Birthday Gift

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I stood naked in front of the full-length mirror surveying the body nature had given me. After three children, my body had seen its better days, but all in all, it wasn’t bad. My hands traced the hourglass shape of my waistline, the curve of my round ass and my substantial breasts, which were surprisingly full for a woman of my age. I was a woman in full feminine bloom; ripe and experienced.

I was pleased. I enjoyed the exploration of my own fingers, which no longer employed the tentative touch of my formative years. They now traced over every inch of my eager skin with confidence and great anticipation. Over the hardening nipples, down the curve of my belly toward my trimmed and throbbing pussy. A delicious smile painted my face as I thought about the exquisite birthday present I could give to myself. But I wanted to wait. With any luck, I’d find someone special to celebrate my birthday with as my girlfriends and I painted the town red.

A short time later, I saw a new woman staring back at me from the mirror. She was a woman about to go on the prowl. Her blue eyes sparkled under flickering candlelight and her blond tresses were soft and shiny, the kind of hair that one might imagine wrapping their fingers through and pulling roughly while fucking her from behind. The dress she had chosen was a thin black slip of a dress that dipped dangerously low in the back and came to rest, in the front, at the cusp of her ample bosom. With any luck, a handsome stranger would be compelled to slide his firm palms inside of that dress, move them up her warm sides and massage her tits while pushing his mounting erection firmly against her ass, holding it there as it bounced and poked at her bottom.

Gooseflesh dotted my arms as the delirious thoughts bumped into each other inside my head. “Don’t get wet,” I told myself, “Don’t get wet.” This wasn’t the kind of dress that lent itself toward wearing underwear. And certainly not a bra, as I was reminded when seeing the tents created by my fully erect nipples.

The music in the club throbbed provocatively around our table. We laughed and chatted about how we’d met years earlier in college, when life was simpler and we were all free. Yet I knew that I would not have traded my older self for that younger girl for anything. I was well aware of the sexual liberation that I found in my latter years. The kind of liberation that might have allowed me to reach under the table at that moment and stroke my full pussy, dip my fingers inside of myself before using those same finger to stir my drink. I grinned at the thought of it.

Then I saw him, the mature man in the black trousers with the white button down shirt. His sleeves were rolled up to his forearms, and his shirt was opened to the almanbahis third button, making him appear casual yet professional at the same time. To me, this was the sexiest possible combination. His gaze met mine. We both stared a little too long through the slightly tipsy haze between us and it was immediately apparent that if I consented, this man would be giving me a brilliant, if filthy birthday present later that evening. My pussy twitched as if speaking to me. “Show him your dress. Get up and show yourself to him. Make him want you,” it urged.

“Excuse me girls,” I smiled as I stood to leave, “Nature calls.” I may not have really had to pee, as my statement might have suggested, but nature was definitely calling. What could be more natural than spreading your legs for an exciting, anonymous fuck?

As I had hoped, the stranger rose from his seat, collected his drink and followed me. We walked silently toward the back of the club, his hand on my back, pushing me gently in the direction that he wanted me to go. Through a doorway, where the music still pulsed, down a flight of stairs and out into the open-air courtyard. A small reflecting pool collected the moon’s glow and tossed it back against the brick facade of the club. It was quite romantic, but not terribly private. A number of other couples sat at small bistro tables sipping cocktails and speaking in hushed whispers.

“Not here,” the stranger whispered, pushing me toward a shadowy inlet at the rear of the courtyard. “Here,” he groaned into the nape of my neck as we slid into the obscurity of the recessed pocket of night.

Before I could process the unfolding event, his tongue was in my mouth and his hands caressed my breasts as if he hadn’t touched a woman in ages. The desperation and urgency with which he touched me made me ache uncontrollably. My pussy swelled and throbbed. It felt as if it were being torn apart. My back and head hit the brick backdrop a bit more forcefully than he had likely intended as he recklessly pushed me against it while fumbling with my tits. His tongue foraged about my mouth and licked its way down my cheek. He ran it across my ear and I faltered as a barely perceptible moan dribbled from my throat.

My lithe body came to life, and pressed against his. His chest felt hard and strong against mine.

“Do you trust me?” he asked?

“I don’t know you,” I responded, only slightly aware of the dangers that could present.

“Are you afraid?

“Should I be?


“Then I am not.”

“Turn around,” he commanded, guiding me with his trembling hands. “Face the wall.”

The fact that we were not truly alone was somewhat arousing. I wasn’t certain that no one could see us. Did people almanbahis giriş know what we were doing? Did anyone pay attention when we slipped into the darkness and he reached into my dress?

