Bikini And A Badge Ch. 05

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The three women had two days to prep before their scheduled televised interview on one of LA’s most popular morning shows. For Evelyn, it meant bringing out the truth about what really happened while she and her daughter were held captive by the sex slave traders. For Tanya, it meant exposure on national television, a boost to her already oversize ego.

For Brittany, doing the interview was twofold. It would help settle all the allegations and curiosity by the Brooks family friends. Most importantly, it would publicize the pending rescue attempts for the seven kidnapped women. Without connections to the agency, putting the right team together was going to be the first and most challenging ordeal she would have to undertake. Hopefully, the right people would catch the interview and step forward.

While Evelyn and her daughter, Tanya worked on setting up a “command post” of sorts in their home; Brittany went over ideas on conducting the rescues. With Evelyn and Jared’s help, the rescue missions still seemed improbable if not impossible. Brittany was worried that she would spend a large amount of the five million dollar budget and have nothing to show for it in the end. The fact that she and her team might all be killed occasionally crossed her mind, but she quickly changed her thoughts to be more positive.

The morning of the interview was hectic. Jared Brooks seemed more nervous than anyone. Brittany strongly suggested Evelyn and Tanya dress very conservative to present an appearance of purity and high moral values. While Evelyn thought it was a good idea, Tanya fought the idea, wanting to look as sexy as Brittany. Brittany picked out a pair of black leather slacks and a tailored blouse from Tanya’s wardrobe for the college coed to wear.

“This is as sexy as I’m going to let you look!” Brittany exclaimed to the girl. “The less skin showing the better.”

“But your wearing a short skirt, why can’t I?” Tanya asked, not happy with Brittany’s selection of clothing.

“I’m wearing a short skirt for one reason, to be the focus of this interview.” Brittany replied. “I’m going to be answering most of the questions so the cameras will probably be on me most of the time.”

“You trying to land a rich boyfriend?” Tanya smarted off.

“Not hardly!” Brittany responded. “I’m trying to land a team who can pull these rescues off.”

“Sex sells and I’m going to make the most of this advertisement!” Brittany added. “I don’t need competition from you for airtime.”

Arriving at the studio well ahead of schedule the three woman and Jared Brooks were ushered into a small waiting room. Brittany was wearing a tan business suit. Although the skirt was short, it presented an air of authority along with looking sexy. Evelyn and Brittany paced the floor nervously. Tanya unbuttoned her blouse to show a little cleavage.

“If you don’t button that blouse up, your ass is staying right here in this room with your father!” Brittany shouted.

Tanya quickly buttoned the blouse, not wanting to take a chance on missing her television debut. Jared Brooks was busy making phone call after phone call on his cell phone. While some were business calls, others were to friends and associates, reminding them of the television program. He was using the morning talk show for his own promotion, business as well as political.

During an extended commercial break, the trio of women were positioned on the set. There were four chairs placed in an arch. One of the women news anchors, Melinda Carlisle, was going to conduct the interview. She had the list of questions printed on cue cards where she could easily see them. Melinda began the interview by introducing the three women, mentioning Evelyn and Tanya were the wife and daughter of Jared Brooks, real estate entrepreneur and upcoming political hopeful.

After the introductions, Melinda Carlisle gave a brief dissertation about the rescue mission to save Evelyn Brooks and her daughter. The first questions were directed at Brittany. Her answers clarified that neither Evelyn nor Tanya had been sexually molested by their captors. Evelyn was asked several questions about the ordeal, getting her version of the nightmare. Tanya was asked only two questions, which she barely managed to answer.

“The little whore can’t even think straight unless she’s got her legs wrapped around some guy’s head.” Brittany thought to herself.

The news anchor turned her attentions back towards Brittany. She brought up the fact that there were still seven kidnapped women who were being held captive as sex slaves. Asking for Brittany’s opinion on the situation, it was her cue to drop the bombshell she’d prepared for.

“I’m in the process of forming a team to make rescue attempts on all seven women.” Brittany stated. “Although it’s going to take some time to get all the women safely back with their families, we have the financial resources to make every mission successful. Mr. Jared Brooks, from the kindness of his heart, has generously donated substantial funding for almanbahis this effort. I can‘t thank him and his wife, Evelyn enough for their generosity.”

