Biochem Boys Ch. 03

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“God that was a long class. I can’t believe we’ve got another one in ten minutes.” Ryan looked at Nate with a soft smile. He didn’t learn anything in class he just kept looking at Nate and thinking of all the things he still desired to do with him. “I know you’re still confused Nate, but let’s go to the bathroom, you know, same stall and make out for a few minutes.”

“What if someone comes in?” Nate looked as if he was trying to get out of something he was uncomfortable with. “I mean what we did was great, but if we keep doing it someone is gonna catch us. Guys shouldn’t be able to feel that good together. I don’t want to become gay. I really don’t.”

“Dude, we are just two guys experimenting. Guys do feel that good together, it’s just something socially awkward still. If we are careful no one will find out and we can go on chasing the ladies when we go to the bars. No one will know.” Ryan tried to calm Nate, but he wanted Nate so badly it didn’t matter if he calmed down or not.

Ryan pushed Nate through the bathroom door. There was no one inside. He pushed Nate backward toward the last stall.

“I’m really worried if we keep doing this we’ll become gay. I don’t want to be gay, not that you’re not hot, but Ryan we were meant to fuck girls.”

Ryan closed the stall door behind them. Ryan pealed off his shirt exposing his strong, smooth chest.

“Ryan I just think I’m feeling rushed…”

Ryan forced his mouth over Nate’s mouth.

Nate’s first reaction was to push away, but that only aided his defeat. The combination of the passion Ryan was kissing him with and the firm feel of Ryan’s shoulder as Nate tried to push away was enough to crumble Nate’s will. Memories of Ryan’s office started flooding back and in seconds canlı bahis şirketleri Nate was furiously pulling off his clothes while Ryan necked with him undoing his own pants. Before a minute in the bathroom had passed Ryan was in his boxers and Nate was naked. With a gentle shove Ryan pushed Nate so that he was sitting on the toilet.

Nate trailed his hand down Ryan’s chest feeling every smooth curve. Further down his hand went, and Ryan smirked down at Nate who was sporting an incredibly large erection. Ryan grabbed Nate’s hand just as it started to explore below the waistband of his boxers.

“Not yet Nate, I want it to be very special when you get to experience that.”

In one quick motion Ryan was on his knees with both hands on Nate’s cock.

“God you’re so hard Nate. Bet you wish there was a girl here to suck on that thing for you?”

Ryan stroked Nate’s meat furiously. The friction warmed his hand as it ran up and down Nate’s shaft. Nate just moaned in response to Ryan’s question.

“I think I could take care of it for you.”

Ryan took Nate as deeply into his mouth as he could. Nate gasped as Ryan slid his lips up and down his stiff erection. Ryan’s mind was reeling with pleasure. His lips, his tongue were filled with new tastes and he relished the texture of the cock filling his mouth. Ryan peaked at his watch when he came up for his first breath; they only had five minutes before class. Ryan quickened his rhythmic motion on Nate’s shaft. Using his left hand Ryan caressed the base Nate’s thick dick in time as he bobbed his head on the hot erection filling his mouth. Ryan’s tongue licked the soft flesh on the underside of Nate’s cock head while his lips stopped each time on the spongy canlı kaçak iddaa hard flesh of the fully engorged purple cock head that was flooding Ryan’s mouth with precum.

Ryan could feel his own erection straining to be free, but this one wasn’t about him. He was dying to please Nate. Nate, who now so desperately wanted to cum. Ryan could feel Nate’s hands tightly grasp the back of his head. Nate was really starting to get into it. The moans escaping Nate’s mouth only encouraged Ryan to work him more. Nate began to fuck Ryan’s face, pushing his cock down Ryan’s throat deeper each time. Ryan’s right hand found the hole his tongue had explored two hours earlier. Ryan could feel the warmth as he massaged the smooth entry to Nate’s man pussy and plunged two fingers in. There was no stopping it now. Nate fucked his face like Ryan didn’t matter, Ryan didn’t mind at all. Ryan could feel each of Nate’s fingertips on his head, with every thrust Nate entered Ryan’s mouth deeper, fucking deeper into his throat. Ryan was lost in the pleasure of being skull fucked by Nate.

“I’m gonna cummmmmmm!”

Nate’s warning was too late, but Ryan wouldn’t have backed off anyway. He felt the first splash of cum against the back of his throat with an excitement at his first taste of his beautiful partner’s cum. Load after load filled his mouth to overflowing. Ryan’s taste buds were exploding with the new flavor. He swallowed every drop that wasn’t running down his chin and chest. Ryan continued to suck every ounce of cum out of Nate’s softening penis. He stood up after a minute or so and told Nate he should get dressed because they had to get to class. Ryan watched Nate dress slowly as he used his index finger to collect the cum on his chin and deliver it to his canlı kaçak bahis mouth. Nate tasted so good.

Ryan pulled his shirt on, the cum wetting through the shirt leaving little wet spots as evidence of their brief encounter. When both guys were dressed Nate pressed Ryan against the door of the stall and kissed him hard.

“I’m sorry I’m so scared, its just so new, but that was the best blow job I’ve ever had. I don’t know if I can wait till the morning for you to show me more.”

Ryan smiled, “I may have some free time after class lets out, I mean we don’t really need to troll the bars for pussy tonight do we?”

He was so happy.

Nate was starting to really get into this.

Nate’s hand darted down inside Ryan’s pants and he wrapped his fingers around Ryan’s thick, still throbbing erection. He pushed Ryan out of the stall and slammed him hard against the wall. Ryan was scared for the first time. He didn’t know what to expect.

Nate forced his tongue into Ryan’s mouth and kissed him with reckless abandon all the while jerking on Ryan’s pre-cum slicked cock. All at once he let go. He didn’t whisper, he just ran he just slid both hands up under Ryan’s shirt onto his hard chest and looked Ryan in the eyes in all seriousness.

“No Ryan we don’t need to troll for pussy tonight. Because when class is over I’m gonna be the slut that spends the night worshiping your cock. I’m yours now. Before we leave this building tonight I want you to fill my mouth and my ass with your stud juice. It’s gonna be dirty and I am going to be your cum slut, because if we wait another night I’m afraid I’ll get too scared to ever enjoy the pleasure of your fucking hot body and massive cock. I’m in Ryan, there is no doubt now. I’m in and I want you inside of me.”

Ryan gasped. “I am going to breed you so hard after we get out of class. You’re gonna love my cock.”

With that Nate released Ryan’s cock, they both laughed, and went off to class disheveled and smelling of Nate’s cum.

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