It didn’t matter now. My body had become a ravenous monster created by a desire to feel this stranger’s cock inside of me. My hands and forehead pressed against the cool rough bricks. My ass jutted out toward him as his hands raised my dress along my thighs. Thank God I had the foresight not to wear underwear.

“Very nice,” he moaned into my hair as his hands kneaded my ass. “Very nice.”

I could feel him trembling and rocking his pelvis against my bottom. His breathing grew more shallow and I could feel his desire mounting. I wondered if he could feel mine. Should I speak? Should I invite him inside of me? No. My complicity in arriving at this place was invitation enough. I reached behind me and pulled his hips hard against me and slid my eager body up and down his impossibly hard cock. I flexed the muscles of my ass until they forced ripples of overwhelming pleasure coursing through his body.

He continued kissing and sucking at my neck and cheek as his hands collapsed into himself, tearing open his fly, reaching in and pulling out his painfully stiff cock. I spread my legs, allowing him to rub his glans against my dripping slit. I could feel the moisture pooling between my legs and it allowed him to slide his swollen tip effortlessly into me.

“Oh fuck,” I grunted without even thinking. My pussy twitched, pulsed and literally screamed to be filled. I repeated, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…”

And without another word, this stranger was plowing into me, again and again, splitting me in two with his magnificent erection. I gasped and bit into my lip hard, to keep from screaming. I didn’t want to draw attention to our little corner of the world. I could hear the music, which was considerably slower and more apropos to our tryst but I knew the music wasn’t nearly loud enough to mask the sounds of my pleasure, which could have consumed me if I had let them.

The stranger slid out of me and whirled me around in one fluid motion, pulling my right thigh back and sliding into me again. This time, his eyes bored into mine and never wavered. It was the sexiest fucking thing I had ever experienced. I didn’t want to be the one to blink first. My strong, confident gaze was meant to say, “I’ve done this a million times. I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you. Don’t you fucking even think about stopping!”

“Oh you are a deliciously bad girl,” he managed between gasps.

His free hand roamed up my midriff, over my tits and paused on my neck, where he squeezed me just tightly enough to send a sense almanbahis yeni giriş of panicked pleasure rushing through me. His lips covered my open mouth to stop the probable squeal from emanating from me and alerting the others. He bit down on my lower lip and pulled it into his mouth before releasing it, and my neck, from his grip.

My eyes continued to stare back at him and the hint of a smile again painted my lips. This time, the message was, “I can take it. Fuck me, spank me, squeeze the air from my lungs. I can take it. As long as you don’t stop fucking me.”

I felt close to coming now, as my bare back chafed against the exposed brick. His cock pushed against my cervix repeatedly, pounding me, stimulating me to new heights. My eyes finally closed as I gave in to the rush of blood filling my pussy, and the waves of euphoria crashing through me. Chills over took me and I shook uncontrollably, gasping and panting.

The stranger pulled out. I could have come over and over, but he had other plans.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded. His voice was stern, but not rough stern. Instead, it was provocative.

I dropped to the pavement in front of him. The moonlight illuminated my juices on his slick shaft.

“Suck it off for me,” he whispered. I did so with relish, licking his balls, and the underside of his wet cock. My lips parted over his head and I slowly suckled my way down, pulsing my lips periodically in a series of sweet, tantalising squeezes that left him gasping for air.

He laced his fingers through my hair and guided my head down farther onto his cock, forcing it deeper into my throat. I couldn’t breathe, but I was helpless to stop him. Not because he forced me, but because this was what I wanted. There, on my knees, on my birthday, I was having an anonymous tryst with a mature, handsome stranger. I didn’t know his name. I didn’t want to. I had dreamed of such a moment my whole adult life. The gift he was giving me was really a gift I had allowed myself. I was allowing myself to be bad; filthy in fact. This was dangerous and ill-advised, but so fucking sexy I could scarcely believe it myself. I enjoyed the taste of myself mixed with his pre-cum. It was sweet and salty, like a chocolate covered pretzel.

I devoured him, using my left hand to massage his ass and push him hard against my face, while using my right hand to pull at his balls and press against that delicious spot between his balls and his ass. He responded by unloading his thick salty load into my ravenous mouth and throat.

The stranger helped me up from my knees and smoothed the wrinkles from my little black dress. His hand returned to its familiar spot against the small of my back and we retraced our steps past the reflecting pool, the other patrons and their knowing grins.

After all was said and done, only one melodious thought ambled through my hazy brain as I hummed along.

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Claire. Happy birthday to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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