Best Friends

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Best Friends

The sunlight warmed my face as the gentle sun peeked out from behind the clouds. Today things felt mellow and calm as I walked home from school. My shoes scrapped the loose grit on the floor as my and my best friend talked.

The convosations were normal teenage chatter. About homework and classes and boys. Unlike me she had a steady relationship with a boy called Mark. Mark and her had been in a relationship for a few years now. I normally ducked and dived in and out of relationships that only last a month. Two at the most.

Emily had long blonde hair that corkscrewed in tight curls with beautiful blue eyes and wears no make-up whatsoever. She didn’t need to. Her beauty was magnificent. On her cheeks she had a splattering of freckles. She acted like a tomboy and was one indeed with a tinny tiny waist.

Me. Well I had poker straight lilac purple hair with real rare purple eyes. I always framed my eyes with thick Cleopatra styled eyeliner and heavy black eyelashes. I had a natural pale complexion and very few spots. I had a slim waist but I was taller than her for sure. So I was basically your everyday 18 year old emo.

We were both in our school uniforms as we walked down the ally way behind the houses. Trees swayed as we talked about nonsense and acted like five year olds. But we were still friends. Best friends.

“Hey! What about we cut through the forest to get home?” Emily asked as she pivoted on one foot.

“I ‘suppose so. Why?” I asked. I wiped my brow and looked at her.

“It’s so fucking hot out!” she laughed.” Just thought we could rest in the shade for a bit.”

“Actually that’s not a bad idea.” I smiled.

“Of course it isn’t. It came from me!” she laughed and I poked her arm with a finger.

“Slut!” I cried to her with a smile. “Whore!” “Bitch!” “Maggot!”

“Maggot?” I asked. I looked at her with an odd face before she answered.

“Yup maggot you filthy cocksucker!” Emily laughed.

“Hey your the one with the boyfriend who can barley muster the courage to snog you!” I pinned back.

Don’t be alarmed. We did this like every week. It’s a spur of the moment ‘Hey lets insult each other!’ moment where no one really cares.

We entered the forest and the heat was bearable here. We followed the gravel path to a chair my great grandad built to put in here. It was a made for two bench with real logs to build. Where the ivy and flowers have grown over the years, it has wound themselves into the wood. It like a little fairy chair.

We both flopped down on the bench in a heavy sigh. I fumbled with my shirt and unbuttoned the first few. The cool air cupped my tits and cooled them down. I sighed escort izmit in relief.

Emily had her eyes closed enjoying the cool breeze. And then she popped out a bizarre comment.

“I wish I had a boyfriend who actually took charge ya know?” she smiled at me with a sad smile.

” Yeah. You get them though in the world.” I looked at her. She looked at me.

“When I was 12 I always thought that someday Mark was gonna take my virginity but now? I’m so confused.” she said.

“Maybe it’s time to dump him and move on.” I offered.” Let’s face it. Your bored out of your mind. Move on girl!”

She giggled.”Is it wrong that I wanna be kissed by a girl?” her voice suddenly grew serious.

“Well Katy Perry liked it.” I laughed.

“No Tam. Seriously.” her face was a serious as Lord Allen Sugar.

“Okay. Well I ‘suppose if you know the girl then yeah. It’s fine.” I smiled at her.

“Tamani, what about you?” she smiled cutely.

” I’m an emo. And you have a boyfriend. I thought you didn’t like emos. Well not like them just dislike them. Then why are we-” her lips smothered my endless babble of stupidity. Her hands were on my cheeks as she slipped her tounge in. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. One hand dropped from my cheek to my proud natural 38D breasts. She groped them until I pulled away.

“We can’t. Think about Mark. We can’t betray him. He is my friend more than your boyfriend.” I said.

“No. I’m going to call it off. I need a lover like you.” she looked at me with her piercing blue eyes.

I looked away for a moment. I was already bi before her. I had a few experiences but not with virgins. Normally I went for older women. Say roughly 25-30. And trust me. They fuck hard. But popping her cherry seemed to turn me on.

“But were best friends!” I whispered.

“I don’t give a fuck I want you!” she growled erotically.”Meet me tonight at mine. My parents are out.”

“Okay!” I said. I kissed her one last time and were both went our separate ways.

*** I stood outside her door. I could hear her dog barking as the doorbell chimed. I stood there in my tightest leather shorts and a black g-string underneath. And a hot pink corset with black lace and string holding it together. In my hand I held a bag full of toys. I had a strapon, dildo (9 nich and a 6 inch) and a double 16 inch dildo (8 inch each).

She opened the door an my heart stopped. She only wore a white lace bra and panties.

“Means innocence!” Emily chuckled. But then her eyes readjusted. She saw me and pulled me in. We went up to her bedroom and both sat on her bed.

“My brother will be home but I asked him if he minds izmit escort me and you ‘hanging out’ and he said no sweat.” Emily explained.

She had a older brother called TJ. He was drop dead hot. Dark brown emo styled hair and ocean blue eyes. He was 22 and he skated.

