Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

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I hummed happily as the hot water from the shower poured over my body. Everything I’d wanted for Jake’s birthday had happened and now he was sprawled, still dressed, across our bed completely worn out.

The only thing I’d not counted on was the ache that would be left between my legs. Watching my boyfriend fuck another woman in our truck at the club had gotten me so horny I’d cum shortly after I started fingering myself but now I wanted more. I needed to feel some thick cock in me.

I slid my hands up to cup my heavy breasts, tugging at the nipples and letting the hot water hit them. I could feel my already throbbing clit pulse even harder. This was not good. My man was passed out but I needed relief. I squeezed out a little shampoo then started sliding it all around my wet body. The scent and silkiness had me moaning as I tugged, squeezed and rubbed. For being in a hot shower, my nipples were harder than if I’d been standing in a freezer.

Suddenly I remembered a little gift I’d bought myself recently. I grabbed a towel, escort dikmen left the shower running, and ran into our bedroom to find it. Ah, there it was. Right where I’d left it in the package on the closet floor. Quickly I snatched it up and ran lightly back to the shower.

I opened the box reverently and caught my breath. This was a thing of beauty. A thick, long, veiny cock that would be at my service any time I needed. I quickly washed it off then let it get nice and warm under the shower.

I brought it to my lips just to see if I could get it in my mouth and was shocked to feel my tits and clit tighten. I had no idea sucking a rubber dick would arouse me! I ran it lightly around my lips, then down my throat. I had to reach down and lightly flick my clit cuz it was just begging for attention.

Oh my god, this cock was now caressing my breasts and the sensation was so overwhelming I fell on my hands and knees in the tub. The water hit my back as I slid the cock further down, slowly rubbing escort elvankent it on my thighs and coming close to my slit without actually going in. I gasped as I used a free hand to pinch and rub my breasts again, then moved down to play with my love button. I was so close to cumming but I didn’t want to. Not yet.

I turned around and laid in the tub, still letting the shower run. The way the sharp jets of water were hitting me was very erotic in my aroused state. I maneuvered around till a stream of water was hitting me right in my love nest. The sensation was unbelievable. By now I knew I needed to get some relief soon because my body was starting to shake from holding back.

I brought the beautiful dick down to my opening and pushed. Damn, this thing was big! I squirmed to try and get in a better position then realized that maybe it needed some more lube. This I could happily give.

I brought it back to my lips and sucked it in the way I’d always imagined a man would want to be sucked. escort emek The more I licked and sucked and twirled my tongue around, the faster my hips raised up and down, crying for release. I finally pulled the meat out of my mouth and put it back to my cunt. It slid in more easily this time and the feeling of it was enough to push me to the edge.

I stopped moving and let it just sit, breathing deeply as I needed to feel more of it before I was finished. I finally calmed down then slid it in further. Oh, fuck. I couldn’t stop. One hand plunged the cock in and out as the other grabbed at my titties. I flicked my thumb up to touch my clit and that was all it took. I literally screamed out as my body pounded hard against the tub, over and over and over.

I laid there dozing in the tub until the water that had by now turned cold pushed me out. My first thought was surprise that I’d not awakened Jake but then again the birthday boy had had his share of fun and deserved a good deep sleep. I quickly toweled off then tied on my silk robe and laughed as my tired body responded to the stimuli.

After hesitating for only a moment I reached back into the tub and grabbed my new buddy. Hey, I’m a woman with needs and who knew how much more of this cock I would need in the next few hours. I couldn’t wait to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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