Better Than Shopping

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It started as just another Saturday morning, late September. Anna had called to ask if I would like to do a little shopping. My hubby had plans to watch college football, so I jumped at the chance to get out of the house. I dressed for shopping, and for being seen by the men in the mall, Lace push up bra, matching panties, bare legs, black, open-toed sandals, toes painted red, a tight stretch skirt, black, not extremely short, but enough, and a short-sleeved Lycra U necked top, which showed my cleavage slightly, but enough to get looks, and a girl my age loves getting looks.

Sitting in Anna’s kitchen, drinking the last of the coffee, we talked about where we would go and what we would buy. Amazingly, the talk came around to toys. Sex toys. “He want to see my latest one?” Anna asked, giggling. I looked at the clock, 9:00 am, plenty of time before serious shopping would commence. “Sure,” I replied. Anna rose and beckoned me towards the bedroom. Her long slim legs showed off her tan nicely against the short white pants she was wearing. I couldn’t help but notice she had no panty line. The blue halter was tied just above her navel, exposing her smooth tummy. To be that young again, I sighed to myself.

Anna moved to the nightstand by the bed and opened the drawer. I had never seen an object quite like what she withdrew for my inspection. Oh, I’m no prude, and have both a favorite vibrator and dildo at home (the latter is black latex, and shaped perfectly like a cock), but Anna’s new toy amazed me. It had pearls along it to tease, the head gyrated and there was a little vibrating rubber tongue for the clitoris. As she proudly displayed how the head functioned Anna asked, “Would he like to try it?”

“Now??” I replied, astonished yet intrigued at the same time.

“Yes, now,” Anna responded. “I’d like to watch. I know what it feels like, but I’ve not seen what it looks like. We have time and, well, it’s just us, wouldn’t he find it… uhm… exciting?” Now, I knew Anna was an exhibitionist. In fact, she even posted pictures of herself, very intimate pictures, to a web site. And the thought of putting on a show for her excited me. I could already feel the moistness on the crotch of my panties.

“Here, just lay back, and I’ll get things started.” Anna said, patting the bed. I lay back on the bed, with my sandals on the edge and knees straight up. Anna reached under me and expertly slid my wet panties up and over my legs. “Lift his feet,” she commanded as she slid the underwear over my shoes. The cool air of the room felt nice on my exposed pussy. I felt my outer lips start to part as I heard the buzz of the toy. I shuddered as I felt the head of the toy press against those lips and slide in. The pearls felt so stimulating along my pussy lips and when the little tongue touched my clit, I jerked with pleasure.

“Now comes the good part,” Anna told me, flicking a button. The head began to gyrate inside my vagina, sending electric surges of pleasure throughout my womb. The little tongue acted almost like the real thing, tickling my clitoris. It was like being licked and fucked at the same time. Anna expertly moved the toy around inside me so that in no time flat I was moaning in pleasure. I felt the climax building. At just that moment, Anna did the most amazing thing. She bahis siteleri leaned over, pushing the toy even deeper into me, and kissed me. I responded without hesitation, my climax exploding through my body as I gobbled at her tongue. I didn’t even think about what was happening. I had never desired a woman before and I knew Anna didn’t either, yet this all felt so natural. I gave in to my toy-inspired desires.

At last, Anna pulled back, removing the toy from my still quivering pussy. She undid the ties of her halter, revealing her small, perky breasts. She then pulled my top over my head. “Sit up a moment, dear,” she said. As I did so, she reached around and undid my bra. Our breasts brushed against each other, mine fuller, heavier. Her nipples were as hard as mine as they touched. I cupped one breast and rubbed my nipple around hers in little circles, then leaned my mouth down to suck one in. Her head went back, forcing her nipple deeper into my wet mouth. Before I knew it we were rolling on the bed, kissing, touching, embracing. Her shorts wound up on the floor and my skirt was hiked up to my waist. Our hands delved into each other’s wetness, probing, pushing, playing. It was a totally new experience to each of us, and we reveled in the exploration. Soon Anna was rubbing her pubic bone against my hand, hard, moaning with the approaching orgasm. I felt the least I could do was return the favor and, to be honest, I was loving it. I reached for the toy… and froze. A male voice asked “Having fun, girls? Want some company?”

Startled, I grabbed for the sheets to cover my nakedness. Anna’s husband stood in the doorway of the bedroom, grinning from ear to ear like the cat that ate the canary. “How long have he been standing there?” Anna demanded angrily.

“Long enough to see that I like what he two are up to,” he replied. Even in my embarrassment, I couldn’t help noticing the bulge in his shorts. My mind’s eye drew a picture of what lay beneath the fabric of his pants even as I sought to cover my breasts and crotch.

“You don’t need to cover such beautiful breasts on my account, Erica,” he laughed. Anna began to relax, her anger quickly turning to… lust? She leaned over and whispered in my ear. I was shocked yet excited by her suggestion. I thought about it for a moment, then whispered my agreement to her plan.

“So, he wish to join us, hmm?” she asked. As he eagerly nodded his assent Anna continued. “Then it must be on our terms, right Erica?” I voiced my agreement. Her husband didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Okay then,” Anna continued speaking, no, ordering him. “First, strip. And let us watch.” Well, most men are poor strippers, and he were no exception. Still, when the pants followed the shirt onto the floor and his precious cock and balls were exposed for us to see, I got quite a tingle between my legs. Delicious was the word that came to mind first.