I placed my bag on the floor. I held her hips and pulled her over to straddle me. Her hands were pressed against the wall behind me and she kissed me. Her lips massaged mine slowly as she grinded her pussy on my lap. I slid my hands down her gorgeous curves and set aside the crotch of her panties. I inserted a finger and her whole body jolted upright and she groaned low and hard. Her pussy felt so warm. And so fucking tight. She bounced on three of my fingers until she wince an writhed in pain.

“Keep bouncing. It’ll go!” I stroked her hair through her tears. She smiled and the pleasure painted her face again. I did just pop her cherry.

” GOD!!! Arghhhh! I’m cumming. Fuck. Fuck!! Ohhhh!!” she slowed down and panted hard. Emily burried her face against my neck and groaned in sexual pleasure.

“Your fingers are amazing!” She was breathless. I smiled and grabbed my bag.

” What next?” I asked. She raided the bag and grabbed the strapon.

“This go’s on me bitch!” she growled and pulled her panties off. Fastening it up she shoved me onto the white rug on all fours. We used to play on this as kids. Now we’re bigger. We play on it now. She pulled the leather shorts down and licked my dripping pussy. Her dainty toungue lashed at my sodden pussy. Her toungue slid over my clit. She was amazing.

“Ohhh…Fuck my pussy!!” I cried.

The strapon entered my pussy at a force I screamed so hard and I bashed my fists on the floor. She pounded my pussy like a real man and she slapped my arse.

“Scream my name! Say whore. I have you on my fucking cock! Scream my name!” she grunted hard as she fucked me.

“Ohhhh! Fuck me Em! Fuck me!” I cried. I fucked back as the cock smashed my pussy from behind.

“What the fuck?” Em and I slowed down as we saw TJ at the door.

” Oh…um..shit!” Em cursed as she pulled out of my pussy. A long thick string of my cum stuck on the end of the fat black cock.

“Em what I had in mind for ‘hanging out’ was talking with snacks and smoking not this!” He laughed.”This is so fucking better. I never knew my little sister fucked girls.”

“Um actually I do. I was popping her cherry.” I explained. TJ crossed the room and sat on the bed. Em and I sat on the white rug. Em was groping my tits as I enjoyed the pleasure.

“Gonna tell mum your sister a pussy lover?” Em asked.

“No. I want this all to myself. You know how many izmit kendi evi olan escort guys get a lesbian sister?” he asked. Both of us puzzled he made an 0 with his fingers.

“I want in on this. Threesome?” he asked.

“Sure.” Em said.”I can suck you off but not fuck you. That’s Tams job.”

“What!?” I cried.

“Okay. It would be wrong if it was me and you. Suck me off then sis!” TJ unzipped his trousers and kicked them off. He unfastened the strapon and summoned me over. He pulled my creamy legs up and slid the buckles over them. They tickled my soft legs as he smiled and incerted a few fingers in my soaked pussy. I closed my eyes and leaned back.

“Hey don’t touch the merchandise!” Em laughed.

He smiled.”Fuck her from behind while she’s sucking me off but look at me. I wanna see your beautiful eyes and watch you pound my dirty sister!” he pulled my face to his and he kissed me delicately.

Em pulled away his pants to reveal one of the thickest, longest, juiciest cocks I’ve EVER seen. Em slid her tongue over his cock and sucked him like a TJ popsicle.

I entered Ems juicy pussy and pounded her hard while connected my eyes with TJ. I gripped her thighs as she sucked deeper on his cock. She made hot popping noises with his cock that made my unfinished cumming session spurt out. Tj pumped her head up and down and groaned. My hand slapped her arse as the strapon pumped her pussy. The black dick was soaked as she started to shake.

“Fuck!” She cried. Her sharp bounces on my dick increased as she screamed how much she was cumming.

“I needed that so fucking bad!” she cried.”Fuck her with your cock!”

TJ grabbed my waist as Em unfastened the strapon. TJ smiled devilishly and pulled at the ribbon that fastened my cum stained corset.

“God! Tits heaven here. My girlfriend barley has any!” He growled groping them harshly. I looked at Em. She was sound asleep on the rug. Pussy facing us. Her juices were seeping out of her fully fucked pussy.

” Girlfriend?” I squeaked. I was nervous as I haven’t really been with a dude. I only sucked one off. My virginity was taking by a girl with a thick strapon.

“Was. Your so much hotter! I’m going to enjoy this!” TJ grabbed my hips and slowly sunk my on his monster.

I was facing him. My hands on his shoulders as he fucked me. His balls slapped my pussy as I felt him impaling my with his pole. I felt every vein in his fucking dick.

I screamed and panted as he grew faster.”Ohhhh! Fuck me harder!! Gahhh!! I’m cumming!!! I’m cumming!!”

He grunted ear and speed up. His cock pounded me. My juices were making wet squelching noises as we fucked. Until he was going so fast I felt his cum shoot deep into me. Hot, thick liquid bursted my pussy in half.

“Shit! You are so fucking tight!” TJ collapsed back onto Ems bed and I laid across his chest. But his pole still hid inside me. I felt plesured. Then I blacked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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