Bhavita Ch. 02

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Bhavita 2,

My relationship with Bhavita strengthened and I was one of her regular fucks. She told me she had a few others and they all gave her something in return. It was either clothes or jewellery or just little favours but never money. She believed that prevented her from being a whore. I was not interested in her moral issues I was just glad to be one of the guys sinking his meat into her delectable gujerati cunt. After my first taste I could not get enough and fortunately she never teased me. It was always just open her legs and let me fuck away.

I feel sorry for those guys who she did tease however and one story in particular amuses me. A gujerati guy made passes at her and she completely destroyed him. She accused him of stalking her and things like that, that’s how I got my name. I thought it would be amusing or ironic to use the name Stalker. Anyway this guy was also, unfortunately for him fair in complexion. I don’t know what other reason she had for blowing him away as all the guys she was fucking were very dark and not gujerati so I guess being all those things was his downfall poker oyna and he will never get to sample her sweet gujerati pussy. The most amazing thing was that I don’t think he was after her pussy but really liked her and she was not into all that, all she wanted was to fuck and be treated like a bitch. Go figure!! I am just glad to be one of the lucky guys.

The thing I admired about her was she looked so damn innocent. If I didn’t know any better I would have still thought she was a virgin with her innocent face and angelic smile. However on closer investigation you would notice the lust in her smile and the arousal of her nipples every time she walked past a group of guys. Anyway once I managed to get a room booked in town as I was getting a little tired of our back seat rendezvous. She had told her parents she was going to a physiotherapy clinic for her course work and would be back late so we could have the whole day.

That day she wore her fuck me pedal pushers that showed off her pert little ass and her beautiful feet. She had on a green sleeveless top that exposed most of her back and canlı poker oyna she wore a bracelet on her left arm. She was begging to be fucked in that outfit. I am sure even her lecturers wanted to screw her that day. When we got to the room she wasted no time in removing her clothes. She was just as hot naked as she was clothed.

Bhavita did a little strip tease and my cock was already rock hard. She gave me the honour of removing her black lacy panties with my mouth. They were stuck into the wet crevice of her puss and her panties were soaked with her fucklube. I wasted no time spreading her legs and diving in to taste her cunt. She moaned obscenities in her own language (gujerati) and that drove me even deeper as I explored her pussy with my tongue and occasionally stroked her love button. She was responding to my every touch and I could not believe that I had this beauty at my mercy. After teasing her with my tongue I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Placing my weight on my knees and arms so I would not crush her I inserted my shaft into her hole with ease and precision. internet casino

After fucking her so many times I knew exactly how hard and how deep to go. She moaned and coaxed me deeper until my balls were slapping against her ass. She had her legs wrapped around my waist and was pulling me deeper and her eyes were closed in a look of wanton lust. She looked like a cheap whore lying under me. She was my whore.

I envied all those other guys who were also fucking her and made up my mind to ask her about it that day. As I felt her pussy contracting I gave one final shove and erupted deep inside her womb planting my seed. Her cunt continued to milk my balls until I had no more sperm to give her. I pulled out with a satisfied plop and her pussy started to leak with my cum. My rod was coated with her love juice and I coaxed her to lick it off to no avail.

After banging my bitch two more times she and I were both spent however I suspect that if I could have gotten another hard on she would have been rough and ready. Such was the magnitude of her lust. After we showered, separately, and had a bite to eat I sat her down and began asking her about her other lovers and her fascination for dark skinned men.

The answers were even more shocking than I could have expected and I even began to feel sorry for her.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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