Big Easy Lessons Ch. 01

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Abella Danger

Introduction: This is the actual story of how I lost my virginity. Despite the alcohol, my recollection is exceptionally clear, as it always has been after I drink. By and large, the dialog is actually what was said. The story is a bit long, so I’ve broke it into four parts. Part 1 is an overview and our meeting, 2 further discusses our drunken courtship, 3 finally leads us to bed, and 4 is my redemption. Enjoy and please feel free to comment and I’ll feel free to consider or ignore it.


I grew up on a small farm in the South. Aside from mom, the house was full of testosterone. The nearest neighbors were a pretty good distance away and their families suffered from the same thing. That makes for a great childhood for a boy as far as playing goes, but it makes it tough on a young man’s sexual awakening. Things were just so different then too – no internet, no cable or satellite T.V., no hidden porn around the house, no discussions of sex … nothing sexual. Sure, I understood the basic concept of reproduction. All I had to do was walk outside and see the farm animals doing one of three things: eating, sleeping, or having sex. Understanding human reproduction, emotions, and relationships was far more complicated.

I wasn’t even ten when I saw my first picture of a nude woman. Thankfully a neighbor’s older brother had a porn magazine and his little brother stole a page for us to look at. Just a single page, but that was enough to really start the curiosity. I remember really liking girls in fourth grade and trying to discuss my feelings with my mom, but that went nowhere quickly. That pretty much summed up my elementary and middle school years: curiosity, no help from home, too shy to really try anything in school, and no other opportunities outside of school to experiment; however there was a growing knowledge that something was very interesting about the opposite sex.

By my last year of high school, I had slimmed down, built considerable muscle, and had the broad shoulders and thick chest of an NFL linebacker. This drew attention from the girls in school and women outside of school. Again, I simply had no idea what to do with this attention or even the brains to figure out how to exploit the situation to my benefit. Opportunities really slipped by, but I did get further than ever during my senior year.

I had a summer birthday, so by the time I turned 18 we were high school graduates. On my birthday, I ran into town and found a porn store to educate me. I distinctly remember the clerk smiling when he looked at my license and saying congratulations as I bought my first porn vids. I ran home, watched them and learned. It was then that I realized I was too caught up in my worries about not understanding the actual act. Now I had no doubts, no excuses, so I was more than ready.

That same week my best friend and I decided to head out of state later that month to visit his older brother. We decided to make a two week road trip out of it, concluding with a few days in New Orleans. Louisiana had only recently changed their legal drinking age and for that matter there was still confusion as to what age one had to be to purchase alcohol. Given the confusion, most places really didn’t bother with enforcement.

We may have been sheltered growing up, but alcohol was easily obtained casino şirketleri so we had many a drunken campfires. I was really looking forward to actually having a drink at a bar though. I was also planning on having sex. I decided I would forgo masturbating for a few weeks before the trip. I survived, but it wasn’t easy. When we made it to Dallas, we met my friend’s brother and his wife. She was truly a thing of beauty, long hair, tight little body, small tits but a nice handful nonetheless, and an ass to die for. I couldn’t take it that night alone in my room. I was rock hard. I’ll just touch it. God that feels good I thought to myself. Maybe just a stroke and I can fall asleep thinking about her little ass was my next thought. Two strokes later and my cum was flying everywhere! It was hell trying to clean up because I didn’t expect it and the load was enormous. I had never felt so much cum surge through my cock. It was like I was peeing there was so much for so long.

A few days later we finally made it to New Orleans and I managed to keep my hands away from my cock after my last mess. We got into our room and headed out within an hour to explore the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. Thankfully a nice barkeep told us to lose the hats because they always carded people with hats figuring them to be underage. Sure enough, he was right and we were soon able to freely enter any place we tried. By mid-evening, we were standing in line at Pat O’Briens. It seemed like an eternity to make it into the bar area to get a drink, but even then we were still in line. The place was packed with people like a stockyard.

I was feeling good from the previous beers of the day and just soaking in the atmosphere even though I was just in a line. I felt a body pressing up against me. What the hell was my first thought, then I distinctly felt a set of tits pressing against my chest. As I turned my head forward to see what was going on, my eyes met up with a woman trying to squeeze by to get to the bar. Our eyes remained fixed as she took her time surveying my muscular chest with hers. Before I knew it, she had halfway slid by and my cock flushed with blood like someone opened a fire hydrant on full blast.

“Nice tits.” I said to myself slowly, quietly, and with a hunger that had nothing to do with my stomach.

“What did you say?” she said. The voice was raspy, sensual, and alarming all at the same time. My mind went blank, then I came back to reality when I heard it again “What did you say?”

There stood a warm blooded, beautiful woman, probably twice my age with her left tit, stomach, and pubic mound still firmly planted against me asking me what I said. Shit I thought to myself. Did I really say that aloud? I continued to badder myself mentally for seemed like an eternity.

“I said, ‘nice tits.'” I couldn’t believe it. I just said it again … aloud … in a very loud voice!

She smiled, her face showing some of her age when a few wrinkles formed at the corners of her eyes and the edges of her mouth. She didn’t cake on the makeup and her brown hair was curly, but not over processed. I was lost in her dark brown eyes when I realized they were getting really close. Her lips touched mine, her warm tongue darted out to explore while her left hand took a quick and light squeeze casino firmaları of my cock.