Melinda Carlisle was dumbfounded. She was at a loss for words, let alone further questions. The news show’s director quickly signaled for a commercial break. One of the studio assistants rushed onto the set, setting up the anchorwoman with an earphone. Questions for Brittany would be fed to her through the wireless earphone.

Back live on the air, Melinda Carlisle asked questions about forming the team, intelligence gathering and rescue strategies. Brittany was prepared to answer the impromptu questions, figuring she’d have to “wing it” as the interview went along. With the television cameras focused on her, Brittany put on a display of sexuality, showing an ample amount of leg. The show’s directors were loving it, keeping the interview flowing asking question after question. It was all the publicity Brittany needed to get the extensive project going.

The interview lasted for nearly thirty minutes with only two or three additional commercial breaks. Melinda Carlisle thanked the three women for appearing on the morning show before returning to her dressing room. Brittany, Evelyn and Tanya were escorted back to the waiting room to gather their belongings. Jared was waiting for the trio of women. The look of absolute joy on his face was indescribable. Hugging Brittany tightly in his arms, he kissed her several times on the cheek.

“My God!” Jared exclaimed. “That speech of yours could of gotten me elected king of California! It was absolutely awesome!”

“I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.” Brittany responded. “You’ll notice I made sure to mention Evelyn’s name. Afterall, she’s the one with all the money.”

Jared was too ecstatic to notice Brittany’s comment, but it was true. Evelyn’s parents were the ones with all the money, not Jared’s. She’d financed his successful business ventures from their beginning. Their marriage was a matter of money over love.

Riding back to the Brook’s Beverly Hills estate in the limousine, the four discussed how well the interview had gone. Tanya briefly complained about not getting much airtime or appearing on camera. No one really paid much attention to her grumbling.

“What now?” Evelyn inquired. “What’s are next move?”

“I need to get back to Dallas as soon as possible.” Brittany responded. “If anyone is going to step forward to get on the team, that’s where they’ll try to contact me.”

“I’m going with you.” Evelyn stated emphatically. “You’re going to need help sorting through these people. We can use my parent’s private jet since they rarely use it.”

Brittany didn’t hesitate to accept Evelyn’s offer to help, nor the use of her parent’s plane. Two women could accomplish alot more than just one in getting the team set up and doing intelligence gathering.

“I want to go too!” Tanya spoke out.

“NO!” Both Brittany and Evelyn stated in unison.

“You’re staying at home.” Evelyn continued. “We’re going to be working, not horse-assing around.”

Brittany bit her lower lip to keep from grinning. Evelyn had put her foot down, something she probably should have done a few years earlier.

Late that afternoon, the two women boarded Evelyn’s parent’s private jet. The flight to Dallas would be brief but it gave Brittany a chance to catch a quick nap. The previous night had deprived her of much sleep, worrying about the televised interview. Reclining in the jet’s luxurious leather seating, she drifted off.

Arriving at DFW International Airport, Jared Brooks had arranged for a limo service to pick up the two women. The drive to Brittany’s apartment took nearly an hour, fighting through Fort Worth’s rush hour traffic.

“I should warn you.” Brittany said. “My apartment’s a little spartan compared to what you’re used to.”

“Good!” Evelyn responded. “I need a little spartan in my life. All this luxury is making me lazy.”

Arriving at Brittany’s apartment, the women unpacked their luggage before getting down to business.

“How about I call out for pizza?” Brittany suggested. “I don’t have much in the apartment to fix for dinner.”

“Pizza’s fine.” Evelyn responded. “It’s been years since I’ve eaten any. Almost forgot how good it taste.”

While the women waited for the pizza delivery, they sat at the diningroom table listing the various traits they would look for in the team’s members.

“We’ll need someone to handle the boats, someone who’s got survival instincts and another who’s a sharpshooter.” Brittany stated. “Not to mention a couple of guys who are experienced jungle fighters. Maybe a weapons expert wouldn‘t be a bad idea either.”

“What about a doctor or a nurse along in case someone gets hurt?” Evelyn questioned.

“Nah, we’ll shoot the wounded.” Brittany smarted off, grinning.

Glancing at Evelyn, she noticed the woman wasn’t smiling. Her face expressed serious concern for the team’s safety almanbahis yeni giriş and well-being.

“I’m only kidding.” Brittany said. “Hopefully someone will have knowledge of first aid.”