“Now, lay down,” Anna ordered. “Come on, Erica, help me.” She produced four silk ties from the closet and we quickly secured his wrists and ankles to the bed, leaving her husband spread-eagled, his cock erect and twitching towards the ceiling. Anna then approached me and gently pulled my skirt to my ankles. I lifted my sandal-encased feet to step out of it, my nipples standing stiff in front of me, naked canlı bahis siteleri now, except for my shoes. Anna slid the halter off to stand equally naked, save for the bracelets on her wrist and ankle. She stepped to me and began to massage my breasts, first the right one, then the left. Her head bent and I felt her hot wet tongue brush across each nipple in succession. I don’t know whether it was I who moaned, or her husband, as Anna continued sucking on my tits while her hand moved between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide. I do know she was intent on giving him a show he would not soon forget.

I almost felt sorry for the poor guy, watching two sexy women enjoying each other while he lay there, tied and helpless. As Anna’s mouth continued to work its magic on my breasts I began to play with hers, rubbing the hard little nipples between my thumb and forefingers. I had never felt another woman’s nipples before today and I was fascinated with their feel. Anna slowly slid to a kneeling position and motioned me to sit on the side of the bed. She moved between my legs and began to lick up the insides of my thigh. When she reached my slit… oh, god!!! My husband has been orally pleasuring me for years, and knows exactly what I like. But a woman… I had never experienced that before! She knew exactly how to kiss, lick, and suck every part of my labia, clitoris, even my rectum… She knew what would feel fantastic, as only another woman can know. Needless to say, I was climaxing again in moments.

As the intense pleasure finally subsided, I could hear her husband verbally applauding Anna’s performance. Now I knew it was my turn. But this time, I thought, let’s include our captive as well. I crawled next to his legs, winked at Anna to get her approval, and took his hard, purple cock in my hand. Softly I blew on the head, watching a drop of precum well up in the slit. Anna moved to the other side of he, her face almost touching mine. I lowered my mouth to just above the hot head of his cock and let a little saliva dribble from my mouth and onto him. I swear I could hear the sizzle.

Anna moved her head to his balls and began to lick. I took this as my cue and eased his cock across my lips, my tongue, and into my mouth. Slowly, with wet sucking actions, I took it inch by inch into my mouth, until my nose pressed against Anna’s face. I slowly eased up his shaft, and her tongue followed. He squirmed, moaned, writhed on the bed. I shifted around so that I was straddling his face. I gasped as his tongue darted into my still gaping vagina, my lips parted yet from the previous attention. He began to fuck me with his tongue, as only a man seems capable of doing. I moved my mouth up and down on his shaft, until Anna moved to replace me.

As she began to suck, I moved to his balls, heavy, salty, hairy, delightful. I licked and sucked, carefully, not wishing to hurt. His tongue was concentrating on my clitoris now, as I shifted to allow him access. I felt his balls tighten as yet another climax built in my vagina. Anna took him deep into her throat, holding him there, sucking with her cheeks. He groaned again, I felt his balls tighten and then jerk, I heard Anna issue a muffled moan. I looked up to see his cum oozing from around her lips, sliding down his shaft, My tongue moved to canlı bahis lap it up as she began to bob on his cock, milking it completely. When he had spurted his last, Anna raised up, as did I. Both our mouths were covered with his jism. We looked into each other’s eyes, then kissed, long and deep… sharing his seed. We t moved back to his semi-erect shaft and licked the last of him clean. Our heads lay on his thighs, our breathing slowed back to normal. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of peaceful bliss, but was actually just minutes, I raised my head to Anna and asked, “Do he think he would like to fuck my ass, dear? He looks the perfect size and… well, I think I would love to have it there.” Anna laughed and asked her husband if he thought he was up to it. His cock answered for him, rising to a stiffness even more impressive than before. “There’s his answer,” she said. “But first, I’ll need to be sure he is nice and lubricated.”

Anna climbed over his groin, her pert tits still stiff and inviting. I reached out and brushed her nipples with my fingers as her hand found his cock and guided it between her lips. She lowered her lithe body onto his shaft and I watched, fascinated, as he slid easily up and into her. Her butt faced him as she steadied herself on her arms between his legs. I reached behind her and stroked his shaft as it moved out of her steamy hot pussy. When he raised his hips to meet her thrust, I slid my index finger between her cheeks and gently into her anus. Anna cooed at that, tightening her muscles to hold my finger in while I could feel her vagina flexing on his penis. She kept this up for a good minute then announced that he was ready.

“Let’s free him,” I suggested, “so that he can take me from behind.”

We quickly untied his bonds and he wasted no time positioning himself behind my soft white buttocks. His hands spread my cheeks and his thumb played with my rosy little hole, pushing in ever so softly. Anna moved beneath me, her head directly under my pussy. I felt the head of his cock replace his thumb. Slowly he eased into me. The sensation burned at first, but Anna’s natural lubrication allowed him to slide fairly easily deep into my ass. He held himself there as I flexed my sphincter muscles, milking the length of his shaft. Anna raised her head to lick my clitoris, then his balls, moving back and forth between us. The sensation for me was incredible, and the way his cock jerked inside my ass, I knew it was for him as well. He began to move then, long, slow, deep strokes. His hands reached around and cupped my breasts, pulling me up, causing me to almost sit on his cock. I feared I might break it off, but he only growled in pleasure.

His strokes began to increase in intensity, faster and faster, deeper… Anna’s mouth moved rapidly on my clitoris. One final deep thrust of his thick cock up my ass, and one last flick of her tongue on my hard clit, and I was cumming like crazy. I could feel the juices flow forth from me, covering Anna’s face as if a dam had burst. I barely noticed him pull his cock from me, or feel the hot gush of cum splatter on my buttocks. Anna moved quickly, taking his spurting penis into her mouth again, sucking him dry. I collapsed on my side, spent. Anna and her husband did likewise. We lay there in the afterglow, gently stroking each other’s skin. Finally Anna giggled and announced, “Erica, we simply must do shopping like this more often!”

I voiced my assent and added, “Next time, I’ll bring my husband along. We’ll make it a foursome!”

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