiet, but I heard some pretty heavy breathing and kissing and I started to get a bit turned on. I don’t want to deny myself some hot sexy fun just because it’s with a girl right?”

“Wow. You heard us? Fuck no you shouldn’t deny yourself hot sexy fun with anyone!” I was super enthused to hear her say all of this. “I’m so excited for you! And stoked that you told me, am I the first person you’ve shared this with?”

“Ya, kinda. I’m just saying, I’m kaçak bahis siteleri a bit more open to the idea lately.”

“Oh my god, this is wonderful news Liz,” I said with a huge smile, “You just let me know how I can help. I can set you up with some girls, but probably not just yet I guess.” I was positively buoyant at hearing this, bombshell Liz wanted to try MY lifestyle? So cool. This day was getting better and better and I felt like letting it all hang out now. This was going to be the best birthday ever!

It was time to go and I was giddy with excitement. I hadn’t told Liz I had to walk over naked because I wanted to surprise her as I left. I loved doing that kinda shit to her, maybe all my nudity finally turned her? I wanted to dress up a bit and a pair of shoes should do, it’s about all I was allowed to wear. So, still in my robe, I grabbed a pair of strappy black shoes with a little bit of heel, not too aggressive, but cute and suggestive. Sitting on my bed, I pulled them on, making sure Liz got could see my thighs and then got up to walk towards her and the door.

“Well, I guess I’m ready,” I said, anticipating some questions.

“You’re going out like that?, that’s no way to show up for birthday sex!” It was the perfect response!

“You’re right!,” I said grinning, “what was I thinking, maybe this would be more appropriate?” I stopped right in front of her and the door, pulled the robe off and hung it up, then turned to face her totally naked and grinning with nothing but sexy shoes and hair.

She was speechless for a moment, but recovered quickly, as she usually did, and grinned back at me, not looking away as she had in the past. “I guess that’s more appropriate,” she stammered. “It is your birthday suit after all.”

“Right you are.” I paused, then turned to the door and poked my head out. No one was coming! Now was my chance! I turned back to say goodbye just as she grabbed me, pulling me to her so I was pressing her against the wall in a passionate kiss. It was totally unexpected, but I instinctually started to return the kiss. Just as I realized what was happening, she broke the kiss and started to push me away.

“Oh my god Callie, happy birthday, go have fun,” she blurted out, looking down, obviously a little embarrassed. I paused for a split second before I went back in for more. I leaned into her, pressing her against the wall as our lips met. The ice was broken at this point and I pushed my tongue into her mouth as I grabbed her waist. She immediately pulled me in, kissing me deeply, her hands even pulling at my butt and running up my naked back. After a moment, we started to slow down a bit, and I grabbed her right hand with mine and pushed it between my legs. Her fingers slid down my slit into the luscious wetness. Without hesitating, she moved her fingers around my opening, spreading the juices to my clit, which she began to rub. I moaned into her mouth a bit as the sensation electrified my body.

Liz didn’t hold back as she played with my pussy. Her enthusiasm told me she had been thinking about this more than she had let on. My naked body pressing her against the wall felt powerful and amazing, but this had to be brief as there was way more sex in my future that night, so I pulled my face away from her amazingly soft lips and stared right into her eyes. I then pulled her hand from my soaking pussy and brought it up to my face, sliding her wet fingers into my mouth, I slowly sucked and licked them, showing her how much I enjoyed the taste of pussy. The fire in her eyes said it all. I pulled her fingers out of my mouth and smiled.

“That was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for sharing. I do have to go though, my talents are expected elsewhere right now. If you can’t contain your urges, feel free to use Rodrigo for the night, Rod for short, he’s in my underwear drawer.” I of course was referring to my pink dildo, the same pink dildo that Maggie and I fucked each other with a few years ago.

Liz gave me a wicked smile and eyed me up and down. I smiled and turned from her, opened the door and walked into the hall. My head was spinning, but I kept moving as thoughts started rushing through my head. No one was coming down the hall, but I realized Liz had just had her hand all over my pussy not thirty seconds ago. And I could feel my thighs sliding from the wetness. My nipples were hot and anyone would be able to tell I had been having sex only moments ago. I glanced back down the hall and saw Liz’s head poking out the door watching me go. She grinned and gave a little wave. I waved too and mouthed “Wow,” back at her. Straightening up, I tried to walk more confidently, it was a long way to Abby’s room, but what was the worst that would happen?

Only seconds from my door and a couple walked around the hallway corner only twenty feet in front of me heading my way. I kinda recognized the girl who had a confused look on her face staring at me. She couldn’t see the expression on the guys face, who immediately started grinning. My heart skipped a few beats, but I powered through, showing of my fully naked body to them. As we approached, I looked right at them with confidence, a sly smile on my face, and gave a wave. Time to tell the world I’m here and proud.

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