After taking a break to enjoy their dinner, the two women continued putting their thoughts together. A loud and continuous knock at the apartment door interrupted their thought process, startling both women.

“Oh God, I hope they don’t start knocking on the door at all hours!” Brittany exclaimed. “That’s all we need!”

The knocking continued till Brittany answered the door. Looking through the peephole, she was shocked to see her old boss, Brad Langley waiting impatiently on the other side. Unlocking the door, she slowly opened it.

“Never expected you to be paying me a visit.” Brittany spoke sarcastically.

“You going to invite me in or do I have to stand out here to talk?” Langley retorted.

“Depends on what you’ve got in that briefcase you’re carrying.” Brittany said.

“Never mind what’s in the briefcase.” Langley responded, stepping inside the narrow foyer of the apartment.

Evelyn was standing in the livingroom, listening and watching Brittany and Langley trade smart remarks. Langley smiled at the woman to put her qualms at ease.

“I smell pizza.” He said. “Hope you two didn’t eat it all.”

“No, there’s still almost half of it left.” Brittany replied. “How about I heat you up some?”

“Only if you’ve got a cold beer to go with it.” Langley quipped.

Evelyn microwaved the pizza to heat it up for their guest. Setting it on the diningroom table along with a cold beer, the two women watched him gorge himself.

“Is this a social visit or have you got business on your mind?” Brittany asked.

“Strictly social.” Langley responded, between bites of food. “I’m hear to talk you out of this nonsense about rescuing the women. You‘ll only get yourself killed, probably take all of your team down with you too.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” Brittany responded. “I’m not going to fail nor am I going to lose any team members.”

“Got many phone calls from volunteers?” Langley inquired. “Those inexperienced people who’ll piss their pants as soon as the bullets start flying.”

“A few.” Brittany replied, trying her best to cover up the lie.

“You must be physic then.” Langley quipped. “Your phone ringers turned to the off position.”

Both Brittany and Evelyn quickly turned around to look at the telephone. Brittany had forgotten to turn the ringer back on when she and Evelyn arrived home. Brittany hurried to the kitchen to change the position of the switch.

“Don’t!” Langley exclaimed. “Don’t turn that fucking thing on!”

Brittany returned to the diningroom table, leaving the phone switch in the off position.

“What’s my chances of getting you and Ms. Brooks to change your mind about this whole harebrained scheme?”

“Not a chance in hell!” Brittany replied. “I’m going through with it.”

“Well, if you get your hot little ass killed, I’m not coming to your funeral.” Langley smarted off.

“Don’t worry. I won’t invite you.” Brittany smarted back.

“Is that your final answer?” Langley asked, after taking a big drink of beer and belching.

Brittany nodded her head instead of verbally replying to his question.

“Mind telling me what’s in the briefcase?” Brittany asked, her eyes briefly glancing down at it.

“Plant B.” Langley responded, placing the briefcase on the table. “It’s my contribution to the effort, not the agency’s. You’ve both got to keep this under your hat. I’d lose my job if they ever found out about this.”

Opening the briefcase, Evelyn and Brittany noticed it was stuffed with file folders. Langley took the top folder out and handed it to Brittany.

“Thought you might like to see this one first.” The man said.

Opening the folder, the two women were confronted with numerous aerial photographs of the house where they’d been held captive on Crooked Island. The house had completed burned to the ground leaving a huge black scorch mark on the top of the hill. One photograph taken of the bottom of the slope, showed the wooden docks had burned to the surface of the water. A large pile of debris had washed up along the banks. It was the remains of the Scarab powerboat.

“You guys did a helluva job covering your tracks.” Langley stated. “It’s a wonder you didn’t burn the whole damn island down.”

“What’s in the rest of the file folders?” Evelyn inquired.

“Something I’ve put together over the past several years.” Langley replied. “It’s dossiers on people I thought I might be able to use for special assignments if the need arised.”

“I sorted through them and picked out some you might want to look into.” The man added. “Just don’t let these files get out of your hands.”

Brittany glanced through several folders before putting them back in the briefcase. Sitting back in her chair, she was curious as to why her former almanbahis giriş boss was being so helpful.

“Why are you sharing this information with us?” She inquired. “What do you expect from me?”

“Well, another cold beer would be good.” Langley quipped.

“I want to help you out since I’ve treated you like crap.” He added. “Sticking you with the last group wasn’t my idea. I hope this’ll make up for it.”

