Birthday Badness

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It was the day before my sister Donna’s eighteenth birthday. I was almost twenty one, so I had for days been kidding her about how she was getting to be a big girl, a grown-up, legal to drink in Smitty’s pub. So when I broached the big question, “What do you want more than anything for your birthday, Sis?” the answer hit me right between the eyes.

Donna looked round quickly. There was no-one else in the room. “Do you really want to know?” I nodded. “You won’t tell anyone else? Promise?” I promised.

“I want a cock,” she said.

I did a rapid double-take. “That’s not exactly the kind of thing you can buy at the corner store.”

“Don’t fool around,” she said, “I’m serious. Some of the kids my age have been fucking, and I don’t even know what a cock looks like.”

“You want a dildo?” I said. feeling almost embarrassed.

“No, stoopid. A real cock. I’ll be eighteen tomorrow. Old enough for sex. Legally. I want to know what a cock looks like and how it works.”

Now I was really embarrassed. “Are you kidding, or are you propositioning me?”

Donna took my hand. “I’m sorry Ronnie dear, but you did ask me. You must know what it feels like, you’ve been through this yourself. I want to have sex like everyone else, but I don’t know a damn thing about it. Not practically, anyway. Only what I’ve read.”

“You mean you want me to show you my cock?”

“More than that.”

“You want me to screw you?”

“No, stoopid. Although I don’t think I’d say no. I’d just love you to let me hold your cock, and play with it, and see how it grows, and—and—-everything.”

“Everything! You mean you want to give me an orgasm?”

“You make it sound so—technical. But yes, and if you must know I’d like to see you ejaculate.”

I won’t go into the rest of it, how I loosened up and understood what she wanted. And needed. And how we finished up being able to talk about it. She needed a lover in the worst way, but the poor kid had spent all her time at a girls’ boarding school. What she wanted was a demonstration from A to Z, from limp penis to full erection, and how to achieve it. I was already horny and stiffening up fast at the thought of what she wanted, so I didn’t see how I could demonstrate the limp penis part. Just looking at her after this was going to get me going. We arranged that she’d have to wake me up first thing in the morning. And either she could experiment or I would show her what to do. The following morning was to be her birthday, so that was when she could have her birthday present.

I went to bed that night realizing that this could be every man’s dream, initiating a girl into masturbation. Except that this was incest, or it would be if I fucked her, and the way things were developing I knew I couldn’t say no if that was what she wanted.

Next morning the dream came true, and I shall never forget any detail of it. I had gone to bed naked, ready for anything. I was wakened by the awareness that something was wrong. There was something in the bed with me, wriggling about between my legs. I came suddenly awake, and remembered. That something was my sister, doing things with my cock that no bursa escort sister should ever be doing. But it felt good, and I remembered that it was going to feel even better as she progressed. I pretended to be asleep, wondering how long Sis had been doing things to me and whether she had found a limp penis to start off the day. I don’t suppose she wanted it to stay that way for long. And the very fact that I was awake meant it wouldn’t and couldn’t stay that way. Sis was masturbating that winkie in just the right way, and I could feel my gonads waking up as fast as I was.

I wasn’t quite on my back, so I rolled over a little and opened my legs wide so that Donna could get at all she wanted. I felt like a puppy rolling over to have its belly rubbed, and I was aware that lying on my back being masturbated was a sensation I had never experienced before. And I liked it. I could tell I liked it because my cock was stiffening rapidly, and Donna gave a little cry of satisfaction. “You’re awake! And your cock’s coming to life. Oh Ronnie, this is so exciting, and you’re such a darling doing this for me.”

“I’ve a feeling I’m going to be thanking you before we’re finished,” I told her. “Happy birthday, by the way.”

“Thank you darling, this is the nicest most wonderful birthday gift. Oh look! Your cock is getting bigger and it’s beautiful. I never realized it could be such a beautiful thing. Am I doing it right?”

“At the moment pretty well anything you do is going to have the right effect,” I told her. “If you just stood there looking at it and talking about it that would get an erection going. There’s no hurry, but if you massage the shaft and rub the knob that’s sure to get results. And I’ll tell you another thing that gets results—seeing a beautiful girl’s body.”

“You want me to take off my jammies? Go naked?”

“You’ve got me balls naked honey, and you’re a lot better to look at than I am.”

“You mean looking at a girl’s body gives you an erection?”

I laughed. , “That’s what pornography’s about. A man can masturbate better with a picture. Peel for me, baby.”

Donna peeled quicker than her apparent reluctance made me expect. We were both getting surprises. My kid sister had a figure and a body I had never guessed at, with beautiful full perky breasts and nipples to die for. I felt my cock shoot upright .

Donna screamed with delight. “Did I do that to you? The sight of my body? That’s wonderful.”

“Try putting one of those nipples in my mouth and see what happens,” I suggested. “And promise I can have them both for my birthday.”

“You’re terrible!” Donna giggled. But she gripped my swelling cock tightly in one hand, and lowered one of those delectable nipples into my mouth. This was developing into a great birthday party. I grabbed one of my sister’s breasts in each hand, and sucked on the nipple as if my breakfast depended on it. Donna screamed again, but she pressed her whole aureole into my mouth and held my hand tightly to her other breast. “Oh god Ronnie, you’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop,” she gasped. “I didn’t know it was like this. Am I going to make you cum?”