I know it was only a few seconds, but time stood still as I drank in her warmth, womanliness, smell, and taste. Damn I thought to myself as I reciprocated with my tongue and placed my left hand on her right tit giving it a gentile squeeze. With our mouths clasped together, she managed a muffled “hmmmm” when I squeezed. In one swift motion she broke off contact, slid her hand off my cock and grabbed my hand to guide me out of line to a small open place at the bar that she wanted us to fill.

By this time, my friend had noticed the commotion and stood there, eyes wide mouth open, and managing to shake his head a little trying to convince me this wasn’t a good idea. I’d like to say I was a good friend, but I had to ditch him to take care of business. I wasn’t able to resist. There was no debate, no forethought, no evaluation of the situation, just pure testosterone driven lust.

“What do you want to drink?” she asked.

“Hell, I don’t care, I just want some more of that.” I said as I took a very long and deliberate scan of her body. Smiling again, she giggled like a school girl upon hearing that and ordered us a round hurricanes.

After a few sips and some silence between use, my cock stopped directing all my actions and I actually realized I might need to find some things out. She didn’t look like a hooker, but then again I’ve never really been in a big city and certainly never in a bar in a big city. “Ok, time to see if this is real or if there’s something else going on.” I told myself.

“So … that was the best introduction I’ve ever had.” I started off. She tried to snuff a chuckle while taking another sip of her hurricane.

“How about we at least exchange names now?” I continued. “I’m Joe.”

“I’m Lisa” she said with a bit more composure, but still clearly beaming while she thought about the piece of young meat she had managed to reel in.

Despite trying my best to focus on the need for information, I couldn’t take my eyes off what was before me, which up to this point I had failed to fully admire. Her skirt was the type that flows freely despite only being knee high but manages to cling to her as it gets higher up her body. Her legs were shapely, tan, with muscles clearly indicating she took care of herself. A nice curve formed as her thighs flowed into her hips, hips that seemed to indicate they had born a child or two. Although I had yet to get a good look, her ass appeared to be shapely, especially for her age. It wasn’t tiny, but her waist was in proportion to her hips. Then there was her upper body: narrow shoulders and small rib cage, tits that were a solid C cup and holding their own against gravity rather well, a neck that cried out to be nibbled on, lips that were full yet not oversized, and cheek bones that helped frame her lustful smile.

Taking another sip of my drink, I tried to focus again on the task at hand instead of the pain that my cock was causing me from being cooped up in my jeans.

“You here alone?” I asked.

“Nope. I’m here with my girlfriend and her husband.” she said pointing towards a table in the distance. As my eyes followed her finger, I saw a couple her age sitting, smiling, and staring back at us like they were güvenilir casino watching a theater play. I smiled a little sheepishly and returned my attention to Lisa.

“I’m down here trying to get myself ready for a new start.” she continued. “I’m from Indie and I just got a divorce. Turns out he was banging his secretary and apparently some other sluts for a number of years now. I suppose … I suppose I just didn’t want to believe it even though I knew for a long time something was wrong.”

I must have had a quizzical look on my face and to my amazement she knew exactly what I was hung up on.

“Indianapolis.” she said with her smile returning.

“Oh. Never heard it called that.” I said while glancing back over at her friends who were still watching us. “Well, I reckon he just didn’t appreciate what he had at home.”

“I love your southern accent.” she said with her smile growing and her voice returning to a sensual tone.

I gave up, my cock won out. Although I obtained very little information, it was enough for my mind to stop fighting my urges and let them out of the gate and to run free.

“God you’re so damn hot.” I said turning to order us a second round.

She sat on the bar stool with me standing against her. Without the slightest bit of thought, I began rubbing her knee and working my way up her inner thigh.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” her eyes closing slowly, her bottom lip being slightly sucked inward, and her smile growing wider.

A moment of reality must have hit her as her eyes suddenly opened and her smile disappeared. “How old are you anyway?” an expression of serious curiosity crossing her face.

“Eighteen. In fact, I just turned eighteen a few weeks ago. What about you?”

“My oldest son is your age. I’m old enough to be your mom.” The words echoed in my head, then I processed her expression and tone which were filled with playfulness, naughtiness, and anticipation. Quickly, I was at ease again.

“I … I’m forty six.” For the first time tonight, she was hesitant. Expecting rejection I suppose after a failed marriage and realizing the age difference, her eyes sunk towards the floor.

“Didn’t I say ‘God, you’re hot?” I shot back.

“No, I believe you said ‘God, you’re so damn hot!'” Lisa said quickly returning to life. “Lets dance!” And with that she sprung off the bar stool and quickly yanked me towards the crowd.

I’m going to cum if she doesn’t stop grinding her ass against my burning cock I thought to myself as we danced. There’s no doubt this woman has energy and a need for a young man to wear her out. One moment her tits are pressed firmly against me with her hand on my cock, the next her ass is grinding my cock into my thigh … she’s a blur of pent-up sexuality and my own own pent-up desires are killing me. This continued for the better part of an hour, dancing and returning to the bar just long enough to suck down another drink and head back to the dance floor.

On one return trip to the bar, she pulled us by her friends’ table. Knowing where they were, I glanced at them every-so-often and noted their continued admiration of the theatrical show they were observing. Introductions were brief, then Lisa yanked me back to the bar.

“I’ve got to go to the lady’s room.” Then with a serious tone exhibiting another bout of self-doubt, she asked “you’ll be here when I get back … right?”

“Ya, of course.”

“You promise?”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Somewhat satisfied, she quickly pecked me on the lips, squeezed my cock again and was off.

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