Evelyn served Langley another beer. The trio chatted about the rescue missions, getting Langley’s input.

“What’s the chance of getting as much information as possible on each of the women?” Brittany asked. “Especially photographs. We could use as many photographs as we can lay our hands on.”

“I’m working on that.” Langley responded. “I’ll have you something by the middle of next week. I’ve just got to be careful about gathering all the info. Besides being a bitch, my secretary is nosier than hell.”

It was almost midnight before Langley left Brittany’s apartment. The women’s curiosity got the better of them, spending several hours into the early morning, reading through the dossiers. Brittany placed several interesting folders into a pile separate from the others. Evelyn reviewed the folders, making notes in the margins of the documents. It was almost 3:30 in the morning before the women decided to call it a night.

Waking late in the morning, the women showered and dressed before returning to the folders.

“I like this one.” Brittany stated. “The guy’s a former offshore powerboat racer. And, he’s got a brother who’s a marine mechanic. Trace and Wayne McCullough‘s their names.”

“Aren’t those the guys who were indicted on smuggling contraband?” Evelyn asked.

“Yeah, but the prosecutor didn’t have sufficient evidence to bring them up on charges.” Brittany replied. “They’re definitely risk-takers.”

“If you want to fly to Florida and talk with them, I call the airport and have the plane readied.” Evelyn said.

“Let’s do it.” Brittany quickly responded. “I can fly there, talk with them and be back by early morning. Evelyn reminded Brittany to take her cell phone with her so the two could stay in touch. During the flight from Dallas to Tampa, Brittany reviewed the dossier several times over.

Evelyn had reserved a car for Brittany at the airport’s car rental agency. With her map and attaché in hand, Brittany drove to the Bayshore Marina, the last know address of the two men. Parking in the marina’s lot, she phoned Evelyn back in Fort Worth before exiting the car.

“Be careful.” Evelyn warned. “These guys could be dangerous.

“I will.” Brittany responded. “I’m not going to take any chances.”

Stopping by the marina’s office for directions, she was informed the men were living in a rented houseboat moored at the far end of the marina. Brittany briskly walked down the pier, carrying her attaché. The marina was filled with yachts and powerboats of all sizes and types. Brittany looked several of the more luxurious boats over as she passed by them.

Finding the two men’s rented houseboat, she was surprised at its conditioned. It was fairly old and in need of alot of repair. Brittany wondered how it stayed afloat. Brittany walked back and forth down the side of the dock looking to see if anyone was onboard. Not able to see anyone, she decided to try again later in the day.

“You looking for someone?” A man’s voice shouted from the top of the houseboat.

Brittany was startled, stumbling backwards on the uneven boards of the dock. The heel of her high-heel shoes caught between two of the boards. Brittany managed to work it loose by twisting her foot.

“Should have worn more comfortable shoes.” The man quipped.

Brittany shaded her eyes to look up at the man standing on the roof of the houseboat. She barely recognized him as Wayne McCullough from his picture in the pair’s dossier. He was a tall, slender man in his late twenties. His unkempt dark hair and scruffy beard covered much of his face. Wearing cutoffs and worn out sneakers, he looked like a beach bum.

“I’m looking for Trace and Wayne McCullough.” Brittany shouted up at the man.

“What for?” Wayne asked. “You a lawyer or a bill collector?”

“Neither. I’m here to discuss a business proposition.” Brittany replied.

“I don’t know either of them.” The man said. “You probably got the wrong address.”

“Stay poor, see if I give a damn!” Brittany angrily shouted at the man.

“My brother giving you a hard time?” A man’s voice asked as he approached.

“I’m used to men giving me a hard time.” Brittany responded.

“I’m Trace McCullough.” The handsome young man stated, putting his hand out to shake Brittany’s.

Trace McCullough appeared to be a year or so younger than his brother, Wayne. His hair was bleached almost blonde from the sun. Standing close to 5’10”, he had the build of an athlete. His muscular arms were well defined, exposed below the short sleeve sport shirt he wore. Light tan Dockers and tan deck shoes completed his attire. His bright blue eyes beamed at Brittany as he thoroughly checked her out.

“Hi. I’m Brittany Michaels.” Brittany softly spoke as the two clasped hands.

“I know.” Trace responded. “I saw a replay of your interview on last night’s news.”

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