I reluctantly bursa escort bayan pushed those luscious tits away. “It won’t be too long,” I said. “But you could try masturbating me now. It’s going to be messy, so you’d better get that towel I put out on the dresser,” Donna let go of my prick and fetched the towel. I arranged it where I hoped it would catch most of my ejaculation when it happened—and I could feel it wasn’t going to be far off.

“Wasn’t I masturbating you properly?” Donna pouted.

“You were doing a wonderful job of getting me worked up. But now you’ve got to make it feel like it’s inside your pussy, being squeezed by all that throbbing vagina. You’ve got to hold the shaft and squeeze it all the way down to stretch the part underneath where it joins the head. And you’ve got to squeeze that part, because that’s important. And you’ve got to rub the head like you have already.”

“Is that why my pussy is feeling all squishy and sort of opening and closing like this? Oh Ronnie, I’m sorry. I’m going to cum. I can’t help it, and I’m not even touching myself. Can I make you cum now if I masturbate you? Can we cum together?”

“Yes please honey. You let yourself go, and have a lovely cumming. And when you feel like it you can pull me off and watch me ejaculate” And my little sister started to cry out and cum like she was never going to stop, and I took hold of her breasts and played with her nipples to make it more intense for her, and wished my cock was deep inside that orgasming vagina instead of just waiting for her to finish a hand job. All the time Donna was gasping and crying. “I’m cumming I’m cumming oh god it’s wonderful Ronnie please don’t stop pinching my nipples.” She had forgotten about my instructions, but in her delerium she had her fist tightly round my prick and she was frantically jacking me off as if she’d done it all her life. As Donna came down I reached the peak, and began erupting great jets of semen high above my belly. And Donna screamed again, this time with delight at the ejaculation she had created.


A long time after we had come down, and cleaned up, and talked about it, and lain down together in each others’ arms, and explored each others’ bodies, I was aware that my gonads were surging again, and Donna’s crotch was beginning to press rather urgently and wetly against my thigh. My prick could have slipped into her so easily. And I was sure she wanted it, but suddenly the old taboo hit me. Fuck my sister, and she’s only eighteen? Fuck my sister at any time? Our mother would disown me. I couldn’t do it. Maybe later? It was a stupid taboo anyway. But I was older than she was, and it was my responsibility. And then Donna clinched it. “I’m sorry Ronnie, I’d love to ask you to fuck me, but I can’t. Not yet anyway. Do you mind?” So that settled it and solved the problem.

But then Donna’s pussy was pressing harder against my thigh, and she kissed me. “Darling, I played with your cock and gave you an orgasm. Would you do the same for me? Play with my pussy? Please?”

All my self control faded instantly. My hand was at her crotch before she could escort bursa open her legs. And as I explored the wetness of her vulva she gasped and opened her thighs and rolled on her back. And all she could say was, “Oh Ronnie , is this terribly naughty?” I couldn’t answer. As far as I was concerned the very naughtiness of it made it better. So my fingers explored the soft hot mysteries of Donna’s pussy while her thighs opened and closed in ecstasy. Her cunt opened for me, and I probed as far inside as I could go. Was I doing this for her, or was I enjoying it as much as she was, I wondered. Here was my beautiful sister in bed with me, begging me to masturbate her. I hoped it was as good fur her as it was for me.

I was so far into it by now that I’d given up thinking about naughtiness or taboos or anything else but giving Donna a good time and getting the best out of it myself. “If you think this is good,” I said, “try kneeling over me and sit on my face. You’ll love what my tongue can do to you.” She took a little persuading, and then getting her in position took a while, but once she felt her clit in my mouth the screaming really began.

That was when there was there was an urgent rapping on the bedroom door, and our mother as calling out, “Are you alright, darling?”

And then she was in the room, and Donna’s screams decreased to squeals, and our mother was apologizing for intruding, and I couldn’t get donna off my face, and anyway I had no idea how I was to explain. But Mother was talking again. “Donna darling, I wanted to wish you happy birthday but you weren’t in your room, and I thought I heard you screaming. But I can see you’re having a lovely birthday present, much nicer than I was going to give you. Ronnie, you’re a sweet boy to do this for Donna. Was it all your idea? But of course you can’t answer me, can you?

Donna may have been embarrassed at being caught like this, but she didn’t seem to be making any effort to disassociate her pussy from my face. And then mother was talking again. “Ronnie darling, I had no idea you were so well hung. Of course I haven’t seen you without your clothes on since you were a little boy. And you’re certainly not a little boy now, are you?’ And I felt her doing things to an my rigid rod that I would never have expected my mother to know how to do. And then I remembered that Dad had only been out of town for a week, and she wasn’t that old. It was a disappointment when she stopped doing delicious things with my prick, and I prepared for Donna to climb off my face and the explanations to begin. . But then the bed began to heave, and Mother was evidently climbing aboard, and I couldn’t think what she intended to do.

I soon found out. A pair of legs embraced my pelvis on both sides, a gentle hand took my knob and guided it into a very wet, very open cunt, and as I felt myself penetrating deeper into a hot vagina my mother’s butt settled its weight onto me.

“You don’t mind if I join you, do you darlings?”

Donna was speechless, My mouth was part way into Donna’s cunt so I wasn’t about to object, even if I’d wanted to. And as my mother expertly rode my increasing tumescence my sister resumed her gyrations on my mouth, and I realized I was being fucked at each end simultaneously by the two females I loved most.

I found myself wishing my mother had produced more daughters.

– The end –

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